Introducing Self-Publishing Author Laura Simmons’ Book Video Trailer for “Karma: The Resolution”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for Karma: The Resolution (published by Outskirts Press, January  2021), by Laura Simmons.

From the author of Dark Karma: Sword of Vengeance comes the next thrilling adventure into alternate dimensions…

“From the first time I saw you back in the 14th century to the day I was imprisoned in the dark realm, you have lived in my dreams and my heart,” David said to Maddie. He knows that she is the reincarnation of his beloved Cara. Can he convince her that they shared a past life? Will she still want him once she learns the truth? And what about the evil immortal who wants her dead? “If I can pull a cat from a dream, I can rescue Mori from where she’s being held prisoner,” thought Noah Colton. Each night Mori comes to him on the astral plane, begging for him to save her and vanishing before he can follow. Terrified that she will soon be killed, he travels to another dimension to rescue her and bring her to his home. But what will happen when her captors track her down? Two, out-of-this-world romantic fantasy stories unfold as David and Noah battle dark forces to save the women they love. Find out what happens when the unexpected intervenes and changes everything in these interconnected stories.

Laura Simmons grew up in northern Virginia and spent most of her career working for various Department of Defense contractors in the Washington, DC area. She has a fascination with all things metaphysical. She enjoys adult coloring books, writing, jigsaw puzzles, vacationing at the beach with her husband, and studying tarot cards and other types of divination systems.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Nina Blakeman’s Book Video Trailer for “Blind Vision”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for Blind Vision (published by Outskirts Press, October 2020), by Nina Blakeman.

Closed Mind Blind Eyes

If Hollywood wanted to entrance movie goers with small-town America, the ticketholder could rest assured that the hamlet would model such a place as Sperling, Texas. Just shy of twelve-thousand people, it possesses a charm of a by-gone era. The fact that the bubbly Callie hails from such a Rockwellesque burg is a surprise to no one. Callie Wallace met Richard Cortez in medical school, and they’ve come back to her hometown to set-up their neurology practice. When there’s a suspicious death of a hospitalized patient, Mr. Clyde Murphy, the situation presents a public relations nightmare for the administrator of Lake Sperling Medical Center. The Murphy’s are a wealthy, prominent family in the region, and when the fault points to the man’s admitting physician, Dr. Callie Wallace, an egregious widow is more than ready to take her pound of flesh. The situation at the hospital is a concern, but it soon becomes clear that Callie Wallace herself is having trouble with reality. Her head-trips can only be described as peculiar and she questions her own sanity. The analytical-minded Callie doesn’t want to accept that her visions have any relevance . . . but she’s in denial. This is because science dictates that hallucinations are nothing but the perception of a person’s truth. In Callie’s case, the truth is that bad apples don’t fall far from their trees.

Nina Blakeman, BSN, PhD is an experienced professional who takes her knowledge of the biomedical field to the fictional realm. Her psychological thrillers are meant to unhinge the reader’s sense of well-being. She lives in West Texas with her husband, Scot, and their three dogs. She enjoys classic rock, golf, a good suspense novel, and the Green Bay Packers. She’s also the author of the Faye Davis series, The Blow-up Man, Envy Rots the Bones, and Release.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Robin Waites Tullier’s Book Video Trailer for “The “C” Book”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for The “C” Book (published by Outskirts Press, October 2020), by Robin Waites Tullier.

Combat the Dreaded “C” Words


Messiah, Jesus, the ideal truth that comes as a divine manifestation of God to destroy incarnate error

Undoubtedly, this is the most powerful “C” word known to humanity. Despite that fact, many are not aware of the power found in Christ. First, there is the power of Christ to save. According to Luke 19:10, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” Once we give our lives to Christ, we go from lost to found, from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. He fills us with His Holy Spirit, who empowers us to live above our circumstances. Cancer and life crises seem to have the ability to strike fear in the human heart, but Christ said in Luke 12:4 & 5, “I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more. But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear Him who, after the killing of the body, has power to throw you into hell.” We need to place a reverential fear in God, that He alone deserves. When we do this, the things in life that bring fear come into proper perspective. Although cancer may be able to destroy the body, it cannot remove the promise of eternal life granted to us by our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. In believing this truth, we can find peace right in the middle of what would bring terror to most people.

Second is the power of Christ to heal. Although some people do not receive healing on this side of heaven, it does not change the fact that Christ indeed healed many. All those who came to him experienced healing. The lady with the issue of blood, the blind beggar, the lame man lowered by his friends through the roof, and many more were healed by the power of God.

Healing can come in an instant, or it can progress over time. I have seen and experienced both personally. We will not debate the age-old question about why some people are healed, and some are not in this little book of “C” words. However, I do encourage you to search out the scriptures on healing because healing is for today.

We must realize that healing and deliverance from our situations are not the end game for God; a relationship is. He is more concerned about the condition of our hearts and the relationship He wants to build with us. We can never let the things we want or desire from Him take precedence over just knowing Him. Sitting in His presence and communing with Him far outweighs any temporary fix we receive from Him.

Christ desires a relationship with us, one that is active, vibrant, and very much alive. We need to accept the truth that Jesus is a resurrected man that is alive at this very moment, seated at the right hand of God, the Father. He is not like our deceased loved ones that are currently waiting, as are we, for the resurrection of the dead. Jesus, my dear friends, is ALIVE. He was a person that walked this planet and experienced life in every way as a human, yet He did it without sin. He died a cruel death on a cross, although He had committed no wrong. Our sinless Savior rose again after three days and visited with His disciples. He ate with them, yet He could walk through walls. He showed them His scars. He discussed with them His plans of sending the promised Holy Spirit. He gave them sure promises of never leaving them or forsaking them. He issued the Great Commission of sharing the Good News, and then He was taken up to heaven. This man Jesus is the CHRIST; He is the Messiah.

If this is news to you and you have never realized your individual need for a Savior, then you can now prepare your heart for the great exchange. By coming to grips with your sinful nature and realizing that Christ is the only remedy for that condition, you can place your trust in Him and ask Him to forgive you. Repent (turn away) from your sins and ask him to empower you with His Holy Spirit, who will come to live inside of you. Logically, it is hard to understand. However, spiritually, it makes all the sense in the world. Choosing to follow Christ will be the most significant decision of your life and will affect all eternity. Your journey begins now.

Robin chose to finish an idea started by her late husband, George Waites. While battling pancreatic cancer, he mentioned the idea of “C” words stronger than cancer. Robin also authored a book called George’s Journey, which explores his cancer battle. Robin has since remarried Brad Tullier and is mom to two, bonus-mom to three, and has two precious granddaughters.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Lahra Nelson’s Book Video Trailer for “The Russian Cow and the Colorful Birds”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for The Russian Cow and the Colorful Birds (published by Outskirts Press, January 2021), by Lahra Nelson.

Meet Anastasia—the beautiful Russian cow who wants to be different!

Anastasia had been admired since she was a tiny calf. Her marvelously long eyelashes, delicate ears, and silky soft coat made her the most beautiful cow in town! As Anastasia grew, she began to adorn herself with bright, colorful clothing—with silks, sparkling jewels, and towering hats—to enhance her natural beauty. But when her attire attracts the local birds, who land on her back and cover her beautiful outfit, will she still be adored by all?

Lahra Nelson creates imaginative children’s books based on original, whimsical paintings that she created for her children when they were young. She was inspired to write The Russian Cow and the Colorful Birds, her debut children’s book, from Russia’s beautiful, colorful buildings and fine arts. She also gains inspiration from architecture and art from around the globe. Lahra lives with her husband and three children in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author G.S. Wisner’s Book Video Trailer for “Securing America’s Victory”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for Securing America’s Victory  (published by Outskirts Press, December 2020), by G.S. Wisner

We have lived through the first volleys of the Third Episode of General Washington’s Vision: COVID-19, rioting & more…NOW WHAT?

Are COVID-19; suppression of assembly, especially worship; economic woes, riots, and election crises the first volleys of the Third Episode of General Washington’s Vision? WHAT’S NEXT?

The solution to all of today’s crises is remarkably simple! For those who wish to connect to the spiritual component of what is happening in America and the world today, Securing America’s Victory reveals the two secrets to sustainable Justice and the “Highest Common Denominator” we all share. It will unify all people and enable us to transcend toxic diversity. Together, we will replace the hatred, division, violence, and madness with clarity, love, respect, inclusion, and sustainable justice.

The only true antidote, the only effective and sustainable solution to our national and global crisis, is the full intervention of I AM WHO I AM—Our Father God wielding the fullness of His Love, Wisdom, and Power. The only key to this manifestation is our loving, true obedience to His Law of Love, as taught and demonstrated by Jesus the Christ. Herein lies the true foundation of “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

G.S. Wisner has invested 25 years of research in the creation of this book. With it, the hope is that we siblings in Our Father’s family return directly to God in a personal, reciprocal, and loving relationship—what Jesus demonstrated through his life. G.S. left a six-figure career in obedience to God’s invitation to His service. It has led along an illumined path, where God and Jesus are undeniably present.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author John Besold’s Book Video Trailer for “SPARQE”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for SPARQE (published by Outskirts Press, December 2020), by John Besold

Special needs kids come with special abilities. Lucky for earth, too bad for Empty Vessel.

The SPARQE tales are stories in which otherwise disabled kids, as members of SPARQE, use their disabilities to become Special Purpose People (SPPs), superhero like characters with a wide variety of gadgets, vehicles and apparatus that they use to accomplish superhero deeds, while avoiding capture by agents of the darkly evil Empty Vessel (EV). EV, who once lost an important promotion to a disabled kid, is a self-acknowledged and self-made sinister scientist. Using the scientific and energy resources of Technoprise, EV has constructed a Bio-Farm where he develops genetic modification technology aimed at eliminating the disabled, creating a “clean gene” society. Through its spokesperson, Mr. Clean Genes, Technoprise markets to the world thusly, … “Are you tired of feeling different or outside the mainstream? Wouldn’t you like to feel just like an ordinary Harry or Sophie with good health, good vision, good abs, and a great attitude? With “gene clean” products and treatments you wake up every morning confident that you can figure out any problem be it work, relationships or whatever needs fixing in your life or the lives of those you love.” EV knows he must find the SPARQE lab and eliminate all the SPPs as he needs to have unimpeded access to the disabled for experiments at his Bio-Farms, and to otherwise rid the world or make invisible the disabled in the ordinary everyday world. So SPARQE fights a two front war. In everyday life the SPPs are out there showing how they make important contributions to the lives of other people. Simultaneously, they are trying to learn of EV’s plot, the secrets behind EV’s science, and the location of the Bio Farm so they can destroy it, topple EV and restore his kindly predecessor Mr. Otterbach as head of Technoprise. The time is 2029, EV has already taken over Technoprise, the SPPs are out in the world under SPARQE’s umbrella and the conflict is engaged.

Born in New York City, John and his wife Debe have four grown sons and eight grandchildren. In 1999 John contracted polymyositis spending over one year recovering his mobility and other daily functions. He saw the resilience and perseverance of those, particularly young people, whose differences became their strengths and inspired SPARQE.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Nick Weber ’s Book Video Trailer for “Recess Time”

Announcing the Self-Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Recess Time (Published by Outskirts Press, December 2019), by Nick Weber.

“A profound, vital and human delight.” -Kevin Curdt, Courtroom Clerk, Santa Clara Co. Superior Court, San Jose, CA

This eloquent collection of 13 loosely connected essays covers topics from God to gifts, with plenty of help along the way from Einstein, Chopin, Picasso, and even the great Ringling clown Lou Jacobs. The author’s 80 years of memories—from priestly ministry as a former Jesuit, professional acting, and over two decades of circus performance—visit this playful jaunt, as connections are made bearing on the art of life itself. Nick Weber brings an inquisitive and disciplined mind to this often festive romp through recall and celebration.

“Nick Weber has shown that even the sacred is potentially humorous.” —Daniel Kendall, S.J., Professor of Theology, University of San Francisco, CA

“Words that are dense but accessible, strident but poetic, completely authentic.” —Judith Gillespie, Chair, Theology Department, Divine Savior Holy Angels High School, Milwaukee, WI

“A primer for any person serious about becoming.” —Carlo Pellegrini, Co-founder, Amazing Grace Circus, circus producer, director, choreographer, Nyack, NY

Nick Weber

Nick Weber brings his playfulness as a professional clown and eight decades of memories to Recess Time. Here he creates a free space allowing new connections between those memories. With graduate degrees in theater and theology, his chief concerns in these essays focus on how his past can serve the future. Mr. Weber is also the author of The Circus that Ran Away with a Jesuit Priest and Shakespeare with Hearing Aids.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Carleen Hennenfent’s Book Video Trailer for Incomplete

Announcing the Self-Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Incomplete (published by Outskirts Press, November 2018), by Carleen Hennenfent.


Has a loss left you feeling lost?

There are quite a few books already out in the world concerning grief, so why do I feel the need to write another? First, over the 22 years of working in a funeral home and making grief home visits to over 3,000 families, I was gifted with multitudes of rich, inspirational stories. Many of these appear in my book, Incomplete. If they weren’t put into print, they would be gone. They are all true (names changed to protect privacy). Secondly, people wonder, “How do I deal with this unbelievably difficult loss?” Included are coping mechanisms. These need to be expressly stated. They ease the pain. And lastly, my grandchildren’s grandchildren may find themselves with loss. Devastating loss. Grief beyond belief. Perhaps they will pluck my book from the shelf, blow off the dust, and find just what they need to get back into life again.

About the Author

Carleen Hennenfent, after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Mortuary Science from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, worked for Eastgate Funeral Service in Bismarck, ND, for 22 years. She developed the aftercare program which involved home visits to bereaved families and facilitating grief support groups. She was honored to be invited to speak to hundreds of groups, churches, long-term care facilities and universities, all in pursuit of grief education.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author C. P. Stewart’s Book Video Trailer for Beyond the Triangle

Announcing the Self-Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Beyond the Triangle (published by Outskirts Press, September 2020), by C. P. Stewart.

The Bermuda Triangle: Portal to a Terrifying Future

When storm and fog engulfed the pleasure boats Oblique View and Blue Heron within the Bermuda Triangle, the last thing the passengers expected was to be transported from 2005 to 2283. It is now 2288 and the time travelers have adjusted to their new normal, though it’s completely different from their early twenty-first century life. Jake Myers and his family live in Philadelphia, while Oblique View’s owner Mason Bankowski lives in Jacksonville, which is surrounded by a wall to protect its citizens from the undesirables living outside. When Mason can’t be contacted, Jake and Juan Morales, Mason’s former first-mate, travel to Jacksonville to find him, but instead discover a city controlled by malevolent forces entrenched from two different centuries. Danger lurks everywhere, from soldiers patrolling the city to a government leader concealing a devastating agenda. Are the people living outside the wall as dangerous as they are alleged to be? How many soldiers, guards, and police are victims of mind control . . . and who is controlling them? Can the huge nuclear missile-laden submarine be stopped in time? As pervasive evil closes in with desperate, life-threatening situations, Jake and Juan must use all their ingenuity to save not only their loved ones, but everyone living in and around Jacksonville. A pulse-pounding thrill ride, Beyond the Triangle is the adventure novel you’ve been waiting to get lost in!

About the Author

C. P. Stewart’s career began with teaching high school chemistry, evolving into teaching high school and university physics. A lifelong resident of western Pennsylvania, he is married, with two adult children and three grandchildren.

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