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Everyone likes a good make-over story. We’re all addicted to home improvement shows and look forward to seeing a newly designed home after the construction dust settles. We can’t wait to see a woman walk through a curtain, her hair freshly styled and wearing a dress she never thought she could. Even kids love seeing an old car on the road with a fresh paint job and new interior.

Outskirts Press has decided to join the makeover movement.

Now, if you haven’t yet published with Outskirts Press, you will see a fresh new look when you click on

  • A user-friendly site that is easily viewed on tablets and mobile devices
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We realized that if we were going to upgrade our look, we needed to upgrade your publishing process as well. While many people get excited about publishing a book, it can be daunting to wear all the hats of a writer, editor, graphic artist, book formatter, distributor, marketing expert, and royalty accountant all at the same time.

Now our One-Click publishing take care of everything for you. These all-inclusive packages include:

  • Original Custom Cover Design (with 2 unique concepts to choose from)
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  • Professional Copyediting
  • Expedited Service
  • Amazon Kindle E-Book Edition
  • Free Author’s Copies
  • Exclusive Marketing Guides designed to kick start your book promotion
  • A Personal Marketing Assistant

…as well as many other features.

You’ll always have a personal publishing professional to help you every step of the way.

We are so excited about the New & Improved Outskirts Press that this week we are inviting all non-fiction writers to experience our brand new One-Click Non-Fiction publishing package for an introductory offer of $500 off the normal price.

This means that while other writers are spinning their wheels trying to do everything by themselves, all you need to do is enter code Save500Aug16 at checkout and have an entire team behind you, working toward the success of your book…while you relax and enjoy your discount.

So what are you waiting for? Millions of people are looking for your book right now.

Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Darlene Cozart Inks Movie Deal

Many Outskirts Press self-published authors dream about moving from published author to the Silver Screen. For author Darlene Cozart, that dream is coming to fruition.

Cozart, author of five self-published books with Outskirts Press, including Miracle Angle Stories, In the Realm of Angels and An Angel’s Love, is working with filmmakers to bring her life story to live action in 2013. While there are more direct ways to make inroads to Hollywood through Outskirts Press, for Cozart the big break came somewhat by chance.

“I started taking my Angel Treasure Stories to the children who are fighting cancer. I knew that those precious babies need a good laugh and that my Mafia cookbook, Yo you Capeesh It’s a Cookbook would bring loads of laughs,” Cozart recalls. “So when I started doing this, a producer sent me a message asking me if I would be interested in doing my biography and what charity would I like to help. I told her that I wanted to help give a portion of the money raised with this movie to the Ronald McDonald House. They help so many families with their children, and when I called them they were so exited.”

Cozart was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and grew up for a time in Tieton, Wash. She’s known for her work in music, live television and voice over work, and was up for a BCMA Music Award for Entertainer of the Year in 1991.

Cozart met with the filmmakers in late October for initial filming and is set to begin more intensive filming in January. There’s no solid release date for the movie, but when we get details about the release, we’ll keep you posted.

Do you have a book you think has the makings of the next Hollywood blockbuster? Learn more about adapting your book the the Silver Screen!

Top 5 Book Marketing Options for Self-Publishing Christian Authors

1. Spring Arbor Christian Distribution – The purpose of Spring Arbor Christian Distributors is to provide superior distribution services for books that enhance people’s relationship with God. Outskirts Press authors with the Diamond or Pearl publishing package can receive submission to Spring Arbor Distribution for free.  It is also available to Ruby authors as an additional paid option. Since Spring Arbor is a distributor with a specific purpose, not all titles submitted for consideration are accepted. Spring Arbor holds ultimate discretion for the titles they accept.

2. Personal Marketing Assistant – Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistants are available to work with Christian authors, regardless of where they published, in 5-hour blocks of time to develop a marketing plan (if needed), introduce new marketing strategies and carry out the marketing tactics necessary to reach the target audience and achieve your goals. For Outskirts Press published authors, this option is included in the Book Blast package.

3. Spirituality & Health Magazine Co-Op Advertising – Spirituality & Health reaches over 85,000 predominantly successful, professional readers who have grown to value authenticity, meaning and balance in life. They are invested in exploring the spiritual aspects of life and are on a journey focused on health, self-knowledge, authenticity and integration. Outskirts Press published authors can reach these affluent readers of Spirituality & Health magazine through co-op ads that are only a fraction of the cost of running full color advertising on their own.

4. Amazon Kindle Edition – There are several benefits to having your book available in Amazon’s Kindle Store.  Read more about the benefits of the Kindle Edition in this post:


The Kindle Edition is available for all authors, regardless of where their book was published, and is included in the Amazon Extreme package.

5. Article Ghostwriting and Distribution – One of the proven ways to market yourself and your book on the Internet is to write and distribute related articles that demonstrate your expertise in your subject matter. Even if your article does not blatantly promote your book, your “About the Author” byline section does, including a link to your webpage. This is also good for Search Engine Optimization for your webpage.

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