Prepare for National Poetry Month this April

Did you know that the month of April is, among other things, National Poetry Month? This makes April the perfect month to publish that book of poems you’ve been thinking about for a while, and not just because this month provides some great marketing opportunities; it’s also the perfect month to think about the reasons why we write, and the ways in which we put words together on the page. It’s a month to re-envision our craft as wordsmiths!

First, I might point you to the experience of Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol, whose first book of poems, Letters, to the Men I Have Loved, did more than moderately well … it did so exceptionally well as to remain on Amazon’s bestseller lists for months! Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol published through Outskirts Press, and in our interview with her on our blog, she said that the most rewarding part of being published “is and will always be” the ability her book had “to touch people.” Said Ms. Castro Marmol, “It’s crazy because I didn’t think people really read books anymore. But for me, having these girls go and buy my book, and spend their twenty dollars or so on Letters … it’s amazing, that someone believes in things still.” Readers have been snapping up copies of her books, both in physical and digital forms, at such a rate as to firmly prove that people still “really read books” … including poetry!

So how do successful poets do it?

Success as a self-publishing poet is all about consistency, commitment, and personal development. To help you become the best poet you can be, here are three ways to improve your writing as well as self-publishing your work.

  1. Read, Read, Read! Any time you want to improve your skills and become more successful, reading can help. Read poetry! Read books and articles about writing and publishing poetry! Read information about self-publishing! Read anything that inspires you to write and become the best poet you can be, but don’t limit yourself to poetry and industry-related books. Read fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and advertisements. Read everything and anything you can get a hold of. You never know what will inspire you!
  2. Stay Committed: If you want to be successful, you need to commit yourself to your craft. Make time to write every day. Look for ways to continue to learn and grow. Figure out what motivates you and include those motivations in your daily life. Share your goals with others so they can help you accountable. Never give up on dreams.
  3. Be Consistent: Whether you are writing, editing, or marketing, be consistent. Work on your poetry every day. Set a schedule for when you will write, edit, or market your work. Set goals for yourself, and make a plan to achieve them. Successful writers don’t write sporadically; they work on their craft in some way every single day.

Supposing that these three suggestions have provided you with the motivation you need, what next? Well, turn this list on its head and consider it a starting point … and a list of tips for starting your next book! The path to publication may not always be smooth, but there are ways to make sure it is well-lit and passable. And that’s why we’re here to provide you with the services and resources you need to move from a grand idea for your next book to a finished, published book of poems for the next generation.

Not sure what you need to get started publishing your poetry? Visit us online at to chat with a Publishing Consultant or call us at 1-888-672-6657 to find out how to finish your manuscript and get it ready for publication. To see our staff picks of amazing poetry books from many of our authors, visit our Pinterest page by clicking here.

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Poems Of Love, From My Heart To Yours by Kerry C. Irons

Technology has created a wide variety of ways to reach audiences all over the world. It takes is a little thinking outside the box and you can market a self-published book in creative, affordable and impactful ways. Consider book tours! Tours are a great way to connect with your readers and technology has made them easier and more cost effective than ever!

Author Kerry C. Irons is taking his latest book Poems of Love, From My Heart to Yours Vol. 1 on tour — a Virtual Book Tour with Outskirts Press. This will allow Kerry to take his book into the far corners of the globe, all from the comfort of his own home! Keep an eye out for Kerry’s book as he will be featured on several blogs over the weeks and months ahead!

Luckily for us, Kerry was kind enough to answer a few questions as the tour was getting started so that we can give you a sneak peek into the mind of the creator of Poems of Love, From My Heart to Yours Vol. 1.

OP: Tell us a little bit about Poems of Love, From My Heart to Yours Vol.1. What is it about?

Kerry: My book is about two people in love who currently live on two different continents, who just happen to be my fiancée, Rukayatu and me.

OP: Why did you decide to write this story?

Kerry: I met Rukayatu, my fiancee, online. We started to talk and eventually fell deeply in love. During one of our conversations I told her that I was a poet. So, she asked me to prove that to her. So, I did. The first poem that I wrote for her was titled “My Ruky Love.” Since that first poem, the number of poems that I have written for her is now well over three hundred. Thus, comes my first book of love poems, all written for the woman that I love. And the love story of Kerry and Rukayatu is yet unfolding.

OP: How did you get your book published?

Kerry: I browsed the internet and investigated a few publishers and decide that I would self-publish through Outskirts Press. I am very satisfied with that decision.

OP: What types of readers would be interested in this story?

Kerry: Any and every one with a heart for love. My book is not only tells a story through poetry about two people in love who are separated by an ocean, it also delves into the subject of love on many levels and the different facets of love in general.

OP: What is special about your book?

Kerry: The one thing that makes my book special is the fact that it contains my feelings, my emotions, as well as the contents of my heart in the form of written words of poetry that I am literally sending from my heart to Rukayatu’s heart. Thus the title, Poems of Love, From My Heart to Yours. My book is also special because it is allowing the world to look inside of mine and Rukayatu’s love.

OP: What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

Kerry: The main thing that differentiates my book of love poems from all the others is the fact that Kerry and Rukayatu are not fictitious characters, but instead, two people who are deeply in love with each other and their sole goal is to make the distance and the time between them vanish and one day look into each other eyes and say these three words, I love you. One other thing that I will add. Yes, my book is about the love that exists between Rukayatu and I. But love, in all senses of the word, in my heart is my passion. If I were to ever give a speech or speak at a social gathering the only subject that I would care to speak about is love. In the synopsis of my book I wrote these words “Love is the greatest power on earth, but mankind, as of yet, has failed to harness it and reap its true rewards.” To me those are not just words, in a way, they are the essence of my very being.

OP: Have you published any other books?

Kerry: No, Poems of Love, From My Heart to Yours, is my first book to be published. There will be other volumes that will continue to tell the story of Kerry’s and Rukayatu’s love. Volumes 2 and 3 will be published in the near future. They have already been written.

OP: Do you plan to publish more?

Kerry: Yes, many more. As a matter of fact, Rukayatu and I will be jointly writing and publishing the complete story of our love in the form of a romance novel that will give a detailed account of all the things that we have gone through in the quest to have our love.

OP: Thanks for your time, Kerry! We look forward to learning more about you as you visit other bloggers!


This book Poems of Love, From My Heart To Yours, Vol 1 is the first book to be published by Kerry C. Irons. Kerry grew up in the boot heel of Missouri so he has deep southern ties. Some would call him a country boy while others would say that he’s southern by the grace of God. Kerry served our great nation in the US Air Force for three years and has worked in several professions up to this point in his life. This book, being his first attempt, at the pursuit of a long-time dream and that dream has been to share a part of himself with the world. Kerry has attended two different colleges where he studied various subjects but the dream of writing over shadowed most of them. With the release of this book Kerry has taken the long-awaited step, of letting the world see into his heart.

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Author Poll: Ala Abed-Rabbo Wants Your Help With Choosing A Cover

Ala Abed-Rabbo is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press, and she wants your help deciding her upcoming book cover.

Book Summary:

Are you struggling with grim emotions and life’s difficult tests

Welcome to a “tale time machine” with back-and-forth flashes of one woman’s incredible life. Push the button and launch straight into our puzzling universe with Miss No, the narrator of our story, who shares her personal tale about destined encounters and challenges that changed her and her family’s lives—from hopeless to hopeful to triumphant success. Miss No’s tragic circumstances will resonate with readers who want to learn to either accept or change their own circumstances and appreciate the beautiful moments even more—and her words will inspire you to move from pessimism to optimism…from darkness to light!

About the Author:

Ala Abed-Rabbo is an English instructor who taught at T.C. Üsküdar Üniversitesi in Istanbul, Turkey. She currently lives in Bristow, Virginia, and enjoys dancing, traveling, writing, and spending time with family. The Puzzling is her debut novel.

Please take a look at the two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend.

Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge each cover.

Cover A

Cover B


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Outskirts Press author lands a TV series and a traditional publishing contract with her book

Premiering on January 28, 2019, the television series I Am the Night, has recently finished its initial run on TNT in front of millions of people. The series was written by Sam Sheridan and stars Chris Pine (of the Star Trek reboot movie franchise), who also was one of the executive producers.

I Am the Night is based upon One Day She’ll Darken: The Mysterious Beginnings of Fauna Hodel, a memoir written by Fauna Hodel with  J.R. Briamonte and it documents Hodel’s search for her grandfather, George Hodel, who was a prime suspect in the Black Dahlia murder in 1947.

Reprint Edition, 2019

One Day She’ll Darken was published traditionally as a reprint edition by Graymalkin Media on January 26, 2019 in conjunction with the television series. But a little-known fact is that Ms. Hodel initially self-published the book with Outskirts Press.

1st Edition, 2008

Thanks to rave reviews and lots of book sales Graymalkin Media picked up the rights to the book, which required Ms. Hodel to terminate her non-exclusive contract with Outskirts Press (self-publishers usually allow non-exclusive contracts; traditional publishers rarely do). The rare 1st Edition of One Day She’ll Darken was terminated from Outskirts Press in October of 2018, and the 2nd Reprint Edition was published by Graymalkin in January of 2019 as the TNT television series premiered. Talk about acting fast!

Was it the rave reviews of the 1st edition, or the brisk book sales (which continued to grow quarter after quarter in the decade it was with Outskirts Press)? Or was it the heart-wrenching story itself and the personal strength of the author who wrote it?

Perhaps all of the above. Which edition do you like better, based upon each synopsis?

1st Edition

After her father, Dr. George Hodel, a prominent Hollywood physician was acquitted in a sensational incest trial, 16-year-old Tamar gave birth to a blue-eyed, white skinned baby girl. She insisted that the father was “Negro”. Outraged by the audacity of their daughter and the stigma attached to a mixed-race child within their midst, her mother quickly arranged to have the baby permanently given away to Jimmie Lee, a black maid in a Nevada casino.

Overwhelmed by the problems of raising a white-skinned baby in her black community, Jimmie spent the next twenty years struggling to secretly raise Fauna. Together they endured extreme poverty, alcoholism, starvation, sexual abuse, pregnancy and death, hopelessly bound and knotted together by relentless bigotry.

Fauna survived this difficult world with a vow to find the one person who knew her beginnings, her biological mother, Tamar, the woman of her dreams. Fauna sets out to discover the truth, only to uncover her family’s notorious secret: her extraordinary grandfather and the murder of the Black Dahlia.


2nd Edition:

The inspiration for the TNT series I Am the Night.

The Black Dahlia Murder is near-legend in the annals of true crime. But behind the shocking case of a young actress’s gruesome slaying lies the story of another woman.
Was Fauna Hodel the child of incest, and the catalyst for a sensational trial that left her well-to-do family scarred by scandal, even as the accused sexual predator walked free?

Taken as an infant from her teenage mother, Fauna was placed in the care of a working-class black woman, who raised the white child as her own.

Together, as a close-knit mother and daughter, they weathered years of poverty and bigotry, alcoholism and sexual abuse, pregnancy and even death until the time came for Fauna to seek out her real mother, and uncover her lost past.

But as Fauna will learn, some truths don’t want to be told.

. . .

In either case, the reprint continues to sell well, and is currently ranked #10 on Amazon in Ethnic Studies (which seems to suggest the 1st Edition synopsis may have favored a gritter, racially-charged approach while the reprint favors a more sensationalistic one).

And here’s some good news for collectors: While the 1st Edition is no longer available from Outskirts Press, it looks as if you can still get it used from Amazon for prices ranging from $120 to $500.

Congratulations, Fauna! All of us at Outskirts Press are extremely proud of you and the success you have found. You are an inspiration to survivors (and self-publishing authors) everywhere!