Heat Up Book Sales with 15% Off the Book Launch Bundle

By now, you may have heard us mention the importance of ramping up for holiday sales well ahead of the first snowfall. If you missed it, the reason is that many publications are already finalizing their content, layouts and advertising space months in advance. If you wait until it begins to “feel a lot like Christmas” to seek out publicity, your opportunities to market may have largely melted away.

Make sure the world hears about your book during the giving season by preparing for your Christmas marketing now. Outskirts Press wants to help you do just that, so we’re offering 15% off our popular Book Launch Bundle in August! It’s the perfect way to promote your hot new book effectively and affordably — and on time.

The materials in the Book Launch Bundle let you organize a marketing push that reaches multiple audiences in a variety of mass marketing venues: social media, print media, broadcast and other platforms they’re using as they shop. It culls together all the most popular, must-have marketing products into one comprehensive marketing campaign pack.

These services were hand-picked to offer authors a multi-pronged promotional push, and include:

  • Custom Press Release with distribution
  • PR Publicist Campaign with leads forwarded to you for follow-up
  • Social Media Setup, which lets you market to a large online audience cost-effectively
  • Book Video Trailer & Distribution to highlight your story in a compelling marketing video
  • Personal Marketing Assistant who’ll spend 5 hours jump-starting, or restarting, your marketing efforts!

The Book Launch Bundle price already represents a huge savings compared to purchasing the same services a la carte — and now we’re taking another 15% off! To take advantage of this sale and the bundle pricing, login to your Publishing Center, place the Book Launch Bundle in your shopping cart and enter Promo Code BookLaunch15 at checkout.

What are you waiting for? Set your marketing machine in motion …

Merry Christmas! No, It’s Not Too Soon to Think About Holiday Marketing!

Are you ready for the holidays? Yes, those holidays! It may seem strange to think about Christmas in the heat of July but it’s not too soon to prepare for holiday book marketing.

There’s so much to do in the winter months that it’s easy to let your book fall to the wayside — at the precise time when selling opportunities are at their peak! This is why holiday book marketing requires lead time: Many catalogs, Christmas bazaars, advertising space and other popular holiday marketing options start selling out in the summer and fall and are sold out by the time the holidays start feeling “real.”

Think ahead and put Outskirts Press to work boosting your sales for you while your best marketing opportunities are still available. Shoppers will be looking for books to give to the readers in their lives, even while you’re too busy to market yours! To keep your book at the forefront, we’re offering our annual Holiday Book Bundle, including a spot in the coveted New York Times Book Review Holiday Co-Op Advertisement — an ad that could reach untold numbers of the Times’ 1 million-plus readership.

With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • a dedicated spot in our New York Times Book Review co-op ad
  • a feature spotlight on the Outskirts Press blog
  • your own book trailer video
  • annual storage fees waived for 2019
  • Amazon Listing Optimization for your selling page to capture potential sales
  • a custom graphic to use in your holiday marketing efforts
  • 5 hours with a Personal Marketing Assistant

Hurry — there are only 12 spots available for this special offer and they are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. To learn more about the New York Times Co-op Advertisement & Holiday Bundle, log into your Publishing Center and browse the Marketing Solutions menu or chat with us using the live chat option on our website.

How Early Is Too Early to Prepare for Holiday Marketing?

Is your book ready for the holidays? Yes, those holidays! It may seem strange to start thinking about Christmas marketing while summer is still in full swing, but it’s never too soon to prepare. After all, there’s so much hustle and bustle during the holiday season that it’s easy to let your book fall to the wayside — and just when your bookselling opportunities are at their peak!

Remember, not everyone waits until Christmas Eve to make a panicked run through the mall for “leftovers.” In the days and weeks after Halloween when stores start their Christmas push, early birds will already be looking for books to give to the readers in their lives! If you wait until Thanksgiving to get in gear on your book marketing, you may miss the boat with hordes of readers.

To keep your book at the forefront, Outskirts Press is offering our annual Holiday Marketing Bundle, including a spot in the coveted New York Times Book Review Holiday Co-Op Advertisement — an ad that could reach untold numbers of the Times’ 1 million-plus readers.

In addition to a dedicated spot in our New York Times Book Review ad, this valuable Holiday Marketing Bundle includes:

  • a feature spotlight on the Outskirts Press blog, Self-Publishing News
  • your own book trailer video
  • Annual Digital Hosting-Storage Fee waived for 2019
  • Amazon Listing Optimization for your selling page to capture potential sales
  • a custom graphic to use in your holiday marketing efforts
  • 5 hours with a Personal Marketing Assistant

Hurry — there are only 12 spots available for this special offer, and spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Roll Out the Red Carpet with a Book Trailer for Your Book

For years now, the publishing world has been grappling with a singular dilemma: how to make use of the new platform and opportunities provided by the internet to build successful marketing campaigns. Always one step ahead of the curve, self-publishing authors began to look to websites like YouTube and Vimeo as possible platforms to connect with new readers and share their book trailers. And they have been wildly successful!

A book trailer is like a movie trailer, or commercial, for your book. Because videos tap into two fundamentally important human senses (sight and hearing), they have the power to both introduce new readers to your book and inspire them to purchase it.

A good book trailer presents images related to the book’s theme and content in an entertaining way and is set to music that conjures the appropriate mood. A mystery novel might be set to a brooding tapestry of minor-key notes, while a romance novel might take advantage of a light-hearted upbeat tempo to cue readers to the nature of its story. Just as moviegoers might find themselves on the edge of their seats at the theater, your potential readers will get excited about your book. It’s all about creating that “buzz” around your book’s release.

Crafting a book trailer that connects all the dots to inspire this reaction is, of course, challenging. Video editing demands creative skills, deft image placement, smart text arrangement and nuanced transitions from one frame to the next. And the timing must be precise: The entire trailer must take place over approximately 60 seconds in order to communicate all that it needs to and command a viewer’s attention.

The value of a well-made book trailer is, however, unquestionable. Short movies are the most portable of marketing tools and are easily shared across all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and elsewhere. They can be embedded into blog posts or the link distributed by email.

As a self-publishing author, you’re already strategically placed to take advantage of video—but creating a book trailer? That might be outside your comfort zone. Luckily, Outskirts Press has you covered! Our Book Video Trailer & Distribution service allows you complete creative control, while putting the power of our expert team at your service, assisting with music selection, image identification and text integration before delivering a draft of your book video trailer to you for approval. The final product provides a slick, creative way to showcase your work and market your book effectively to a wide audience.

A book trailer puts video’s greatest assets—its immediacy, its ability to convey a lot of information succinctly, and its visceral impact—at your command. Movies have the power to move people, and a book trailer has the power to capture your reader’s attention and translate that attention into engagement on social media—and sales.

Bring in Bigger Sales with Banner Ads

These days, nearly everyone is on social media — tooling around on Twitter and Facebook, or mingling with other professionals on LinkedIn. At the very least, they are leaning heavily on Google to instantly find information and resources every day. Put these powerful tools to use helping readers find your book!

The truth is there are millions of readers looking for you — but are you making yourself visible to them? Fortunately, there are quick, easy ways to promote your book before thousands of avid readers in places they visit every day. With Custom Book Banner Advertisement from Outskirts Press, you can not only get the attention of your target audience but present a polished image to them via social media and Google.

Custom Book Banner Ads let you create a beautiful banner ad for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the Google search engine platform — or all of them, if you really want to cast a wide net. Built specifically for you and tailored to the platform(s) of your choosing, your custom banner will make you more visible to the world and present a more professional image to discerning readers.

Outskirts Press has made it easy for you to set up your banner ad exactly as you like it. Once you have selected the option, you will be able to choose the platform for your ad — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google. You will also have your choice between three design styles for your advertisement, each proportioned for the format you selected.

A professional graphic designer will create three gorgeous, full-color banner ad images for you according to your style choice and tailored to the requirements of your chosen platform. Each platform has unique strengths:

  • Facebook — Facebook allows for a highly targeted approach to advertising. You can identify your audience by age, location, habits and interests to reach the people most likely to buy. Your custom ad can be used as your Facebook page banner, or to announce impressive reviews, awards, special promotions and more.
  • Twitter — Twitter’s superpowers are its real-time nature and global visibility. Authors can target the right readers at the right time with sales, announcements and more.
  • LinkedIn — Driven by a community of professionals, LinkedIn is a great place for non-fiction writers, authors of multiple books, businesspeople and individuals with subject-matter expertise to reach out to other professionals with similar interests. The blogging feature is a huge plus.
  • Google — It doesn’t get more global than Google! Authors with a website will want to make use of Google My Business, Google+ and other venues to get their ad in front of this powerhouse’s unrivaled audience. Google’s robust search engine helps readers zero in on relevant content — like your ad!

The Custom Book Banner Advertising option includes one round of revisions, so you can make sure your banner is perfect before posting.

To purchase your Custom Book Banner Ad, click the “Add to Cart” button below, select a platform and start marketing your book to the multitudes!

How to Effortlessly Get Your Book in Front of Thousands of Readers

With so many marketing options available, it can be difficult to know which option is right for your self-published book.

An excellent avenue to consider is one of the many Co-Op Advertising opportunities offered by Outskirts Press. These options get your book in front of tens of thousands of readers and publishing professionals, and they help your book stand out from the crowd.

Here are some examples:

• Foreword Magazine: Reach more than 10,000 influential book buyers, store owners, publishers, editors, and agents with a co-op advertisement in the leading independent publishing trade magazine.
*For a limited time, you can get your co-op ad in Foreword Magazine for 20% off the regular price! Just place the ad in your Outskirts Press shopping cart and enter promo code 20-Foreword at checkout.

• Bookmarks Magazine: Reach at least 40,000 affluent readers, guaranteed!
*For a limited time, you can get your co-op ad in Bookmarks Magazine for 25% off the regular price! Just place the ad in your Outskirts Press shopping cart and enter promo code Bookmark25pct at checkout.

• Publishers Weekly: Reach over 80,000 booksellers, publishers, public and academic librarians, wholesalers, distributors, agents, and writers in addition to more than 360,000 unique monthly website visitors.

• Spirituality & Health Magazine: Reach more than 85,000 affluent and spiritual book buyers.

When you purchase a co-op advertisement, Outskirts Press will submit a full-color cover image of your book, an abbreviated synopsis, the ISBN and retail price. This marketing option makes it for easy for your audience to find and purchase your book!

For more information and to reserve space in an Outskirts Press Co-op Ad, log into your Publishing Center and select one of the Co-op Advertising Options from the Marketing Solutions menu.

*The current advertising cycle for Foreword and Bookmarks magazines will be the last full-page ads and will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis. Authors who purchase the option after we have filled the last full-page ad will appear in the next half-page ad.

What Can an Amazon Author Page Do For You?

Amazon is a powerhouse when it comes to the book distribution process. There are many ways to promote a book on Amazon, and since sales through this website may very well account for a large percentage of your overall book sales, it’s worth making sure you’re aware of all of the options … especially at a time when other self-publishers are pulling back from offering services like this to their authors.

And we bring good news! Outskirts Press now offers an Amazon Author Page to published authors. Why is this so important? Amazon.com sells books, but the Amazon Author Page sells you!

What is an Author Page?

If you look at a book listing on Amazon, you will find the Author Page, labeled “More About the Author,” below the “Product Details” section. There you will see the author’s photo and biography.

What does it do for you?

Amazon Author Pages convert more shoppers into buyers because people like knowing who wrote the book they are considering. No matter what genre or kind of book you are publishing, a complete Author Page provides important context for the reader’s experience. If you are an expert who has published a non-fiction book, for example, your Author Page shares pertinent information about your expertise. If you write fiction, your Author Page is an invaluable space to build your brand and highlight important aspects of your voice, style, and role within the larger community. The same holds true if you are a poet or children’s book author. Regardless of the type of book (or books) you have published, your Amazon Author Page serves one very important task: it sells you to your potential readers.

An Author Page is more than just a new section on your sales page. It is the sum total of your entire author presence on Amazon. When set up correctly, your Author Page includes a bibliography of your published books, access to all of your book trailers and behind-the-scenes videos, a direct RSS feed to your author blog, and much, much more.

A good Amazon Author Page will also attract followers, just as your presence on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, and others can do. Those followers will be notified when you write a new blog post or publish a new book.

No matter how many books you have published, you only have to set up your Author Page once. As you publish more books, it’s easy to adjust your Author Page to incorporate them.

How do you get started?

If you don’t know how to set up everything yourself, don’t worry. Outskirts Press has the perfect service to meet your needs! For more information and to purchase the Amazon Author Page option from Outskirts Press, simply log into your Author Publishing Center and select Amazon Author Page from the Marketing Solutions menu!