Don’t Let That Blank Page Scare You!

There is nothing more frustrating to an author than a cursor blinking on a blank page. You sit and wait for inspiration, drink too much coffee, and yet that cursor winks…mocking and teasing you.

This horrifying experience can only be matched by getting midway through a manuscript, the first pages a masterpiece, only to get stuck and wonder where to go from there.

Every writer has been there; these moments define the term “self-doubt” and, if the block is really bad, a possible forehead on the desk and a wail of “what am I doing?”

Since we’ve all experienced this, we know that there are really only a couple of options when these moments happen: you either have to walk away from a manuscript that’s keeping you up at night or seek help.

And that’s where Outskirts Press comes in.

Because our main goal is to get you to the publishing finish line (hopefully without a forehead dent on your desk), we have established a team of skilled, professional writers to help you over that inspirational hump with a one hour Writing Consultation. We not only want you to be able to hold your hard work in your hands in the form of a published book, we want you to be excited and proud of what you’ve accomplished.

After all, isn’t that why we’re all here?

For $99 per one-hour block, our time is yours. You can work through things like:

  • Troubleshoot plot, characters, technique, or execution of your ideas
  • Work through writer’s block
  • Take inventory of usable book materials
  • Organize book ideas into a usable outline
  • Get ideas on how to proceed with a book
  • Gather ideas on how to finish
  • Negotiate tricky passages
  • Ask for general writing advice
  • Get help moving to the next step in writing

Once your consultation is complete, your consultant will provide you with a summary of what you’ve discussed so that you can reference it as you successfully move forward with your manuscript.

As many authors know, it’s not the overall concept of a book that’s hard — the challenges lie in the details. So let us help you work through them and possibly expedite the writing process for you so that that moment when you’re holding that book in your hands comes quicker than you imagined.

After all…you’ve waited long enough to make your dreams come true.

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