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The Senators’ Suitcase

by Mitch Engel

(5 Stars – 19 Customer Reviews)

Price: $22.95

Mitch Engel’s “The Senators’ Suitcase.” Intriguing and satirical, this thought-provoking book is about Senator Beth Davenport, a revered statesperson with a spotless reputation. As the nation mourns her passing, Troy, her son, finds a suitcase among her belongings. Curious, he opens it and finds millions of dollars in cash. He now questions whether his mother was just another dirty politician. He wants answers as he tries to reconcile her public persona with her private one. The Senator’s Suitcase weaves contemporary themes with timeless values and an unexpected conclusion.

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Introducing Amy Jordan, award-winning author of Dance Because You Can and 26 Tips FOR Easier Living with Diabetes

At Outskirts Press, we are extremely proud of our authors’ many accomplishments including raving reviews, prestigious awards, and even full-length movies. We have featured author Amy Jordan several times on this blog for her 1st Place EVVY Award and most recently for the debut of Amy’s Victory Dance, a documentary film based on her inspirational autobiographical book, Dance Because You Can (a 2019 Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Finalist).

As the publisher of Amy’s books, Dance Because You Can and 26 Tips FOR Easier Living with Diabetes, we are delighted with her success and proud to be part of her story. Please watch the video testimonial below to learn more about Amy’s experience publishing with Outskirts Press, the only A+ rated and #1-rated self-publishing company according to the Better Business Bureau and Top Consumer Reviews respectively.

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