Introducing Self-Publishing Author Darlene P. Winston’s Book Video Trailer for “Perfectly Imperfect”

 Perfectly Imperfect (published by Outskirts Press, September 2020), by Darlene P. Winston.

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Perfectly Imperfect (published by Outskirts Press, September 2020), by Darlene P. Winston.

In the highly anticipated sequel to Where I Wanna Be, André has moved on from his ex to be with the love of his life—but when his past comes back to haunt him, will the love he shares with K.C. survive?

Life is grand and heading in the direction Andre has always envisioned. But secrets, lies, and webs of deception soon reveal themselves, threatening to destroy all that he and K.C. have worked to build, and changing lives forever. Will those changes destroy bonds formed over the years—or will love rule?

Darlene P. Winston

Darlene P. Winston

Darlene P. Winston was raised in the small town of Waverly, Virginia, where everyone knew everyone. She spent her summers in the local library, reading anything she could get her hands on, and later turned her passion for reading into telling stories of her own. A mother and a grandmother, Darlene lives with her husband in Chester, Virginia. Darlene is also the author of The Other Woman and Where I Wanna Be.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author John Griffith’s Book Video Trailer for “Gulf Thunder”

Gulf Thunder
by John Griffith

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Gulf Thunder (published by Outskirts Press, February 2022), by John Griffith.

A tale of greed, lust and violence in west central Florida in the early twentieth century.

Tampa Bay was a land full of promise in 1898 to enterprising souls who could see beyond the palmetto- and insect-crowded jungle. Clifford Austin, a young man transplanted by his luckless parents, exhibits a ferocious desire to surpass any competitor as he builds an empire building boats in the nascent town of St Petersburg. He designs and builds small pleasure and commercial craft well into the 1920’s, when design and capabilities were progressing in leaps and bounds. His relentless acquisitiveness leads attempts to bed every woman he meets and dominate every man he ever knows. He sets up a string of decisions that lead to a conflict that could be his undoing, but Clifford Austin thrives on conflict, whether internal or external, even if he doesn’t necessarily seek it. His intense narcissism and sociopathic tendencies guide his every action in his business and romantic endeavors. Clifford Austin’s story is a raucous tale about an explosive time in an untamed future paradise.

John Griffith

John Griffith

John Griffith was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History with an emphasis on the early twentieth century. He later earned a Juris Doctor degree at the Duquesne University School of Law. He has navigated the waters of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico since arriving in Florida twenty years ago while studying the culture and attitudes of the good people who live there. John currently lives on a quiet inlet on Tampa Bay with his wife, Betsy and their dog, Lucille. His children and grandchildren live nearby and visit them regularly. Gulf Thunder is his third book following ‘That’s Life’ and ‘Crystal Reflections.’

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Virginia Rodriguez’s Book Video Trailer for “Big Hair One with Bear Feet”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Big Hair One with Bear Feet (published by Outskirts Press, August 2022), by Virginia Rodriguez.


“A long time ago there was a little girl named Big Hair One with Bear Feet.”

Wearing the hard black and white shoes with the red heart on the side was torture. But what’s even more torturous is when people make fun of you. Big Hair One with Bear Feet maintains that childlike being. The freedom of running barefoot and without the pain of shoes was simple. Just don’t wear any. But when she does this, little does she know the attention her feet will bring. What happened to your feet? Look how funny your feet are! Tinge of doubt set in, and Big Hair One with Bear Feet grows an uncomfortable feeling inside. She starts to believe there must be something wrong with her feet and asks God why He gave her Bear Feet anyway. Not only did kids make fun of her but grown-ups did too. Echoes of her mama’s voice telling her she must wear shoes to protect her feet haunt her after she cuts her foot on a broken piece of glass. When her mama learns that Big Hair One with Bear Feet is being bullied, she decides it’s time to tell her about her ancestors and buy her a pair of shoes that fit.

Virginia Rodriguez

Big Hair One with Bear Feet
by Virginia Rodriguez

Virginia Rodriguez is an eight-time marathoner. Raised in Magna, Utah a long time ago with her mama and nine siblings, a good pair of shoes were not easy to come by. She has authored several poems and in 2005, her poem FEATHERS took first place at the First Latino/Latina Poetry Contest at Kimball Arts Center in Park City, Utah. She currently lives in Taylorsville, Utah.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Valerie Sumter’s Book Video Trailer for “Transformed”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Transformed:
Breaking Free from the Thoughts and Words that Bind You
(published by Outskirts Press, August 2022), by Valerie Sumter.


The power of thoughts and words—and how they affect our lives.
Our thoughts are frequencies that have the ability to transform our lives in powerful ways. Transformed reveals the potential inside each one of us for greatness, and how we can create a life of personal power and fulfillment. It shares the science and spiritual truths behind our creative words and thoughts, and how we can use them, to break the cycle of destructive thought patterns! With Transformed you will:

Discover the power to be intentional and creative with your thoughts and words.

Become more aware of the spiritual laws of the universe and how to tap into those laws and allow them to work for you rather than against you.

Be the master of your thoughts and intentions by learning to give your brain the right programs until they become automatic responses.

Become more empowered and then help empower others, as you begin to experience firsthand the connection between your thoughts and your reality.

Realize the true power you possess to create a life you love. As your thoughts begin to transform, they will create joyful moments that become joyful days, weeks, months, and years. In turn, you too, will experience a “Transformed life of Joy.”

Valerie Sumter

Valerie Sumter

Valerie Sumter is from the Pacific Northwest, but has lived and traveled throughout the United States. Coming from an abusive background caused her to develop a victim mentality in her younger life, so she knows the pain of that negative mindset and the destructive patterns it can create. Valerie now works as a life coach and facilitator to teach others the techniques and principles that keep her on a successful path.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author MP Kollman’s Book Video Trailer for “The Accident”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for The Accident (published by Outskirts Press, July 2022), by MP Kollman.


Special Agent Kevin Grayson appears to have taken the Bauer family’s accident, his uncertainty over Jimmy’s recovery, very hard. Drinking. Staying out until all hours. Never visiting his best friend in the hospital. Samantha Grayson stops at the hospital every day. Chatting with a comatose Jimmy Bauer about everything and anything. Except the turmoil her husband is causing in their marriage. When Jimmy awakens, she’s certain Kevin will revert to the man she knows him to be. But when he does awaken from the medically induced coma, paralyzed on his left side from the waist down, Jimmy is devastated by the loss of his wife and older son. Will he recover? And if not, how will he care for himself and his younger son?

MP Kollman

The Accident is the fifth in the seven-book crime / adventure Brothers series: Brothers (pub. 1995), Sequela (2012), Honeymoon and Moirai (both 2021). MP Kollman has also published Skin Deep (2016), a romance unrelated to the series. MP was raised on a dairy farm in central Minnesota. She began writing in grade school for her own enjoyment–whisking her on adventures far from the family farm. After graduating, she moved to Wisconsin, where she married and now has two children and three grandchildren. MP recently retired from a full-time job which allows her to dedicate more time to her writing.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author David Wayne Lusk’s Book Video Trailer for “Invasion of the Roach People, The Story of Failed Desegregation in Dallas”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Invasion of the Roach People, The Story of Failed Desegregation in Dallas (published by Outskirts Press, July 2022), by David Wayne Lusk.

Book Details

After the Civil Rights Act of 1964, David Lusk lived the greater part of his life with African-Americans, and he found it almost impossible to communicate with them. They simply didn’t want to communicate with White people. He gave up in 1975 when a Black neighbor threatened to kill him over a misunderstanding. David witnessed the economic collapse of southern Dallas in the 1980s due to White Flight; during which the City of Dallas became the Crime Capital of the United States. He then saw most of the city transformed by Black Emergence and White Flight as black people merged into other sectors of the city. David saw the very core of Dallas change by the year 2000 because of the Civil Rights Act! He then saw the rebirth of the southern sector during the first two decades of the 21st century as developers returned to south Dallas. They had no place else to go because the rest of the city had been developed! During the early 21st century, Black people who controlled an airport harassed David with aircraft for 20 years because he was a White person jogging in a Black neighborhood. Dallas Police participated in this racial persecution, and the FBI eventually had to step in to stop the police involvement. This unbelievable story is told in Invasion of the Roach People, which David wrote for the benefit of future generations of Whites and Blacks. The future begs for cohesiveness between Whites and Blacks, but can it ever happen?

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author T.K. Kohl’s Book Video Trailer for “Quest of the Staff and the Sword IV”

Quest of the Staff and the Sword IV
Codex Nexus
by T.K. Kohl

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Quest of the Staff and the Sword IV (published by Outskirts Press, June 2022), by T.K. Kohl.

The torch has been passed…

In the captivating fourth installment of the epic adventure of the Quest of the Staff and the Sword saga, the “hooded man” and his wife, Elizabeth, are tucked away in Luke’s dungeon. With the help of a forgotten ally, Luke is guided back through time to a place called Halcyon, where he is certain he will fortify his hold as king of the world. Before he leaves, Luke attempts to tear apart John and Elizabeth by introducing a new woman into John’s cell. Elizabeth has to push aside her increasing feelings of jealousy to step onto the Quest of the Staff and the Sword. John’s role in the Quest is to gather eight individuals, known simply as The Eight, including Elizabeth and the new woman, Jena. Now Elizabeth, John, and Jena must find a way out of the dungeon to search for a series of codices that form the Codex Nexus. Their Quest takes them into harrowing tombs and ancient ruins around the world, all while deciphering clues and fighting against Luke’s tyranny. This exhilarating, character-driven adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat!

T.K. Kohl

T.K. Kohl has a bachelor’s degree from Logos Christian College. Much of his life has been spent working in the technical field and customer service. He is the proud father of two adult sons, whom he considers his greatest accomplishments. In his spare time, he enjoys bringing the world of his imagination to life through fiction.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Marita Ludvigsen’s Book Video Trailer for “Eastern European Eats”

Eastern European Eats
Regional Dishes from Poland and Czech Republic
by Marita Ludvigsen

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Eastern European Eats (published by Outskirts Press, July 2022), by Marita Ludvigsen.

Good food should be easy. These Eastern European influence recipes are fun and delicious.

My grandparents grew up in Eastern Europe. When they made the arduous journey to America, they brought their European culture, traditions and recipes with them. This book blends my own second generation American food traditions with the strong influence of my heritage. Many of the recipes are taken from my mother’s handwritten note cards still stained with the ingredients from making the dishes. You can almost smell the delicious mouthwatering foods just by reading the recipes. My hope is that you enjoy making these delectable dishes as much as I have enjoyed sharing the recipes with you!

Marita Ludvigsen

Marita Ludvigsen

I started my cooking journey in childhood with an interest in creating amazing tasting foods. My mom always seemed to have some tantalizing aroma coming from the kitchen when I came home from school. She would encourage me to help her especially when she was baking which was my favorite experience. I continued to perfect my skills by cooking for my family of three children. Creating something delicious to be enjoyed by others you care about is a gift from the heart, a warm hug out of the oven! I currently live in Colorado with my husband Rich happily cooking and sharing the joy of food.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Peggy Jo Henry’s Book Video Trailer for “Curious: Are my Stories about Morals?”

Curious: Are my Stories about Morals?
by Peggy Jo Henry

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Curious: Are my Stories about Morals? (published by Outskirts Press, April 2022), by Peggy Jo Henry.

My book is fiction and nonfiction

It is a collection of short stories and poems with a twist. These are the facts about my unique book. It is a puzzle, controversial, confusing, short, helpful, collectable, and I am not famous. You will find no other book like this in the world. Communication, how do I convey popular subjects to you, the reader, in a way that can be interesting and at the same time entertaining? Some stories are serious, and others are not. I talk about me, suicide, mental illness, taking care of the earth, addictions, and obsessions. Like I said there is a twist to my book. Let us say you are interested in the entertainment business and like to watch and listen to a wide variety of movies and songs and like brain games. Well, this is the book for you. You go through finding hidden movie and song titles. There are 775 movie, television series, and documentary titles and 343 songs. That is over a thousand. Believe it, you can find this stuff in everyday language. That is not all. I have eight similarities with a popular Oscar nominated actor. The similarities intertwine with my book, so you can tie our lives together with. What does that make him, a soulmate? I use these similarities to help you find out who he is. I have added twenty-three clues to help you get to know him and see his interests and accomplishments. That makes thirty-one clues in all which makes it downright fun. Who is the actor? You would be surprised. Who wants to know more about a famous actor? We have all done it, looked up entertainers we are interested in on the internet. Are you a Sherlock or trivia sleuth? Play on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. You can play at airports, coffee houses, and appointments. Do you have to wait? Then you have the time. Are you entertainment savvy enough to play the game? You can play with friends and family to see who can find the most titles. It is paperback so easy to carry and not too heavy. Just to let you know, I can do this because titles, names, short phrases, expressions, and ideas are not protected by copyright laws. Have a positive day and happy hunting.

Peggy Jo Henry

Peggy Jo Henry

I’m a divorced lady with two children. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar since 1997 which is now controlled with medication. I’ve had three psychotic delusional episodes where I thought I had exceptional powers, and two I was admitted to a lockdown mental institution. I had a suicide attempt in 1996 which I tried to take the lives of my children without consequences. I’m not sure how my book is going to help people, but I hope it does.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Dell M. Allen’s Book Video Trailer for “Meat Then and Now”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Meat Then and Now (published by Outskirts Press, June 2022), by Dell M. Allen.

The History of Meat and the Expansion of America

As the population of the United States expanded and moved westward, the meat and livestock industry expanded as well. Animals were essential not only for food and other products, but also as a source of power for pulling wagons and farm equipment. The parallel development of railroads was instrumental in the efficient transport for both livestock and meat during America’s rapid growth in the 1800s and early 1900s. An entire industry was developed to raise, market, slaughter, and process meat for the nation’s citizens, and this fascinating book provides extensive histories of early meat companies. Researched with authoritative and meticulous detail by a leading expert in the field of meat and food safety, Meat Then and Now will give you perspective on the industry, rooted in the history of America’s development.

Dell M. Allen

Dell M. Allen

Dell M. Allen was raised on a farm in rural southeast Kansas and after graduating from High School, attended Kansas State University where he graduated with a degree in Animal Husbandry in 1961. He then transitioned to the University of Idaho where he received a Masters degree in Animal Science in 1963. He then went to Michigan State University receiving his PhD in 1966. It was while he was at Michigan State that he met and married his wife Joyce in 1965. Following graduation at MSU, he returned to Kansas State as an Assistant Professor in the Animal Science Department. He remained at Kansas State on the faculty until 1988 when he joined Excel Corporation (now called Cargill Meat Solutions). While at KSU he coached the meat judging team from 1967 to 1979 where his teams won multiple contests and consistently place in the top two or three teams. This provided him with the opportunity to visit a wide variety of meat plants and learn the industry, bringing those experiences with him back to the classroom. While at KSU, his research focused primarily on beef composition and beef quality. In 1977, he was contracted by the US General Accounting Office to do a nationwide survey on the accuracy and uniformity of beef grading as applied by USDA meat graders across the US. This resulted in a joint research project between the Departments of Animal Science and Electrical Engineering at KSU developing a prototype beef grading instrument by coupling a digital camera with a computer which ultimately was adopted by both Ag Canada and USDA meat graders. In 1978, he went to Brazil to work on an AID project pertaining to the potential development of a beef grading system for that country. In 1980, he took a one year leave of absence to work for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the Law and Compliance division and worked at developing new feeder cattle and fat cattle contract specifications. In 1988, he joined Excel Corporation rising through the ranks to become Vice President of Technical Services and Food Safety where he was responsible for company wide food safety and quality standards for Excel/Cargills 20 meat plants across the nation and Canada. While at Excel/Cargill, Dr. Allen reached out to consumer advocacy groups conducting tours of Excel plants for several of them and for elected officials and their staff that had been critical of the industry. He has spoken at many major food safety conferences and collaborated in many high profile efforts to work with the Department, the broader industry from farm to fork, and with consumer advocates. He has been recognized with awards by many groups, including the Scientific Achievement Award from the American Meat Institute, the E. Floyd Forbes Award from the National Meat Association, the Howard Baughman Food Safety Award from the FSIS-USDA, the R.C. Pollack Award by the American Meat Science Association, and was named to the Meat Industry Hall of Fame in its initial class of 2009. In February of 2013, Dell was named the 2013 “Stockman of the Year” by the Livestock and Meat Industry Council, at Kansas State University. Since retirement from Cargill, Dell has worked as “Consultant” on the meat packing industry, working with a variety of companies including multiple packing companies, food safety companies and Merck on projects ranging from food safety issues to production problems. He and Joyce have done some traveling and both spending time with their grandchildren.

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