Celebrating Self-Publishing Success: John Russell’s Achievements in the Literary World

Join us in celebrating the exceptional achievements of John Russell, a talented author whose literary prowess and financial success has propelled him to become a regular member of The Authors Guild. With an impressive array of awards and recognition, John Russell has firmly established himself as a formidable force in the world of literature. Let’s explore the remarkable accomplishments that have led him to this well-deserved milestone!

Riding With Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead

Riding With Ghosts

John Russell’s book, “Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead,” has captivated readers worldwide and garnered numerous accolades and honors. Notable achievements for this enthralling work of nonfiction include:

  1. PENCRAFT AWARD WINNER: Best Book for Nonfiction—Religion/Phil. (2023)
  2. SILVER AWARD from the Nonfiction Book Awards (2021)
  3. BRONZE MEDAL from the Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest (2021)
  4. FIVE STAR REVIEW from Readers’ Favorite (2020)
  5. LONGLISTED for the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Awards (2019)

These prestigious achievements highlight John Russell’s remarkable ability to craft engaging narratives that delve into the realms of religion, philosophy, and the supernatural. The international recognition his book has received speaks volumes about its universal appeal and John Russell’s talent for captivating readers from around the globe.

A Knock in the Attic

A Knock in the Attic

In his book, “A Knock in the Attic,” John Russell continues to mesmerize readers with his masterful storytelling and insightful exploration of metaphysical phenomena. This gripping nonfiction work has garnered a host of awards and commendations, including:

  1. BOOK EXCELLENCE AWARDS WINNER: Paranormal Category Winner (2023)
  2. HONORABLE MENTION & Compelling Read Award, BooksShelf’s Nonfiction Writing Contest (2023)
  3. 2022 BIBA® WINNER, Non-Fiction: Metaphysical Category Winner (2022)
  4. GOLD AWARD from the Nonfiction Book Awards (2021)
  5. QUARTERFINALIST in the 2021 BookLife Prize Nonfiction Contest (2021)
  6. TOP NOTABLE BOOK in the Shelf Unbound 2021 Best Indie Book Competition (2021)
  7. FIVE STAR REVIEW from Readers’ Favorite (2021)

John Russell’s remarkable talent for exploring metaphysical realms with clarity and intrigue shines through in this book. The numerous accolades he has received showcase his dedication to delivering captivating narratives and his ability to engage readers in the fascinating world of the paranormal.

As we celebrate John Russell’s well-deserved induction into The Authors Guild as a regular member, we cannot overlook the profound impact his works have had on readers worldwide. Through his captivating storytelling, meticulous research, and unwavering dedication to his craft, John Russell has carved a prominent place for himself in the literary world. His books have not only enriched the lives of readers but have also earned him prestigious awards and international recognition.

We extend our warmest congratulations to John Russell on his phenomenal achievements and wish him continued success as he continues to captivate and inspire readers with his extraordinary literary talents. May his future be filled with even more remarkable accomplishments and enthralling narratives!

Congratulations to Andrew Ceroni on his 5-Star book review from Readers’ Favorite!

Reviewed by: Alma Boucher

Review Rating:  5 STARS – Congratulations on your 5-star review! 

First Bullet by Andrew Ceroni is a brilliantly written espionage thriller.

Roy Phillips and his wife are eating dinner in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, when he notices a group of oriental-appearing men sitting near their table. His suspicions are aroused, and he questions the manager. And soon after, CIA Agent Dave McClure is sent to Ocho Rios to investigate the circumstances surrounding Roy’s death. Dave’s investigation leads him to a Chinese military base in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. There also have been several confrontations in the Gulf of Mexico between American and Chinese missile submarines. It is not clear if there is a connection between these incidents and the Chinese military base. To add drama, the CIA is warned about a plot to overthrow the German government and invade of Poland and the Czech Republic. Dave and the CIA have their hands full to prevent an outbreak of World War III.

As noted, First Bullet is an outstanding tale of espionage. Andrew Ceroni planned an enthralling story with three plots woven together. I was hooked from the first page until the end. It was a brilliant read and fast-paced. With all the non-stop action, there was never a dull moment. The descriptions of the events were detailed and vivid. It was easy to lose myself in this world of espionage and become part of it. It was a real page-turner full of twists and turns. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters were excellently developed and were both authentic and intriguing. It is a riveting work full of action with a fitting end.

Congratulations to Andrew Ceroni!

From the blank page to the silver screen

By training, David Bernstein is a tennis instructor and energy healer, but since 2010, he has also been honing his skill as a children’s book author—and for just as long, Outskirts Press has been proud to be his publisher. Now, we celebrate him as he aims for the next big thing: his name in lights!

More than one New York production studio is interested in turning Bernstein’s Cort Chronicles trilogy into a movie. We understand the excitement: these books are page-turning, fantastical fun!

The children’s book series begins with Portal, in which eleven-year-old Andy falls through a portal into his hometown . . . 101 years in the future. His thirteen-year-old brother, Zack, finds his own way to the portal not long after, and Zack’s company is good news for Andy because the future he’s now stuck in . . . is a nightmare. Their city is by then destroyed and all but abandoned, and CORT robots control those who remain. By the time of the second book, Spirral, Wendy and John have joined up with Andy and Zack, and the four young people, with memories of a better world still fresh in their minds, seem to be the world’s best hope for a brighter future. Yet, in Rebirth, the third and final book, the kids learn that changing the future for the better doesn’t always mean the past stays untouched. So how will they continue to face challenges big and small even once they’re back in their home time?

With two CIPA EVVY awards and five Editor’s Choice awards behind Bernstein’s writing, and, of course, a thrilling, well-written, and well-produced story that has delighted readers and Bernstein’s publishing peers alike, it is no wonder to us that film studios are exploring adapting his books for the silver screen. We can’t wait to get our tickets to opening night!

The Portal
The Cort Chronicles Book 1
by David D. Bernstein
Outskirts Press

The Portal
The Cort Chronicles Book 1
by David D. Bernstein

The CORT Chronicles Book 3
by David D. Bernstein
Outskirts Press

The CORT Chronicles Book 3
by David D. Bernstein

The CORT Chronicles Book 2
by David D. Bernstein
Outskirts Press

The CORT Chronicles Book 2
by David D. Bernstein

Author Spotlight: Gabriel F. W. Koch

About the Author

In addition to being an award-winning fiction writer, Gabriel F. W. Koch has been recognized for his photography. His interests include climate change and learning about the growing adverse effects of it, as well as time travel.

Testimonial About Outskirts Press

“After frustrating attempts to interest a commercial agent and publisher, I decided to self-publish. As I researched online repeatedly, the name Outskirts Press appeared in my searches. I admit the name drew me since I was an author teetering on the outskirts of the publishing world.

Finally, I signed up and began preparing Paradox Effect for publication. My expectations were more about rejection than the actual process. However, the people I worked with were nothing but encouraging. The editor I hired gave me a boost of confidence. Nothing terrible was wrong with my manuscript.

The creation of the cover, which I love, was professionally crafted to meet and actually exceed my vision. Every aspect of the final book was amazing and impressive.

In the end, I had a book that gave me a sense of pride in my creation. Without the professionals at Outskirts Press, this would have been unlikely.

And to prove the point of my manuscript’s voice and the work my team at Outskirts Press did, Paradox Effect won three awards!

I never truly dreamed of winning writing awards.

Anyone doubting the ability to publish their book successfully needs to look no further than Outskirts Press.”

~Gabriel F. W. Koch

Books by Gabriel F. W. Koch

  • 2019 CIPA EVVY Merit Award Mystery/Crime/Detective Fiction
  • 2018 CIPA EVVY Merit Award
  • 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist Science Fiction
  • 2016 CIPA EVVY Award for Fiction/Science Fiction
  • 2016 Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award (second place)
  • 2004 L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award
  • 2016 Best Book of the Year Finalist
  • 2017 CIPA EVVY Second Place Science Fiction Award
  • 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist Mystery

Soaring to Great Heights

Here at Outskirts Press, we’ve long known author Andrew Ceroni as a person who strives for—and reaches—impressive levels of success.

After all, we’ve helped him publish an incredible five suspense thrillers, and his sixth, David’s Sling, is due out with Outskirts Press this month.

He’s also been awarded an Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year—an impressive four times.

Over these years, we’ve come to know Andrew. He has a top-notch education with the US Air Force Academy and Case Western University, and he served as a senior special agent working in counterespionage and antiterrorism. He’s also a happy resident of Colorado, and we agree this beautiful state is a wonderful place to be based!

Now, he’s impressing us once again. World of Aviation, a radio show out of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, which broadcasts to select radio stations nationwide, interviewed Andrew in March. They asked him to draw on his diverse air force experience, from the academy to the Office of Special Investigations, to discuss Ukraine and the many interconnected global facets of the war. “It was an exhilarating experience,” Andrew said.

It’s also an experience he’s used to putting himself through while writing. In crafting his award-winning novels, he rounds out the fiction with factual details from his own education and career experience. Thanks to that, his realistic-based thrillers truly soar! We’re grateful that Andrew always brings us along on his flights above the clouds. As he’s said, “Outskirts Press is simply the very best and at the top of the world of independent publishers.” It’s soaring authors like Andrew who help keep us up there!

Books by Andrew Ceroni

Author Spotlight: T. Charles Brantley Ph.D

T. Charles Brantley, Ph.D., Th.D., is one of Connecticut’s most prolific authors on intimacy, relationships, and theology and the intersections of those subjects.

Brantley has long combined his interests in relationships and spirituality. Among many certificates in therapy and two doctorate degrees in apologetics and theology, he has several accreditations that allow the two areas of study to complement each other. For example, he is a certified professional marriage coach and professional marriage mentor with a diploma in biblical counseling from the American Association of Christian Counselors. In addition, he is fully accredited by the International Board of Christian Counselors as a board-certified pastoral counselor, among other honors.

Brantley’s professional résumé is as diverse as the individuals and couples he has helped through his marriage counseling. He founded Strong Marriages (now S&M) and is the chaplain for both the Naugatuck Fire Department and the Connecticut State Trooper A&I. He is also the relationship expert for Hot 93.7 FM (Hartford, Connecticut), with DJ Buck, Nancy Barrow, and Joey F, and for Connecticut’s ABC Channel 8. Not only that, but he has also been featured on the nationally syndicated Bill Cunningham Show and is a frequent guest on Bread of Life on WIHS 104.9 FM (Middletown, Connecticut).

And, of course, he’s an author. Brantley has written and published twenty-five books with Outskirts Press. Browse his published books below.

Testimonial About Outskirt Press

Outskirts Press has been a part of my author journey since 2009. In 12 years, I have written and published 25 books and Outskirts Press has been my only publisher.

I appreciate the work that they do. Every question I have asked they have answered in a timely manner. Outskirts Press is a mall of publishing: editing, book covers, marketing, distribution and so much more.

So easy to publish with world-wide distributions. Hands down Outskirts Press is the only option for self-publishing.

Books by T. Charles Brantley, Ph.D.

Author Spotlight: Maureen Scanlon

Maureen Scanlon is the founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching. Maureen’s certifications include Life Coaching, NLP, DBT, REBT, ACT, and Pet Psychology. She has held group coaching and retreat for mindful change and created a 5-Step program for Fostering Meaningful Relationships. Maureen and her husband, Dennis, live in Mesa, Arizona, with Jade, a 15-pound chihuahua, and Brodie, an Australian shepherd mix. They have four children and three grandchildren. Maureen is also the author of My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am. Follow Maureen on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lifecoachmaureens

Testimonial About Outskirt Press

I chose Outskirts for my 1st book, My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am, because I loved how they package everything at a set price and makes it easy for their first-time authors.

When publishing my 2nd book, My Dog is My Relationship Coach, there wasn’t a question that I would use them again. The communication and expertise from editors, designers, and marketing is priceless! There is a continued relationship with Outskirts after publishing as well to share awards and achievements the books received. I will continue to use Outskirts for the streamlined process and value of the price of publishing.

Books by Maureen Scanlon

Author Spotlight: Jane Gandolfo

About the Author

E. J. Gandolfo is a former advertising agency copywriter and sales executive. She is an artist and antique dealer and resides in the Boston area. Gandolfo is the author of the EVVY CIPA award winning book, To Paint A Murder and the EVVY CIPA nominated book, A Tale of Deceit, both Veronica Howard Vintage Mysteries.

Testimonial About Outskirt Press

Several years ago, when I decided to write my first book, I searched diligently for a company that offered the quality options and support that I felt I required.  Coming from a background in advertising and public relations as well as being the owner of an antique business, I knew from personal experience and from the trade that a lot of the outfits calling themselves “experts” to self-published authors were anything but.  The horror stories were abundant! 

I decided on Outskirts Press partly as a leap of faith and partly from their excellent track record.  I’m delighted to say that my decision to trust Outskirts with “my baby” has paid off many times over.  I am currently writing my fifth novel and will once again put my manuscript into their hands.  The customer service is excellent and I have never doubted the skills of the editors, proofreaders, cover artists and author representatives that I have been assigned to work with.

I have won two CIPA EVVY Awards which would not have been possible without Outskirt Press.

Am I happy with Outskirts Press?  You’d better believe it!     


  • To Paint a Murder, 1st place in the mystery/crime/detective fiction category at the 25th annual EVVY CIPA Awards for 2019.
  • A Tale of Deceit, EVVY CIPA nominated book

Congratulations to Andrew Ceroni’s Book-Cover-of-the-Month Award!

Can a custom cover make your self-published book an award-winning book? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Just ask Andrew Ceroni who’s book, Special Means, just won June’s Book-Cover-of-the-Month Award!

As a three-time Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year winner, Andy knew expectations were high for his latest novel so he elected to once again include the Professional Custom Cover Design option for his book with Outskirts Press.

And we’re happy to say, the results speak for themselves!


CIA agents must play catch-up in order to stop powerful men in Homeland Security and the Defense Department from overthrowing the President and his administration.

Escalating gang violence in Denver, Colorado, and in other large U.S. cities captures the attention of the first term President. He wants a solution, and he wants it NOW—but legislation takes years. The Director of Homeland Security suggests that the remedy to the deteriorating situation may be a highly classified program deep within the special charter of FEMA known as Annex K. This deep-black program, nicknamed STARDUST, would be executed beneath the heaviest cloak of secrecy and without the informed consent of Congress.

When the CIA sends Agent Dave McClure to Denver to investigate inexplicable lethal violence being waged with advanced weaponry against organized street gangs, McClure discovers that what has been unleashed is a sinister solution far worse than the problem. He unearths a nightmarish plot to do much more than eliminate gangs in America—rather, it’s an attempt to seize the military district of Washington and overthrow the federal government. McClure’s own life is now at especially high risk, and the CIA must act quickly and with overwhelming force.

But time is short…and the clock is ticking!

About the Author

About the Author: ANDREW CERONI served a distinguished career as a Senior Supervisory Special Agent in the conduct of global counterespionage and antiterrorism operations. He received his BS degree from the U.S. Air Force Academy; MA from Case Western Reserve University; and studied several foreign languages at the University of Maryland, MD. He is a member of the Authors Guild and lives in Colorado with his family.

Congratulations from all of us at Outskirts Press, Andrew!

Order the book for up to a 50% discount at Outskirts Press here.

Interested in publishing your own award-winning book with professional services like custom cover design? Visit Outskirts Press today.

Outskirts Press Congratulates Author Guido Roberto Deiro For His Recent Appearance on PBS

As the world slowly (hopefully) begins its recovery from an international pandemic that has forced millions of people to shelter for months, the self-publishing industry continues to flourish. Perhaps it is due to the combination of extra time, increased saving habits (which shot from approximately 5% to over 30% in the United States between the first and second quarter), and the proliferation of worldwide catastrophes and causes–which have ranged from an unprecedented virus outbreak to an unprecedented unification of people from all walks of life demanding the overdue resolution of racial inequality.  We are living in a time of big moments. And nothing cements into time big moments quite like big books.

Outskirts Press authors have always been able to secure amazing levels of exposure for their self-published books, whether it be a TNT-series starring Star Trek alum Chris Pine or an inspirational documentary based upon an inspiring woman’s autobiography/self-help book. And while we are sure to see a fair amount of books about COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter in the coming months (and we look forward to helping those authors with all of them), today we’ll shine the spotlight on a book that, while it may not be as culturally relevant, is still an amazing story in its own right. So much so, that Outskirts author Guido Roberto Deiro was recently interviewed for an American Masters documentary on Mae West, which aired two days ago on PBS.

The book that led to the interview, Mae West & The Count, takes you inside Mae’s relationship with the man who launched her career and stole her heart.

Set in the first half of the 20th Century, this is the heretofore untold story of the torrid romance, lust-filled five-year marriage, and entwined show business careers of the Vaudeville headliner “Deiro” and the “Queen of Camp” Mae West.

Unpublicized by mutual agreement, the improbable, humorous, and often heartbreaking, personal and professional relationship between the Italian nobleman, who rose to “rock-star” fame, and the Brooklyn-born fifth-grade dropout who became a show business legend and an icon of sexual freedom, is intimately and elegantly exposed in this volume.

About the author

Retired after successful careers in casino gaming, aviation, and real estate sales, Guido Roberto Deiro resides with his wife, Joan Marlene, at their estate Villa Kismet in the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. The writing of Mae West & The Count – Love and Loss on the Vaudeville Stage came about because of an instruction given to the author by his father, Count Deiro, shortly before his father’s demise: “Never forget that I introduced and made popular the piano-accordion, and tell everyone, including someday your children, who I was and what I did with my life. And if Mae West ever says anything to you, I want you to listen to her…she could have been your mother.” The author hopes that the publication of this biographical novel meets his late father’s imperative.

For more information about the book or to purchase directly from the publisher for up to a 50% discount, click here.

Congratulations on your PBS interview, Guido. And for memorializing such a romantic yet complicated tale. We’re sure your father would be proud!