Get spooky! Or rather, get spooky books!

Welcome to October! Ya’all know what that means: It’s time to get your spooky on! That’s right … it’s officially close enough to Halloween to break out the costumes and the candy and the books you’ll need to see you through this dark and stormy season. And you’re in luck! The Outskirts Press Bookstore is packed with great selections, both holiday-themed and holiday-free alike, that will enrich those long golden Fall afternoons and languorous evenings in your near future. From Fiction to Non-Fiction to Memoir to Children’s books, we’ve got you covered!

Here are a few selections which might interest you this October:

The Witch’s Revenge by Danny Odato

If you’re looking to transmute the spooky into something a little darker — something more in the horror fiction vein — then Danny Odato’s The Witch’s Revenge is probably your cup of tea. Set in the Latur district of Maharashtra, this story centers on the Nehra family, loving and traditional Hindus who just happen to find themselves at the center of a growing circle of fatal “accidents.” When they suffer their own tragic loss, Padma and Mohan Nehra seek help and a series of incidents unfold to carry them into a dark and uncertain future. Here’s a book that blends Indian tradition with suspense and horror — to produce a truly fascinating read perfect for the moody and broody October weather.


Daughter of Affliction: Fight Evil With Evil by Mark Barresi

No Halloween reading list would be complete without a dip into the truly dark, and Mark Barresi’s Daughter of Affliction is here to sate all of your spooky Halloween needs. The book takes us back to 1310, a time when armies flying banners of different faiths clashed on battlefields across Europe and the Middle East. Here, the Templars ride again to save a young Yorkshire woman from her own bloodline. But in the present day, separated from those events by seven centuries, a young woman goes missing and the cycle of violence seems set to begin again — and only the missing woman’s aunt and a retired police officer stand in its way. Truly riveting, Daughter of Affliction is bound to become many adult readers’ next Halloween favorite.


The Grey Witch & Other Stories by Diana Mitchell

We’ve covered children’s picture books as well as adult fiction and nonfiction in this collection, and here’s the perfect book of juvenile fiction to round out the bunch! Diana Mitchell’s The Grey Witch & Other Stories sets up a fantastical world where whatever can happen often does. And in this world lives the Grey Witch, with the power to transform toys into real creatures although not always with predictable results! She accidentally turns her cat blue, sends the Coast Guard into complete confusion, and her fellow witches don’t … quite … know what to do with her. But then, that makes for a delightful kid-friendly Halloween read, which is exactly what we need right now!


Ghosts of Mayflower & Ghosts of Mayflower II: Pennhurst by Tamera Lawrence

Do you believe in ghosts? In the 1980s, the Pennhurst State School and Mental Hospital was shut down due to resident abuse. Fast forward twenty-five years, and the Mayflower building hosts a number of resident ghosts. Author Tamera Lawrence, an orderly working on the grounds, documents many of these hauntings — ones that she has experienced personally as well as those experienced by others — and traces the history of what is now known as Pennhurst Asylum. This book holds a lot of cross-genre appeal and is sure to be a hit with lovers of both memoir and the paranormal. Lawrence leads her readers on a thrilling journey of discovery, documentation, and brushes with forces that defy human understanding — and her books, Ghosts of Mayflower and Ghosts of Mayflower II: Pennhurst make the perfect platform to launch your Halloween reads in October!


Martinka: “Thru Eyes of Rem…” (First Narrative) by Martina Potucek-Palladino

When it comes to life, Martinka doesn’t have it all that easy. She doesn’t seem to be aging quite right, and she doesn’t seem entirely … well, mortal … and her mother happens to be somewhat demonic. There’s at least one thing Martinka does have a handle on, and that’s irony! After all, she’s made it her career to eradicate all that’s evil and demonic in the world. You can imagine that’s not going to be an easy task, especially once her mother and a potential love interest arrive on the scene. If you’re looking for a fantastic trip down paranormal lane, Martina Potucek-Palladino’s book may just be your perfect match. We have our fingers crossed for a sequel!


Maggie: Trick or Treat by L.S. Davis

No Halloween would be complete without a great picture book for young readers, and L.S. Davis delivers in his whimsical and delightful Maggie: Trick or Treat. This makes for Maggie’s third appearance — Maggie and MAGGIE are both available through the Outskirts Press bookstore but are not holiday-themed — and she just gets more and more interesting with each book! After all, who can’t relate to a little girl with a big appetite for food and for life? That’s right, nobody! Especially during the holiday season, what with all those pumpkin spice lattes and pies and whatnot!

There’s always something exciting happening in the Outskirts Press Bookstore as new items are added on a daily basis. You can find all of the titles we’ve mentioned here today, and more, for sale online in our store. And if you haven’t yet published a book yourself, there’s never a better time than now to inquire. Visit us online at where you can chat with a Publishing Consultant or call us at 1-888-672-6657.

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Indie Author Day Coming Soon!

The second annual Indie Author Day will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2017. On this one day, libraries around the world welcome local indie authors in for a day of education, networking, mingling, writing, open mics, panels, and more.

Last year, the event featured nearly 300 libraries, big and small, across North America, with thousands of local writers invited to join their communities for a day of celebration and inspiration devoted to indie authors.

Indie Author Day gives writers a chance to connect, network, and share experiences and advice with fellow local authors. It’s also a great opportunity to promote locally-written books to library patrons in the community. After the event, libraries can continue to find new ways to support and serve indie authors through upcoming webinars and events offered throughout the year.

Some of the activities that will take place on Indie Author Day include:

  • On-demand video workshops
  • Author panels featuring traditional, hybrid and self-published authors from the community
  • Presentations from local indie authors about writing, marketing and more
  • Book readings and / or signings from local authors
  • Presentations from local industry leaders
  • Writing workshops
  • Presentations and workshops to inform the writing community about tools available for them to use through the library
  • Author readings and open mics, featuring short segments of each author’s work

To participate in this year’s Indie Author Day and learn more about the event, visit

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Join Outskirts Press at The Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association Fall Discover Show

Outskirts Press is extremely excited to be exhibiting at the Mountains and Plains Independent Book Sellers Association Fall Discover Show in Denver on October 12 — 14. Chief Executive Officer Jeanine Sampson and Marketing Manager Lisa Neal will be at our booth to talk to authors about the self-publishing industry and publishing with Outskirts Press.

This event is an excellent opportunity for authors to promote their book, network with professionals in the bookselling industry, and attend educational seminars about the industry. Attending events such the Mountains and Plains show and joining professional associations is something every author should consider. There’s just so many marketing opportunities and chances to learn and grow as an author.

Last year, the event welcomed 220 booksellers from its vast 12-state region in the West; 250 publishers, exhibitors, sales reps, speakers, and guests; and 65 authors. The Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association strives to support independent booksellers in their region and to raise awareness of the value of independent businesses within their communities. To learn more, visit

Interested in learning more about Outskirts Press and our self-publishing and book marketing services? Call 1-888-672-6657 to speak with a Publishing Consultant or chat with us on our website at

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If you plan to attend this year’s show or have attended in the past, I’d love to hear your experience. Feel free to comment below.

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If You Aren’t on Social Media, You’re Missing Out

Social media is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available to self-published authors. For little to no cost, you can reach thousands of potential readers and connect with other professionals in the industry.

Don’t believe me:

  • As of January 2017, there are 2.8 billion active users on social media
  • There’s been a 22% increase in social media usage in the last year
  • 76% of Americans who use the internet use social media

That’s a lot of people who would be interested in reading your book just waiting to connect with you!

I’ll admit though, social media can be overwhelming. There’s so many different accounts available. How do you start? Which social media sites are worth your time? How do you use these sites to build meaningful relationships with readers? Luckily, there’s help for those who need it.

Outskirts Press offers authors Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media, which gets you started reaching thousands of avid readers. Before you know it, you’ll have high-profile accounts set up for you and established on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and WordPress. Not only that but you’ll be connected with relevant users on each platform with a minimum effort on your part. Your target audience will be defined and you can start connecting right away.

Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media could help you if,

You’re confused about social media. How do you post updates and pictures or other relevant and compelling information on social media? Does the method vary between social media platforms? Where do these messages go, and who sees them? If just getting past the basics of social media fills you with anxiety, we can do all the legwork for you.

You’re not sure how to distinguish yourself as an author online. The updates you post as an author are bound to differ from the ones you post just for your friends and family. Your audience — and your reasons for communicating with them — are distinctly different. Your social media guru can help you establish an author presence online that helps you achieve specific marketing goals.

You want to build and maintain an ongoing relationship with your audience. Social media is the ideal way to connect with a target audience on an immediate and consistent basis. Did you just get a glowing book review? Are you working on a sequel? Is your new book ready for release? Want to get the word out about a sale or other special offers? Social media is the place to do that in a timely manner.

Time is not on your side. With your Social Media Author Platform, a few clicks can keep you connected with your audience.

For a limited time, Outskirts Press is offering 10% off Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media! To take advantage of this offer, add the Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media option to your shopping cart and enter the promo code SocialMedia10 at checkout.

Take advantage of the power of the internet, and let Outskirts Press help ensure that your book reaches a broader audience.

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When Fall ‘Leaves’ Your Supplies Low, Stock Up for Holiday Book Sales with FREE Shipping!

In the throes of seasonal baking, pumpkin spice lattes and long, leisurely drives to take in the fall foliage, it’s easy to forget that big things lie just around the bend. In no time at all, you’ll be readying yourself for the sweet and savory feasts of Halloween and Thanksgiving, followed by the closeness and revelry of Christmas and New Year’s Day — all of which are prime marketing opportunities for self-publishing authors like you! So, if fall “leaves” you empty-handed in terms of author copies, you know it’s time to “rake” in the supplies you need for a successful season of giving — and selling!

It’s a good idea to have extra copies of your book on hand for those upcoming holidays, as well as for the readings, giveaways, book fairs and holiday book tours. Stocking up for holiday book-selling just when you’re starting to purchase gifts might feel overwhelming, but we at Outskirts Press want to lift some of the burden so that you make the most of your big opportunities to sell.

To help you prepare, we’re offering our published authors FREE SHIPPING on orders of 50 or more copies of their books within the continental U.S. during the month of October — just in time for that first big holiday sales push! By combining this free shipping offer with our high-volume discounts, you’ll be ready when selling opportunities come your way, without unduly depleting your bank account.

Here’s how to get free shipping:

  1. Log in to your Publishing Center, select “order books” and place an order for 50 or more copies of your book(s) in a single format before October 31
  2. Select normal ground shipping with a delivery address within the continental United States and proceed with checkout. (No promotion code is necessary. You will see the free shipping offer reflected in your total once you place your order)
  3. Kick back and finish that latte …

Unsure of how to approach marketing your self-published book for holiday sales? Consider taking advantage of Outskirts Press promotional services, or contact a Personal Marketing Assistant to come up with a solid action plan for a season of stellar selling!

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Run for (Your Custom) Cover!

First impressions matter in the world of book publishing, but self-published authors sometimes find themselves at a disadvantage. To the uninitiated, there’s often more to a book cover than meets the eye.

A book’s cover speaks volumes about its content and style. Cover art and typography give prospective readers instant data they can use to assess the value of your book:

  • Book genre — from romance novel to a science fiction to a spiritual memoir or historical nonfiction
  • Intended audience — children or adults, men or women (or both)
  • Book title, author, whether it’s part of a series and more

This visual shorthand is designed to intrigue and inspire readers to investigate further … but even with all that in mind, these aren’t the only functions of a book cover! Every cover is replete with ISBN numbers, biographical snippets, blurbs, summaries and other vital components that must impart essential information, yet integrate seamlessly with its visually appealing elements. With so much at stake, how is a self-published author supposed to construct a cover that can hold its own among the thousands of other books out there on the market?

A custom cover can help your book reap all the benefits of making a powerful first impression. And for a limited time this October, we’re offering a FREE Custom Cover Design (valued at $399) with the purchase of our Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing packages.

With this promotion, your book will:

  • look professional, lending you credibility as an author
  • be visible, hooking potential readers’ attention as they browse through their options
  • reach your ideal audience, and be encoded with all of the subtle visual hints specific to their favorite genres
  • be informative and comprehensive, providing all of the necessary components to make your book marketable, including details like ISBN numbers and details to convey your book’s story, characters, themes, motivations and underlying messages

To claim your free Custom Cover from Outskirts Press, follow these two steps:

  1. Enter the promotional code FreeCover-October at checkout
  2. Then, once you connect with your Publishing Consultant, you will receive the activation code you’ll need to add the custom cover to your purchase

If you want to more information about this offer, or about our Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing packages, get in touch with your Publishing Consultant. There are three convenient ways to connect:

  1. Call us at 1-888-672-6657 (OP-BOOKS)
  2. Live-chat with us via our website
  3. Go online to schedule an appointment
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