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by Richard Collins

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Richard Collins’s “Clamdigger” is the memoir of Richard Collins growing up during some of the most world-changing times–the 1960s–and attended Kent State University when it made international headlines. Collins had plans for his future that were ripped away from him just like a clam that has its shell ripped off and is eaten. He had life on the half shell while still trying to make a positive difference. Feel life’s joy, hardship, rewards, and destruction. Perfect for young adults interested in making our world better in this brave new world.

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Amazon Featured Book of the Week

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The Portal: The Cort Chronicles Book 1

by David D. Bernstein

(4.5 Stars – 4 Customer Reviews)

Price: $17.95

David D. Bernstein’s award winning “The Portal: The Cort Chronicles Book 1.”  Eleven-year-old Andy falls into a time portal and is transported to a ghostly version of his hometown – 101 years in the future. Twisted metal, rotten wood, and garbage litter the seemingly empty streets, and Andy will soon discover that the city is controlled by CORT robots … and that this reality is Earth’s possible future. Andy’s brother is miraculously guided through the portal and joins Andy.  But, how can two young boys alter the present by saving the future? CIPA EVVY AWARD MERIT AWARD -JUVENILE FICTION.

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Outskirts Press Presents Dr. James K. Ocansey, author of A New Lease on Life

Author Dr. James K. Ocansey is taking his latest book, A New Lease on Life on tour – a Virtual Book Tour, that is, with Outskirts Press! Technology has created a wide variety of ways to reach audiences all over the world. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box, and nowadays you can market a self-published book in a variety of affordable and impactful ways. Virtual book tours, for example, are a great way to connect with readers from all corners of the globe, all from the comfort of your own home. Join Dr. James K. Ocansey, Ph.D. and A New Lease on Life as they appear in features and interviews (such as the one below) in the weeks and months ahead!

Luckily for us, Dr. James K. Ocansey was kind enough to answer a few questions as the tour was getting started so that we can give you a sneak peek into the mind of the creator of A New Lease on Life.

OP: Tell us a little bit about A New Lease on Life. What is it about?

Dr. James:  This title is an extension of Dr Batmanghelidj’s book: Your Body’s Many Cries for Water: You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty, Do Not Treat Thirst with Medication. This book was based on his experience in an Iranian political jail where he was able to cure over 3,000 inmates with water, the only thing available to him. My title is to expand on that vision to include nutrition but also ionized alkaline water. It’s about how recent research shows that you can add over 20 years to your life span through proper nourishment and detoxification. Based on autopsies performed on 750,000 animals of over 454 species and 3,000 humans for comparison over a 12-year period, Dr. Joel Wallach came to the conclusion: “it was apparent that every animal and every human who dies of natural causes dies of a nutritional deficiency disease.” To protect yourself from nutritional deficiency diseases, all you need do is to provide your body the essential nutrients in the form of 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids and the body will self-repair or heal itself. Ionized alkaline restructured negative water is the best means to both nourish and detoxify.

OP: Why did you decide to write this story?

Dr. James:  As a Christian believer and a prostate cancer survivor before I came to learn of vitamin B17, who also suffered a serious back ache at age 75 before I learned of alkaline antioxidant water, I wish to share my knowledge with all who will be interested in longevity and a healthy life. If God has given us 120 years and there are cultures in which people live to over 120 years in perfect health, all we need to do is find out what they did correctly so we can follow their example. God’s Word says: “I will bless your food and water and take sickness away from you.” This principle of food and water as the means of healing still holds for all people.

OP: What types of readers would be interested in this story?

Dr. James: All those interested in good health and longevity should be interested in this book. Anyone over age 50 experiences a downturn in their body’s ability to perform as expected. This is because of toxic build up which undermines our health causing many underlying conditions. Dr Coanda, a Nobel Prize winning scientist who lived among the Hunzas for over 70 years studying their water said: “The water in Hunza land contains the secret of health and longevity and we should all live to be at least 125 years old and in excellent health. We should not die in a decrepit state with loss of mind, memory and bodily functions.” He told his Assistant Dr. Flanagan to invent a machine that will create that kind of water and “you will save many, many lives.” He invented Micro-Cluster technology to produce this kind of water. The Japanese have been using this since 1965. (

OP: What is special about your book?  

Dr. James:  My book is a summary of research done over many decades by many authorities in their fields of study and calling for paradigm shift in medical science. It teaches that the human body is created to self-repair, given the correct nutrients using the right type of water, not just any water. Dr. Horzt Filtzer of Harvard Medical School said: “Drinking the right water, not just any water, is critical to your health and prevention of disease. This is true, now more than ever, in our acidic 21st century society.” If we want to live a long healthy life free from disease and pain, we need to heed this advice and also make sure that we stay away from nutritional deficiency diseases.

OP: Have you published any other books? Do you plan to publish more?

Dr. James: Most likely, God willing. My other books include: The Case for Cancer as a Deficiency Disease; The Roots of Our Faith: Ancient Egypt and the Bible; Jesus Christ: The Missing Years and the Mysteries; Meet Jesus the Christ: According to the Book of God’s Remembrance.

OP: What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

Dr. James: Many books in this category focus on exercise/work out mostly for physical development. They also include nutritional supplementation. The problem is that they do not focus on ionized alkaline hexagonal water as the best type of water for hydration and detoxification. Page 29 of my book compares beverages, their pH (Potential Hydrogen) and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which is whether they oxidize (rust) or reduce that oxidation. Perrier, Gatorade, Snapple Antioxidant Drink, Aquafina, Evian, Tap water, Smart water (Glaceau), Zaqual & Essentia even when it says 9.0 pH on the bottle, they are all positive or acidic, (+227 to +542). Only ionized Alkaline water 9.5pH is negative (-470). This is the only water good for the body. All the healing testimonies in chapter 8 of this book are the result of using this ionized alkaline water by the Enagic gold standard.

OP: Thanks for your time, Dr. James! We look forward to learning more about you as you visit other bloggers!


As a retired International Educator, a Ph.D. with over 50 years’ experience in my field, my desire is to educate people how they can help their body with the necessary raw materials needed to enable it to heal itself.

For more information or to contact the author, visit

This author purchased the Media Marketing Blitz marketing option, which allows self-publishing authors to connect with bloggers and harness the power of the blogosphere by taking their book on the “virtual road.” Learn more about this service by visiting your Publishing Center and reviewing the available marketing options.

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Congratulations to the Outskirts Press Bestsellers!

While every book we publish is a masterpiece in its own right, some of our books really move off of the shelves, and we like to recognize those authors for their hard work and dedication as well as thank them for choosing to publish through us at Outskirts Press. With no further ado, here are the current top ten books in terms of sales numbers!

The Iron Triangle: Inside the Liberal Democrat Plan to Use Race to Divide Christians and America in their Quest for Power and How We Can Defeat Them by Vince Everett Ellison
Confessions of a Former Fox News Christian by Seth Andrews
The Process: A Proven Strategy for Creating Emotionally Healthy Leadership in Relationships, Business and in Life by Bill Hoffman
Chasing Bushido: How I Learned to Just Say Osu by Richard Amos
We Will See Our Pets In Heaven: The Afterlife of Animals from a Biblical Perspective by Brian Burgess
Note To Self: Chapter I by Chidozie E. Osuwa
Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding: A Science Curriculum for K-2 by Bernard J. Nebel, Ph.D.
COMMUNICATION CONNECTION: Enrich Communication in your Marriage and Family by Ellen Dean
Living Life to the Fullest with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Guide to Living a Better Quality of Life While Having EDS by Kevin Muldowney, PT
A Special Gift by Bob Benson, Josie Safir, and Nathan Safir

Outskirts Press wishes to congratulate these authors for their compelling books and for their selling successes.

These titles and many others are available from major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, Books-A-Million and elsewhere — not to mention through the Outskirts Press Bookstore at a considerable discount. To learn more about our products and services, as well as upcoming and current promotions, visit us online at!

A 20% Off Publishing Deal So Good It’s SPOOOOKY

We realize navigating all your self-publishing options can be frightening for first-time (or even previously-published) authors. Other publishers startle you with spine-tingling fees, frightening customer service, and horrifyingly sparse publishing packages. It’s enough to make you scream for your mummy!

Outskirts Press wants to make sure your self-publishing experience is a treat so we’re offering an instant 20% savings on our most popular packages — the Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color.

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So, are you ready to publish your masterpiece with the A+ rated and #1-rated self-publishing company according to the Better Business Bureau and Top Consumer Reviews, respectively? If so, connect with Outskirts Press right now in whatever manner is easiest for you:

“This whole experience has been brilliant. I have never written a book so didn’t know what to expect. Uphill is incredibly emotional. The stories are real and I have been torn to pieces. Writing it, editing it and editing again for printing was hard work. We got there. I am just in awe, honestly. Speechless… Thank you. It has been a privilege. I have written the first chapter of my next book, a fictional thriller. Fantastic. I am shocked and humbled.” — Geoffrey Bott, author of Uphill: An Inspirational Story of Suffering, Greed, Carnage, Immense Courage and Gut-Determination


Congratulations to Andrew Ceroni’s Book-Cover-of-the-Month Award!

Can a custom cover make your self-published book an award-winning book? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Just ask Andrew Ceroni who’s book, Special Means, just won June’s Book-Cover-of-the-Month Award!

As a three-time Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year winner, Andy knew expectations were high for his latest novel so he elected to once again include the Professional Custom Cover Design option for his book with Outskirts Press.

And we’re happy to say, the results speak for themselves!


CIA agents must play catch-up in order to stop powerful men in Homeland Security and the Defense Department from overthrowing the President and his administration.

Escalating gang violence in Denver, Colorado, and in other large U.S. cities captures the attention of the first term President. He wants a solution, and he wants it NOW—but legislation takes years. The Director of Homeland Security suggests that the remedy to the deteriorating situation may be a highly classified program deep within the special charter of FEMA known as Annex K. This deep-black program, nicknamed STARDUST, would be executed beneath the heaviest cloak of secrecy and without the informed consent of Congress.

When the CIA sends Agent Dave McClure to Denver to investigate inexplicable lethal violence being waged with advanced weaponry against organized street gangs, McClure discovers that what has been unleashed is a sinister solution far worse than the problem. He unearths a nightmarish plot to do much more than eliminate gangs in America—rather, it’s an attempt to seize the military district of Washington and overthrow the federal government. McClure’s own life is now at especially high risk, and the CIA must act quickly and with overwhelming force.

But time is short…and the clock is ticking!

About the Author

About the Author: ANDREW CERONI served a distinguished career as a Senior Supervisory Special Agent in the conduct of global counterespionage and antiterrorism operations. He received his BS degree from the U.S. Air Force Academy; MA from Case Western Reserve University; and studied several foreign languages at the University of Maryland, MD. He is a member of the Authors Guild and lives in Colorado with his family.

Congratulations from all of us at Outskirts Press, Andrew!

Order the book for up to a 50% discount at Outskirts Press here.

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Outskirts Press Congratulates Author Guido Roberto Deiro For His Recent Appearance on PBS

As the world slowly (hopefully) begins its recovery from an international pandemic that has forced millions of people to shelter for months, the self-publishing industry continues to flourish. Perhaps it is due to the combination of extra time, increased saving habits (which shot from approximately 5% to over 30% in the United States between the first and second quarter), and the proliferation of worldwide catastrophes and causes–which have ranged from an unprecedented virus outbreak to an unprecedented unification of people from all walks of life demanding the overdue resolution of racial inequality.  We are living in a time of big moments. And nothing cements into time big moments quite like big books.

Outskirts Press authors have always been able to secure amazing levels of exposure for their self-published books, whether it be a TNT-series starring Star Trek alum Chris Pine or an inspirational documentary based upon an inspiring woman’s autobiography/self-help book. And while we are sure to see a fair amount of books about COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter in the coming months (and we look forward to helping those authors with all of them), today we’ll shine the spotlight on a book that, while it may not be as culturally relevant, is still an amazing story in its own right. So much so, that Outskirts author Guido Roberto Deiro was recently interviewed for an American Masters documentary on Mae West, which aired two days ago on PBS.

The book that led to the interview, Mae West & The Count, takes you inside Mae’s relationship with the man who launched her career and stole her heart.

Set in the first half of the 20th Century, this is the heretofore untold story of the torrid romance, lust-filled five-year marriage, and entwined show business careers of the Vaudeville headliner “Deiro” and the “Queen of Camp” Mae West.

Unpublicized by mutual agreement, the improbable, humorous, and often heartbreaking, personal and professional relationship between the Italian nobleman, who rose to “rock-star” fame, and the Brooklyn-born fifth-grade dropout who became a show business legend and an icon of sexual freedom, is intimately and elegantly exposed in this volume.

About the author

Retired after successful careers in casino gaming, aviation, and real estate sales, Guido Roberto Deiro resides with his wife, Joan Marlene, at their estate Villa Kismet in the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. The writing of Mae West & The Count – Love and Loss on the Vaudeville Stage came about because of an instruction given to the author by his father, Count Deiro, shortly before his father’s demise: “Never forget that I introduced and made popular the piano-accordion, and tell everyone, including someday your children, who I was and what I did with my life. And if Mae West ever says anything to you, I want you to listen to her…she could have been your mother.” The author hopes that the publication of this biographical novel meets his late father’s imperative.

For more information about the book or to purchase directly from the publisher for up to a 50% discount, click here.

Congratulations on your PBS interview, Guido. And for memorializing such a romantic yet complicated tale. We’re sure your father would be proud!

Free Shipping (and a Social-Distancing Book Marketing Guide) for Outskirts Press Authors

Book marketing may have changed, but it doesn’t have to stop. These are tragic times to be certain, but as everything from home-based Saturday Night Live sketches to Taylor Swift donations demonstrate, the human spirit prevails, and with it comes one undeniable fact: Human beings survive, adapt, evolve, and excel. They seek human connections, and they live to bring peace, joy, education, and entertainment to one another. Books have been doing exactly that for centuries.

And throughout May, published Outskirts Press authors can add one more item to their home-shopping/home delivery list : author’s copies and free shipping!*

*That’s right, with every 50+ book order in the same format, not only can you enjoy free shipping within the continental United States, but you will also receive our definitive guide to book marketing during the coronavirus pandemic:  10 Social Distancing Book Promotion Ideas


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Ingram Book Wholesaler’s “Integrity Service Alert” Goes Into Effect Today

Today, April 27, 2020 marks the day Ingram (the largest book wholesaler) begins to remove books from distribution that do  “harm to buyers and affects the reputations of” publishers, libraries, and retailers.

That’s a pretty broad and generic statement, so what does it actually mean? In the most general sense, it most likely means if you published through a full-service self-publishing company, your book is safe since most of them vet manuscripts in advance of acceptance (with the help of an actual human being).  For instance, when asked, an Ingram representative specifically informed Outskirts Press that Ingram had not identified any Outskirts Press books that would be removed.

On the other hand, for authors who submit manuscripts to automated online publishing platforms where the whole thing is done by lunch, you may have a greater concern since there was no human vetting process. “Automated publishing” accepts just about anything because their product isn’t your book, it’s you.

And that’s the problem. Automated, “free” online publishing platforms are making it possible for nefarious or unscrupulous individuals or companies to profit from publishing what Ingram identifies as content that “lacks integrity.” To that end, Ingram is positioning itself to be a “quality gatekeeper”, a role that has been sorely missing in the publishing industry since the advent of automated online publishing platforms.  In other words, books that were published neither to educate nor entertain, but to make a “fast buck” through an automated publishing platform are most at risk of being removed starting today.

ancient antique architectural design architecture
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First Amendment pundits may be inclined to cry “foul” and wave their free speech cards, but Ingram’s use of “harm to buyers and affects the reputation of…” is not a subjective matter of opinion or free speech, but an empirical definition of value and quality. This is an important distinction that few humans have trouble making, but one that even fewer computers can make.  For instance, no human would accept 200 blank pages titled “Scrapbook” as a legitimate manuscript, but a computer would consider 200 blank pages to be perfect. After all, there would be no mistakes, no copyright violations, an no libelous content!

To support that point, Ingram’s notification, which was sent to all the publishers for whom they distribute books worldwide, listed some examples of content lacking integrity, starting with number one:

1. Content containing 90-100% blank pages like notepads, scratchpads, journals, or similar type content.

2. Summaries, workbooks, abbreviations, insights, or similar type content without permission from the original author. For example: A Summary of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

3. Content that mirrors/mimics popular titles, including without limiting, similar covers, cover design, title, author names, or similar type content.

4. Content that is misleading or likely to cause confusion by the buyer, including without limiting,inaccurate descriptions and cover art. For example: A book with a cover design that does not match the interior content; a cover that appears to be for a product other than a physical book.

5. Content listed at prices not reflective of its market value. For example: a blank journal listed at $99.99.

6. Content scanned from original versions where all or parts contain illegible content to the detriment of the buyer.

7. Content created using automated means or mass-produced processes.

These are all examples of books commonly accepted through automated online publishing platforms, but are rarely accepted by full-service self-publishing companies with a human vetting process, which is in place for precisely this reason – to protect writers and readers.

Therefore, the question legitimate authors who use automated publishing platforms may want to ask themselves is this:  Is that the company I want to keep?



Virtual Book Marketing in a Self-Isolated World

Even though Covid-19 may have brought the majority of the world to a virtual standstill (figuratively speaking) that doesn’t mean your virtual book marketing has to stop (literally speaking). In fact, with many of us finding ourselves with a bit more time on our hands, right now is the perfect time to double-down on book marketing tactics that replace the physical world with the digital age.

Here are 5 ideas to get you started right now (from the safety of your home, of course).

Photo by Edward Jenner on

1. Throw a Zoom Launch Party

Zoom is certainly in the news a lot nowadays. Even though the video conferencing app has been around for a while, the recently imposed “stay-in-place/work-from-home” mandate affecting millions has created unprecedented demand for the digital platform. Its user base has soared, and with it, a new phenomenon known as “Zoom Bombing” in which nefarious individuals drop into pre-scheduled video conferences unannounced to wreak havoc. But such shenanigans shouldn’t prevent you from taking advantage of this new shift in marketing philosophy.  A Zoom Launch Party is easier and less expensive to launch than a physical party and has the potential to reach more people more efficiently. Plus, with the ability to widely distribute a link to your webpage or Amazon sales page, a Zoom Launch Party could very-well be more successful, too. In fact, it may be your go-to book launch platform even when things return to normal — er, make that Zormal?  For more about this app, visit their website.

2. Hold a Social Media Contest

One of the best ways to increase reader engagement on any of your social media platforms is by holding a contest. What’s the prize for the winner? An autographed copy of your book, of course! What sort of contests can you run? What sort of third-party applications handle contests for you? How do you even create a social media contest?  You’re in luck! Google has all those answers, and more, when you simply type “social media contests” into their search engine.

access application browser connection
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3. Take Part in Facebook Groups or Start Your Own

Facebook Groups are Subject- or Geographic-Based Communities on the world’s largest social media platform. That means there are usually (or potentially) lots of participants, regardless of how niche your subject matter seems or how isolated you feel nowadays. And the best news is, if you cannot find a group for you, you can simply create your own. Visit Facebook Groups to get started.

4. Guest Post on Other Blogs

More people are reading more blogs during self-isolation because they’ve got to stop reading about coronavirus sometimes, right? And that means more bloggers are getting more followers than ever before. But with more eyeballs comes an even heavier responsibility to create more content. What is a blogger on the verge of going viral (in a good way) to do? Solicit help! And that’s where you come in. Conduct a Google search to find blogs on your book’s subject matter and then reach out to those bloggers with offers to write guest posts for their blogs. You’ll be surprised at how often they are grateful for the help — and you get to plug your book to their entire readership in your “Byline Box.” It’s win-win. Here’s a marketing tip sheet to help you with the steps.

5. Learn Everything There is to Know About Book Marketing on Amazon

Tired of Netflix bingeing and Covid-19 news briefings? Enjoy this 60-minute “Blast from the Past”  webinar interview with Outskirts Press president Brent Sampson. Watch as the the award-winning author of the Amazon bestseller, Sell Your Book on Amazon, shares everything there is to know about marketing your book on Amazon. It may be nearly a decade old, and some of the information is outdated, but many of the strategies are just as effective today as they were when this interview was recorded in 2011. Enjoy. And stay safe out there!

When you are ready to write, publish, and market your masterpiece with the A+ rated and #1-rated self-publishing company according to the Better Business Bureau and Top Consumer Reviews, respectively, visit