Outskirts Press Proudly Sponsors the 2018 Colorado Book Awards

Attention all Colorado-based authors, editors, illustrators and photographers: Outskirts Press is once again sponsoring the annual Colorado Book Awards, and we encourage your submissions for the 2018 Awards!

The annual event is run by the Colorado Center for the Book, the program department of the Colorado Humanities, which is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of Colorado’s outstanding authors, editors, illustrators and photographers.

The Colorado Book Awards — presented annually by Colorado Humanities & Center for the Book — were launched in 1991 with four categories of awards to recognize authors, illustrators, editors and publishers, and have since expanded to 10 literary categories. Many of Colorado’s most prominent authors have been recognized with awards, including David Milofsky, John Fielder, Tom Noel, Stephanie Kane and Linda Hogan, among others.

Applications for the 2018 Colorado Book Awards are due January 8, 2018, and should be submitted directly to the Colorado Book Awards. Judging generally occurs in April, and the awards are presented at a ceremony in Aspen in late Spring.

Visit www.coloradohumanities.org for more information about the Colorado Book Awards.

Are you a non-Coloradan but interested in other book competition opportunities? Visit Outskirts Press to learn more about how book awards can help move your book to new levels of success.

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Save Time, Spare Sanity and Trim 10% from Marketing Assistance

There are so many tools and channels the modern author can use to promote a new book, many authors say that the process of marketing is even more stressful than the writing. In the interest of saving time — and keeping your sanity — consider enlisting the expertise of an experienced book marketing professional, who comes preloaded with a wealth of marketing knowledge on instant recall.

An Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant, or PMA, is an advisor on strategic marketing and sales with specific experience in the literary field. They are enthusiastic book fans, dedicated advocates and determined spokespersons. But they’re so much more than cheerleaders!

An Outskirts Press PMA is charged with providing every self-publishing author with tangible and practical tools that will help them market effectively for years to come, including:

  • A detailed marketing plan to guide your efforts
  • Resources, tips and connections for radio and print promotion
  • A thoughtful and well-developed social media marketing plan
  • Outreach and follow-up on marketing campaign leads

If you find yourself out to sea on how to develop a book marketing plan or struggling to prioritize the book sales strategies, it may be time to consult with a Personal Marketing Assistant. He or she will provide you with a detailed marketing plan that gives you a clear understanding of where, when and how to set your plan in motion, and the confidence that your book sales will never again be at the mercy of directionless fate.

Then, your PMA will relieve you of time-consuming responsibilities, such as arranging your first book signings or interviews, identifying reviewers, reaching out to media or other tasks you don’t have the time or expertise to tackle. It’s a 5-hour jumpstart that saves you weeks of aggravation and lost opportunities!

So, you will be pleased to know that throughout January we are offering our Personal Marketing Assistant option — 5 hours of dedicated, one-on-one marketing help — at 10% off! All you need to do to take advantage of the offer is add the PMA option to your shopping cart and enter the promo code Save-PMA at checkout.

Start and finish 2018 knowing with all the confidence of an author in full control of the publishing and marketing processes!

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Master the Market with the Indispensable Marketing Calendar!

Do you get overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the deadlines? Do you find yourself missing deadlines and wondering how to fix it? For busy self-published authors, it’s easy to lose track of deadlines when literally every day of every week of the year is packed full of opportunities!

This is where our 2018 Author Marketing Calendar comes in. At Outskirts Press, we know that successful book promotion requires organization, dedication, and access to resources. You supply the dedication, and we supply the necessary organization and resources to keep you on track!

The Outskirts Press Author Marketing Calendar is a compilation of the most up-to-date, effective and actionable tactics available to help you market your book. It contains literally hundreds of promotional tips, advertising opportunities, important deadlines, social media recommendations, and information about marketing options and services available through Outskirts Press. It even includes photo opportunities for you to post to increase engagement on your social media sites and ideas on how to market your book when you’re on vacation! All of this information is organized in an easy to follow, month by month format including monthly marketing objectives and recommendations to help focus and direct your initiatives.

The Author Marketing Calendar is just one of many options that we offer to help our authors market their books! If you’ve published a book with Outskirts Press, you can purchase the new and improved 2018 Author Marketing Calendar for just $25, and it will become available for review and download immediately upon placing your order.

If you have any questions about the 2018 Author Calendar or any of our marketing options, please visit us online at www.OutskirtsPress.com, where you can view a complete list of our Marketing Services.

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Are You Ready for Selling? Stock Up for the New Year with Free Shipping on Author Copies

It’s a new year, complete with new opportunities to make your mark on the book-buying public. Are you ready for it? By getting prepared for book marketing and selling opportunities, you’ll make a positive impression, important connections and plenty of unanticipated sales!

The most important rule of preparation is also the simplest: Have copies of your book in hand. The simple step of keeping copies close-by means you’ll be ready to make the most of:

  • Last-minute book-signing events
  • radio, tv and newspaper publicity offers
  • book award submissions
  • review submissions
  • book giveaways to promote on social media
  • gifts to family and friends

To help you get ready for this prime selling time, Outskirts Press is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of 50 or more copies of your book within the continental U.S. all through January — just in time to help you keep your resolution to sell, sell, sell!

Plus, you can take advantage of high-volume discounts and receive up to an additional 50% off your order-and still get your shipping at no charge!

Here’s how to get free shipping:

  1. Log in to your Publishing Center, select “order books” and place an order for 50 or more copies of your book(s) in a single format before January 31
  2. Select normal ground shipping with a delivery address within the continental United States and proceed with checkout (No promotion code is necessary. You will see the free shipping offer reflected in your total once you place your order.)
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3 Ways to Keep Your Resolution to Publish – with 15% Off + a Free Kindle Edition!

Did you promise yourself you would publish in 2018? If it seems daunting, read on to find out how not only how to publish in 2018, but how to do it quickly and do it more affordably.

Set specific goals. This first step is where most resolutions fail. Instead of resolving “to publish this year,” consider what specific things need to happen to get published. “Write 1,200 words per day from Jan. 1-25” is specific and helps you envision your progress and success.

Make goals ambitious but attainable. Did you identify what’s standing between you and your publishing goals? Make these your mini-resolutions. Resolve to finish your manuscript by the end of the month, or to edit, proofread and submit your manuscript by a specific date.

Hold yourself accountable. Set deadlines for certain tasks and create a system of rewards for meeting your mini-resolutions.

Outskirts Press can help you meet all three of these goals so you can start off the year on the right foot with a resolution kept and money saved. This January, we’re offering 15% OFF Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing PLUS a FREE Kindle Edition of your book! Set a specific goal to finish your manuscript in January, which is ambitious but attainable, then hold yourself accountable by ordering your publishing package before the “rewards” of a promotional discount and gift expire.

To claim this big discount and free Kindle Edition, simply add the Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing package to your cart, enter the promo code SavePlus-Kindle at checkout.

Ready to conquer your self-publishing resolution? Talk with a Publishing Consultant for help choosing the perfect package for you! There are three convenient ways to connect:

  1. Call us at 1-888-672-6657 (OP-BOOKS)
  2. Live-chat with us via our website
  3. Go online to schedule an appointment
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Publish Your Book in 2018

What a year 2017 was for self-publishing authors! For a quick retrospective, click here.

And 2018 promises to be equally exciting. A revolution that began in 2008 (when more books were published independently than traditionally) shows no signs of slowing down. In 2009, approximately 75% of all published books were self-published and by 2015, combined sales of self-published books actually exceeded combined sales of all books published by the five major “traditional” publishing houses. With e-books, audio books, and “anywhere” availability in the “cloud”, the sky is literally the limit.

What must occur next is the final removal of any “stigma” associated with self-publishing. And that can only occur if self-published books rise to the quality level of the traditional publishers of yesterday, with professional editing, custom designed covers, genre-specific interior book design, and compelling sales & marketing copy on the back cover and online sales pages. And that can only occur if self-publishing companies take responsibility for leading the charge in the proper direction. Technology companies who use computers to publish one thousand “free” books a day are not doing anybody any favors (except their stock holders). Human beings still read books; human beings need to be involved in creating them. When your publisher is more concerned about giving your hard-earned writing away for free in order to sell more streaming TV memberships, you have to ask yourself just how much they value you as an author. If writers don’t respect books, who will?

The publishing industry changed with the new millennium when digital print-on-demand technology lowered the barrier to publication for all writers and offered advantages heretofore unseen (like zero inventory, higher royalties, retaining rights, etc.). Now, nearly 20 years later, it needs a slight course correction to ensure it remains an art form, and not a loss-leader to sell more credit cards.
What has been happening, and will continue to happen into 2018 and beyond, is a hierarchy similar to what originally existed in the publishing industry when you had writers who were published and writers who were not. Once self-publishing exploded in the early aughts, that distinction became murkier. As the waters clear, a new hierarchy is forming, one that differentiates books based upon their quality and production values instead of whether or not they are published.

Right now it is still too early to recognize the long term ramifications on a writer’s career (or morale) by publishing a low quality book instantly rather than a high-quality book worthy of the countless days & nights it took to create the manuscript. Issac Asimov, along with countless other sci-fi writers, have made it clear that what separates human from machine is art, imagination, having a soul. If you write from your soul, you owe it to yourself to publish something worthy of that source material. 2018 is the year to publish properly.

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Author Poll: Author Rory Smith Wants Your Help With His Cover

Rory Smith is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press, and he wants your help deciding on his book cover.

Book Summary

The Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert attracts thousands of people each year. They come to camp out in the middle of a dry lake bed—to “find” themselves, for artistic expression, or just to live a week in a non-monetary trade environment. Rock and his friends simply want to see what all the fuss is about.

Burning Man seems like fun, and the young men meet interesting new people. But what Rock and his friends learn about themselves is mindboggling—and it will change their lives forever…possibly even the world. Follow Rock and his friends, new and old, as they attempt to cheat death and carry the weight of a secret that has been kept for over 2,000 years.

About the Author

Rory Smith is an avid adventurer, dreamer, and world traveler who enjoys seeing new things and experiencing differing cultures, believing in goal-based travel. He is an ex-football player on multiple levels of the sport and is actively involved in the field of nuclear technology and electrical power production. He is a published novelist and has sequels for each of his projects beating on the basement door of his mind in a mad scramble to be put down on paper.

Please take a look a two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Rory.

Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge each cover.

Cover A

Cover B