Add a Little Color to Life—and Your Book!

Illustrations—what a daunting challenge! For the self-publishing author, it can be so hard to get them right, and yet they’re so very important to the success of many books. It’s hard to find a good illustrator, much less one whose artistic style matches your vision for your book, and it’s hard to incorporate them into your larger book design without it coming off as, well, unprofessional. And if there’s anything that spells trouble for a book when it slides off of a bookstore shelf and into the hands of a potential reader, it’s a book that doesn’t look like it was put together with all the finesse of an expert design team.

The problem is, not all authors have access to such a team. Self-publishing authors, lacking the might and bulk of a traditional publishing company at their backs, are especially at risk of finding themselves at sea. But there’s good news. There’s very good news, indeed: Outskirts Press offers a full range of illustration styles and services, and you don’t have to publish your book through us in order to take advantage of all of them (although you will receive a 15% discount if you do). Better still, Outskirts Press continues to compound strength upon strength, and is debuting a whole new selection of styles for you to choose from!

You can view all of our styles in one handy place—fittingly, in a beautiful digital flipbook—and make one of the most important choices of all when it comes to your book (what it will look like) in the happy knowledge that you get exactly what you want and need compromise on nothing when it comes to making the perfect book. And importantly, unlike with other publishers, all illustrations purchased through Outskirts Press are royalty-free, meaning you will not have to split your book royalties with your artist of choice. (But don’t worry, they’re fairly compensated.)

But what happens after you decide you want illustrations and you select the style in which you want them? That’s simple! You decide how many illustrations you want. You can purchase illustrations in “blocks” of one, ten, or fifteen images in a shared style—and if you happen to want an odd number, you can mix and match the blocks until you reach the number you need. Once you have an idea as to the numbers, you’re ready to go ahead and order! Just navigate to our Custom Full Color Illustrations service page and tap the illustration style you want. A drop-down menu will appear listing the blocks available, and the option to add them to your shopping cart.

And don’t worry, if you’re not quite sure what you want or might need, we have you covered. Once you commit to purchasing an illustration block, we will assign you an Illustration Facilitator who will contact you via email and be on hand to help you navigate the tough decisions. And since your vision for your book is central to the illustration process, you will have the opportunity to provide detailed descriptions of the illustrations you want as well as detailed feedback throughout the sketching and proof stages. You have several opportunities to request revisions as well.

Are you interested in commissioning illustrations for your next book? We’d love to answer any questions you have, and you can reach us by phone at 1-888-672-6657 or online at, where you can engage in a live chat with our expert staff.

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Save $250 on the Outskirts Press Full-Color Package

After sending out our introductory offer last week for our new & improved One-Click for Children’s Books package, we heard you loud and clear.

You love it! The custom cover. The custom interior. 15 custom, full-color illustrations! Professional editing!

But many of you told us you already have your own illustrations. Or you already had your manuscript edited. Or you didn’t have a book for children, per se, but you still wanted to publish a book in full-color.

So while the happiness of our authors is what we live for here at Outskirts Press, we couldn’t help but feel that we could do better.  After all, we know that there are full-color books out there that aren’t written for young readers; our authors have photos to share within their manuscripts and charts and graphs that would be so much more dynamic in color for our non-fiction writers.

And we want those authors to be happy, too.

That’s why this week we are extending a special offer to you and your manuscript by providing Promo Code Save250FCP when you purchase your full-color package…at $250 off the regular price.

Still thinking about it? Well, let us help you with your decision:

  • 50 Trim Size and Format Choices
  • Customizable covers
  • Two color printing options to balance quality vs. retail pricing
  • Matte or glossy covers
  • Free Publication Press Release
  • Full-Color Interior Formatting
  • 20 Free Image Placements (with the option of adding more)
  • 3 free galley revision rounds to make sure your book is perfect
  • 5 FREE Author Copies
  • Unlimited Wholesale and Worldwide Distribution through Amazon, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Gardners UK, etc. etc…

We know you’ve taken the time to make your manuscript perfect: You’ve searched through photographs and images to find just the right collection that will complete your book.  This process has taken months – possibly years – of your time.

Are you ready to see all of your hard work come together?

We are.

Save $500 at the New & Improved Outskirts Press!

Everyone likes a good make-over story. We’re all addicted to home improvement shows and look forward to seeing a newly designed home after the construction dust settles. We can’t wait to see a woman walk through a curtain, her hair freshly styled and wearing a dress she never thought she could. Even kids love seeing an old car on the road with a fresh paint job and new interior.

Outskirts Press has decided to join the makeover movement.

Now, if you haven’t yet published with Outskirts Press, you will see a fresh new look when you click on

  • A user-friendly site that is easily viewed on tablets and mobile devices
  • New & improved one-click publishing suites that include everything you need
  • New & improved customizable packages that let you to make your book your way

We realized that if we were going to upgrade our look, we needed to upgrade your publishing process as well. While many people get excited about publishing a book, it can be daunting to wear all the hats of a writer, editor, graphic artist, book formatter, distributor, marketing expert, and royalty accountant all at the same time.

Now our One-Click publishing take care of everything for you. These all-inclusive packages include:

  • Original Custom Cover Design (with 2 unique concepts to choose from)
  • Enhanced Interior Book Formatting
  • Professional Cover Text Refinement for your back cover
  • Professional Copyediting
  • Expedited Service
  • Amazon Kindle E-Book Edition
  • Free Author’s Copies
  • Exclusive Marketing Guides designed to kick start your book promotion
  • A Personal Marketing Assistant

…as well as many other features.

You’ll always have a personal publishing professional to help you every step of the way.

We are so excited about the New & Improved Outskirts Press that this week we are inviting all non-fiction writers to experience our brand new One-Click Non-Fiction publishing package for an introductory offer of $500 off the normal price.

This means that while other writers are spinning their wheels trying to do everything by themselves, all you need to do is enter code Save500Aug16 at checkout and have an entire team behind you, working toward the success of your book…while you relax and enjoy your discount.

So what are you waiting for? Millions of people are looking for your book right now.

Let’s Get Some Money in your Pocket for FREE!

Everyone likes a freebie, right? Big or small, it really doesn’t matter. When someone says “free” we all come running.

But how about a freebie that could actually put money in your pocket?

Sounds too good to be true. But stick around.

During the month of July, Outskirts Press is offering TRIPLE AUTHOR COPIES with the purchase of the Diamond or Pearl package. That means that you could receive up to thirty copies of your book for free – just by purchasing the package you were thinking about buying anyway. (Authors purchasing the Pearl package will receive 15 copies.)

So, that’s the free part. But how is that going to help you earn a little more money?

Let’s face it. The best way to encourage lots of people to buy your book is to let people know about it; word of mouth, networking, and social media are our allies as authors. Formal reviews are great, but what can be even better is getting your book into the hands of a social-networking friend or connected co-worker you know who won’t hesitate to say to other people, “Guess what? I just read the greatest book the other day!”

And let the sales build.

Let’s see…thirty copies with the purchase of the Diamond package could go to thirty people who might tell ten people. And if those people told a few more people….

I’ll let you do the math.

All of those sales – just because you entered TripleBooks when you purchased your package.

So, let your TRIPLE AUTHOR COPIES work for you.

You’ve worked hard enough. So, get started today!

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“Thank you so much for your facilitation and help in this publishing process.”

Mary Jo Wisneski Johnston is a retired reading specialist who has taught at kindergarten through graduate school over a 44-year teaching career in several states and Germany. She enjoys living on a hobby ranch with her husband and approximately 20 animals, ranging from horses to goldfish.

Muscatino Rattuti the Great-or Musky for short-is delighted to have discovered the huge barn with seven sides. It’s perfect for storing the Rat Pack’s treasures from their nightly forays, and the entertainment possibilities of the barn are endless: It’s loaded with various and sundry items that the wood rats, flying machines, forest people, musical instruments, photographs, the world geography contingent, and ancient farm tools are inspired to engage in. Musky isn’t the only creature vying for use of the barn. Everyone wants to play there! In The Lucky Seven Show-a delightfully illustrated new book, Musky the wood rat and the weathervane horse use their wits to bring about a resolution to the problem, as all seven groups showcasing their talents in the barn at once would cause utter chaos. A positive outcome grows out of generous planning, collaboration, and compromise among the groups-and the final resolution brings happiness to all!

– Mary Jo Wisneski Johnston, author of The Lucky Seven Show

Get a TRIPLE Bonus for the Month of July!

Thinking about publishing? July is a great month to do so! Starting today, Outskirts Press self-published authors can take advantage of our Triple Author Copies Promotion!

With this promotion, you will receive TRIPLE the number of free copies of your book when purchasing the Diamond or Pearl self-publishing packages!

The ultimate Diamond publishing package offers the greatest profit margin and the highest number of free options of any publisher. It includes digital format, author webpage, and a customized cover. During the July promotion, Outskirts is offering Diamond authors 30 free copies upon publication.

The full-color Pearl publishing package from Outskirts Press brings authors’ color interior publishing dreams to life. All Pearl books include standard interior color formatting, an ISBN number, a price-embedded barcode, and unlimited wholesale printing, fulfillment and distribution. And in July, Pearl authors can triple the standard number of paperbacks and bring home 15 free copies.

To receive the promotion, simply enter the promotion code TripleBooks when checking out of your shopping cart while purchasing the Diamond or Pearl publishing package or you can click here for more information.

Your book matters, let’s make it your way. Click here to get started!

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Celebrate Your Independence and Save 20%

To celebrate the 4th of July, Outskirts Press is offering a 20% discount on its two most popular publishing packages, Diamond and Pearl, now through July 5th. The discount saves self-publishing authors hundreds of dollars on valuable book publishing services.

You went through all that hard work of writing, editing, rewriting and editing again. Now it’s finally time to publish your book. We make it easy by saving you 20% instantly when you choose to publish with our industry-leading Diamond publishing package or our full-color Pearl publishing package.

Both packages include:

  • Online sales through Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Interior formatting
  • ISBN and bar-coding
  • Keep 100% of your rights & royalties
  • Much, much more

Take advantage of the discounted packages by ordering and entering the discount code, SAVE20, at checkout. This offer is only good through Tuesday, July 5, so order now!

Your book matters, let’s make it your way. Get started today!

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Celebrate the 4th of July and Save 20%!

Independence Day is a great time to celebrate with family and friends, enjoy summer gatherings and to appreciate all that our great country offers. For many authors, Independence Day is also a time to celebrate the completion of their book. All the hard work of writing, editing, rewriting and editing again is done. Now, it’s finally time to publish your book.

We make it easy to start publishing by offering a 20% discount when you choose to publish with our industry-leading Diamond publishing package or our full-color Pearl publishing package.

Both packages include a personal publishing team who will help you through the process, answer your questions and help you to publish the book of your dreams.

The Diamond and Pearl packages include:

  • Worldwide distribution and order fulfillment
  • Online sales through Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Interior formatting
  • ISBN and bar-coding
  • Keep 100% of your rights & royalties
  • Much, much more

The 20% discount saves self-publishing authors hundreds of dollars on valuable book publishing services. Take advantage of this offer by ordering and entering the discount code, SAVE20, at checkout. This offer is only good through Tuesday, July 5, so order now!

Your book matters, let’s make it your way. Get started today!

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“I personally chose Outskirts Press from the top five online publishers because I read that they were a younger publishing company with many great offers. My experience with publishing my first novel through Outskirts Press was made easier by a patient and dedicated, helpful staff including Stephen, Dana, Jennifer and Jackie. I was allowed to take my time with the whole experience. The excellent cover design is a hit with all who have seen it.”

Born and raised in Lancaster, California’s Mojave Desert, T. Brady moved to Arkansas as a teen and currently resides outside of Yellville. Educated and employed in the medical profession, she is dedicated to a life of service to others whether in the form of care giving or writing and to working toward her own enlightenment. “Who am I?” she says. “Just another soul walking this earth in a magnificent shell called the human body, and every time I gaze up at the night’s starry sky I know there’s a bigger picture.”

Hey folks. This is a long time coming – twenty six years to complete. Between these pages lies more than a fiction novel. There is a message; the road to enlightenment is an open mind. In this novel, life’s veil of protection is lifted for two true mates – one religious, one spiritual. Spiritualism teaches us why we are here. Religion gives us a sense of security about the future. Those attuned know that how we treat each other determines the degree of enlightenment we obtain on this planet. Bluntly stated, we’re all in this together. The two main character’s directed purpose is to help earth’s population rid themselves of apathy and discontent, and to help prepare for the Way.

– T. Brady, author of Soul Seeker