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When you set out to write your book, did you think, “I can’t wait to format my book’s interior!”?

How about “I’m so excited to be my own marketing assistant!”? Of course not! You said to yourself and to anyone who would listen, “I’m a writer!

But you do need formatting, marketing, and many other essential things, like editing, to turn what you write into a book. So, for today only, let Outskirts Press wave our magic wand and make $500 disappear from our completely turnkey One-Click Publishing Package. This package features dozens of benefits geared specifically to your book’s genre, as well as free book copies for marketing . . . and more. In addition, the One-Click Publishing Package is the only publishing bundle that automatically also includes coveted marketing options such as Author Platform Setup Through Social Media, Google Books Preview, Book Video Trailers, Amazon Author Profiles, and Amazon Listing Enhancements.

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Go ahead—judge your book by it!

Outskirt Press Go ahead—judge your book by it!

Yes, “judge a book by its cover” is an idiom referring to first impressions and snap judgments about everything, but when we’re talking about literal books and their covers, the idiom holds true.

This is because the human brain processes images faster than it does words. Plus, if your cover looks shoddy, readers and reviewers alike will be right to wonder where else you skimped on quality . . .

Outskirts Press is making it even more affordable to wow! with your cover. Purchase the Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color publishing package today . . . and we’ll give you a professionally designed custom cover (a $399 value) AND professionally refine your cover text (a $199 value), PLUS include a stunning-looking Amazon Kindle edition of your book (a $299 value) absolutely FREE!

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Fill Your Stomach, NOT Your Inbox, with Holiday Goodies

Email inboxes are extra full these days. In addition to the usual notes and bills, you’re likely getting requests for year-end giving, sales reminders, and, oh yeah, if you don’t mail order that fruitcake by Friday, they can’t promise you’ll have it on time!

To avoid adding to the pile, we will keep our emailing as light as possible this season. At your convenience, check our Promotions Page for up-to-date specials. Please note that we’ve got a few time-sensitive ones coming up—we too want you to keep that New Year’s Resolution to publish! And remember, if you have any questions about publishing, we’ve got a team of experts eager and ready to help. So give us a call or send an email (we all know that fruitcake can wait!).

We’ll still email you with the pertinent details, but so you don’t miss anything, bookmark our Promotions Page and plan to visit it regularly this holiday season.

Publish today and get 3 eBook editions PLUS Google Books Preview!

Outskirts Press wants to help you reach your reading audiences—all of them. When you purchase the Ultimate Black and White or Full-Color publishing package, we’ll give you a free:

  • Amazon Kindle edition
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That’s over $1,000 in free publishing options to make your book instantly available to millions of readers worldwide!

To claim your 3 FREE eBook editions plus Google Books Preview, purchase the Ultimate Black and White or Full-Color publishing package and enter promo code ebksgoogle at checkout. The free eBook editions will be added to your account within 48 hours.

Publish Today and Receive 5 Formats of your Book

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When you have a paperback version, a hardback, an Amazon Kindle eBook, Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook, and Apple eBook, you provide discerning readers 5 different formats from which to choose. This translates to more availability worldwide, better search results, more browsers, and more buyers.

And now, you can receive 5 formats of your book when you publish with Outskirts Press today. Simply publish your book with the Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color Publishing Package and you will receive:

  • A paperback edition
  • A hardback edition (with or without a dust jacket – your choice!)
  • An Amazon Kindle eBook edition
  • A Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook edition
  • An Apple iBooks eBook edition

This amazing offer, valued at $1,350, won’t last long. Enter promotion code hbpbebooks in your shopping cart when you publish today.

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“I am so impressed with the entire experience. This was my first book and I can’t wait to see what Outskirts Press does with the second one. Thank you.” – Diane Gray, author of Faith, Hope & Perseverance: An Adoptee’s Journey To Finding Her Biological Family

Save 10% Instantly With a Book Marketing Specialist

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There are thousands of books published every day in the United States and that number is on the rise. How can you make sure your book stands out on the shelves? A good marketing strategy and plan can help you identify and reach your target market, differentiate from your competition, and drive sales. But where do start? An Outskirts Press Book Marketing Specialist can help!

Right now, you can receive an instant 10% savings off the regular price of $349 when you reserve 5 hours of 1-on-1 marketing assistance with a Book Marketing Specialist who can:

  • Develop your personal marketing plan
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  • And much more!

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Celebrate Independence Day with 20% Off Self-Publishing

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Do you need a little inspiration to finish your manuscript or start publishing your book this summer? Here are four ideas to help you reach your goals:

  1. Read a book on your topic or in your genre.
  2. Start a blog about your books or publishing journey.
  3. Create a Facebook author page.
  4. Start publishing today with Outskirts Press and save 20%!

In honor of Independence Day, Outskirts Press is making it easier and more affordable to publish your book with 20% off our Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color publishing packages. In addition, to help you reach more readers, we will also publish and distribute an Amazon Kindle eBook Edition of your book at no cost ($299 value). Simply enter promo code julytwenty at checkout and your 20% discount will automatically be applied.

Discover why Outskirts Press is the A+ rated and #1-rated self-publishing company according to the Better Business Bureau and Top Consumer Reviews, respectively. Connect with an Outskirts Press Publishing Consultant today to get started:

 “Thanks so much for making my dream of becoming a published author a reality. Everyone was really professional and publishing was a breeze. I am really grateful for the super team who helped me and especially want to thank my Cover Designer for supplying the most perfect illustrations for my children’s book. You are all awesome!” – Tanja Nayak, author of Stripe’s Busy Night in the Bushveld

Prepare for a Summer of Book Sales with FREE Shipping In May!

There are many reasons to be excited about summer this year. With COVID-19 vaccinations on the rise and hospitalizations on the decline, businesses are reopening and we are starting to gather again with family and friends.

Many authors are making plans to start marketing their book(s) again with in-person events such as book fairs, book signings, and tours. It is important to make sure you are ready when these marketing opportunities arise by having plenty of copies of your book on hand. Not only are author copies a great marketing tool but people love the convenience of buying directly from you instead of having to go to a store or order online. For more ideas on how to effectively use author copies to market your book, check out the free flipbook in your Book Marketing COACH Dashboard titled Ten Local Ways to Use Your Author Copies.

To help you prepare for the summer book marketing season, we are currently offering FREE SHIPPING within the continental United States on orders of 50 or more copies of your book. And when you combine free shipping with high-volume bulk discounts to receive up to an additional 50% off your printing costs, you can save even more!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save! Order your author copies before the FREE SHIPPING offer expires on May 31st! No promotion code is necessary.

Get 3 Top Upgrades when you start Publishing

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What are the two most important elements to a high-quality, successful self-published book? Many readers would say professional copyediting and a professional custom cover. Both services help in securing stronger book sales and better book reviews. These are integral to every self-published author trying to get their book “out there.”

Your book cover’s importance cannot be stated enough. A custom cover allows a designer to create a completely unique cover that captures the essence of your book. Undoubtedly, this makes your book more appealing to readers (which equals more book sales). Your designer will create two covers for you, so you can choose and modify the one you like best.

Copyediting is a necessity, as any book with obvious spelling errors will be overlooked and your book sales may suffer as a result. With a full copyedit, your professional editor will conduct a thorough basic edit over your entire manuscript’s punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

When you start publishing today with the promotion code, we will edit the first 15,000 words of your manuscript for free to help you determine if a full edit of your manuscript is a worthwhile investment.  And since people DO judge books by their covers, you will also receive a free professional custom cover design (a $499 value).  By starting right now, we will also publish and distribute an Amazon Kindle eBook Edition of your book for free (a $299 value). That’s over $1000 of additional value to make your book the best it can be! Just enter promo code coverkdedi in your shopping cart during checkout.

For more information and help choosing the best self-publishing service, contact your Outskirts Press Publishing Consultant today. There are three easy ways to connect:

“Outskirts made the publishing process super easy for me and my Author Representative knew what she was doing and was very helpful!” — Katie Patterson, author of Ride.

Free Shipping (and a Social-Distancing Book Marketing Guide) for Outskirts Press Authors

Book marketing may have changed, but it doesn’t have to stop. These are tragic times to be certain, but as everything from home-based Saturday Night Live sketches to Taylor Swift donations demonstrate, the human spirit prevails, and with it comes one undeniable fact: Human beings survive, adapt, evolve, and excel. They seek human connections, and they live to bring peace, joy, education, and entertainment to one another. Books have been doing exactly that for centuries.

And throughout May, published Outskirts Press authors can add one more item to their home-shopping/home delivery list : author’s copies and free shipping!*

*That’s right, with every 50+ book order in the same format, not only can you enjoy free shipping within the continental United States, but you will also receive our definitive guide to book marketing during the coronavirus pandemic:  10 Social Distancing Book Promotion Ideas


Free shipping on 50 (or more) copies and 10 ways to market them! The more you order, the more you save on author’s copies (discounts begin at just 100) AND free shipping! Click here to order your author’s copies now and get a head-start on virtual book marketing this summer. No promotion code is necessary.