Featured Author Spotlight: Carl J. Mattina Ph.D., NHD, CMT

Carl J. Mattina Ph.D, NHD, CMT, now retired, had owned and operated his natural health practice for more than twenty years. His emphasis was on stress management, lifestyle modification, and natural, nutritionally balanced dietary requirements. Preventive measures are in place. He practices what he preaches. As an avocation and for recreation, Dr. Mattina participates in the performing arts.

“When I first opened my box of 10 books, the beautiful cover of multi-colored rays of light grabbed my attention. Then I noticed what I had missed on-line when I proofed the cover, and, that is, the small figure at the bottom which is me as a child looking up toward the face of the adult….a magnificent cover.

I had a choice of artwork for the chapter headings and page numbers, and I chose the right one for my book. The subheadings or subchapters are also nicely done. In general, the format looks great!

I am pleased with the photos. They are clear and perfectly placed. Also, the figures and tables are neatly done.

The back cover with its catchy heading, brief synopsis, biography of the author, and his photograph completes the immediate excellent impression of the book.

Thank you, Outskirts Press.”

 — Carl J. Mattina

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Mind Trek: My Journey from Panic to Peace invites readers to explore the life of Carl J. Mattina Ph.D., NHD, CMT, whose world was filled with panic, stress, and depression; and rejoice in his triumphant victory over fear and anxiety as he fulfills his most passionate dreams. If you are one of millions who suffer from severe anxiety and agoraphobia, relax. You can put an end to abnormal fear. Anxiety is primarily a learned condition, and it can be unlearned with appropriate techniques. Once unshackled from fear, you too can enjoy the freedom to live life without limits.

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