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The Portal: The Cort Chronicles Book 1

by David D. Bernstein

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David D. Bernstein’s award winning “The Portal: The Cort Chronicles Book 1.”  Eleven-year-old Andy falls into a time portal and is transported to a ghostly version of his hometown – 101 years in the future. Twisted metal, rotten wood, and garbage litter the seemingly empty streets, and Andy will soon discover that the city is controlled by CORT robots … and that this reality is Earth’s possible future. Andy’s brother is miraculously guided through the portal and joins Andy.  But, how can two young boys alter the present by saving the future? CIPA EVVY AWARD MERIT AWARD -JUVENILE FICTION.

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The Portal: The Cort Chronicles Book 1 by David D. Bernstein

With the abundance of self-published authors, you have to come up with creative ways to market a self-published book. While book tours are a great way to connect with your readers, they aren’t the most affordable method of promotion. However, technology has made it possible for an alternative.

Take note from self-publishing Outskirts Press author, David D. Bernstein, who is taking his latest book, The Portal, on tour – a virtual book tour, that is. He will be featured on several blogs over the weeks and months ahead so keep your eyes peeled to learn more about him and his book.

Luckily for us, David was kind enough to answer a few questions as the tour was getting started so that we can give you a sneak peek into the mind of the creator of The Portal: The Cort Chronicles Book 1.

OP: Tell us a little bit about The Portal: The Cort Chronicles Book 1. What is it about?

David:  The book is about two brothers named Zack and Andy who are transported to a ghostly version of their hometown 101 years in the future. They find out that it is now controlled by CORT Robots. They have made people slaves. This version of the hometown is a possible future of earth. The brothers must journey through a nightmare world that only they can change. But how can two young boys alter the present by saving the future.

OP: Why did you decide to write this story?

David:  I decided to write this book because I strongly believe that our world today is full of technology, hate and is really hard for children to live in. I believe that this book can give our children a chance to escape everything and just enjoy an adventure. Imagination and storytelling play very critical roles in a child’s life and development. I believe this book could change their lives for the better. It gives them a chance to journey with these two boys as they save the world. I hope that children can immerse themselves in this wonderful world I created.

OP: How did you get your book published?

David: The book itself took me eight years to write and edit. It also was sent to few Traditional publishers before I self-Published. After receiving some rejection letters, I decided to self-publish this work of literature; I decided to go with a company I was familiar with. I had self-published another book with Outskirts press before and had a great experience with the team. The process was very professional, fun and easy to do.

OP: What types of readers would be interested in this story?

David: I think the types of readers this book will interest are people from 6 and up. It is a little hard for younger readers. I also believe that any adult who loves Science Fiction and Fantasy would love this book. It creates a world controlled by a massive Corporation named CORT (Central Operation Robot Technology) their ultimate goal is to have full control of people’s lives in all they do. This includes foods, shopping habits and etc…

OP: What is special about your book?  

David:  I think what makes this book unique is how it matches with our current times. Today people are waking up from a long sleep, and they are letting their voices be heard. We also have a world where technology has turned addictive. People of all ages are very dependent on it.

The Portal explores the possibility of what if Robots or a massive corporation takes over our world. What would each person do? Would they join a resistance? Would they join the Corporation? Would they just be part of the crowd? I think this is what makes my book special. It kind of is a warning to individuals of possible future.

OP: What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

David: I believe that one of the biggest differences of my book is how it is very visual, action packed and it combines three Genres in one: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Adventure. Another difference is it mostly revolves around children and explores a possible world we might become in the future. It takes readers on a journey that they will never forget.

OP: Have you published any other books?

David: Yes, I have my first book was a collection of poetry I wrote over the course of about 15 years. My second book was called The Enchanted Rope it was a picture book that helps both children and adults deal with a death of a loved one, my third book is named The Portal and my newest book is called Peanut. It is a picture book that should be coming out in Spring 2018. It helps families and children deal with divorce.

OP: Do you plan to publish more?

David: In the near future I have plans to publish my other two books in my trilogy. Spirral which should be out by spring 2019 and Rebirth which should be out by spring 2020.

OP: Thanks for your time, David! We look forward to learning more about you as you visit other bloggers!


David D. Bernstein is a tennis instructor and energy healer who has worked with children for many years. He’s the author of a book of poetry and The Enchanted Rope, a children’s picture book. He has also had poems published in magazines and anthologies and is the recipient of five Editor’s Choice awards. The Portal is his debut novel.

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