Is It Worth Self-Publishing a Book?

The self-publishing industry has grown exponentially in recent years, with more and more authors choosing to take control of their own publishing journey. There are many benefits to self-publishing, including:

More control over the publishing process.

When you self-publish, you have the final say on everything from the cover design to the marketing strategy. This can be a great way to ensure that your book is exactly the way you want it to be.

More flexibility.

Self-publishing allows you to publish your book on your own schedule and budget. This can be a great option for authors who have other commitments, such as full-time jobs or families.

More potential for profit.

Depending upon the publisher you choose, self-published authors can keep up to 100% of the net profits from their books, which can be a significant financial advantage.

However, there are also some challenges to self-publishing. It can be difficult to get your book noticed. There are millions of self-published books on the market, so it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. You probably had your ideal reader in mind when you wrote your book. It’s a good idea to remember that reader when it comes time to market it. The more defined your audience is, the more success you will have when marketing your book.

You will need to do a lot of the marketing yourself. Self-publishing a book can be easy if you choose the right self-publishing company, but marketing any book, no matter who publishes it, is a lot of work, and you will need to be prepared to put in the time and effort to make it a success.

So, is it worth self-publishing a book? The answer depends on your individual goals and circumstances. If you are willing to put in the work and are passionate about your book, then self-publishing can be a great way to get your work out into the world.

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The Lucrative Path of Self-Publishing: A Surprising Revelation

Embarking on a self-publishing journey offers more than just the chance to leave a lasting legacy, honor your family, establish your expertise, and make your mark in the literary world. It can also be highly lucrative. Recent findings from a global survey of over 2000+ authors, independently conducted and peer-reviewed by esteemed entities such as the UK Copyright & Creative Centre, Thad McIlroy of The Future of Publishing, Steve Sieck of SKS Advisors, and commissioned by the Alliance of Independent Authors, have revealed some remarkable insights.

A Remarkable Increase in Earnings

In 2022, the average income of self-publishing authors who dedicate at least half of their time to writing and publishing activities exceeded a remarkable $80,000. This represents an astounding 53% increase from the previous year. In stark contrast, surveys focusing on traditionally published authors have consistently shown declining income over the years. For instance, a survey conducted by the Authors’ Lending and Collecting Society revealed a significant 38% decrease in median income for traditionally published authors since 2018.

Outperforming Traditional Publishing

What’s even more fascinating is that self-publishing authors, according to this independent survey, boasted a median income approximately 33% higher than their traditionally published counterparts. These findings highlight the shifting tides in the publishing industry, where self-publishing has emerged as a viable and lucrative alternative to traditional publishing avenues.

The Significance of Publishing Achievement

Regardless of the chosen publishing route, completing a book is always an impressive accomplishment. It represents dedication, creativity, and the culmination of your unique perspective. However, this survey’s results now demonstrate that self-publishing authors can also reap the rewards in terms of financial success.


The landscape of publishing is evolving rapidly, and self-publishing has become a formidable force in the industry. Not only does it provide a means to share your story with the world on your terms, but it also offers the potential for substantial financial gains. This recent independent survey solidifies the notion that self-publishing is not only a rewarding and empowering endeavor but also a highly profitable one.

So, if you’ve been contemplating self-publishing your book, now is the time to take the leap and unlock the remarkable possibilities that await you. Join the ranks of successful self-published authors who have found both creative fulfillment and financial success through this transformative publishing path.

New & Improved Audiobook Publishing & Distribution

As a self-published author, your goal is to reach as many readers as possible, which means making your book available in various formats and through different channels. With the Audiobook Publishing & Distribution service from Outskirts Press, you can tap into the fast-growing audiobook market and expand your revenue opportunities.

By creating a custom audiobook, you can take your show on the road and reach a growing audience of literary audiophiles who listen to books during long commutes or have visual impairments. Our Audiobook Publishing & Distribution service includes everything you need to bring your book to life in audio format, from customization to professional narration, a professionally designed book cover, and an ISBN assignment.

To get started, simply make a non-refundable down payment that will initiate the audiobook creation process. This amount will cover the first 5,000 words of your manuscript and will be applied toward your final per-word narration cost. Your final cost will depend on the length of your manuscript over and above 5,000 words, and will be billed at 7.5 cents per word. The final amount will be added to your shopping cart for secure payment before we begin recording your audiobook.

With our Audiobook Publishing & Distribution service, you’ll get access to a range of features, including up to 5 narrator auditions, a professionally narrated audio version of your book, a 5-minute audio retail sample for promotion, a 15-minute audio retail sample for promotion, and 23 tactics to promote your audiobook.

You’ll also receive the Book Marketing COACH, a book marketing RoadMap, a book sales sheet, a social media setup guide, a 12-month book marketing calendar, a standard press release, and a digital book launch kit.

With extensive worldwide distribution, your audiobook will be available through the world’s largest audiobook distributors and retailers, including Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Google Play. Your book will also be available to libraries worldwide through services like Findaway, Hoopla, and OverDrive, and you’ll receive royalties when a library rents your audiobook.

The new and improved Audiobook Publishing & Distribution service provides you with everything you need to make your book available in audio format and reach a growing audience of audiobook listeners. Take advantage of this new avenue of selling and expand your revenue opportunities today.

Congratulations to Andrew Ceroni on his 5-Star book review from Readers’ Favorite!

Reviewed by: Alma Boucher

Review Rating:  5 STARS – Congratulations on your 5-star review! 

First Bullet by Andrew Ceroni is a brilliantly written espionage thriller.

Roy Phillips and his wife are eating dinner in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, when he notices a group of oriental-appearing men sitting near their table. His suspicions are aroused, and he questions the manager. And soon after, CIA Agent Dave McClure is sent to Ocho Rios to investigate the circumstances surrounding Roy’s death. Dave’s investigation leads him to a Chinese military base in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. There also have been several confrontations in the Gulf of Mexico between American and Chinese missile submarines. It is not clear if there is a connection between these incidents and the Chinese military base. To add drama, the CIA is warned about a plot to overthrow the German government and invade of Poland and the Czech Republic. Dave and the CIA have their hands full to prevent an outbreak of World War III.

As noted, First Bullet is an outstanding tale of espionage. Andrew Ceroni planned an enthralling story with three plots woven together. I was hooked from the first page until the end. It was a brilliant read and fast-paced. With all the non-stop action, there was never a dull moment. The descriptions of the events were detailed and vivid. It was easy to lose myself in this world of espionage and become part of it. It was a real page-turner full of twists and turns. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters were excellently developed and were both authentic and intriguing. It is a riveting work full of action with a fitting end.

Congratulations to Andrew Ceroni!

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Celebrating Children’s Book Week—Ways to Make Your Children’s Book Stand Out

If you are one of the many writers around the world looking to finish your children’s book, this week is for you. Children’s Book Week is May 1-7 and is a time where many authors find the inspiration they need to finish their book.

Writing a book for children never grows old because there are SO many possibilities! And nowadays, children’s books are more popular than ever, with more lucky parents spending more time with their children. Children’s books are shorter and quicker to write and edit! They are easier and faster to publish. They are simpler to market and promote. And they are more popular than ever! So, if you’ve never fancied yourself a children’s book author . . .

Let’s look at six things to keep in mind when writing and publishing children’s books:

  1. Mind your length. As any preschool teacher or children’s librarian can confirm, reading with children is most enjoyable for both parties when the book contains just enough text to carry the story without exhausting a child’s attention.
  2. Pick a timely subject. Picture books are more likely to be picked up by parents, teachers, and librarians on the prowl if they tackle topics these adults want to prepare their children to face. So, take advantage! Talk about a perfect time to write about the “boogey monster” or “having cooties”!
  3. Don’t dumb it down. You heard right—baby talk doesn’t carry as compelling of a story as a book that treats its younger audiences with a rich vocabulary and age-appropriate but sophisticated sentence structures. Kids learning to read are much more accepting of new information than when they become kids who are reading to learn.
  4. Voice morals carefully and cleverly. Few will argue against picture books as excellent tools for teaching sound decision-making skills. Still, most of these success stories find clever, quiet ways to do so without alienating readers by being too “preachy.” Use subtle metaphors for more significant issues (ahem, like boogey monsters and cooties, for example).
  5. Think about those end materials! Many of today’s best picture books include a few pages at the end, which contain notes for adults on how to best use the book to teach young readers a skill or an idea.
  6. Humor them! Children have a keen sense of humor and often embrace farce and comedy with zeal and a hearty squeal. While the story itself can’t always be humorous, more often than not, the illustrations can be.

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This Week’s Amazon Featured Book of the Week is FIRST BULLET by Andrew Ceroni

Now Available on Amazon!



Andrew Ceroni

4.6 out of 5 stars – 16 customer reviews

Paperback $18.95

ANDREW CERONI is at his very best with his 7th novel, “FIRST BULLET!” A White-Knuckle Thriller with three intermingling plots that will keep you glued to its pages!

Facing the grave dangers of a triple-threat, the CIA is on its heels. CIA Agent Dave McClure and his Special Operations teams face deadly action at a Chinese base hidden in the mist-covered Blue Mountains of Jamaica to German terrorist team attack on a strategic missile base near the western forests of Wyoming, and finally to Berlin, Garmisch, and the German Alps where, to top things off, intelligence sources warn the CIA of a plot by cabinet members in Germany to arrest the Chancellor, overthrow the government, and invade Poland and the Czech Republic. The CIA must act fast and forcibly to avoid the outbreak of World War III. For thriller lovers, this riveting thriller will will give you goosebumps.

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