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It’s Always Q&A Time at Outskirts Press!

Success in self-publishing requires a powerful, carefully-crafted platform — and at Outskirts Press, we recognize the value in knowing all of your options before getting started. This is why, we make it easy to connect with a publishing consultant!

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Publishing Tips for Busy Writers

You’ve dedicated months, even years, to committing your book to paper. And now, after typing that final, “The End,” a new journey begins: getting your book published and into the hands of as many readers as possible.

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The One-Click Publishing for Fiction package is tailored to provide novelists with all the specific services necessary for successfully publishing and marketing a work of fiction.

The One-Click Publishing for Coaches and Speakers package is tailored to help your career as a speaker, coach, and/or counselor.   A book can build upon your platform, further establish your expertise, and provide an additional revenue stream.

The One-Click Publishing for Children’s Books package is tailored to include all that a successful children’s book needs. This includes custom, full-color illustrations, a full-color cover and full-color printing.

The One-Click Publishing for Spiritual Books package is tailored to provide spiritual writers with all the specific services necessary to successfully publish and market an important inspirational/spiritual work.

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The Importance of Editing for Self-Publishing Authors

When readers are browsing for a new book, they’re going to be drawn to a great book cover and a catchy title. They’ll read the blurb on the back cover, but before actually taking the plunge and hitting the BUY button, most readers will skim the first few pages of a book that interests them… And if these pages are riddled with errors, the consumer is off to the next book. In order to be taken seriously, self-published books must be professionally edited.

Often self-publishing authors are so anxious to get their books in print that they skip this crucial step. Others feel their book is fine because their mother or their next-door neighbor checked it over… But take a look at Amazon reviews, and you’ll find that the biggest turnoff to a reader is a poorly edited book filled with silly mistakes and serious flaws — problems that an editor would never let slip through the cracks. If the reader is preoccupied with incorrect punctuation, word choice, and grammar, they won’t be able to focus on what your book is trying to say.

Most importantly, no matter how thrilling your thriller or educational your how-to, if your book is unedited (or edited by your former first-grade teacher), you will very likely be perceived as an amateur. Many authors feel confident in their own editing abilities and believe their book is fine without a fresh pair of eyes to review it. They might run a spellcheck, check for typos, and call it good. But a professional editor does so much more than check for spelling.

What can an editor do for you?

  • A good editor keeps the rules of the English language in mind but also preserves the writer’s unique voice. Each writer is different, and sometimes their style overrides mandates handed down by the grammar police. A good editor will recognize and nurture individual style.
  • Copyeditors focus on a book line by line, looking for spelling and grammatical problems, consistency, clarity, word choice, sentence structure, verb tense, dialogue, and other issues of style. They also look at the big picture and flag general problem areas in plot, character, point of view, and overall flow.
  • Did your main character’s name change halfway through your book? An editor will catch it. They’ll also catch embarrassing errors like anachronisms (a smartphone in 1932?) or plot problems (how can your heroine be in two places at one time?). Does the book switch back and forth from past to present tense? Is it filled with long, confusing sentences and page-long paragraphs? An editor will fix these problems.

It’s difficult to edit your own work, as just about any author will tell you. Whether you’re a bestselling author or a brand-new writer with your first book, having an objective professional review work that is so close to your heart is a crucial step. And the readers you’re hoping to attract will be more willing to hit that BUY button if they’re not distracted by poor presentation and awkward sentence structure!

Are you ready to edit and publish that book?


Any author who wants to publish a high-quality book and have it taken seriously needs professional copyediting.

This month you can get high-quality, basic copyediting service for up to 15,000 words for FREE (additional words will be billed at 1.6 cents per word).

The professional copyediting service provides a thorough basic edit of a manuscript’s punctuation, spelling and grammar. There is, of course, some variation in accepted styles these days, and elements like comma usage can be quite subjective, as well, so Outskirts Press editors use the “Track Changes” option in the original Word file to make recommendations or suggestions for an author. They do not change the original manuscript. This preserves the purity of the story and the individuality of the author’s voice.

Start today with the promotion code FreeEdit2015 when you choose to publish with our industry-leading Diamond publishing service or our full-color Pearl publishing service to receive the FREE Professional Copyediting today. Don’t delay!

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“I have been a business consultant for over 30 years and have extensive experience marketing myself and evaluating the staff and processes that are in place in organizations with which I do business. When I started looking for a publishing company, Outskirts Press impressed me immediately. My decision to go with them was absolutely the right one. I am so impressed that I plan on publishing the sequel Dawn of the Tobacco Wars through Outskirts Press this fall.”

Peter Prichard has spent the last thirty-eight years helping thousands of individuals reach their goals. He has written dozens of articles and several book chapters on how to do that. He began his career by providing career guidance to college students, and he has been particularly interested in assisting young adults and those who want to drive positive change in their particular organizations, their community, and the world. As an acknowledgment of those efforts, he received the Youth Advocate Award from the town in New Jersey.

Dawn Mortenson moved to Fair Shore, Connecticut and within 24 hours of her arrival at Fair Shore High she realized that the town condoned the sexual assault of young girls. She alienated most of the population of the town after her confrontation with the All American football hero found him in the hospital. The ensuing battle landed many friends and foes in jail, the hospital or an early grave. Dawn uses music, the media, a team of young and old allies and a combination of personal courage and mental toughness to change the town’s attitude toward the sexual abuse of young people forever, although at a huge personal cost.
– Peter Prichard, author of Dawn of Hope

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A custom cover design led by a professional cover designer not only gives authors a far greater chance for an immediately favorable response to their books, it also helps them convey a sense of the style, tone and content inside, and that too has an immediate effect on potential buyers.

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To receive the promotion, authors simply enter the promotion code 3XFEB14 when checking out of their shopping cart while purchasing the Diamond, Ruby or Pearl publishing package by Friday, February 28, 2014. Each eligible publishing package includes a unique ISBN, standard interior formatting, a variety of professional cover styles, and distribution which includes availability through major online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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5 Reasons to Market Your Book at a Book Fair

Why reach out to agents, media pros and traditional publishing houses one at a time over many months when you can have them all under one roof at one time? That’s what book fairs are for! Everyone who’s anyone in the publishing world is well within reach – literally – at these much-anticipated industry events.

In addition to the sheer convenience of it, a book fair offers a number of other instant benefits to self-publishing authors. Here are five benefits you can reap through attendance at a big book fair.

  1. Bump in sales. Any event that puts you face to face with readers is an opportunity to sell. That’s especially true when the event puts you in close proximity to a very large number of them, as book fairs tend to do. Make an impression there, and odds are you’ll sell plenty of copies the day of the fair, and in the days and weeks to follow.
  2. Exposure. Never underestimate the value of name recognition. Even if someone doesn’t purchase a book from you the day of the fair, the exposure you gain by putting a face to your byline can help you down the line.
  3. That personal touch. Just the thought of rubbing elbows in person with readers, publishers and other literary professionals gives us the warm fuzzies. Reaching out to others in the industry – or the consumers who made it what it is – is an inspiration that fuels further creativity.
  4. The opportunity to make your case. Readers and industry professionals who have no trouble deleting marketing emails or navigating away from a page are inevitably far more receptive to information about your book when they can meet and greet the author in person. This gives you the opportunity to get them excited about your book in ways a summary or cover art cannot.
  5. Networking. Whether you’re looking for beta readers to test a work in progress, fellow authors with whom to share creative ideas and marketing strategies, or an agent to help you take your career to the next level, there’s no place like a book fair to get all of them in one small space at the same time! That’s an ideal situation that allows you to cultivate connections that would otherwise take months to make.

If you’re new to the book fair scene, consider dipping your toe into the waters with one of the following (epic) book events. Or better yet, take the plunge by getting your book in front of hundreds of thousands of curious eyes around the world at all four events via the Global Book Tour.


For each of these events (or better yet, all of them with the Global Book Tour), your book will receive valuable, face-out exposure on an exclusive shelf of Outskirts Press titles, with a representative on hand to personally answer questions about your book. Outskirts Press also provides copies of the book and all the necessary information so interested parties can make further contact during or after the fair. All inquiries Outskirts Press receives about your book are forwarded directly to you for personal follow-up. The Global Book Tour is the best way to get all of the benefits of book fair marketing without all of the expense of traveling.

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Let Outskirts Press send your book on a first-class trip to London! The London Book Fair is right around the corner and you don’t want to miss this great opportunity to get in front of over 23,000 publishing professionals at the largest and most popular industry book fair and publishing event in the UK. If you’re an American author, this is your chance to get your book “across the pond.”

The deadline for the 2014 event is this Friday, February 7.

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How to Use Author Copies

If you think book hardcopies are a thing of the past, think again! Not only are readers still gobbling up hardcopy books via print-on-demand, but authors and marketing pros need them more than ever. It’s always smart to take advantage of discounted pricing when you can, but it’s especially wise to stock up on author copies. Why, you might ask? There are several great reasons, besides the low price, why it pays to always have copies on hand. Here are our Top 3 ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ for using your author copies to your advantage:

  1. Why: Those die-hard hardcopy fans. Oh, how we love our eReaders! It is arguably the hottest trend in publishing these days. However, don’t underestimate the residual thirst for a good old-fashioned hardcover book. They still have their place among those of us who adore the feel, smell and raspy sound of freshly minted pages. Since folks who love the heft of a “real” book tend to pick up a copy in the most literal sense, you’ll be better equipped to take advantage of impulse buys if you have a hardcopy handy when the opportunity arises. How: Keep your trunk stocked. You’ll be surprised how often an opportunity to sell presents itself in a typical day. The Post Office, the doctor’s office, lunch with your buddies, family gatherings – there’s always something that puts you in proximity with readers (as in potential book buyers). Why hastily scribble a website or ISBN for them to (hopefully) look up when they get home, when you can offer them a copy right there and then? Keep a stack in your car trunk, diaper bag or briefcase so they’re always handy when the opportunity presents itself.
  2. Why: Because you can’t sign an ebook. One unique feature of a hardcopy is that you can instantly add value to it without any additional costs – with an autograph. Autographed hardcopies are often cherished by their owners. Whether or not the signature adds any resale value to the book, an autographed copy usually holds more sentimental value for the buyer. How: Sign ahead. When possible, sign your hardcopy in the presence of the buyer. However, if sales are really taking off, you can still offer the benefit of autographed copies. Sign several ahead of time in your spare time and keep them ready for buyers who may need that little extra nudge to purchase. Make an effort to sign every hardcopy you sell; just remember to keep a few “clean” copies for buyers who prefer a pristine product.
  3. Why: Bookshelves are calling. The past few years may have been rough on the large retail booksellers, but bookstores haven’t gone the way of the dodo just yet. Most cities still have several local, regional and national bookstores that would be nothing without actual books to place on their shelves. How: Make your case. The local, mom-and-pop bookstores are your best bet for snagging a coveted spot on the shelf. Start with the city you grew up in, or the city you currently call home, and reach out to the small, independent bookstores there. Let them know you’re a hometown guy/gal and that you’d be proud and honored to be part of their store’s offerings. Package a hardcopy of your book with a press kit and a small thank-you gift, as well as a personal note.

Take advantage of your bulk-buying power and stock up! If you heed and take advantage of selling and marketing opportunities as they arise, what you spend pre-purchasing your author copies will more than pay for itself in additional sales.


Now through February 28, receive THREE TIMES the author’s copies for FREE! Outskirts Press self-publishing authors are eligible to receive three times as many free author’s copies with their respective self-publishing package.

To receive the promotion, authors simply enter the promotion code 3XFEB14 when checking out of their shopping cart while purchasing the Diamond, Ruby or Pearl publishing package by February 28, 2014. Each of the eligible publishing packages includes a unique ISBN, standard interior formatting, a variety of professional cover styles, and distribution which includes availability through major online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For authors choosing the most popular “Diamond” publishing package, this promotion delivers 30 free paperback author copies when the book is published. Authors publishing full-color books with the popular “Pearl” package can receive 15 free paperback copies.

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“I could not have been more pleased with every aspect of working with Outskirts Press. Now, I have to still my old bones (85) and sell, sell, sell!”

Frank W. Dressler, a retired association executive, has volunteered since 1995 with two international organizations in Russia, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Romania and Bosnia and the Republic of Georgia, and through his church, in Zimbabwe, Nepal and the Republic of Georgia. He lives with his wife Winifred in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

Mr. K. and the Super is the emotionally moving, sometimes hilarious recollections of a newly married ex-GI, recently enrolled at Columbia, of his service as “super” of two New York City apartment buildings in the early 1950’s. The two buildings were a bubbling cauldron of emotions, ambitions and high jinks ruled by Mr. K, a Polish emigrant landlord actively conspiring to overthrow the communist regime of his homeland. Mr. K sought to control his domain with a lease whose “thou shalt not” clauses put the Ten Commandments to shame…but utterly failed to tame the assorted energies and desires of his more creative tenants. Their antics resulted in a fishing expedition that culminated in a memorable roof top fight of feral cats; and through their real or imagined sex lives, triggered a LIFE goes to a Party feature story in their building.
– Frank W. Dressler, author of Mr. K and the Super