Add a Little Color to Life—and Your Book!

Illustrations—what a daunting challenge! For the self-publishing author, it can be so hard to get them right, and yet they’re so very important to the success of many books. It’s hard to find a good illustrator, much less one whose artistic style matches your vision for your book, and it’s hard to incorporate them into your larger book design without it coming off as, well, unprofessional. And if there’s anything that spells trouble for a book when it slides off of a bookstore shelf and into the hands of a potential reader, it’s a book that doesn’t look like it was put together with all the finesse of an expert design team.

The problem is, not all authors have access to such a team. Self-publishing authors, lacking the might and bulk of a traditional publishing company at their backs, are especially at risk of finding themselves at sea. But there’s good news. There’s very good news, indeed: Outskirts Press offers a full range of illustration styles and services, and you don’t have to publish your book through us in order to take advantage of all of them (although you will receive a 15% discount if you do). Better still, Outskirts Press continues to compound strength upon strength, and is debuting a whole new selection of styles for you to choose from!

You can view all of our styles in one handy place—fittingly, in a beautiful digital flipbook—and make one of the most important choices of all when it comes to your book (what it will look like) in the happy knowledge that you get exactly what you want and need compromise on nothing when it comes to making the perfect book. And importantly, unlike with other publishers, all illustrations purchased through Outskirts Press are royalty-free, meaning you will not have to split your book royalties with your artist of choice. (But don’t worry, they’re fairly compensated.)

But what happens after you decide you want illustrations and you select the style in which you want them? That’s simple! You decide how many illustrations you want. You can purchase illustrations in “blocks” of one, ten, or fifteen images in a shared style—and if you happen to want an odd number, you can mix and match the blocks until you reach the number you need. Once you have an idea as to the numbers, you’re ready to go ahead and order! Just navigate to our Custom Full Color Illustrations service page and tap the illustration style you want. A drop-down menu will appear listing the blocks available, and the option to add them to your shopping cart.

And don’t worry, if you’re not quite sure what you want or might need, we have you covered. Once you commit to purchasing an illustration block, we will assign you an Illustration Facilitator who will contact you via email and be on hand to help you navigate the tough decisions. And since your vision for your book is central to the illustration process, you will have the opportunity to provide detailed descriptions of the illustrations you want as well as detailed feedback throughout the sketching and proof stages. You have several opportunities to request revisions as well.

Are you interested in commissioning illustrations for your next book? We’d love to answer any questions you have, and you can reach us by phone at 1-888-672-6657 or online at, where you can engage in a live chat with our expert staff.

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