Outskirts Press Author Martina Potucek-Palladino’s Marketing Idea Is as Unique as Her Books!

Lorenzo, the Fifth Narrative of the Thru Eyes of REM series by Martina Potucek-Palladino, recently joined the author’s four previous titles with Outskirts Press. Each title has an adult version and a new adult version. But Potucek-Palladino isn’t sitting back, content to be comfortable in the familiar. Instead, she keeps pushing herself as the lead marketer for her series. Earlier this year, she began selling wine that pairs with her books.

“It’s something I wanted to do from the beginning,” Potucek-Palladino told My Life Publications, which covers life in New Jersey, where Potucek-Palladino lives. When she hit her goal of having at least three or four books in her series, she “went to a winery and tasted different wines that would remind me of the character on the cover of that book.” Then, her cover artist, Wendell Souza, revised each book cover image to become one suitable for a wine label while Potucek-Palladino came up with a name for each.

For example, Tink, the first book in the series, pairs perfectly with Sanguine Sangria, Potucek-Palladino says—the blood orange might be something her vampire-story-loving character would appreciate. Tommy, the second book, involves seven brothers in Sardinia, Italy, so the wine to pair with it is Sette Fratelli Sangiovese (“Seven Brothers Sangiovese,” in Italian).

Thru Eyes of REM is a fantastical adventure of love and hatred, acceptance and empowerment—all weaving together over a thousand years. The characters came to Potucek-Palladino more than 20 years ago in a dream. However, she still writes as she always has: one entire chapter at a time, never allowing herself to be interrupted midchapter.

While Potucek-Palladino is not licensed to sell her wine herself, interested readers may receive a wine giveaway if they meet her at a convention. The Marketplace in Flanders, New Jersey, also sells the wine directly to consumers—along with, of course, Potucek-Palladino’s action-packed books.

We love creative ideas like Potucek-Palladino’s! There are so many exciting, outside-the-(wine)-box ways to market a book! Outskirts Press marketing experts are always here to help you brainstorm!

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The Tooth Fairy Makes a Mistake

by Great-Aunt Rita

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When Michael loses his front tooth, he puts it under his pillow. He wakes to find…a lot more money from the Tooth Fairy than he expected!

It turns out the Tooth Fairy accidentally hit the wrong button on the cash register!

By the time she realizes her mistake and returns to set things right, Michael has already spent the money on a shiny new bike.

What will he do? What will the Tooth Fairy do? And will other children be able to get money for their lost teeth too?

Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time of this posting; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit Amazon.com.© Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Amazon, Amazon.com, the Amazon.com logo, and 1-Click are registered trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Amazon.com, 410 Terry Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109-5210.

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Cheers to You and Yours!

Whether you spend Thanksgiving with family or friends, in person or via video call, with a big meal at your table, or by volunteering at a community table, we wish you well!

We are so thankful to be a part of our authors’ lives.

We feel that appreciation every day—with every check-in call, every successful consultation, and every book the moment it appears for the first time in stores—but today is an excellent opportunity to express that gratitude to you all. No matter where you are in your publishing journey, thank you for bringing Outskirts Press along with you!

Thank You for Being You, Authors. And Thank You for Being Ours Too.

Sometimes, we resist sentimentality around the holiday season because we feel as if everything worth saying has been said before. Still, we at Outskirts Press firmly believe that the truth is worth telling and retelling, especially at a time of the year when the hectic nature of our private lives can distract us from what’s really important: our friends and families. As one of our treasured authors, you are both friend and family—and we want to make sure you know how much we appreciate you this Thanksgiving. Your business, your support, and, yes, your friendship are the rock-solid foundation upon which we have built a company around the idea that your stories are the cornerstone of an energetic, radical, world-changing phenomenon.

In celebration of you and all that you do, we wanted to highlight some of the authors who have published through Outskirts Press in recent years.

These authors are, like the books they produce, representatives of a vibrant and diverse community engaged in storytelling. We are so excited that they—and you—have chosen us to come alongside you throughout the self-publishing process. Here are a few quotes from our Author Representatives on some of their favorite experiences:

I chose Outskirts for my first book, My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am, because I loved how they package everything at a set price and make it easy for their first-time authors.

When publishing my second book, My Dog is My Relationship Coach, there wasn’t a question that I would use them again. The communication and expertise from editors, designers, and marketing are priceless! There is a continued relationship with Outskirts after publishing as well to share awards and achievements the books received. I will continue to use Outskirts for the streamlined process and the value of the price of publishing.

Maureen Scanlon, author of “My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am and My Dog is My Relationship Coach”

My Author Representative kept me on schedule and made sure I completed all the required tasks so my book could be published on time. The process was simple and easy.

William Poteet, author of “Good Guys Die Too

I appreciated my Author Representative’s prompt responses, the clarity of her replies, and that her responses were comprehensive, well laid out, and accounted for pertinent information that was needed to understand her reply. I am completely satisfied.

Linda Buzzeo Best, author of “Antonio’s Story

I was very happy with the support I received for my first book. I always knew I would get the answer I needed promptly.

Carol L. Cohen, author of “REAL Selling

I had a wonderful and positive experience throughout the process. I truly enjoyed working with my Author Representative. She was efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. She always responded to my needs and addressed the issues to my satisfaction. I really appreciate her guidance.

Xiaorong Zhang, author of “The Story of Rice

My entire team, from beginning to end, was amazing and helped me every step of the way. I am a 79-year-old, first-time author and knew nothing about publishing, but these consultants made the journey a successful one. I am very grateful.

Joan E. Masaryk, author of The “Lone Javelina

Having an individualized author representative who understands the nature of your project and can steer you through the process smoothly really inspires confidence and creates peace of mind.

James T. Farley, author of “American Cop

A new journey without a road map always begins with a first step in the general direction of your destination. Writing, publishing, and marketing a book is a similar venture. Outskirts Press and our Author Representative provided targeted information via many Outskirts Press articles and emails to guide my coauthor and me through the publication process. We actively participated in the presentation design of our text, images, and book cover. Our book was published three months ago and is presently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books. We couldn’t have arrived at our destination without the professional help of our Outskirts Press team. It was both an educational and pleasurable experience. Thanks!

Diane Wheeler & Mike Kohut, authors of “Dandelions of Key West: A Collection of Whimsical Short Stories by Two Military Brats Who Blossomed Within the Conch Community They Now Call Home

My Author Representative was amazing. This was my first time publishing a book, and I had a little bit of anxiety before we started the process due to my lack of experience. My Author Representative walked me through each step and proved to be a tremendous resource and help. Fast-forward a few months and my book is published. I’m beyond excited. Thank you so much for your help!

Răzvan Petrea, author of “The Champion Mindset: How I Went From Homeless to CEO

This was my 3rd book with Outskirts Press. From sales to production, my team was always available to promptly answer my questions and guide me through the process. And what patience these ladies have to deal with me! The customer service and friendly professionalism provided by the team were 5-star all the way. Why, yes, I will be using Outskirts Press again! Thank you, and see you on book 4.

Rick Lawin, author of “Whispering Winds

I am a seventy-six-year-old rookie in the publishing process, and I needed help. My Author Representative provided excellent assistance. She was competent but also sensitive, flexible, and patient while guiding me through the necessary steps. I was really impressed with the whole Outskirts Press operation. They provided opportunities and assistance at every step and clearly cared about turning out the highest quality product while respecting the author’s freedom and goals. They provide high-quality support at a reasonable price.

Gene Gade, author of “The Fearing Time

Self-Publishing Author Lionel “L Boogie” Binyard Discusses One Out Of Ten

Author Lionel “L Boogie” Binyard is taking his latest book, One Out Of Ten on tour – a Virtual Book Tour, that is, with Outskirts Press! Technology has created a wide variety of ways to reach audiences all over the world. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box, and nowadays you can market a self-published book in a variety of affordable and impactful ways. Virtual book tours, for example, are a great way to connect with readers from all corners of the globe, all from the comfort of your own home. Join Lionel “L Boogie” Binyard and One Out Of Ten as they appear in features and interviews (such as the one below) in the weeks and months ahead!

Luckily for us, Lionel “L Boogie” Binyard was kind enough to answer a few questions as the tour was getting started so that we can give you a sneak peek into the mind of the creator of One Out Of Ten.

Outskirts Press: Tell us a little bit about One Out Of Ten. What is it about?

Lionel: The book follows the path of Lance who is our main character. It follows life’s ups & downs as Lance navigates life through his Junior year of college. The book takes a nostalgic look back at 1980’s HBCU college life.

Outskirts Press: Why did you decide to write this story?

Lionel: I decided to write the book to reminisce about college life and have a chance to relive the best of times which were the 1980’s. I wanted to give those who were attending college life during that time a chance to relive some of the memories they experienced during that time. And for those that are too young and didn’t get a chance to experience what life was like during those times I wanted to give them some insight as to what life was like and what was going on during 1988-1989.

Outskirts Press: What types of readers would be interested in this story?
Lionel: The readers who would be interested in my book would be those students especially Africa-American who were attending Historically Black College & Universities during that time. Also those readers who are into the 1980’s who would like to reminisce about the music, the fashion, the entertainment, news etc.

Outskirts Press: What is special about your book?  

Lionel: What makes the books special to me is all the references to music and fashion. The music references especially help set the mood and tone for the book. It’s like a late 1980’s playlist of hip hop, R&B and club music.

Outskirts Press: Have you published any other books? Do you plan to publish more?

Lionel: I have not published any other books as of now, however I do have some ideas for new books. I am thinking about working on a sequel to my book One Out Of Ten. I’m also considering some other ideas, such as short stories.

Outskirts Press: What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

Lionel: my book is being told from personal experience and those from family and friends whose shared experiences helped provide the content for the book. Each experience is unique and this provides a fresh and different perspective from other books in the same category.

Outskirts Press: How can someone learn more about your book or purchase it?

Lionel: They can visit my author webpage at Outskirts Press. I am also on Instagram.
Additionally my book One Out Of Ten is on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Outskirts Press: Thanks for your time, Lionel! We look forward to learning more about you as you visit other bloggers!


Lionel “L Boogie” Binyard is an author, entrepreneur, business owner and writer. He has been writing for over 20 years. He is a proud graduate of an HBCU along with friends and family that have shared experiences at Historically Black Colleges & Universities and have helped contribute to the story in this book. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, sports, reading, writing, bartending, music and other hobbies.


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Introducing Self-Publishing Author MP Kollman’s Book Video Trailer for “Promises”

by MP Kollman

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Promises (published by Outskirts Press, November 2022), by MP Kollman.

Special Agent Kevin Grayson made a promise seventeen years ago.

It isn’t in his nature to break a promise even if given to someone who doesn’t deserve it. But when he retires from the Bureau of Drug Enforcement, is he still bound by that promise? To not go after Lucias Chandler as long as he remains with the Bureau. He thinks not.

Samantha assumes her husband is on assignment until she discovers he has absconded with half a million dollars. His boss, Jeff Hand further confounds her with the news of Kevin’s retirement. Later, they both arrive at the same conclusion of where he’s gone. And why. An assignment possibly more precarious than any other. Less than two weeks later, Samantha suddenly collapses from a pain not her own; all those present know the worst has happened. But is Kevin alive or dead? And where is he?

MP Kollman

Promises is the sixth in the seven-book crime/adventure Brothers series: Brothers (1995), Sequela (2012), Honeymoon and Moirai (2021), and The Accident (2022). MP Kollman has also published Skin Deep (2016), a romance unrelated to the series. MP was raised on a dairy farm in central Minnesota. She began writing in grade school for her own enjoyment—whisking her on adventures far from the family farm. After graduating, she moved to Wisconsin, where she married and now has two adult children and three grandchildren. MP recently retired from a full-time job, which allows her to dedicate more time to her writing.

Visit https://outskirtspress.com/promiseskollman for formats, editions, pricing, and availability.

Introducing Self-Publishing Author Vinh Linh Thi Hoang’s Book Video Trailer for “Lost”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Lost: The Journey of The Vietnamese Tarzan Girl – Part I (published by Outskirts Press, October 2022), by Vinh Linh Thi Hoang.

People normally consider life’s tribulations as challenges.

Does it follow that whoever sheds many tears has also experienced the fullness of life? In this inspirational memoir, author Eo shares her philosophy that to live on earth is not just to experience enjoyment and delight, but also to understand feelings of sorrow and suffering. Sweetness and sunny days along with darkness and bitterness are subtle flavors of life. Those who taste life fully will understand how poetic it can be.

Loss is pain. But loss is also gain!

Not everyone can manage life’s difficulties with equanimity. Eo found herself out of energy to overcome seemingly never-ending struggles and distressing times, and felt it was her destiny to suffer. Her resentment from being forgotten, and in misery, pushed her toward suicide. Although life’s waves tried to drift over her and wash away everything that belonged to her, they could not obliterate God’s accompanying footsteps in her spirit, heart, and mind. Thanks to her faith, Eo met Godhead and his omnipotence, and her faith gave her the strength to overcome trials and tribulations.

Vinh Linh Thi Hoang

Hôm nay, Eo xin trân trọng trình “Làng Họ” món quà cao quý nhất mà Thượng Đế đã ban tặng cho Eo! MẤT / LOST Part I – Tác giả, VĩnhLinh Thị Hoàng xin chia sẽ tâm tình Hòa Bình, Tình Thương Mến Thương đến những người con Đất Mẹ! Sách tiếng Việt sẽ ra mắt độc giả soon! – “Không ai sinh ra mà đã ghét người khác vì màu da, nền giáo dục và tôn giáo của người đó. Mọi người phải học cách để ghét. Và nếu người ta có thể bị học cách để ghét, họ cũng có thể dạy được cách yêu thương. Vì tình yêu thương đến với con người tự nhiên hơn là lòng căm ghét – Nelson Mandela”. – Nhân gian có câu đề án chỉ về quyền lực Đời và Đạo: “Con Ông, Cháu Cha”. – “Ra đời, như con chiên vây quanh giữa nuông sói, hãy khôn ngoan như con rắn và hạy hiền lành như chim bồ câu – Jesus of Nazareth.” Đôi khi Eo nhận biết được sự độc ác của con “rắn đỏ” để mà tránh nhưng Eo lại dễ lầm tưởng với sự hiền lành bề ngoài của con “bồ câu trắng”. Nếu cuốn một tác giả Eo kể lại cuộc đời mình đã trải qua bằng nước mắt thì sự ức hiếp, kỳ thị của gia đình và xã hội dành cho Eo trong cuốn hai bằng máu. Khi Eo nhận được Certificate issued từ United States Register of Copyrights and Director. Ngay sau đó, Eo nhận được tới tấp proposals từ những nhà xuất bản nổi tiếng của nước Mỹ; Self-publishing and Traditional publishing. Eo vốn muốn liên lạc, tìm cho mình cơ hội, giới thiệu đến gặp những bậc “có tiếng nói” như MC. Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên, NV. Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn, Du Miên…v…v… thuộc ngành truyền thông, văn học trong cộng đồng Việt để hy vọng họ có thể hướng dẫn, giúp đỡ Eo kiếm người Việt dịch thuật và chỉnh sửa lại bản thảo theo lời đề nghị của nhà xuất bản Mỹ. May mắn lắm thì có người đồng ý cho hẹn gặp… Nhưng tất cả mọi nỗ lực của Eo gần như vô ích, khi chỉ nhận lại từ họ sau một vài lời hỏi han ắt có và đủ rồi thì quay ra phỏng vấn Eo với con mắt kỳ thị, khinh miệt và không tin tưởng nếu không dám nói là bị xúc phạm thẳng tay. Eo ngồi đó, nổi sợ hãi ùa tới làm lạnh cả gáy, khiến Eo run rẩy không “phát” thành tiếng! – Chị đã từng viết sách chưa hoặc giả chị đã làm cho hãng truyền thông nào…? – Nhìn mấy cuốn sách anh Đ.Q.A.T ở nhà sách Tự Lực Văn Đoàn ném ra trên bàn rồi hỏi: ” Chị có biết những nhà văn Ngô Thế Vinh, Dương Thu Hương… nhà văn… này…không? – Không cần coi hợp đồng, tôi đã nói là chị bị lừa rồi nhé, sách gì mà giá 30-40 chục đồng một cuốn…? – Một anh làm cho Litle Sài Gòn TV (LSTV) Đương nhiên, những điều này xảy ra, Eo cũng xin hoàn toàn nhận lỗi về phía mình vì không lường được thân phận chông chênh, lý lịch hèn kém của mình khiến một lần nữa Eo đã làm giới trí thức, sang chảnh Việt phải thất vọng. Càng nghĩ Eo càng thấy tủi thân, đường cùng. Ra về, Eo tự trách và tự đánh mất luôn niềm tin vào chính mình không hay. Làm sao Eo có thể nói cho anh Trúc Hồ, Tô văn Lai, đại diện Viêt Face, báo Người Việt… rằng Eo không có nhiều tiền nói chi đến 50- 60 ngàn đô la trả chi phí cho nhà xuất bản Mỹ tìm người translator cho cuốn sách 350-400 trang, tiền chục-chục ngàn đô la trả cho editor, Proofreading cho hơn 100,000 words… v..v… Eo cũng ái ngại nói cho họ hiểu rằng ngay cả tiếng Việt, khi bắt tay viết cuốn hồi ký MẤT (2015- Present) Eo phải ra chợ Việt Nam xin lượm báo tiếng Việt free để về học tiếng Việt và học cách hành văn từ những thầy viết văn hay, viết có tính cách nhân văn con người mà thôi. Không thích mình đang sống trên một đất nước giàu mạnh, nhân đạo mà các bậc tiền bối còn mang ý tưởng tôn giáo, tính cách bè phái, đã kích, chia rẽ, rồi đưa nhau ra trên đài, báo chí bôi bác lẫn nhau. Mời đi họp đâu, hội đoàn nào của cộng đồng người Việt cũng chia ra hai, ba nhóm phe đối lập. Eo nghe lòng mình buồn càng nản chí hơn. Đừng trách con cháu mình sẽ học được gì từ “mớ” con ông, cháu cha này nữa chứ! Sau 10 năm dài, đi tới đâu cũng nghe người Việt rêu rao, miệt thị Eo là một con điên, nuôi ảo tưởng viết sách, nghe nói thế thì bao giờ sách nó mới ra? Ngay cả những nơi, mà hằng ngày Eo thường đi thờ phượng cầu nguyện thì cũng bị “thượng tế” ở đó rảy nước Thánh đuổi (kẻ mà họ cho là bị quỷ ám) đi… Eo xấu hổ chỉ muốn độn thổ, chỉ biết khóc và khóc… rồi Eo đành nghe lời, lặng lẽ kiếm một shelter thật xa, tránh người Việt cho lành thân. Nhạc sĩ Trần Thiện Thanh đã viết: “Người điên không biết nhớ và người say không biết buồn. Nhưng cuộc tình dương gian, muôn đời không nghĩa lý…” Dương gian có nghĩa lý khi cán cân Công Lý nghiêng về Sự Ác chăng? Lần đầu tiên rời bỏ thành phố thân quen, về sống ở một thành phố lạ cảnh, lại lạ người, đã sợ cô đơn lại cứ thu mình trong phòng kín. Một mình với website tự điển Việt-Anh, mò mẫn, tập tành đọc MẤT- Part I, những con chữ rặt ròi tiếng Mỹ, từng hàng, từng hàng của từng trang sách đã được nhà xuất bản đánh số cho Eo chỉnh sửa và Eo đã làm việc tù tì với sự dẫn dắt, tin tưởng của Authors in Production. Eo gần như muốn xa luôn cả giờ giấc, cuộc sống sinh hoạt ngoài, bên ngoài cửa sổ. Căn bệnh trầm cảm của Eo thời gian này cũng trở lại khá nặng tuy rằng luôn được các bác sĩ và đội ngũ về thể chất cũng như tinh thần luôn khuyến kích, chăm lo tận tình. Eo, người đàn bà homeless, thực chất cô độc, không muốn kéo lê cuộc sống “câm điếc” và buồn bã của mình thêm nữa. Mạng sống như sợi chỉ căng, chỉ cần đụng nhẹ là sẽ đứt. Ăn uống, uống thuốc hay làm gì Eo phải có người nhắc nhở. Không biết tự bao giờ, có lẽ lâu lắm rồi, từ cái thủa Eo có thể còn nhớ được thì niềm tin vào con người trong Eo đã bị cạn kiệt. Lòng đố kỵ, tàn ác của những kẻ “quyền lực” cũng làm niềm tin, ý chí sắt đá của Eo ngày hôm nay “bốc hơi” mất tiêu. Nghe theo sự dẫn dắt, xắp đặt của những ân nhân vì muốn Eo an toàn để khôi phục lại trí nhớ. Ngắm cảnh đất trời tĩch lặng, hiền hòa, nơi không có chợ Việt, chùa, nhà thờ hay hàng quán để tụ họp, để trăn trở, để bon chen, cạnh cựa với mớ đời “đảo điên”. Khi xác tín: ông Trời đóng cánh cửa này của Eo thì có một cánh cửa khác mở ra, cũng vậy, nếu lấy đi những người xấu thì sẽ thay vào những người tốt. Làm bạn, làm việc, học hỏi văn nhân từ những người Mỹ trí thức có bằng cấp cao, nhưng đầy lòng nhân văn và nhân ái, cùng nắm tay chia sẽ, nâng đỡ và cho Eo một cơ hội; Xây lại niềm tin yêu và học đứng lên làm Người! * Eo muốn sống tiếp, kiếp “con người” mà mẹ Eo đã đặt tên cho khi cất tiếng khóc chào đời. Không muốn ra đời bị người ta đổi tên là một con điên, con đĩ tàn mạt, kẻ quỷ ám… trở về từ cõi chết đâu? – TỰ TỬ không phải là một “con điên” vì người điên không có CAN ĐẢM để tự tử! – Quyền Lực của Bóng Tối đã bao trùm và treo sẵn một dây thòng lọng rồi ép Eo bức tử, CHẾT như vây là HÈN NHÁT, oan ức quá phải không Eo? – Con đĩ, con nghiện, kẻ cướp, giết người… mà Eo join in Recovery Group of the Psychiatric Hospitals, họ là Med-student, lawyer, coach, businessman, entertainers, media person… Họ cũng là một con người! Nghe câu chuyện họ tâm tình và những giọt nước mắt đau khổ lăn dài trên má, Eo lại nghe trái tim mình đang nhói đau, rướm máu! Bác sĩ tâm lý luôn tỉnh thức Eo: Ráng học tập, cố gắng hồi nhớ lại và viết xuống những abusive, stigma mà gia đình, xã hội đã đối xử với bệnh nhân depression như Eo. Bệnh nhân người Á Đông thường ngại, sợ, không dám mở lòng cho ai để bác sĩ dễ dàng chuẩn đoán và chữa trị. Sự kém hiểu biết của xã hội phong kiến cũng làm cho gia đình của bệnh nhân thường khó hợp tác với con em của mình và bác sĩ. Đặc biệt là Doctor Soldier: nhóm cựu chiến binh tham gia chiến trường (post-traumatic stress disorder) và Doctor of Theology, Psychotherapist: nhóm tâm linh- spiritual bị áp bức (bullying). Là một “nạn nhân” bị gia đình bỏ rơi, Eo không mong mình sẽ chữa lành, Eo bất lực, khóc lóc vẫy vùng trong những cơn ác mộng, khủng hoảng… Và rồi một ngày phép lạ (miracle) cũng đã xảy đến! * Eo chợt nhận ra, mình còn có trọng trách với gia đình và tổ quốc. Ngày mai Eo sẽ ra đi, để lại hành trang đau thương, của mảnh đời tỵ nạn trôi dạt đến nơi đây, và ký tích Mất/Lost là một nhân chứng Việt đóng góp cho nền Văn học, đã được lưu lại trong thư viện Mỹ hầu cho con cháu mai sau đọc lại dòng lịch sử của cha ông mình. Vâng, Eo phải sống, phải “tỉnh lại” để đấu tranh, phải đứng lên mạnh mẽ, hùng dũng trước tòa móng ngựa, giữa bồi thẩm đoàn Đạo và Đời, đòi lại Đạo Lý làm Người. Phải van lạy “oan gia” để Eo được quyền nói ra lời trăn trối “tâm huyết” từ trái tim thiêng liêng của người Mẹ điên này, đến với những đứa Con của mình. Phải can đảm đối diện người chồng cũ, tha thứ cho bố của con mình, vì đã “qua cầu rút ván rồi nhận chìm Eo”. Và hơn thế nữa Eo phải trở về quá khứ, đi qua những nơi mình đã từng một lần sống qua, để mở khóa cho tiềm thức vì quá thương tâm, khiếp hãi mà bị đóng kín từ lâu! MẤT/ LOST như một bức tranh xếp hình. Eo sẽ ráng tìm lại những mảnh ghép theo thứ tự rồi hoàn thành một bức tranh chân thật, sống động để trình Làng. *Tất cả những nhân vật sẽ là nhân chứng sống, chỉ một số tác giả đã đổi tên. – MẤT là đớn đau nhưng mất cũng là để ĐƯỢC. Thế đó! Cầu xin Mất/ Lost được độc giả ưu ái khắp nơi ủng hộ. Ước gì đó sẽ là hành trình giúp Eo sắp xếp tiếp những bước đệm nhảy an toàn, là hành trang “khí cụ bình an” mang trên vai Eo bớt hận thù, giúp trái tim đồng cảm của Eo ngày được bước gần lại bên người anh em, trẻ em bị tổn thương tinh thần. Vì ở đó có nước mắt đau khổ và cũng có nụ cười chia sẽ của những người có trái tim Hòa Bình. – Bên em đang có ta, hát về em tương lai xót xa- Ns Trúc Hồ. – Có tin vui giữa giờ tuyệt vọng! Hãy nói cho mọi người cùng nghe; Người đã cứu người… Xiết tay nhau cúi đầu gạt lệ, Tạ ơn Trên; Người vẫn thương người- Ns Trầm Tử Thiêng. Phúc cho ai có lòng thương xót người; Thì họ sẽ được Thượng Đế xót thương! Hẹn gặp các bạn trong tập tới: MẤT / LOST Part II & III- Bút ký, hồi tưởng tâm lý dài của người đàn bà điên- Hoàng Thị VĩnhLinh. Xin nhận nơi đây lòng Tri ân và Đa Tạ! Texas October 2022 Today, Eo would like to present my first book Lost to the people, the most noble gift that God has bestowed on me!

LOST Part I – The author, VĩnhLinh Thị Hoàng would like to share her feelings of Peace, Love and Joy to the children of Mother Earth!
Vietnamese books will be available to readers soon!

– “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to loved. For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite – Nelson Mandela.”
– The world has a meaning about the Power of Life and Religion “Nepotism”. “Like sheep among wolves, therefore, be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves – Jesus of Nazareth.” Sometimes Eo recognizes the cruelty of the “red snake” to avoid, but Eo is easily mistaken for the gentle appearance of the “white dove”.

If Lost 1, the author Eo recounts the life she has experienced with tears, the bullying and discrimination of family and society for Eo in Lost II are in blood.
When Eo received the Certificate issued from the United States Register of Copyrights and Director. Soon after, Eo received numerous proposals from famous American publishers, Self-publishing, and Traditional publishing. Eo originally wanted to contact, find opportunities, introduce herself to “voice” people like MC. Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên, author’s Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn, Du Miên, Dương Như Nguyện…v…v… belong to the media and literature industry in the Vietnamese community, in the hope that they can guide and help Eo find Vietnamese people to translate and edit the version. At the request of the American publisher. Fortunately, someone agreed to an appointment… But all Eo’s efforts were almost in vain, when they only received back from her after a few questions and enough, then turned to interview Eo, with eyes of discrimination, contempt and distrust if not dare to say is directly insulted. Eo sat there, fear rushed to chill the nape of the neck, making Eo shiver without “speaking” out!
– Have you ever written a book or did you work for any media agency…?
– Eo look at the books that Mr. Đ.Q.A.T at Tự Lực Văn Đoàn’s bookstore threw out on the table and asked: “Do you know these writers Ngo The Vinh, Duong Thu Huong… these writers… ?
– No need to look at the contract, I told you that you were cheated, what book costs 30-40 dollars for it…? – A guy works for Little Saigon TV (LSTV)… Of course, these things happen, Eo also fully apologizes on her part for not being able to measure his precarious status, her poor background, causing once again Eo has failed the educated and the famous people of the Vietnamese luxury’s hope.

The more Eo thinks, the more she feels sorry for herself in the end. Leaving, Eo blamed herself and lost faith. How can Eo tell Mr. Trúc Hồ, Tô Văn Lai, the representative of Việt Face, Người Việt newspaper… that Eo doesn’t have much money to spend 50-60 thousand dollars to pay for the cost of the American publisher to find the translator for the book of 350-400 pages, tens of thousands of dollars to pay the editor, proofreading for more than 100,000 words… etc. Eo was also afraid to tell them that even the Vietnamese, when she started writing the memoir LOST (2015- Present) Eo had to go to the Vietnamese market to ask for free Vietnamese newspapers and magazines to go home to learn Vietnamese and learn how to write from good writers, who write with human personality only. Eo don’t like that people live in such a rich, strong, and humane country where her forebearers still have religious ideas and prejudice personalities, provoked, divided, and then bring them on the podcast to insult each other. Wherever the people go to the meeting, every association of the Vietnamese community is divided into two or three opposing sides. Eo hears her heart sad even more depressed. Don’t blame your children and grandchildren for what they will learn from this “matter”!
After 10 long years, everywhere Eo go, she hears Vietnamese people talking and slandering Eo as a crazy person, rising the illusions of writing a book. Let’s see when will the book come out? Even the places where Eo often goes to worship and pray every day, the “high priest” there sprinkles holy water toward her, who they think is possessed by demons should chase her away…Where should Eo hide, she could only cry and cry… then Eo obeyed the doctor’s advice, quietly looking for a shelter far away, avoiding the Vietnamese for her good health.

Musician Trần Thiện Thanh wrote: “Crazy people can’t remember, drunk people can’t feel sad. But the worldly love life makes no sense …” It makes sense when the balance of Justice tilts towards Evil. Is this so?
For the first time, Eo has left her hometown, and go to live in a strange, strange city. Eo was afraid of loneliness and kept her confined in a closed room. Alone with the Việt-Anh dictionary website to practicing, reading Lost – Part I, the clear American words, line by line, row by row, number by numbers, and page by page have been edited by the publisher for Eo. She has worked diligently with the Authors in Production’s guidance and trust. Eo almost wants to be away from time, away from everyday life on the street. Eo’s depression this time also was flashback quite badly. Although she was encouraged and cared for by the doctors and the team, both physically and mentally. Eo, was a homeless woman, lonely, and doesn’t want to drag her “dumb deaf” and sad life any longer. Life is like a tight thread, just a light touch and it will break. Eating, taking medicine, or doing anything Eo must be reminded.

Eo doesn’t know when, maybe a long time ago, from the time Eo can still remember, the belief in people inside her has been exhausted. The cruelty and stigma of the “powerful” people also make Eo’s faith strong as rock and iron has been “evaporated”.

Follow the guidance and arrangement of the benefactors because they want Eo to be safe to restore her memory. Admire the quiet environment, peaceful sky, where there are no Vietnamese markets, pagodas, churches, or shops to gather, to ponder, to jostle, side by side dealing with the “crazy” life. When she is convinced: God closes this door of Eo, another door opens, likewise, if He takes away bad people, and He replaces with good people. Making friends, working, learning from American people with advanced degrees, but full of humanity and compassion, holding hands to share, support and give Eo a chance; Rebuilding trust in love and learning to stand up as a Person!

* Eo wants to continue living, the “human” life that Eo’s mother named when she was born crying. I didn’t want to live and be renamed as a madwoman, a damn slut, or a demon possessed who coming back from the dead?
– Suicide is not “crazy” because mad people don’t have the courage to commit suicide!
– The Power of Darkness has covered and hung a noose and forced Eo to commit suicide, DEATH like this is cowardly. So unjust isn’t it Eo?
– Whores, addicts, robbers, murderers were all in the Recovery Group that Eo joined in the Psychiatric Hospitals, they are Med-students, lawyers, coaches, businessmen, entertainers, media person…They are also human. Listen to their stories emotions and tears of pain rolling down their face, Eo heard her heart aching, bleeding again! Psychiatrist encouraged Eo to awaken: Try to study, try to recall, and write down the abuses and bulling that family and society have treated patients with depression like Eo. Asian patients are often afraid, not daring to open their hearts to anyone so that doctors can easily diagnose and treat. The ignorance of feudal society also made it difficult for the patient’s families to cooperate with their doctors. Especially the army’s Doctor: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Doctor of Theology, Psychotherapists: oppressed Christian group. Eo, as an abandoned victim, did not expect to be healed, Eo was helpless, crying and struggling in nightmares, flashbacks, crises…
And then a miracle happened!
* Eo suddenly realized that she also has a responsibility to her family and country. Tomorrow Eo will leave this life, leaving behind the painful baggage of a refugee life drifting here, and the record of Lost, a Vietnamese victim contributing to literature, has been saved in the America library so that future descendants can read the history of their ancestors. Yes! Eo must live, must awaken to fight, must stand up strong and and show courageous in front of the horseshoe, between the Power of Life’s Jury, reclaimed as being human. Eo must beg the “wrong family” so that she could have the right to say her last “words” from the sacred heart of a mother to her children. She must have the courage to face her ex-husband, forgive him for having “burned the bridge” and drowned Eo. Moreover, Eo must go back to the past, go through the places she once lived through, to unlock the subconscious because it was so horrific and frightening that it was closed for a long time!
LOST is like a jigsaw puzzle. Eo will try to find the pieces of the puzzle to complete a realistic and vivid picture to present to the people. *All characters are living witnesses, only some, Eo has changed their names.

Loss is painful but loss is also gain. That’s it!

Eo wishes for Lost to be supported by readers everywhere. Hoping it to be a journey to help Eo arrange safe steppingstones, a “tool of peace” carried on Eo’s shoulders to reduce hatred, help Eo’s compassionate heart to step closer to the brothers and sisters in need, along with mentally damaged children. Because there are tears of suffering and shared smiles of people with Peaceful hearts.
– I have you by my side, singing about you, the children’s future is sad – Musician Trúc Hồ.
– There is good news amid despair! Speak for everyone to hear; The person who saved people… Holding hands together, bowing to wipe away tears, Thank You Above; People still love people – Musician Trầm Tử Thiêng.
Blessed is those who have mercy on others; Then they will have mercy from God!

See you in the next episodes: LOST Part II & III- The Diary of the Crazy Woman- Hoàng Thị Vĩnh Linh.

Thank you and God bless!

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