Spring Into Some Savings This May!

Spring is a time for renewed hopes, and a time to dust off those projects which have been sitting in the back of your mind–or in the far recesses of your computer’s memory–over the chilly winter months. You’ve had time to let the ideas percolate, like snowmelt through warming soil, and things are starting to come together to grow your dream into something magnificent. Now that May has arrived, spring is officially underway–and your prospects are coming up all roses!

We at Outskirts Press would like to invite you to make good on your desires, and to that end we are offering a spring savings discount of $250 off either our Ultimate Publishing package or our Full-Color Publishing package!

You are an author who knows the virtues of patience—after all, waiting through the cold winter months for a sale like this one is no easy thing!—and you are committed to doing the necessary research to ensure you pick the right self-publishing company for your needs. We hope that, with our phenomenal offerings and equally phenomenal spring savings discount, you’ll choose to publish with us—the one Top Consumer Reviews rated #1 Self-Publishing Company for 2016!

Here’s how to do it:

From now until the end of May, log onto our website or get in touch with us over the phone and add one of these two packages to your shopping cart. Then, enter the promotion code 250May17 at checkout.

That’s it!

If you have any questions or, if you want to find out more information about either our Ultimate or our Full-Color Publishing packages, get in touch with your Publishing Consultant. There are three convenient ways to connect:

  1. Call us at 1-888-672-6657 (OP-BOOKS)
  2. Live-chat with us via our website
  3. Go online to schedule an appointment
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You Pick the Best Publishing Deal for You – Save 10% or Save 15%!

This month, we’re offering a shockingly good deal here at Outskirts Press! Why is it so good? Well, in part because you get to pick among two options and select the one which best suits your particular needs … and there’s nothing quite like a perfectly tailored promotion to boost your book’s chance at success!

With no further ado, here are your two options:

Save 15% on the Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package
Enter Promo Code: Save15pct at checkout


Save 10% on Ultimate or Full-Color publishing AND everything else you purchase with it!
Enter Promo Code: Save10Bundle at checkout

The virtue of personal choice cannot be overrated when it comes to this month’s promotion! The first option will save you 15% on a comprehensive package that includes all you need to transform your book from a manuscript to a beautifully published book available through your favorite distributer; meanwhile, the second option ensures you receive a 10% discount on not just your publishing package of choice, but on everything you place in your Outskirts Press shopping cart, including marketing options! All that’s left is for you to crunch the numbers, and pick the deal which saves you the most money!

If you’re wondering what our packages contain, simply put:

  • Our Ultimate publishing package includes a full-color cover, standard interior black & white formatting, an ISBN number, and unlimited wholesale printing, fulfillment, and distribution through Amazon, B&N, and other standard retailers. This package offers over 30 formatting options, 20 free image insertions, 3 free rounds of galley revisions, and one-on-one support with your publishing consultant and author representative throughout the process. It provides top-notch services at an affordable price!
  • Our Full-Color Publishing package includes a full-color cover and full-color interior with formatting, an ISBN number, and the same unlimited wholesale printing, fulfillment, and distribution services as you’ll find in our Ultimate package. Here, however, you have 50 formatting options instead of 30, and the same image insertions, galley revisions, and one-on-one support throughout.

Both packages provide Book Publishing Tip Sheets, the Book Marketing RoadMap, the Marketing COACH, and included options such as a Back Page Promo, Spring Arbor Distribution, and a Standard Press Release.

Take a careful look at your publishing needs and give us a call to start figuring out which of these two deals will save you the most money and meet all of your publishing needs! If you’d like to hear more, our expert Publishing Consultants would love to help answer your questions. You can reach us online at www.outskirtspress.com or by calling us at 1-888-672-6657. There’s even a live chat option on our website!

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Save a Tree—and Save 10% on the Elite E-book Bundle

With the celebration of Earth Day on April 22, it seems an appropriate time to reach out to more of the planet—and help keep Mother Nature looking lush in the process! Publish your book as an e-book in April and get 10% OFF the Elite E-book Bundle from Outskirts Press.

While hardcover and paperback books still reign supreme, environmentally conscious bookworms are spending approximately $3 billion a year on downloadable digital versions. In fact, it’s projected that in 2018 e-books will account for 25% of book sales—that’s a lot of selling opportunity!

With the Elite E-book Bundle your book could quickly be available to millions of e-book consumers, no matter what device they use or where they live. The package includes formatting and distribution of your book in all of the most popular digital formats:

  • Amazon Kindle E-book Edition with distribution on Amazon
  • Apple iPad/iPhone E-book Edition with distribution through iTunes and the iBooks bookstore
  • Barnes & Noble NOOK E-book Edition with distribution through the NOOK bookstore on Barnes & Noble’s website

Once your e-book is released, readers can purchase and download your book instantly … from anywhere in the world. Want to expand your reach globally and save 10% on e-book publishing? It’s so simple:

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Spring Forward, Bump Up: Get FREE Publishing Upgrades in April!

Want to have a hot new read out in time for summer book buying? All you need is a dream and great timing. Self-publish with Outskirts Press throughout the month of April, and we’ll upgrade your publishing package for FREE! It’s the perfect way to stay within your self-publishing budget, wisely use your tax refund and still get everything you want and then some. Talk about happy returns …

It’s simple, really: When you purchase the Ultimate, Basic or Economy publishing package in April, we’ll automatically bump you up to a better package at no charge. Interested in Full-Color Publishing? Pay for the Ultimate instead and get everything that comes with the Full-Color package. Did you only budget for the Basic package? If you purchase it now, you can claim all the extras that come with the more inclusive Ultimate Publishing. Or, purchase the Economy to receive all that the Basic includes.

In short, you’ll receive hundreds of dollars worth of extras that aren’t normally included in the package you purchased, including:

  • additional options for book formatting
  • more professional cover design choices
  • additional author copies
  • greater profit margins
  • other optional products and services

There’s no better time to self-publish. To claim your free publishing package upgrade:

  • Add our Ultimate, Basic or Economy publishing package to your cart
  • Enter the promo code 17FreeUpgrade at checkout
  • Within 48 hours, we’ll upgrade your publishing package
  • Enjoy more publishing services than you thought possible!

Need help deciding on the right publishing package? Call a Publishing Consultant at 1-888-672-6657 (OP-BOOKS), or chat with us using the live chat option on our website for help selecting the option that fits.

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Back by Popular Demand! Save 20% on Bestselling Publishing Packages!

Outskirts Press’ 20% off promotion was such a hit earlier this month that we decided to bring it back! We know that self-publishing can be a somewhat costly endeavor — so don’t miss your chance to receive Outskirts Press’ Ultimate and Full-Color publishing packages at a fraction of the original cost!

If you’ve been vacillating about whether or not to publish that manuscript you’ve been working on, or have already finished, this sale might help push you in the right direction.

These comprehensive publishing packages include:

  • Customizable Covers
  • Interior formatting
  • ISBN and Barcode
  • Press Release
  • Free author copies
  • Unlimited wholesale printing
  • Fulfillment and distribution via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bertram and others
  • One-on-one support with your personal Publishing Consultant
  • & more!

This is hands down, the best value for self-publishing on the market, so don’t miss your chance to save big this March!

To claim your savings, march on over to www.outskirtspress.com and select the Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package. Enter the promo code Save20pct at checkout to receive 20% off!

Questions about this promotion or any of our self-publishing packages? Our Publishing Consultants are waiting to help. Call 1-888-672-6657 or go to www.outskirtspress.com to connect through our live chat option.

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It’s Your Lucky Day! Save 17% on Publishing and Book Marketing Services!

Are you looking to publish or promote your book in 2017? Well, this is your lucky day! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Outskirts Press is sharing a pot of self-publishing gold: Save 17% on Outskirts Press Publishing Packages and individual Marketing Options!

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to give a previously published book a much-needed sales boost, this is the day to save. You’ll get 17% off publishing when you purchase the Ultimate, Full-Color or Basic packages from Outskirts Press; or save 17% on the purchase of any individual Marketing Option!

Take advantage of the convenience of a publishing package or marketing option with a few clicks of the mouse. Today only, you’ll get it at a 17% discount! Here’s how to claim your savings:

  • Add the Ultimate, Full-Color or Basic publishing package to your cart
  • Enter the promo code 17March17 at checkout
  • Save 17% and get started on your publishing dreams!


  • Add any individual Marketing Option to your cart (bundled options are excluded)
  • Enter the promo code March17 at checkout
  • Save 17% on marketing from Outskirts Press!

For more information, visit us online at outskirtspress.com to view our publishing and marketing offerings and chat live with a Publishing Consultant. Or, call us at 1-888-672-6657 to speak directly with a Publishing Consultant. We’ll make sure you get the services you need to achieve your publishing and sales dreams!

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Your Book Can Make a Great First Impression with a FREE Custom Cover!

There’s a saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But we do! It’s a fact. And more than this, we judge quickly. First impressions matter in the world of book publishing, and self-published authors sometimes find themselves at a disadvantage. A custom cover, however, can establish your book as a standout on every bookshelf—and reap all the benefits of making a good first impression. Your book will:

  • look professional, lending you credibility as an author;
  • be visible, hooking potential readers’ attention as they browse through their options;
  • reach your ideal readers, and be encoded with all of the subtle visual hints specific to their favorite genres; and
  • be informative and comprehensive, providing all of the necessary components to make your book marketable, including details like ISBN numbers and details to convey your book’s story, characters, themes, motivations and underlying messages.

But how do you acquire a custom cover for your book, especially if you have a limited budget? We at Outskirts Press have the best of all possible solutions! For a limited time during the month of March, we will be offering a FREE Custom Cover Design (valued at $399) with the purchase one of our Ultimate or Full-Color publishing packages. All you need to do to participate is select one of the eligible publishing solutions, above, and enter the promotional code FreeCover at checkout. It really is that simple! But hurry because this offer will only be available for a limited time during the month of March.

Our dedication to putting together high-quality publishing solutions and services for authors doesn’t end with even such a stellar offer as this. Our staff and customer support, as well as the comprehensive and affordable nature of our packages, placed us among the top tier of self-publishing companies last year, a trend we intend to continue.

To learn more about our publishing packages and services, call us at 888-672-6657 (OP-BOOKS) or communicate with one of our staff using the live chat option on our website, www.OutskirtsPress.com.

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