Introducing Self-Publishing Author Deacon Michael Wesley’s Book Video Trailer for “The L.I.G.H.T. Seminar”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for The L.I.G.H.T. Seminar (published by Outskirts Press, November 2020), by Deacon Michael Wesley.

A Guide for Catholics and others wanting to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in everyday life. By Deacon Michael R. Wesley, M.A., M.T.S.

The word “L.I.G.H.T.” is an acronym for Living in the Gifts of the Holy Trinity. The purpose of the seminar is to acquaint Catholics and others with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I say “others” because the seminar might also be of interest to non-Catholics. I mention “Catholics” specifically because there are many Catholics today who are set on fire with their experience of God’s presence and His love. Through movements such as the ACTS retreat, Cursillo, RCIA, and youth retreats, as well as just through their Catholic faith, they are experiencing the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives. And what this fire of the Holy Spirit has created is a thirst to share their faith with others. This is all very good because it is through witnessing the power of the Holy Spirit that the secular world will be drawn to God. One thing I see lacking, though, is an emphasis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Most Catholics who have received the sacrament of confirmation know they have received gifts of the Holy Spirit. But what is missing is an understanding of what many of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are, and how they can be used in everyday life.

Deacon Michael Wesley

Deacon Michael Wesley was born in Los Angeles, California, but has lived most of his life in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, and a Master of Arts degree in Special Education. In 2003 he was ordained to the Permanent Diaconate for the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, and in 2009 he received a Master of Theological Studies degree from St. Norbert’s College. Deacon Mike and his wife, Kathy, continue to minister together in the Charismatic Renewal and the Catholic Church.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author MP Kollman’s Book Video Trailer for “Honeymoon”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for Honeymoon (published by Outskirts Press, May 2021), by MP Kollman.

A honeymoon in Reno—what could possibly go wrong?

A honeymoon in Reno! What could possibly go wrong?

However, back in Jaspar, Margaret Addams, preparing to leave home to visit Elizabeth and Emery Grayson, is catapulted twenty feet down the sidewalk by the explosion that destroys her house. She is barely holding onto life, but what has she to live for? Jerome, a young man she had grown to love as a son—a murderer—is dead, and her husband—no better than a common criminal—is imprisoned a hundred miles away.

And then, there’s the Hamiltons. Ivy—a woman Sandy thought he had put in prison seven years ago—has found her estranged husband Martin, and their daughter, Azalea—owners of MHE in Reno, a company that provides data entry services for its clients using its powerful server.

Questions need answering. Why is Ivy in Reno and not in prison? What does she want with Sandy’s boss, Jeff Hand? How did the Hamiltons anticipate Sandy and Samantha’s arrival in Reno? What is the source of the hundreds of thousands of dollars accumulating in an account that has no connection to their business?

MP Kollman

Honeymoon is the third in a series by MP Kollman—Brothers published in 1995 and Sequela in 2012. MP also published Skin Deep, which is not part of the series, in 2016. MP began writing in grade school for her own enjoyment—taking her on adventures and away from the family farm. MP retired several years ago and can now devote more time to writing.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Bishop Eric A. Lambert, Jr’s Book Video Trailer for “Walking in Victory”

Resisting the Lure of Secular Culture to Walk with God

Many challenges are facing the Christian in this present world. The assault by the enemy is growing every day. Many believers are struggling just to keep their minds focused on the Lord. This edition of The Christian and the Culture helps the believer stay in touch with their identity and purpose. Only by walking in the Spirit of the living God are we able to maintain a level of victory which enables us to live in the presence of God and enjoy fellowship with Jesus. When you read this book, you will discover fresh insight about our Christian life and how to maintain the fruit of the Spirit.

Bishop Eric A. Lambert, Jr

Bishop Eric A. Lambert, Jr. is the Senior Pastor of Bethel Deliverance International Church. He desires to see the body of Christ come to an intimate relationship with the Lord God. Bishop Lambert received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, and he believes Christians must be true to themselves and their Lord. He serves as the presiding Bishop of the Bethel Deliverance International Fellowship of Churches. This fellowship aims to promote unity, training, and camaraderie among Pastors of the Church of Christ. Bishop Lambert desires to see Christ proclaimed throughout the world. Through the daily and weekly television broadcast “Climbing Higher,” many souls are won to the Kingdom of God. A noted author and prolific writer, Bishop Lambert is the author of four books: The Reality of Christian Living, Ingredients of Prayer, The Kneeling Mind, The Christian and the Culture: At What Cost, and Cancel the Culture. This book, The Christian and The Culture: Walking in Victory, is his latest work. Bishop Lambert is married to Lady Sheila Lambert, and they are the proud parents of Shaneena and the godparents of Darius.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Robert Ray’s Book Video Trailer for “Darkness in the Light of Day”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for Darkness in the Light of Day (published by Outskirts Press, April 2021), by Robert Ray.

When Disaster Strikes, Every Second Matters…

As a young maritime professional in the 1980s, Robert Ray was always on the lookout for opportunity—he had a wife and two young children to provide for, and he was determined to keep climbing the ladder to financial stability and success. When he was offered a chief engineer position on the tug boat Eagle, which would cross the Gulf of Alaska, he jumped at the chance. Not only did it pay well, it was safer than working with fishing boats. “Tug boats don’t sink,” he confidently assured his bride. But destiny had an appointment with the Eagle, resulting in a horrifying tragedy with Ray as the lone survivor. This heartfelt memoir immerses the reader in the world of the Eagle and its crew, and takes you moment by moment through the ordeal that Ray survived due to incredibly quick thinking and the heroic efforts of the Coast Guard. Compelling, heartbreaking, and deeply honest, this story of endurance and courage in unthinkable circumstances will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

Robert Ray

Robert Ray began his maritime career as an apprentice marine diesel engine mechanic. He went to school for marine mechanics while working on commercial marine vessels, including yachts, tuna and crab processors, fishing vessels, tug boats, and passenger car ferries. He sailed on tug boats as oiler, engineer, chief engineer, and then port engineer site safety health officer, overseeing maintenance and repairs on several vessels. He has been married for more than 47 years; he and his beloved wife have two wonderful children and three handsome grandsons. He and his wife currently live in Hawaii. He is a certified scuba diver who is passionate about protecting our oceans.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Matthew R. Drayton’s Book Video Trailer for “Leading While Black”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for Leading While Black (published by Outskirts Press, May 2021), by Matthew R. Drayton.

Essential Lessons on Leadership

Being a great leader is not easy for anyone, and for African Americans it can be even more challenging. Leading While Black draws attention to and provides solutions for African Americans who are in leadership positions, and those who aspire to be. From Martin Luther King Jr to Barack Obama, Black leaders have faced leadership challenges and obstacles other ethnicities do not. While many strides have been made regarding equality and opportunities, black leaders still face a huge array of new and old challenges from negative perceptions, stereotypes, and a lack of support in the workplace and society. By sharing lessons learned from his exemplary military and corporate careers, Matt Drayton addresses many of the new tests black leaders face. Matt focuses on new leadership challenges from technology to social media, and inspiring young professionals. The strategies and lessons in this book can be applied by anyone, and is an excellent resource for all current and future leaders.

Matthew R. Drayton

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Sergeant Major (Retired) Matt Drayton is a decorated Army veteran who has led and mentored hundreds of men and women. Matt is the owner of Drayton Communications L.L.C, a Corporate Speaker, Voice Actor, Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer, and leadership expert whose insights have been featured in the national and international media.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Dr. S.N.B. & Lalu’s Book Video Trailer for “Lulu the Sheepadoodle”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Lulu the Sheepadoodle (published by Outskirts Press, April 2021), by Dr. S.N.B. & Lalu.

Explore the Continents and Discover the Power of Positivity With Lulu the Sheepadoodle!

Lulu the Sheepadoodle is a charming, whimsical, and lovable character created to help children learn about the world around them. Traveling to all the continents on Earth, Lulu proceeds to pirouette at the tippy top of the highest mountains; skip stones in the largest lakes, rivers, and oceans; and dry off in the hottest and driest deserts. During her escapades, Lulu searches for children displaying positive attributes and good deeds in order to help spread magic to flowers—because as we all know, flowers are nature’s way of spreading happiness!

During her explorations, Lulu enjoys play dates and painting her nails with animals found throughout the continents. She also finds interesting landmarks and monuments to meditate near and perfect her yoga poses.

Join Lulu the Sheepadoodle—the world-traveling positive attribute fairy—as she finds such attributes as responsibility, kindness, and compassion; love, patience, and resilience; trustworthiness, honesty, and courage. With a flap of her little fairy wings and the flutter of her long, bushy eyelashes, the magic of each trait is spread through the Universe, causing flowers to bloom and sweet fragrances to fill the air— so that all living things feel joy and happiness.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Deirdre Breakenridge Skrobola & Mark Skrobola’s Book Video Trailer for “Grandpa Don’t Worry”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for Grandpa Don’t Worry (published by Outskirts Press, June 2021), by Deirdre Breakenridge Skrobola & Mark Skrobola.

A Message from a Very Special Visitor

One night, Ashley-Ann receives a very special visit from her friend, an angel named Noelle. In a series of whispers, Ashley-Ann hears from Noelle important messages that she needs to share with her grandpa. Through Noelle, Ashley-Ann discovers that sometimes her grandpa worries. He wants Ashley-Anne to understand family values, which include love, strength, caring, and kindness. Knowing that Ashley-Ann learns about these “Loving Lessons” from Noelle makes her grandpa very happy. With these caring messages, children and families can explore feelings and values together, and what it means to be kind to each other. This insightful story is sure to be a favorite among readers of all ages.

Deirdre Breakenridge Skrobola & Mark Skrobola

After experiencing a family tragedy, Mark and Deirdre set out on a journey to share a global message of hope and heartfelt purpose. They wanted parents and children to discover the true meaning of the word “feel” and to embrace all of the feelings that bind families and loved ones together. With this story inspired by Mark’s daughter and Deirdre’s stepdaughter, Noelle, they share why “feel” is one of the most important words to explore. Families can witness the beauty that comes from kindness, truth, and the love of a child. Grandpa, Don’t Worry is a reminder of what is most precious in life … your children and how they feel.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Kent Augustson’s Book Video Trailer for “The Twenty-five Years that Changed the World”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for The Twenty-five Years that Changed the World Our Place in Time Volume II (published by Outskirts Press, May 2021), by Kent Augustson.

“History is a vision of God’s creation on the move,” Arnold J. Toynbee esteemed author of A Study of History, examining some twenty civilizations

The Twenty-five Years that Changed the World is the second book in the Our Place in Time trilogy portraying the advancement of the four major civilizations extant today—Confucian China, Hindu India, the Muslim Middle East, and the Christian West. With their expansion, they represent 85% of the world’s population.

The intent of these works—including the prequel, Our Axial Age—is to understandably capture the march of history with its pronounced progress in time while highlighting the fascinating people involved. In this work it is argued that, for the three-hundred-year period from 1400-1700, every happening of key consequence remarkably had some major connection with the brief quarter century from 1501 to 1526.

The colorful people brought to life include:

• The eunuch admiral whose treasure ships were the grandest armadas in Chinese history.
• The most magnificent and memorable sultan in the history of the Ottoman Empire.
• India’s splendid Mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal for his beloved wife who died in childbirth.
• The two great contemporary geniuses who, for all their extraordinary art, were far apart.
• The personable father of science and the enigmatic playwright who heralded a new age.
• The mystic Muslim and the stubborn Christian who secured their faith’s structural division.

Kent Augustson

Kent Augustson graduated with honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara and was accepted into the PhD program in history at UCLA. After earning his Masters, he accepted an executive internship with the federal government for which he was competitively chosen. His thirty years in Washington, DC, featured presentations to the White House OMB and the US Congress. Traveling widely thereafter, Augustson returned to the studies of his youth with a broad perspective gained in DC and abroad. The first book in this trilogy, Tales of Invasions and Empires, won a national award.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Dr. Jay Raman’s Book Video Trailer for “From the Land of Spice to the Land of Oil”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for From the Land of Spice to the Land of Oil (published by Outskirts Press, January 2021), by Dr. Jay Raman.

An Immigrant Physician’s Tale of His Life and Times

The title of this book From the Land of Spice to the Land of Oil aptly describes the book. It is an immigrant physician’s tale of his life and times. More than just a biography it is a story of his times. He was born in 1945 at the end of Second World War. Kerala—his birth place in India—is well-known for its spices and ancient martial arts. He was witness to great historic events like the end of the Second World War, independence and partition of India, cold war, collapse of communism, global warming and finally the Covid pandemic. He has described them as he saw them both as a physician and as a keen student of history. He served in the Indian army and also the army of the Sultan of Oman. He has many interesting stories to tell, both professional and personal. After immigrating to the USA he had extensive experience of medical practice in this country. He describes in detail the varied professional and personal challenges he had to face. He also gives his frank opinion about medical practice and the profound changes he has seen. He describes the great historical events he has passed through based on his own observations on geopolitics and international issues. An important issue, life after retirement is also given due consideration. Towards the end, he concentrates on spiritual issues, religion, and ultimately death.

Dr. Jay K Raman was born in 1945 in Kerala in India. He did his medical education in India. He joined the army and served in different parts of India as well as in Oman in the Middle East. In 1975 he immigrated to USA with his family. After finishing surgical residency at the University of Rochester he moved to Houston, Texas, to do a fellowship in cardio-vascular surgery at Texas Heart Institute under the famous surgeon Dr Denton Cooley. He is a Fellow of the American Board of surgery and also a Fellow of the Royal College of surgeons of Canada. Since 1981 he has been running a successful private practice. Dr. Raman has been married to Viji for nearly fifty years. They are blessed with two children and five grandchildren. Presently he is retired and spends most of his time on charitable activities.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Joel S. Hirschhorn’s Book Video Trailer for “Pandemic Blunder”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for Pandemic Blunder (published by Outskirts Press, January 2021), by Joel S. Hirschhorn.

The US public health system and federal agencies failed to support and promote early home/outpatient treatment for the COVID-19 virus. The result was a pandemic blunder of massive proportions…

Pandemic Blunder contains considerable medical information and data to support a number of proven safe, cheap generic medicines and protocols that knock out the coronavirus when given early. Read about the pioneering, courageous doctors who have been using innovative approaches to prevent their COVID patients from needing hospital care and facing death. The book includes many expert opinions from doctors who support the view that 70 to 80 percent of COVID deaths could have been prevented—and still can be.

Don’t be victimized by disinformation and propaganda from leftist media. Learn how corrupt forces are aiming to make billions of dollars from expensive medicines and vaccines, and how hundreds of thousands of deaths could have—and should have—been prevented!

Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn has a long history of working on health issues. He was a full professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he directed a medical research program between the colleges of engineering and medicine. As a senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association, he directed major studies on health-related subjects, including health risks from toxic waste sites, and he testified at over 50 US Senate and House hearings. His nonfiction books include From Pollution to Prevention, Sprawl Kills, and Delusional Democracy, and he has authored hundreds of articles in journals and on websites, plus op-ed articles in major newspapers. Dr. Hirschhorn has served as an executive volunteer at a major hospital for more than 10 years and is an advisor to several organizations promoting patient-centered care. During the pandemic he published many articles advocating for early home/outpatient treatment and criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci.  He is a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and America’s Frontline Doctors.

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