Save $250 on the Outskirts Press Full-Color Package

After sending out our introductory offer last week for our new & improved One-Click for Children’s Books package, we heard you loud and clear.

You love it! The custom cover. The custom interior. 15 custom, full-color illustrations! Professional editing!

But many of you told us you already have your own illustrations. Or you already had your manuscript edited. Or you didn’t have a book for children, per se, but you still wanted to publish a book in full-color.

So while the happiness of our authors is what we live for here at Outskirts Press, we couldn’t help but feel that we could do better.  After all, we know that there are full-color books out there that aren’t written for young readers; our authors have photos to share within their manuscripts and charts and graphs that would be so much more dynamic in color for our non-fiction writers.

And we want those authors to be happy, too.

That’s why this week we are extending a special offer to you and your manuscript by providing Promo Code Save250FCP when you purchase your full-color package…at $250 off the regular price.

Still thinking about it? Well, let us help you with your decision:

  • 50 Trim Size and Format Choices
  • Customizable covers
  • Two color printing options to balance quality vs. retail pricing
  • Matte or glossy covers
  • Free Publication Press Release
  • Full-Color Interior Formatting
  • 20 Free Image Placements (with the option of adding more)
  • 3 free galley revision rounds to make sure your book is perfect
  • 5 FREE Author Copies
  • Unlimited Wholesale and Worldwide Distribution through Amazon, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Gardners UK, etc. etc…

We know you’ve taken the time to make your manuscript perfect: You’ve searched through photographs and images to find just the right collection that will complete your book.  This process has taken months – possibly years – of your time.

Are you ready to see all of your hard work come together?

We are.

Self-Publishing Company Improves Full-Color Publishing With Additional Sizes


 Leading Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Company Improves Full-Color Publishing With Additional Sizes, Styles

October 6, 2009 – Denver, CO – Outskirts Press, the fastest growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing company, today introduced three new paperback trim sizes — 5.5” x 8.5” and 7” x 10” and 8” x 10” –to its full-color Pearl publishing package. These new trim sizes join the 8.5” x 8.5” and 8.25” x 11” sizes, bringing the total trim size count for full-color self-publishing to five.

The Outskirts Press Pearl Publishing Package also includes professional interior layout, an ISBN number, and unlimited wholesale printing, fulfillment and distribution via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, and Baker and Taylor, among others.

Complementing its trim size options, Outskirts Press offers affordable, full-color custom illustrations in an industry-leading eighteen different styles, including the recently-announced and affordably-priced Citrus Style.  The author selects an artistic style and then supplies a description of the characters and setting for each illustration.  Outskirts Press artists do the rest.  The original full-color illustrations are then formatted into the book for the author. Best of all, the author does not have to split royalties with the artist.

“Coupled with Outskirts Press’s eighteen original illustration packages, our five trim size choices for full-color printing represent the greatest number of choices and flexibility among the entire self-publishing industry,” Author Services Director Karl Schroeder said.

With continually upgraded services such as these, Outskirts Press has been able to remain at the vanguard of the self-publishing and book marketing industry.  In 2008 The Denver Business Journal named Outskirts Press the fastest-growing, privately-held small-to-medium sized company and the fastest growing publisher in Colorado.  Then in 2009 Outskirts Press was listed by Inc. Magazine as the fastest-growing privately-held self-publishing company in America (and #268 among all industries).   

For more information about the new full-color trim sizes and to view a free video about the original illustration packages, visit

About Outskirts Press, Inc.:  Outskirts Press, Inc. offers full service, custom self-publishing services for authors seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining all their rights and full creative control.  Available for authors globally at and located on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, Outskirts Press represents the future of book publishing, today.

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3 tips for self-publishing a full color children’s book

Have you ever considered writing and publishing
a children’s book, either to share with your children,
your family, or with the whole wide world?

Believe it or not, it is easier than you might think. With full-color on-demand publishing, children’s books as short as four pages can be designed, printed, published, and distributed worldwide.

Here are 3 quick tips for writing your children’s book:

  1. Write for your audience – Do not use words that are inappropriate for the age group. For instance, did you know the longest word in the English language is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconiosis?
  2. Make every page countWhile Outskirts Press can publish children’s books as short as 4 pages, the two most common lengths are 16 pages and 32 pages.
  3. Maintain a moral It’s important that someone in the story demonstrates positive traits. Children seek role models in stories.

What about original full-color illustrations?

It used to be that adding full-color drawings to your children’s story was the largest obstacle of all. Children’s illustrations used to be very expensive, they would take forever to be finished, and the artist often wanted to split the royalties with you.

No longer! Now you can choose from over a dozen different styles, starting as low as $100 per full-page original illustration. Plus, you don’t have to split any of your royalties with the artist!

Take a peek at some of the award-winning illustration styles available when you publish your full color children’s story with Outskirts Press:


See all of our illustration styles here.

(Hint: Full-color publishing works for non-children’s books, too. Any book that requires full-color interior printing will do…)

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