It’s the Season of Giving: Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Publishing

The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, marks the official launch of the holiday buying rush – and a time we can all be grateful for seasonal sales!

Outskirts Press wants to help you kick off your holiday shopping with big savings on your choice of one of our most popular and comprehensive publishing packages! Starting Black Friday (Nov. 23) through Cyber Monday (Nov. 26), we’re offering $500 OFF any One-Click publishing package of your choice, or 20% OFF the Full-Color or Ultimate publishing package.

And, despite the hustle and bustle of the holidays, this is actually the perfect time of year to self-publish. Think about it: With an inclusive, full-service package from Outskirts Press, you barely have to lift a finger! That means more time to spend shopping, baking Christmas cookies and cozying up with dearest friends and family.

The choice is yours, but there’s no wrong publishing package selection! There’s so much to be thankful for in these comprehensive packages from Outskirts Press: included cover art, formatting, ISBN number, and unlimited wholesale printing, fulfillment and distribution via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bertram and others. Choose from dozens of formats, plus 20 free image insertions and 3 free rounds of galley revisions.

Here’s how to take advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale:

  • Add your choice of the One-Click, Full-Color or Ultimate publishing package to your cart
  • Enter the promo code 500BlackFriday to receive $500 off the One-Click Package
  • OR enter promo code BlackFriday-20pct to receive 20% off the Full-Color or Ultimate publishing package

Check publishing off your holiday to-do list and enjoy the holiday season.

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Authors, Mark Your Calendars: The ALA Conference Is Coming to Orlando, June 23-28

Book lovers nationwide rejoice as the American Library Association (ALA) gears up for its 2016 Conference, June 23-28. The annual conference is a fun and lively event, attracting librarians and other participants by the thousands. This year’s speakers include bestselling authors Margaret Atwood, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Eric Dyson, and Brad Meltzer.

For self-publishing authors, participation in the ALA Conference is a golden opportunity to get your book in front of thousands of librarians. And you don’t have to travel to Orlando, Florida, to do it!

When you arrange exhibition through Outskirts Press, your book will receive valuable, face-out exposure on an exclusive shelf with four other Outskirts Press titles at the ALA Conference. An Outskirts representative will be on hand to personally answer questions about your book, and we will forward you any inquiries/leads we receive for your book so that you can do a personal follow-up.

The ALA’s annual conference attracts librarians from all levels of management, from all types of libraries, from all across the country, with attendance estimated at 25,000 and growing. These are the attendees who will be networking and browsing for books.

Yours could be one of the books they’re buzzing about!

Space is limited, so don’t miss out on this affordable marketing opportunity. Click here and reserve your spot for the next ALA Conference!

Top 10 Self-Publishing Book Marketing Tactics for May 2016

Book marketing is one of the most important pieces of being a successful self-publishing author. Outskirts Press is an industry leader in providing post-publication support, products, and services to its growing family of published authors.

Your book is written. Your book is published. Now what? Our list of Top 10 Book Marketing Tactics can help you prioritize your book marketing efforts by providing you with excellent marketing and promotional tactics you should consider pursuing.

These are the marketing products and tactics determined to be most popular by our authors for the month of May 2016, listed below in alphabetical order:

Custom Press Release Custom Press Release:  Have our professional press release writer compose an original, unique press release for your book, submitted to you for your review/approval, and then distributed to our newswire service on your behalf.
Amazon Kindle Submission Service Amazon Kindle Submission Service:  Make your book available on Amazon’s Kindle ebook reading device. More formats on Amazon means more exposure on Amazon, and the Kindle is heavily promoted by Amazon.
Audio Excerpt option Audio Excerpt:  Recording a 3-minute audio excerpt is as easy as speaking into the phone. Read a passage or explain more about the book.
Barnes & Noble NOOK Submission Service Barnes & Noble NOOK Submission Service:  Millions of books are available on Barnes & Noble’s NOOK. If your book isn’t one of them, you are missing out on tapping a very important, and growing, market of readers.
Apple iPad iPhone Standard Edition Apple iPad/iPhone Standard Edition: Millions of iPads have been sold and iPhone revenues account for over HALF of all smart phone revenue in the United States. Is your book a part of this growing market? It can be, simply and conveniently, with iTunes distribution of an iPad/iPhone electronic edition of your book through Apple’s iBooks bookstore.

Marketing Telephone Consultation (30 minutes)
Marketing Telephone Consultation (30 minutes): One of our Personal Marketing Assistants will contact you to schedule a one-on-one consultation. After your consultation, you will receive a marketing plan with actionable items that can be used right away to get started selling more books.
Amazon Branded Featured Book of the Week Amazon-Branded Featured Book-of-the-Week: Get your book and cover, along with an easy way to order your book directly from Amazon into the inbox of a wide audience of literary enthusiasts.
Amazon Extreme Package Amazon Extreme Package: Save 25% on 3 of our marketing services focused on This package includes a Kindle Edition of your book, participation in the Amazon Search Inside the Book and Amazon Cover Enhancement.
Publisher's Weekly Publisher’s Weekly Co-Op Advertising: Reach over 80,000 booksellers, publishers, public and academic librarians, wholesalers, distributors, agents and writers in addition to more than 360,000 unique monthly website visitors.
Virtual book tour in the Blogosphere and on social networks Virtual book tour in the Blogosphere and on social networks: A Virtual Book Tour is very similar to a physical book tour. However, instead of loading up copies of your book and driving from bookstore to bookstore and radio station to radio station to promote, you and/or your book can make “appearances” on blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – while you stay put in the comfort of your own home.

Outskirts Press Published authors who are interested in any of these (or many of our other available services) can find further details and ordering information from the Marketing Options page of your author’s center.

Not yet published with Outskirts Press? Today is the perfect day to start and take advantage of our current publishing promotion.

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How to Sell Your Book on Amazon

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The Amazon Extreme marketing package from Outskirts Press gives self-publishing authors a triple advantage when it comes to promoting and selling their books!

Amazon, the largest U.S. online retailer, offers proven promotional functions like the popular Kindle edition, Search Inside the Book feature, and Cover Enhancement features. The Outskirts Amazon Extreme marketing package includes all three of these popular options — making it the perfect, economical way to launch your book sales.

  • An Amazon Kindle edition makes your book available to the growing audience of Kindle e-book readers. Because customers still love reading actual books, Kindle is an inexpensive way for them to sample a book before buying the paperback or hardback edition.
  • When you’re a part of the Search Inside the Book program, you allow readers to get a glimpse of your book’s contents. Books that are part of this program are significantly more successful, on average, than books that are not.
  • With the Amazon Cover Enhancement service, Outskirts Press submits an image of the front and back of your cover for your book listing. Books that have this enhancement are much more attractive to buyers.

Click here for more details.

Combine this three-pronged marketing package with the valuable tips and strategies outlined in the brand-new book, The Book Marketing COACH, written by President and Chief Marketing Officer of Outskirts Press, Brent Sampson. This book compiles the best of the marketing advice given to Outskirts Press authors into one easy resource.

The Amazon Extreme marketing package is not available with any other publisher, so get a jump on the competition now. And don’t forget to check out The Book Marketing COACH to give your book every advantage and the ultimate marketing boost!

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How to Sell Your Book on Amazon

After a long and sometimes difficult writing journey, your book is finally finished! So…now what? How do you get your book published and into the hands of consumers?

Outskirts Press can help. We are experts in producing professional, high-quality books for self-publishing authors, and we’ll lead you through each step — from copyediting and cover design to formatting and back cover copy.

But the biggest challenge still lies ahead: how to launch your book into the Amazon marketplace and start making sales! Again, Outskirts Press can help. We have a variety of marketing services and experts to guide you through the promotion of your book.

As the President and Chief Marketing Officer of Outskirts Press, publishing and marketing expert, Brent Sampson, has seen firsthand what leads to successful self-published books and self-publishing writers. Companies like Outskirts Press make publishing a book easily within reach. But it’s the marketing, promotion, and publicity efforts that separate the runaway successes from the rest.

Brent Sampson knows that authors who self-publish may have a general sense of what marketing efforts to pursue, but may not understand the specifics well enough to approach their promotional efforts with an effective strategy. His brand-new book, The Book Marketing COACH, compiles the best of his marketing advice shared with Outskirts Press authors over the past decade and makes it available to everyone.

Now that your book is finished, why not give it every advantage in the Amazon marketplace? With Outskirts Press you’ll not only have skilled publishing professionals on your side, but expert, insider’s marketing advice to take your book to the next level.

Your book matters, let’s make it your way. Click here to get started!


Want more exposure for your book on In June, you can have just that — for FREE! One of the most effective ways is with the Amazon Extreme marketing package, which includes an Amazon Kindle edition, Amazon Search Inside the Book submission and Amazon Cover Enhancement — everything an author needs to jump-start book sales on

  • An Amazon Kindle edition makes your book available to the growing audience of Kindle e-book readers. Because customers still love reading actual books, Kindle is an inexpensive way for them to sample a book before buying the paperback or hardback edition.
  • When you’re a part of the Search Inside the Book program, you allow readers to get a glimpse of your book’s contents. Books that are part of this program are significantly more successful, on average, than books that are not.
  • With the Amazon Cover Enhancement service, Outskirts Press submits an image of the front and back of your cover for your book listing. Books that have this enhancement are much more attractive to buyers.

The Outskirts Press Amazon Extreme marketing package is the perfect way to launch book sales. When you start your publishing journey in the month of June, you’ll receive these valuable marketing options for FREE with the Diamond or Pearl package! Simply enter the promotion code FreeAEJune16 during check out. It’s that easy!

Your book matters, let’s make it your way. Give your book the exposure it deserves — get started today!

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“I plan to get your PR program and help with the marketing as I have the money to do it. You did a great job and I am very happy with Outskirts Press because you made me feel safe with the project. You all did a great job on the book. Thank You for your excellent assistance.”

Charlotte Haile studied the arts at the Washington School of Art and creative writing at the University of Georgia. She has lived in the south all her life and enjoys sharing a good story. The Alexander Treasure is her first novel.

In 1942, Anna Morgan breaks a promise to her father and sets out on Napoleon, an untamed Arabian stallion who takes her on a wild ride to the Alexander plantation-a place forbidden to her because of a longstanding feud between the Morgan and Alexander families. Anna’s adventure leads to the discovery of a valuable pendant-part of a stolen treasure that Andre Alexander brought to Oakwood, Georgia, in the mid-1800s-as well as an encounter with the dashing young Justin Alexander. Despite the feud between their families, Anna and Justin find themselves drawn to each other. But they must keep their love secret, and their union will take them down a path of danger and suspense. Will the Alexander treasure and their families’ greed rip the lovers apart? Or will they find forgiveness and love? Find out in this romantic and suspenseful debut novel — a tale of lust, greed . . . and murder.

-Charlotte Haile, author of The Alexander Treasure

Last Chance! Today’s the Last Day to Choose Your Own Promo!

Now, for the first time ever, you can customize your book publishing promotion. Start with the Diamond or Pearl publishing package in May and you can choose any of the following promotions. Copy the promotion code you want, click the publishing package of your choice, enter the promotion code upon checkout and you’re on your way to an exciting publishing adventure!

  • Option 1: 10% Off. Save 10% instantly. Promotion Code: SAVE10PCT
  • Option 2: Free Book Video. Book Videos feature Hollywood-style production values and a cutting edge look and feel. Outskirts Press distributes copies of the video through social networking and video sites like YouTube and Facebook. Authors are given their own video file to use in their personal marketing efforts, as well. The Book Video Trailer is like a movie trailer for your book. It’s cool. It’s hip. In May-it’s free. Promotion Code: FREEBV16
  • Option 3: Free Cover Text Refinement. Do you want to spice up your back cover copy and author biography with some marketing muscle and professional zing that makes your writing sing? Submit some basic information and a professional copywriter will compose this cover information for you. Promotion code: FREECTR16

Just enter one of the promotion codes when checking out of the shopping cart while purchasing the popular Diamond package or the full-color Pearl publishing package by the end of the day today, May 31, 2016. Your book matters, let’s make it your way. Don’t delay-get started today!

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Reach the Masses With An Outskirts Press Book Blast!

Navigating the world of book marketing can be a hazardous task, with many unmarked dangers–and shortcuts to safe passage–awaiting the self-publishing author. Over the last four weeks, we have introduced some fantastic marketing options that Outskirts Press offers. The good news is that they’ve bundled these options into their Book Blast package. The Book Blast package includes the features that guarantee you walk away with:

There’s one more important contribution to your publishing experience that the Book Blast package ensure you will benefit from, however, and it’s not one to miss out on! By investing in the Book Blast, you can emerge from your marketing campaign confident that you pursued every opportunity and option available to you in a methodical way. That confidence isn’t normally something a person can buy, but when you choose Outskirts Press, you choose to employ the full resources of a company known for its reliability, its advocacy, and its commitment to putting authors first.

Many authors forget or underestimate the value of a methodical marketing campaign, and as a result never reach their book’s full potential or their personal sales goals. But you don’t have to let this happen to you! You and your book know better–and deserve more–than settling for a lackluster attempt to reach new readers. Now that you have been introduced to several of the key offerings made possible by Outskirts Press’ Book Blast package, we’d like to make it easier and more affordable than ever to add the full complement of tools to your marketing toolbox.

Writing your book takes up about 20 percent of the time and energy you’ll dedicate to the publishing process. Where do you spend the other 80 percent? On marketing … if you let it. The 20/80 ratio applies to the average self-publishing author, but it doesn’t have to apply to you. You have the option of putting a solid book marketing plan into place–and we know just the plan for you!

The Book Blast package combines all of the tactics we’ve described over the last few weeks–book reviews, press release and PR Publicist, book video trailer, and five hours with a Personal Marketing Assistant–into a single bundle that makes crafting a complete book marketing campaign as simple as 1-2-3!

First, you will write, distribute, and promote your press release with the guidance of an expert PR Publicist. Second, you will create and distribute a book video trailer guaranteed to grab the attention of new readers. Third, you will submit your book to reputable book reviewers who will drive traffic and sales. At all points throughout this process, you will have access to the industry expertise and insight of your Personal Marketing Assistant, who will help guide you through the fine points of transforming your marketing campaign from good to absolutely fantastic.

Of course, one of the best features of the Book Blast package is its price! By combining its most popular marketing services, Outskirts Press is able to reduce the total cost by 25 percent to a single payment of only $999.

For more information about the Book Blast package, follow the link below.