How to Dazzle Your Readers With a Book Signing Event!

So: You’ve written a book, and now you need to sell it. How would you like to throw a dazzling book reading and signing event and read excerpts from your book to an audience hanging on your every word?

Book readings, and their close compatriots, book signings, are one of the keystones of a self-publishing author’s post-publication strategic plan. The benefits of a reading and signing event are endless, and the opportunity to meet potential readers (and buyers) in a comfortable face-to-face environment is often one of the most important parts of a successful marketing campaign. When the unstoppable force of a new book meets the immovable object of a local independent bookstore, that campaign has a rock-solid foundation!

But how exactly can you go about setting one up?

First, identify potential bookstores! Start local. While larger chain retailers occasionally organize book signings, your local independent bookstores offer far more chances and flexibility. They also have a vested interest in supporting local (and self-published) authors, as the “regionality” of their offerings can provide a significant boost to sales. You can check local newspapers to see if any bookstores are listing upcoming events on the paper’s “calendar of events,” just as you would a public bulletin board in years gone by. Libraries are also a great place to host readings and signings, but they don’t offer some of the same benefits as a bookstore … namely, they don’t usually stock books for sale.

Second, prepare your pitch! Craft a short, clear script which outlines what your book is about and why readers would be interested in meeting you or buying the book. Make sure you include some easily modifiable references to the specific store or location you’re pitching to, so that they feel right away that you’ve done your due diligence and your research, and that you really are interested in having a reading at their store … not just any store. Emphasize the timeliness and the “regionality” or local appeal of your book, as well as any other points about how your book, specifically, will resonate with the store’s customers and perhaps even boost their sales reach.

Third, make contact! Call in or stop by to ask after the store owner or communications manager (if a larger chain) and come prepared with a brief pitch and some ready-made promotional materials, your book’s ISBN, retail price, bulk discount (if applicable), and a review copy if you have one to spare. Make sure to start the process well in advance; even smaller stores often set their events calendars months in advance! The more organized you appear on your first impression, the more likely the store will be to embrace the chance to promote your book by offering a free reading!

Fourth, follow up! It is vital to follow up your pitches with stores which have not confirmed dates. Mark your own calendar a week or two after your store visit, and call! Store owners and communications managers really want to be convinced that you’re willing to do your bit to help with promotion, so keep a list ready to hand of all the ways (whether by setting up an event invitation on social media, papering the town with flyers and handouts, or footing the bill for a newspaper advertisement or radio spot) in which you plan on helping. Provide them with your website address and any additional material they might need to feel confident that you’re the best possible choice for that special date next month! In the book business, persistence really pays off, as does the personal touch … which is what readings are all about.

Follow these four steps and you’ll be well on your way to organizing a successful book reading and signing event!

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Amazon Featured Book of the Week

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The Seasons of Treaty Oak

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Jane Scoggins Bauld’s “The Seasons of Treaty Oak” is the life story of the beautiful and historic Treaty Oak of Austin, Texas. It is believed that under this Treaty Oak tree, Stephen F. Austin, the leader of the Austin colony, negotiated a boundary agreement with the nearby Indian tribes. The author tells the story sensitively and suspensefully with due respect for both history and legend.

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Amazon Featured Book of the Week

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The Perfect Narcissist

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Ronald A. Kojis’s “The Perfect Narcissist.“Can a narcissist actually love someone?” Dr. Wellington smiled ruefully. “Of course she can. She’s been deeply in love for a long time… with herself.”  With strong character development and realism, this book provides an inside look at narcissism through the humorous but explosive situations of a heartbreak marriage. Bunky is thinking about divorce and there’s no telling what the narcissist wife is capable of.

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Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time of this posting; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit©, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Amazon,, the logo, and 1-Click are registered trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates., 410 Terry Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109-5210.


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Ever wonder what makes some authors so successful on Amazon and how you too can stand out on this popular site? Much of their success, and yours, comes down to findability —- readers need to be able to find you.

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Why You Need Author Copies, and How to Get Them for FREE

Whether you’re still in the process of self-publishing or have already self-published your book, it is worth considering the importance of author copies. In case you don’t know, author copies are simply copies of your book that you purchase, or get for free, and keep on hand to use for marketing and promotional purposes.

Some popular uses of author copies include:

  • Promotional giveaways
  • Sending to book reviewers
  • Donating to libraries and schools
  • Selling at events, such as book fairs or book signings

Author copies are a great marketing tool, and people love the convenience of buying directly from you instead of having to go to a store or order online. They also make wonderful gifts.

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7 Reasons for Self-Published Authors to Give Thanks This Year

As Thanksgiving draws near, it’s time to take stock of everything there is to be grateful for. Family, friends, love, laughter … and the rich life of a self-published author! There’s never been a better time to be an independent author. Here are just a few reasons we’re thankful to be self-publishing in these exciting times:

  1. eBooks. Just having the ability to offer books in an easy-to-order format has opened up a massive sales channel for independent authors. As readers move from hardcopy to electronic books, the ability for anyone to get their book in front of these customers is priceless exposure — and offering an ebook is easy.
  2. Social media. When knocking on doors, making phone calls, buying ads and getting media coverage aren’t on your busy holiday calendar, reaching out to large audiences is still achievable, thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Author pages can be set up quickly, so you can let others know about your book from the comfort of your home.
  3. Author selling page. An author website can be created for free on many drag-and-drop website building platforms. If you only need a selling page, Outskirts Press provides an author webpage to every author who publishes with us. You can easily provide this link to prospective readers so they can purchase your book.
  4. Blogging platforms. The advantage of being an author is that you can put your writing skills to great use in your marketing. A personal or professional blog is a great way to raise your profile online, interact with readers and make valuable connections with others in the publishing industry.
  5. Power of the press. Book announcements have come a long way in recent years. In an instant, a press release distribution service can get your book announcement to thousands of relevant news organizations worldwide. Plus, with the internet as a valuable research tool, an author can very quickly gather specific publications and broadcast media to target with personal contact.
  6. Goodreads. Self-published authors can easily make use of many selling tools on the Goodreads platform to foster relationships with readers, promote their books and sell more copies.
  7. Support when you need it. Traditional publishing houses typically provide a marketing push upon a book’s release but withdraw support as time goes on — especially if a book falls short of lofty sales goals. This doesn’t mean the window for success has closed; it only means the publisher no longer supports the author. When you’re in charge — and, as a self-published author, you are in charge — you have the power to tweak your marketing approach until you find the one that works. It’s never too late to market your way to success!

Clearly, the book marketing game has changed in positive ways … We live in exciting times, indeed. We’re thankful to part of the modern self-publishing renaissance — and thankful for authors like you who are paving the way!

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