Hit the Polls! Vote for the 2018 Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year

Just days ago, we announced the three finalists in this year’s Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year awards. All three finalists were 1st place winners of a 2018 CIPA EVVY Award; those annual awards, sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) and the CIPA Education and Literacy Foundation (ELF), were announced late last month and recognize some of the finest works of independent authors in dozens of book categories.

The time has come to vote on which of these talented authors have built an author platform and worked up the promotional muscle to acquire Outskirts Press’ top honors through a head-to-head competition! The Best Book of the Year Grand Prize winner and $1,500 Grand Prize winnings will be awarded based on the results of a live public poll … which is where you come in!

Our three finalists couldn’t be more different, and you’ll find summaries of each book below. So, study your choices, order their books, visit their webpages and social media, watch their book trailer videos and cast your vote. Voting is easy! Simply scroll down to the poll, below, to place your vote for the book you think deserves our top honors in the 2018 Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year competition!

FINALIST: Two Towers by T. D. Arkenberg

Visit the blog posting to read the synopsis, learn more about the author, watch the video, and visit the author’s webpage. Opens in a new window.



FINALIST: Genetics Isn’t Everything by Katherine S. Egan

Visit the blog posting to read the synopsis, learn more about the author, watch the video, and visit the author’s webpage. Opens in a new window.



FINALIST: Wasp on the Wind by C. R. Norris

Visit the blog posting to read the synopsis, learn more about the author, watch the video and visit the author’s webpage. Opens in a new window.



The public poll for Best Book of the Year closes at 5:00 PM (MST) on Friday, September 14th.

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Publish your Kindle, iPad/iPhone and NOOK ebooks for free—here’s how

E-readers such as Kindle, iPad and NOOK have provided bookworms with unlimited access to scores of books — anywhere and everywhere. That’s good news for self-publishing authors looking to make their works available to the largest book-reading audience possible.

Thinking about pulling the trigger on print but aren’t sure about electronic books? Think about it: Because there’s no production cost beyond initial formatting, ebooks give you the best return on your investment! Plus, e-readers offer a great alternative to planet-conscious readers who want an alternative to paper.

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You’ve slaved over your manuscript for months and finally you see a light at the end of the tunnel. It won’t be long before it’s off to the presses … right?

Wait! Have you hired a book editor yet? What about your book formatting — have you chosen a layout? Have you nailed down your cover design? What about your book marketing approach? There are so many tasks necessary to take your work from “manuscript” to “published book” to a successfully selling book … and for many, it’s overwhelming.

With a One-Click Publishing Suite from Outskirts Press, a single click of the mouse instantly pulls together everything needed to polish and format your manuscript, send it to print, get the word out and start selling. Even better, One-Click Publishing is designed to tailor distinct services to authors in a variety of book genres. While every package addresses the publishing and marketing needs of a specific genre, every One-Click self-publishing author can count on receiving dozens of priceless benefits:

  • Professional copy editing
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  • Free author’s copies
  • And many more publishing and marketing services and resources vital to success in a chosen book genre!

These full-service packages come preloaded with everything necessary to make your publishing dreams come true at an exceptional value. All you need to do is click the mouse and voila — you’re on your way to becoming a published author. Available genre-specific One-Click Packages include:

While our Ultimate and Full-Color packages can be enhanced with additional service purchase options for marketing and promotion, One-Click Publishing is truly all-inclusive. They are the only publishing bundles that automatically also include coveted marketing options such as Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media, Google Books Preview, Book Video Trailer, Amazon Author Profile, Amazon Listing Enhancement and much more.

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It’s National Book Lover’s Day! How Will You Celebrate?

Now, here’s a holiday we can all get into: National Book Lovers Day (NBLD)! Occurring annually (usually on August 9), this is a day just for you and your fellow bibliophiles to sink into the bath with a glass of vino and a juicy read and guiltlessly indulge your inner bookworm. As if you needed a reason …

As writers and authors, you’re the driving force behind national days like today. So, aside from page-flipping, how else can you mark the occasion? Here are three ways to celebrate National Book Lovers Day today with other readers, including your own:

  1. Give the gift of reading. Host a book giveaway on social media. Give your network of friends a chance to win an autographed hardcopy of your book or copies of your favorite reads. Consider giving copies to the first people to like, share or retweet your contest post, or perhaps a gift basket with your book, a mug, hot cocoa and other knick-knacks to the person who tags the most friends in the comments section. Oh, and remember to use hashtags such as #NationalBookLoversDay or #NBLD in all related posts.
  2. Feed the reading bug. Encourage reading through philanthropy. Drop in on your local libraries and schools to donate books in honor of the occasion. Other great places to donate include nursing homes, veterans’ organizations, hospitals and shelters.
  3. Stick your nose in a book. Relaxing with a guilty pleasure is always an option. In fact, the best writers are those who are also avid readers. Go ahead and proudly tuck into a steamy novel or fast-paced mystery — it all counts. Consider it “personal development.”


  • Are you, or is someone you know, on the fence about self-publishing? Use NBLD to take the leap and save on self-publishing in the process! Outskirts Press is currently offering a $300 spending credit with the purchase of our Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package. Just place the package in your cart and enter promo code 300-Spending at checkout.
  • If you’re already published, congratulations — you’ve made a valuable contribution to readers’ enjoyment of National Book Lovers Day. Promote your book to those readers with the popular Outskirts Press Book Launch Bundle, now 15% Off! Login to your Author’s Publishing Center, place this marketing bundle in your cart and enter promo code BookLaunch15 at checkout.

Now, let’s all celebrate!

Hot Summer, Hotter Deal: Receive $300 Spending Money with Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing

How are you spending your summer vacation? If you play your cards right, you can tell everyone you spent it getting published! It’s actually a great time to take the leap.

First, publishing ahead of the holidays gives you breathing room. You’re well ahead of the hustle and bustle of company parties, family gatherings and holiday baking. That means you can devote your energy and attention to making your book the best it can be before it goes to print (and ebook).

Second, starting the process now means you may be able to kick off the new year with a new book, or close to it. Depending on how much you have left to write, you might be able to pitch your newly minted tome to post-Christmas or Valentine’s Day shoppers. Boom — one resolution down, only a dozen or so to go!

And finally, you’ll save money. How? With $300 spending money from Outskirts Press! Purchase our Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package in August and we’ll throw in a credit of $300 you can use to purchase or pay down any Outskirts Press service you desire.

Outskirts Press has a number of valuable publishing, book customization options and book marketing services that demonstrate just how far $300 can go, including:

  1. Professional Copy Editing. An experienced copy editor will ensure a polished manuscript that is free of errors that could destroy credibility.
  2. Custom Cover Design. Book cover design can be as important as content in reeling in readers and increasing your odds of selling.
  3. Ebook Publishing. An ebook edition opens selling potential to millions of readers.
  4. Book Video Trailer. Capture imaginations in the virtual realm with a vivid book trailer, complete with professional graphics and set to music!

To claim your $300 credit, place the Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package in your shopping cart and enter promo code 300-Spending at checkout. You will receive a confirmation email when the credit has been added to your account.

How will you spend your $300? Tell us in the comments!

5 Ways Authors Can Finish Strong in 2018

It’s hard to believe there are less than five full months left in the year. But for authors trying to sell books, the good news is that those months include the holidays, when die-hard bookworms are gifting and gobbling up books of all kinds.

What that means for you is that opportunities still abound to boost book sales and make 2018 a banner year. If you plan accordingly, your most successful months of selling lay ahead.

For instance, did you know the Reader Views Literary Awards are in December? And is October’s Frankfurt Book Fair on your radar? Put them on your marketing calendar (or get an Author’s Marketing Calendar from Outskirts Press and have important dates like these available to you in an instant).

A well-crafted marketing calendar is priceless. It gives you solid promotion deadlines to meet, keeps important events and benchmarks in one place, and inspires you keep moving toward your marketing goals. Here are five things you can track on your marketing calendar to finish strong in 2018:

  1. Literary contest deadlines. It’s not just important to know when a contest is being held; it s vital to keep track of submission deadlines, too. That way, you can plan ahead to complete submission requirements on time.
  2. Book review opportunities. There may or may not be a firm deadline for a book review. You’ll want to track the ones that do have submission timelines and plan for open-ended reviews in between.
  3. High-profile book expo dates. There are scores of local, regional, national and international book fairs where you can display your book. It helps to research which ones are appropriate for your book genre, what level of exposure to expect and when you need to complete registration.
  4. Smart and doable book marketing prompts. Think about some of the little things you can do in between big events to boost your visibility, such as creating a Pinterest page for your book or acknowledging holidays on social media.
  5. Include resources you can access for more information and assistance. Save links and helpful articles directly to your calendar for future reference. This not only serves as a prompt but keeps you from digging around for the information you need to complete a task.

Needless to say, your marketing plan has a lot of work to do! If you’re not sure how to draft a marketing plan and put it into action, Outskirts Press can help. Or, hire a Personal Marketing Assistant with expertise in promoting all genres of books! As our way of saying thanks, we’ll throw in a FREE 2018 Marketing Calendar when you purchase this or ANY marketing option! Just enter promo code FreeCal2018 at checkout and your calendar will be added to your Author Toolkit within 48 hours.

Now, let’s make 2018 epic!

Heat Up Book Sales with 15% Off the Book Launch Bundle

By now, you may have heard us mention the importance of ramping up for holiday sales well ahead of the first snowfall. If you missed it, the reason is that many publications are already finalizing their content, layouts and advertising space months in advance. If you wait until it begins to “feel a lot like Christmas” to seek out publicity, your opportunities to market may have largely melted away.

Make sure the world hears about your book during the giving season by preparing for your Christmas marketing now. Outskirts Press wants to help you do just that, so we’re offering 15% off our popular Book Launch Bundle in August! It’s the perfect way to promote your hot new book effectively and affordably — and on time.

The materials in the Book Launch Bundle let you organize a marketing push that reaches multiple audiences in a variety of mass marketing venues: social media, print media, broadcast and other platforms they’re using as they shop. It culls together all the most popular, must-have marketing products into one comprehensive marketing campaign pack.

These services were hand-picked to offer authors a multi-pronged promotional push, and include:

  • Custom Press Release with distribution
  • PR Publicist Campaign with leads forwarded to you for follow-up
  • Social Media Setup, which lets you market to a large online audience cost-effectively
  • Book Video Trailer & Distribution to highlight your story in a compelling marketing video
  • Personal Marketing Assistant who’ll spend 5 hours jump-starting, or restarting, your marketing efforts!

The Book Launch Bundle price already represents a huge savings compared to purchasing the same services a la carte — and now we’re taking another 15% off! To take advantage of this sale and the bundle pricing, login to your Publishing Center, place the Book Launch Bundle in your shopping cart and enter Promo Code BookLaunch15 at checkout.

What are you waiting for? Set your marketing machine in motion …