Your Book Is Ready To Wear!

You wrote a masterpiece. Why not continue to live in that world a little while longer — literally? For the aspiring author-and-fashionista, Outskirts Press now offers the option of creating custom t-shirts featuring the cover art of your book. Not only do the t-shirts look great — you had a hand in the design, after all! — and feel wonderful, but they make for the perfect promotional tool.

Want to stand out at your next book signing, workshop, or launch event? Check. Need a high-quality item to serve as both raffle prize and branded merchandise? Check. Looking for a gift for family and friends? Check. And what about those fans who just want the option of sharing their pride and passion for your book in a comfortable, visually arresting way? We’ve got you covered.


We know that it’s not easy to break into new markets when you’re a self-publishing author carving your own path. Your marketing power is bound and restricted not just by your ability to place your book in front of readers, but by the number of times you do so. This idea is often called “effective frequency” and business moguls of the highest order spend their whole lives studying it, working with it, and trying to master it. Fortunately, you don’t have to! All you have to do is keep doing what you’re doing, and maybe wear your shirt to the grocery store once in a while.

Each white, short-sleeved, classic-fit, pre-shrunk, and 100% cotton t-shirt comes emblazoned with your book’s front cover on the front and your book’s back cover on the back. All you have to do to share your book in three dimensions is to click below! And while we keep the design process simple, we keep your options open in order to reach everyone in your diverse fan base. By which we mean you can select from a full range of both children’s and adult sizes, and as long as you live within the continental United States we will ship them to you for free!

When was the last time marketing felt this good on a hot summer’s day? Swing on by Outskirts Press to buy your custom t-shirts!

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  1. Marketing, marketing, marketing! It would be nice if you just wrote the price for the T-shirt instead of making us read how wonderful you are. The “con” continues ….

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