Inspirational Self-Published Book Becomes Inspirational Documentary

It wasn’t too long ago we shared the news that Outskirts Press author Stephen S. Janes had a movie in the works based upon his book, The Prayer Wheel Odyssey; that Skip Stover had a movie in the works based upon his Outskirts Press book, The Ghost of Governor’s Bridge; and that A-list actor Chris Pine had just finished starring in a TNT mini-series based upon author Fauna Hodel’s remarkable memoir, One Day She’ll Darken, initially published by Outskirts Press before being picked up by a traditional publisher in time for the series premiere.

Here we are again, this time to announce another exciting project in the works, this one an inspirational documentary based upon the real-life trauma and triumph of one of Outskirts Press’s most motivating and captivating authors, speakers, and coaches: Amy Jordan.

The full-length documentary is based upon Amy Jordan’s autobiographical self-help book, Dance Because You Can: 5 Steps to Transform Trauma into Triumph, and is nearing completion. It is directed by two-time Emmy Nominee Brian Thomas, who has previously worked with Michael Jackson, Pink, Jaimie Foxx, and Beyonce, among many others.


Dance Because You Can is a direct pathway to getting through any obstacle and transforming trauma into triumph. Amy Jordan is a critically acclaimed award-winning author, speaker, coach, and choreographer,  and she passionately walks you through her five-step system of D.A.N.C.E.  By the end you have a tool kit that works for pretty much any adversity in life.

Her professional company, The Victory Dance Project, has honored legends of dance and stage including Chita Rivera. Jordan’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, NY Post, and FORTUNE magazine among others. Amy is an in- demand motivational speaker and coach speaking for groups from ten to ten thousand, including corporations, organizations, youth programs, leadership development, health organizations, and schools.

Her speaking, interviewing, and promotional circuit for both the book and the upcoming documentary is too extensive to list here, but you can find all sorts of interviews, behind-the-scenes showcases, and dance performances on Vimeo, including the trailer for the documentary, which you can watch right here:

What a true inspiration she is, to authors, dancers, and, in fact, to human beings everywhere. Way to go, Amy!  Outskirts Press is with you. Thank you for sharing your amazing story with the world.



Congratulations to the Outskirts Press Top 10 Best Sellers!

Periodically, Outskirts Press compiles book sales to identify our bestselling works. During our most recent tabulations, these 10 remarkable books sold nearly more than 3,500 copies in a variety of literary genres. From humor to inspiration to mystery, nearly every reading interest is represented is this impressive list.

At Gunpoint by Dr. Rahn Kennedy Bailey
One doctor takes a stand on firearm violence.”I have a great appreciation for the research presented by Dr. Rahn Bailey and his colleagues in the medical community. This anthology offers specific information that is unique to the concerns of gun violence. Firearms and gun violence in America have been at critical points of discussion for decades and this book challenges us to find solutions to this problem. Dr. Bailey and his colleagues offer a clinical medical perspective on gun violence and consider it a ‘health crisis.’ I was particularly drawn to a statement in the book that stood out for me: ‘We have a social responsibility to optimize the management, audit the outcome, and where possible, prevent the damage.’ As a member of the North Carolina Legislature, I find this medical view of gun violence to be a tremendous challenge that should be taken seriously.” – State Senator Paul A. Lowe, Jr. North Carolina District 32
The Polka Dot Tea Party by Vickie Riske
Polka dots are everywhere. Discovering shapes in nature is fun. Jackie loves polka dots and finds them everywhere in the desert. When you find polka dots of course you have to invite your friends to celebrate with a Polka Dot Tea Party. Can you find polka dots where you live?
Jerry’s Story by Robert W. Schrader
Jerry Burkley is a deputy sheriff in a fictional town and county in Wyoming. Jerry and others tell about his military experiences in Vietnam as a warrant officer helicopter pilot. Jerry meets, among other interesting people, an Army officer who becomes President of the United States. Jerry’s Story intertwines with a modern day western, chasing bank robbers through the mountains by airplane and on horses, Jerry’s progress as a deputy to becoming the Sheriff of Banner County, Wyoming, with a little bit of romance thrown in.
Purpose: A Shift by Joy E. Mason
In this book, author Joy E. Mason demonstrates how not to look in a distorted mirror for answers, not to be hijacked by our past, not to practice off-purpose thinking and self-grievance and more. She uses personal experiences, like joining a risky lawsuit and dealing with the reality of a brain tumor, as well as lessons of the spiritual leaders who guided her on her journey, to show how her perspective on a purpose-driven life changed over time and how that change led her to the peaceful space she’s in today. Warm, real, and relatable, this down-to-earth book is a practical roadmap to a more fulfilling way to be in the world.
What She Feels by Chidozie Osuwa
Dealing with love is never easy or straightforward, especially when it comes to prose and poetry, but Chidozie Osuwa handles this subject with a light touch and all of the grace of an artist sensitive to the complexities of experience. Hers is the heart of experience, and her language reflects the maturity of thought and wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of inquiry, exploration, and yes-the scars of heartbreak. Osuwa’s collection of poems avoids clichés and seizes upon fresh images, captivating readers everywhere and keeping this book in the Top 10.
Capitol Hill’s Criminal Underground by Richard Lawless
Perhaps one of the most thorough explorations of government corruption ever put in writing, this non-fiction account investigates the theft of trillions of U.S. dollars – money laundered in countries that are hostile to the United States. The ratings agencies, the banks and our politicians are funding anti-American activity against their own people. The FBI refuses to investigate, the U.S. Attorneys refuse to prosecute, and the Securities and Exchange Commission refuses to protect the public. With enough evidence to investigate and prosecute over one thousand high-ranking government employees, bankers, and politicians, Capitol Hill’s Criminal Underground will show that the level of arrogance and contempt our political leaders hold for the American people is boundless.
Legends of Beer-League Hockey by Curt Lesnau
Legends of Beer-League Hockey is a series of vignettes, memories and musings on the sport of hockey that are mostly funny and sometimes reflective. It’s the author and his hockey-loving, fun-seeking friends, their tournament road trips, and all the dicey and hilarious situations that go with it.
That None Should Perish by Harold B. Street Jr.
“‘Does God want me to be a missionary?’ he asked himself … Wasn’t he too old? And what about Mabel and the children?” Harold and Mabel Street became SIM pioneer missionaries to Ethiopia in 1933. They found harsh living conditions, sickness and tribal wars – but God was opening doors to establish an indigenous Ethiopian church. Mabel Street’s five-year diary of life in Ethiopia records the family’s daily experiences.
Living Life to the Fullest by Kevin Muldowney, PT
How to take your life back from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
This book was written to teach people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) how to systematically progress through an exercise program to allow their muscles to support many joint subluxations commonly associated with this genetic disorder and have less pain. The exercise protocol outlined in this book was developed by a physical therapist from Rhode Island, Kevin Muldowney, MSPT, who has been treating people with EDS since 2005.
The King of NO by Loyall Wilson
Tony was Mrs. Smith’s Investment Advisor. She trusted and loved him like he was her son. He did everything for her from making home repairs, filing her taxes, installing a sprinkler system, too ensuring she received a monthly check to live on. Mrs. Smith’s statement actually indicated she was making a substantial return on her investments. Fast forward time and now some stranger was at her door, trying to convince her the person she loved most in the world and whom she had known his whole life, was a thief.

Outskirts Press wishes to congratulate these successful authors for the dedication to craft that produced these amazing books, and to the dogged marketing efforts that led them to selling success.

These titles and many others are available from major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Books-A-Million and elsewhere-not to mention, through the Outskirts Press Bookstore at a considerable discount. To learn more about our products and services, as well as upcoming and current promotions, visit us online at!

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Outskirts Press author lands a TV series and a traditional publishing contract with her book

Premiering on January 28, 2019, the television series I Am the Night, has recently finished its initial run on TNT in front of millions of people. The series was written by Sam Sheridan and stars Chris Pine (of the Star Trek reboot movie franchise), who also was one of the executive producers.

I Am the Night is based upon One Day She’ll Darken: The Mysterious Beginnings of Fauna Hodel, a memoir written by Fauna Hodel with  J.R. Briamonte and it documents Hodel’s search for her grandfather, George Hodel, who was a prime suspect in the Black Dahlia murder in 1947.

Reprint Edition, 2019

One Day She’ll Darken was published traditionally as a reprint edition by Graymalkin Media on January 26, 2019 in conjunction with the television series. But a little-known fact is that Ms. Hodel initially self-published the book with Outskirts Press.

1st Edition, 2008

Thanks to rave reviews and lots of book sales Graymalkin Media picked up the rights to the book, which required Ms. Hodel to terminate her non-exclusive contract with Outskirts Press (self-publishers usually allow non-exclusive contracts; traditional publishers rarely do). The rare 1st Edition of One Day She’ll Darken was terminated from Outskirts Press in October of 2018, and the 2nd Reprint Edition was published by Graymalkin in January of 2019 as the TNT television series premiered. Talk about acting fast!

Was it the rave reviews of the 1st edition, or the brisk book sales (which continued to grow quarter after quarter in the decade it was with Outskirts Press)? Or was it the heart-wrenching story itself and the personal strength of the author who wrote it?

Perhaps all of the above. Which edition do you like better, based upon each synopsis?

1st Edition

After her father, Dr. George Hodel, a prominent Hollywood physician was acquitted in a sensational incest trial, 16-year-old Tamar gave birth to a blue-eyed, white skinned baby girl. She insisted that the father was “Negro”. Outraged by the audacity of their daughter and the stigma attached to a mixed-race child within their midst, her mother quickly arranged to have the baby permanently given away to Jimmie Lee, a black maid in a Nevada casino.

Overwhelmed by the problems of raising a white-skinned baby in her black community, Jimmie spent the next twenty years struggling to secretly raise Fauna. Together they endured extreme poverty, alcoholism, starvation, sexual abuse, pregnancy and death, hopelessly bound and knotted together by relentless bigotry.

Fauna survived this difficult world with a vow to find the one person who knew her beginnings, her biological mother, Tamar, the woman of her dreams. Fauna sets out to discover the truth, only to uncover her family’s notorious secret: her extraordinary grandfather and the murder of the Black Dahlia.


2nd Edition:

The inspiration for the TNT series I Am the Night.

The Black Dahlia Murder is near-legend in the annals of true crime. But behind the shocking case of a young actress’s gruesome slaying lies the story of another woman.
Was Fauna Hodel the child of incest, and the catalyst for a sensational trial that left her well-to-do family scarred by scandal, even as the accused sexual predator walked free?

Taken as an infant from her teenage mother, Fauna was placed in the care of a working-class black woman, who raised the white child as her own.

Together, as a close-knit mother and daughter, they weathered years of poverty and bigotry, alcoholism and sexual abuse, pregnancy and even death until the time came for Fauna to seek out her real mother, and uncover her lost past.

But as Fauna will learn, some truths don’t want to be told.

. . .

In either case, the reprint continues to sell well, and is currently ranked #10 on Amazon in Ethnic Studies (which seems to suggest the 1st Edition synopsis may have favored a gritter, racially-charged approach while the reprint favors a more sensationalistic one).

And here’s some good news for collectors: While the 1st Edition is no longer available from Outskirts Press, it looks as if you can still get it used from Amazon for prices ranging from $120 to $500.

Congratulations, Fauna! All of us at Outskirts Press are extremely proud of you and the success you have found. You are an inspiration to survivors (and self-publishing authors) everywhere!

Top 10 Books in Self-Publishing for September 2016

Once again, Outskirts Press authors prove that success is possible – no, probable – when you use the #1 self-publisher.

How do we know? Because these top 10 authors collectively sold 4,000 books during the month of September alone. That’s an average of 400 copies each. In one month.

We know you don’t want a sales pitch. After all, this blog is about the top-selling books in September. But we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t give you an idea of how they achieved this.

Many of these authors have one important thing in common: They allowed Outskirts Press to help them design and market their books. Some chose promotional materials while others decided to employ a Personal Marketing Assistant. Others had professional help with their back cover copy while the majority of them decided to have a custom cover designed (proving once again that buyers DO judge books by their covers).

The point is that these successful authors all knew that sales don’t just happen. You have to make them happen.

So congratulations to our top 10 bestselling authors for September (listed below in alphabetical order)! We know this won’t be the only bestseller list you’re on.

self publishing

self publishing

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self publishing

Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books from Outskirts Press Authors

Every published author knows the inexpressible sense of joy and accomplishment that holding a physical copy of their book in their hands can bring about. It is a tangible version of what was once a dream, an ambition, a deep-seated desire to bring your story to life. That all being said, there is a large growing audience of e-readers, i.e. potential fans, that may never have access to your book if you’ve only published it in print form!

This month, the Amazon Extreme package allows published authors to get their book into a Kindle edition, while simultaneously promoting their hardcopy edition via the “cover enhancement feature.” With the Amazon Cover Enhancement service, Outskirts Press submits an image of the front and back of your cover for your book listing, which makes your book much more attractive to potential customers.

Further, the Amazon Extreme package provides the Search Inside the Book program, which allow readers to get a glimpse of your book’s contents. Books that are part of this program are significantly more successful, on average, than books that are not.

There is really no substitute for walking into a bookstore, scanning the shelves, turning a book over in your hands, and eventually bringing it home to place on your bookshelf alongside the other authors who’ve made it into your home and your heart. However, we live in a digital age and an age of high-speed travel. Sometimes choosing just one book to bring for a plane-ride is a daunting task, and a library is far too heavy to lug around (unfortunately). Having a digital library is something that many bibliophiles are finding to be a practical option for convenience of reading on the go. Don’t have your book miss this very important customer base!

Our eclectic Top 10 list not only illustrates the broad interests of the e-book-buying public; it also demonstrates the breadth of diversity of modern independent authors, particularly those publishing with Outskirts Press.

Below we have a list of the top 10 Kindle Books published by Outskirts Press:

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How to Sell Your Book on Amazon

self publishing newsletter

The Amazon Extreme marketing package from Outskirts Press gives self-publishing authors a triple advantage when it comes to promoting and selling their books!

Amazon, the largest U.S. online retailer, offers proven promotional functions like the popular Kindle edition, Search Inside the Book feature, and Cover Enhancement features. The Outskirts Amazon Extreme marketing package includes all three of these popular options — making it the perfect, economical way to launch your book sales.

  • An Amazon Kindle edition makes your book available to the growing audience of Kindle e-book readers. Because customers still love reading actual books, Kindle is an inexpensive way for them to sample a book before buying the paperback or hardback edition.
  • When you’re a part of the Search Inside the Book program, you allow readers to get a glimpse of your book’s contents. Books that are part of this program are significantly more successful, on average, than books that are not.
  • With the Amazon Cover Enhancement service, Outskirts Press submits an image of the front and back of your cover for your book listing. Books that have this enhancement are much more attractive to buyers.

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Celebrate Earth Day with these Great Books!

Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth How-To Tips
An easy guide book using a safer alternative, natural silica mineral, food grade insecticide.
Tui Rose RN

Climate Change Reversal
Restoring Earth for Future Generation.
Klaus H. Hemsath

Mother Earth
Connecting to the beauty of nature and our responsibility to Mother Earth and mankind!
Joesph J Corso

The Planeterian Principles
The Word Sequence for Uniting the People of the Planet Earth.
C Anthony Walk

Plentiful and Sustainable Energies Forever
Rescuing Earth from Overheating.
Klaus H. Hemsath

A Long Green Journey
Self-Building a Log Cabin
Douglas Maples

The Unified Cycle Theory
How Cycles Dominate the Structure of the Universe and Influence Life on Earth.
Stephen J. Puetz

The Adventure of Grassie Green in the Colored Worlds Book 1
The Flower Country and the Green World
Steven Rox

Children Go Green
Bus trip to Little Stars Elementary.
Monica Goldstein

Fence Row Gardening
Green Guide For Wise Use Of Forgotten Soil.
Paul R. Smith

Top 10 Best-Selling Books in Self-Publishing for January 2016


Outskirts Press Reveals Top 10 Best Selling Books in Self-Publishing from January 2016

Outskirts Press announces their top 10 best-selling, self-published books from January 2016.

February 23, 2016 – Denver, CO – Outskirts Press, a full-service self-publishing and book marketing service provider, today announced its top ten titles from January.

Alphabetically, its ten best performing self-published books from January were:

Outskirts Press, the fastest-growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing company, is pleased to announce its top ten best-selling titles for January 2016, according to combined data from Ingram Book Wholesalers and Outskirts Press Direct via These authors have likely created a solid book marketing strategy and put it into motion either by themselves or with the help of a Personal Marketing Assistant.

In alphabetical order, its ten best performing self-published books from January were:

All these books, and other Outskirts Press titles, are available from all major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Books A Million, and others, plus conveniently from the Outskirts Press Direct bookstore at for discounts ranging from 10% – 55%.

About Outskirts Press, Inc.: Outskirts Press offers full-service, custom self-publishing and book marketing services for authors seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining all their rights and full creative control. Available for authors globally at and located on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. Outskirts Press, Inc. represents the future of book publishing today.



Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Rd – 515, Parker, Colorado 80134 1-888-OP-BOOKS

Top 10 Best-Selling Books in Self-Publishing from 2015

Outskirts Press, the fastest-growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing company, is pleased to announce its top ten best-selling titles from all of 2015, according to combined data from Ingram Book Wholesalers and Outskirts Press Direct via These authors have likely created a solid book marketing strategy and put it into motion either by themselves or with the help of a Personal Marketing Assistant.

In alphabetical order, the top ten best-selling books in self-publishing from 2015 were:

Congratulations to our best-selling authors for the year 2015!

How can you get your book on the bestseller list? While we can’t make any guarantees on sales success, many of our most successful authors invest time and money in marketing themselves and their book. Authors who are in need of a marketing boost often turn to a Personal Marketing Assistant for help.

All of these books (and other Outskirts Press titles) are available from all major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Books A Million, and others, plus conveniently from the Outskirts Press Direct bookstore at for discounts ranging from 10% – 55%.

Are you ready to put a book promotion strategy in place for your self-published book?

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Resolutions for 2016 That Every Published Author Should Make

For those who have reached their goal to publish a book this year, the New Year is a time of celebration. But why stop there? This year, resolve to refine your writing life, promote the book(s) you’ve published, and get started on your next project! These tips will get the ball rolling.

New Year’s Resolutions for Published Authors

  1. Set goals. It’s nearly impossible to keep those lofty resolutions without clear goals. If your resolution is to finish and publish another book in 2016, make sure you break that resolution down into concrete, manageable steps.
  2. Make writing a priority. Take a break from TV and social media, and set aside a time to write every day. It’ll feed your creative side and improve your craft!
  3. Read, read, read. The number one piece of advice best-selling authors offer to other writers is to read as much and as widely as possible.
  4. Create your author platform. Learn how to put popular social media platforms to work for you! If you’re not sure how to get started or how to make connections with your target audience, Outskirts Press can help with the Author Platform Set-up option.
  5. Cross-promote. Use social media or other writing groups to connect with other authors to share marketing ideas, publishing tips, promote each other’s work, and make the “solitary” life of a writer a little less lonely.
  6. Embrace a good critique. If you want to improve your craft but find it difficult to be objective about your work or spot the flaws in your writing, consider joining a critique group. Constructive criticism is a writer’s best friend!
  7. Try something new. Those who have published memoirs may try their hand at fiction this year, or a how-to author might experiment with poetry. (Stretching your creative wings is never a waste of time.)
  8. Follow up. Many authors find that a second book does amazing things for the first book in terms of sales and publicity. Resolve in 2016 to write a sequel or something completely different!
  9. Release the press! Press releases are an effective tool for announcing new book releases, and they can also be useful when you’ve hit an important benchmark – big sales, good reviews, awards, contests, and more.
  10. Stop comparing your achievements with others. Embrace your own style and remember, each author’s journey is unique. Besides, as Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”
  11. Get materialistic. Marketing materials like business cards, posters (for bookstore and library use), bookmarks, and more are extremely inexpensive to produce, but they provide potential readers with a memorable way to find you and your book.
  12. Writing consultation. Stuck in a rut? The Writing Consultation service from Outskirts Press will help you restart or fine-tune your writing and get your book back on track. This service gives you time with a professional, skilled writer to address any writing issues you are experiencing, along with valuable advice and a plan of action for moving forward.
  13. Be on the lookout for marketing opportunities. Resolve to wear your “author hat” at all times this year and don’t miss out on important occasions to promote and sell your book. Recognize these openings-and then be bold and act on them.
  14. Giveaways. Build your readership in 2016 by giving readers something for free-a sample chapter on your website for those who join a mailing list, or a free book through a Twitter “name my next character” contest. Whatever the giveaway, you’ll be creating a buzz for your book!

Need more ideas? An Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant can help you make other resolutions specifically tailored to you and your work.

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25 percent off iPadSuccessful book promotion requires an organized plan. Let the Outskirts Press 2016 Marketing Calendar draw your attention to some of the most important book marketing deadlines throughout the year, as well as the most helpful marketing options in the industry.

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It’s just our small way of wishing you a Happy New Year!

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