Author Spotlight: Jane Gandolfo

About the Author

E. J. Gandolfo is a former advertising agency copywriter and sales executive. She is an artist and antique dealer and resides in the Boston area. Gandolfo is the author of the EVVY CIPA award winning book, To Paint A Murder and the EVVY CIPA nominated book, A Tale of Deceit, both Veronica Howard Vintage Mysteries.

Testimonial About Outskirt Press

Several years ago, when I decided to write my first book, I searched diligently for a company that offered the quality options and support that I felt I required.  Coming from a background in advertising and public relations as well as being the owner of an antique business, I knew from personal experience and from the trade that a lot of the outfits calling themselves “experts” to self-published authors were anything but.  The horror stories were abundant! 

I decided on Outskirts Press partly as a leap of faith and partly from their excellent track record.  I’m delighted to say that my decision to trust Outskirts with “my baby” has paid off many times over.  I am currently writing my fifth novel and will once again put my manuscript into their hands.  The customer service is excellent and I have never doubted the skills of the editors, proofreaders, cover artists and author representatives that I have been assigned to work with.

I have won two CIPA EVVY Awards which would not have been possible without Outskirt Press.

Am I happy with Outskirts Press?  You’d better believe it!     


  • To Paint a Murder, 1st place in the mystery/crime/detective fiction category at the 25th annual EVVY CIPA Awards for 2019.
  • A Tale of Deceit, EVVY CIPA nominated book

A Testimonial by Author Doc Morris

Author E.J. Morris, also known to many as Doc Morris, knew what he wanted from the self-publishing experience … and he wanted outstanding customer service, a straightforward and easy-to-navigate publishing process, and a high-quality finished product. We at Outskirts Press had the privilege of publishing his book, The Modern Day Mr. Mom, in May of 2018. The book, which takes inspiration for its title and theme from John Hughes’ screenplay for the 1983 classic film Mr. Mom, chronicles the sum total of Morris’ experiences as well as the lived experiences of stay-at-home fathers everywhere. While there is no “how-to” template for successfully managing life as a parent and homemaker, The Modern Day Mr. Mom sets out to provide a toolkit for those who maybe need just a little bit of extra encouragement in navigating our busy world and its multitudes of demands.

Morris, who was inspired to write this book by the words and wisdom of his own late father, continued to provide support and encouragement even after the book’s publication in a letter he wrote to thank his Outskirts Press Author Representative, Jamie Rath, and his Publishing Consultant, Kirsten Ringer, for their work on his behalf in ensuring he had the best possible self-publishing experience. With his permission, we are providing the full text of his letter here for you to read, as we believe it represents the best of what Outskirts Press has to offer: an unmatched, personalized, deeply human publishing service.

My Author Representative and Publishing Consultant had gone the extra uphill mile(s) to ensure that my what ifs and oh by the ways were always answered in a timely manner to meet the timelines for my revised review(s) process with a mountain of patience. Needless to say, I never felt as if I were wearing out my welcome. My manuscript from the digital author galley days to the end was “smooth” as a handoff from quarterback Vince Ferragamo to Hall of Famer running back Eric Dickerson. The end product as well, from the official release on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, was also seamlessly coordinated like a baton handoff in the changeover box in the track-and-field one-mile relay world, thanks to Jamie’s attention to detail.

Jamie and Kirsten, on the aforementioned dates, spearheaded what started out as a joke with my bedridden father one day when he asked, while I was taking care of him, “So what do you have going on today?” After a few minutes of running down my laundry list of tasks, appointments, and what I was planning on cooking for my four boys and wife for dinner, he gave me the time-out signal and wrote on his whiteboard: “Information overload, quit.” Although he passed away on Veterans Day in 2015, I kept to my end of the bargain and wrote a book about overcoming a mountain of challenges and tasks once I retired from the U.S. Navy, in a more modern arena as I took the role of Mr. Mom. Five days before he passed away, my father mouthed the words: “Finish that book ….” This was the least I could do after my wife had towed the line raising our four boys alone while I was forward deployed multiple times, eleven years in total away throughout my twenty-year career in the military.

Jamie even quarterbacked some questions that arose while my wife was in the hospital on one occasion. I will never forget that! This ideology of her enthusiasm is what motivated me to press on during the process, even when time was thin. Patience is what builds character, right?

Once Kirsten reassured me my manuscript had a chance with a targeted audience (the modern-day domesticated homemaker), and with Jamie’s assurances as a multitasking Mom herself, I immediately felt more confident that my stories would spark those stay-at-home dads to “get off their rear and volunteer.” Whether helping grade papers for their kids’ school, chaperoning field trips, or just playing tetherball during recess with the other kids, all I was trying to drive home was that in a short few hours out of a dad’s schedule, we all have multiple hats to wear throughout the day. I was able to write about all the variables I overcame with four boys — two of which are living at home while attending college, and two of which have special needs — and being a husband, all the while being a Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Chairman for my sons’ school district, comprised of twenty-three elementary and middle schools and is combined with the PTA Executive Board.

Though I was skeptical of being a newbie author, Kristen Ringer lightened the load over the time it took to get to my Author Representative, Jamie Rath … and Jamie flawlessly choreographed the next sequence of events in that she always treated me like a person, with genuine dedication and not like a “herd” of cattle, quarterbacking from afar. This was like a mile relay with the handoff of the baton being swiftly executed in the exchange zone, or what we call in the track and field community, the “changeover box.” The changeover box is where the next leg or runner has ten meters to build up speed to take the baton onto the next relay. Kirsten and Jamie did just that. The epitome of Five-Star Platinum Customer Service is at the tip of its spear in Kirsten’s and Jamie’s work ethic and bottom line. They should be the trainers in their industry that others should emulate.

Phone calls and email follow ups … who does that nowadays? Who actually cares to see the end product succeed to the next evolution and in this case to print? Kirsten and Jamie do care, bottom line, no bravo sierra. They are your “real deal” and the epitome of what we hold close to our chest in my community of Warriors: Honor, Courage, and Commitment, hands-down. Only because of their compassion and unwavering genuine determination to assist a new writer, much like a clutch quarterback navigates the football field, would I possibly write a sequel in the future.

Please recognize Jamie Rath and Kristen Ringer at your next board meeting or Outskirts Press function; they unequivocally deserve it. Best regards and thank you for your time.

Very respectfully,

E. J. Morris, U.S. Navy (Ret)

We agree that Jamie and Kirsten deserves great appreciation for the work they do — and so too do all of our Author Representatives, Publishing Consultants, and other expert staff, all of whom work tirelessly on behalf of our Outskirts Press authors to produce the best possible experience and finished products: beautifully designed and marketed books that reflect each author’s voice and desire. And while we all eagerly await a sequel from Doc Morris, we hope that you too will consider publishing a work with us.

You can find Doc Morris’ The Modern Day Mr. Mom on Amazon or in the Outskirts Press Bookstore at

To learn more about our work, please visit our homepage at, where you can find out more information about us and what we do, as well as use our website’s live chat feature to speak with one of our expert staff.


Author and Actress Kim Weiler Talks Book Marketing Success with Outskirts Press

As an actress, Outskirts Press author Kim Weiler waged a singular battle with psoriasis that carried a special significance in her life. The painful condition is characterized by over-multiplication of skin cells that causes raised, red plaques on the skin. It can wreak havoc on an individual’s life and health, and tackling the disruptive disease is never a simple or straightforward process – especially during a career in the public eye.

The years-long journey led Kim to self-publish her memoir, Ps – It’s All About Love, chronicling the pain of this condition and her inspiring path to wellness. Her compelling personal journey has resonated with readers … and her marketing efforts have paid off. With determination, and help from Outskirts Press, Kim has already made remarkable strides in publicizing her book.

Recently, Outskirts Press sat down for a Q&A with Kim Weiler to learn more about her experiences since the publication of Ps – It’s All About Love.

Outskirts Press: A lot has happened since you published Ps – It’s All About Love earlier this year! Give us the highlights of the attention the book has gotten in the last few months.

Kim Weiler: The exciting news is that the minute I had leverage that I would truly have a book published to support my story and self-healing journey, along with the fact that I had been in the TV and film industry for years, I got accepted to attend a very exclusive NYC Publicity Summit. This jump-started my success by getting media contacts who wanted to schedule me the minute my book got published. While writing the book and working on creating a marketing hook, I also worked hard at getting my website re-vamped and polished, reaching out to people I knew and starting to schedule group events to share my story, my business and my book. All these actions have gotten attention for me.

As of now, here are some of the amazing opportunities I can share:

  • I’ve had almost 10 radio station interviews from Fox Sports Radio with Dr. Veronica Anderson to Maggie Linton on Sirius XM Radio.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of writing articles for various publications: everything from newspapers to magazines to blogs. I just got the news that USA Today Magazine will be publishing an article I wrote some time in the near future, which is fantastic!
  • I’m extremely excited to have completed my very first TV talk show appearance on a show called “Beyond My Crisis” for public access TV in New Jersey. It’s the start to so much more.
  • I have big goals to be on “Dr. Oz” … one day! Most importantly, I’ve been hearing from lots of people with wonderful feedback about how well-written and beautiful every part of my book is but more importantly that it is helping them; even people without a skin condition. That’s really the best result of all!

OP: What inspired you to share your story through a book in the first place?

KW: I’ve always loved to write and have been blogging about my healing journey for almost two years now. My heart really goes out to all those millions of people suffering in the world from skin disease, and I was ready to give back and do something where I contributed to the world. My dad once said, “Helping people makes your soul feel good.” It really does! It’s so rewarding when you help someone feel relief and hope, sometimes for the first time in their life.

In the end, I healed my skin naturally but the 21 years of struggle, confusion, pain, medications and doctor visits was such a hard journey that I don’t want other people with skin conditions to suffer the way I did. My goal is to get my book into the hands of as many people as possible so that they, too, can take control of their health and heal! Outskirts Press is making all this possible!

OP: What was the most difficult part of that process?

KW: Finding patience when it came to the moments where I had to “hurry up and wait.” My patience wasn’t tested so much in the writing of the book – that was the easier and more enjoyable part. It was when the book was out of my hands and in the editor’s hands or Outskirt’s hands that I found myself really wanting it to be done. [But] good work takes time! After each and every re-read of the final manuscript, after each correction, and correction after that, I ended up with one incredible book! Did I mention it was all done in less than a year?

OP: When it came time to publish, how did you go about choosing a publishing company? What were the deciding factors that led you to choose Outskirts Press?

KW: My writing coach recommended Outskirts Press to me from the start. She was aware of their wonderful reputation, and she shared how many delays would be involved if I went the traditional route with a large publisher. We researched their publishing packages and loved what we saw! It wasn’t until my manuscript was approved that we realized what a great decision that was.

OP: It sounds like the partnership with Outskirts Press has worked out for you. What’s been the best part of self-publishing with Outskirts Press?

KW: The best part was the team of people who helped me along the way and are still helping me! Everyone at Outskirts Press has been so supportive, efficient, and overall amazing to work with. I’ve felt very safe the entire time with my baby in their experienced hands!

OP: What advice would you give authors who might be on the fence about publishing their own stories?

KW: The world needs to hear your story! No one else can tell it like you can. Just write. Don’t overthink anything about structure or outline or chapters – just write and see what happens! Just know that your writing can and will help someone! If you have any desire to write a book about your story, that means the universe is nudging you to do so … It needs to be out there. Start with a blog or email to friends or a journal, but whatever you do, WRITE.

Want to learn more about how to authors like Kim Weiler are achieving success through Outskirts Press? Call a Publishing Consultant at 1-888-672-6657 (OP-BOOKS), or chat with us using the live chat option on our website for information about our affordable, effective publishing and marketing options.

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Start Your Summer Off With an E-book Edition!

When publishing a book for the first time, you’re faced with a myriad of choices. One of those choices will be which medium you’d like to publish your book under: hardcover, paperback, e-book?

Your choice should of course be based on reaching the largest audience possible, which is why Outskirts Press recommends publishing your book in multiple formats.

Even better, this month, Outskirts press is offering the Amazon Extreme marketing package which includes an Amazon Kindle edition, Amazon Search Inside the Book submission and Amazon Cover Enhancement — everything an author needs to jump-start book sales on!

There are readers who prefer the tangibility of pages turning under their fingers, who prefer that ‘new book smell,’ who love wandering into a book shop and perusing the shelves. However, there are a growing number of Kindle and iPad users who prefer the transportability and convenience of an e-book library, which can be chosen with the press of a button, and that can be brought to the beach, on a plane, coffee shop, etc. with ease.

There are some really fun advantages to e-books, for example:

  • E-books are lower-priced than print versions. And people who are on the fence about a book are more likely to take a chance on a lower-priced digital version.
  • It only takes a few seconds to download an e-book and start reading — instant gratification!
  • E-books offer anonymity and privacy for those who prefer not to share what they’re reading with the person sitting beside them on public transit.
  • With syncing, the same book can be read on different devices, whether it’s a Kindle or a Smartphone — you can pick up right where you left off!
  • E-books are better for the environment…and better for your back. A bookshelf doesn’t travel nearly as well.

An Amazon Kindle edition will make your book available to the growing audience of Kindle e-book readers. Because customers still love reading actual books, Kindle is an inexpensive way for them to sample a book before buying the paperback or hardback edition.

The Outskirts Press Amazon Extreme marketing package is the perfect way to launch book sales. When you start your publishing journey in the month of June, you’ll receive these valuable marketing options for FREE with the Diamond or Pearl package! Simply enter the promotion code FreeAEJune16 during check out. It’s that easy!

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Want more exposure for your book on In June, you can have just that — for FREE! One of the most effective ways is with the Amazon Extreme marketing package, which includes an Amazon Kindle edition, Amazon Search Inside the Book submission and Amazon Cover Enhancement — everything an author needs to jump-start book sales on

An Amazon Kindle edition makes your book available to the growing audience of Kindle e-book readers. Because customers still love reading actual books, Kindle is an inexpensive way for them to sample a book before buying the paperback or hardback edition.

When you’re a part of the Search Inside the Book program, you allow readers to get a glimpse of your book’s contents. Books that are part of this program are significantly more successful, on average, than books that are not.

With the Amazon Cover Enhancement service, Outskirts Press submits an image of the front and back of your cover for your book listing. Books that have this enhancement are much more attractive to buyers.

The Outskirts Press Amazon Extreme marketing package is the perfect way to launch book sales. When you start your publishing journey in the month of June, you’ll receive these valuable marketing options for FREE with the Diamond or Pearl package! Simply enter the promotion code FreeAEJune16 during check out. It’s that easy!

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“I continue to be very pleased with my experience in publishing with Outskirts Press. Congratulations on your fine service.”

Dr. Douglas Winslow Cooper retired from a career in the environmental sciences that included a Ph.D. in engineering from Harvard, seven years on the faculty of the Harvard School of Public Health, a decade of research and publishing with IBM’s Research Division, and election as Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology. After writing and publishing his own memoir, Ting and I, he now helps others write and publish their books. His web site is

Praise for Write Your Book With Me “If you’re thinking about writing your own book and need inspiration, step-by-step guidance and lots of encouragement, this book is for you. Doug Cooper…analyzes…the actions you need to make your book a success.” Ginny Carter, The Author Maker, “I wish I had a copy of WRITE YOUR BOOK WITH ME as I wrote my first book in 1994. The process by which you can write a book is spelled out step by step, with time-lines, accountability tables, and all the resources necessary to make the journey a pleasure. If you ever thought writing a book was impossible, I encourage you to pick up this book, and you’ll see the possibilities.” Edison Guzman, President, A&E Advertising and Web Design “In these pages I found a great intellect reading widely in the field, consolidating the most practical tips, and expressing them in crisp, down-to-earth prose. He’s also honest-neither promising nor claiming best-selling status-but telling us candidly what works (and doesn’t work) for him and others, motivating us by his passion for writing and his genuine concern for helping fellow writers along the way.” J. Steve Miller, author of “Sell More Books!” and “Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense.” “As a budding novelist, I’ve read a lot of books on how to write. A lot. I wish I’d had access to this book sooner…. He covers all the different formats: fiction, nonfiction, and memoir. The book starts with an excellent section on why to write in the first place, then covers preparation, the actual act of writing, publishing, promoting and marketing. It covers the whole enchilada….If you’re contemplating writing and publishing, this book should be in your inventory.” Dr. G.E. Nolly, author of the Hamfist series

– Dr. Douglas Winslow Cooper, author of Write Your Book With Me

Make Your Book Memorable: Take It To the Movies!

Once upon a time, book marketing was a print-and-radio affair. Then television came along, and the publishing world adjusted. Later still, the internet was born, and the publishing world was faced with a new dilemma: how best to use the additional creative methods provided by the internet to build a successful marketing campaign? Always a leap ahead of the curve, self-publishing authors began to look for websites like Youtube and Vimeo as possible platforms to connect with new readers and share book trailers. And they have been wildly successful!

A book trailer is, in summary, a kind of movie trailer for your book. Because videos tap into two fundamentally important human senses–both sight and hearing–at the same time, they have the power to both introduce new readers to your book and inspire them to purchase it. Crafting a book trailer that connects all of the dots in order to inspire this kind of reaction is, of course, quite a challenge. Video editing demands a certain professional creative skillset, complete with a deft hand at image placement, talent with text arrangement, and a nuanced way with transitioning from one frame to the next. And the timing must be precise: the entire trailer must take place over approximately sixty seconds in order to communicate all that it needs to and command a viewer’s attention.

Luckily, Outskirts Press makes it possible to put together a book trailer as a part of its Book Video Trailer option. Music selection, image identification, and text integration will all be taken care of for you, and a draft of your book video trailer delivered straight to your email inbox. As author, you retain the right to review the draft and suggest changes before final modifications are made. You also own any and all rights to the final book video trailer outright and may therefore use it throughout your marketing efforts.

Outskirts Press will make your book video trailer more visible by uploading it to Yahoo! Video, MySpace, Daily Motion, Twitter, Metacafe, and other popular video hosting websites–as well as by optimizing your book trailer for search engine indexing, to ensure that it is easy to find when your readers go looking for more information.

Book marketing is all about human connection, and your book video trailer is no different. The Book Video Trailer option puts all of video’s greatest assets–its immediacy, its ability to convey a lot of information succinctly, and its visceral impact–at your command. Movies have the power to move people, and a book trailer has the power to capture your reader’s attention and then translate that attention into engagement on social media as well as drive sales. Your book video trailer is a backstage pass into who you are as a writer, and an all-access ticket to the theme park of your book’s greater universe! Now that’s the kind of magic we can all believe in!

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Hurry! Choose Your Own Promo Before It’s Too Late!

Writing a book has been your dream, focus, passion and pursuit. Completing the writing of your book has required devotion, commitment, perseverance, sacrifice and confidence. Now what? Are you ready to see your dream realized?

With Outskirts Press, YOU are in control of your publishing destiny! When you choose to publish with Outskirts Press, you get to customize your book publishing package. Now, for the first time ever, you can also customize your book publishing promotion. Start with the Diamond or full-color Pearl publishing package in May and you can choose any of the following promotions. Copy the promotion code you want, click the publishing package of your choice, enter the promotion code upon checkout and you’re on your way to an exciting publishing adventure!

  • Option 1: 10% Off. Save 10% instantly. Promotion Code: Save10Pct
  • Option 2: Free Book Video. Book Videos feature Hollywood-style production values and a cutting edge look and feel. Outskirts Press distributes copies of the video through social networking and video sites like YouTube and Facebook. Authors are given their own video file to use in their personal marketing efforts, as well. The Book Video Trailer is like a movie trailer for your book. It’s cool. It’s hip. In May-it’s free. Promotion Code: FREEBV16.
  • Option 3: Free Cover Text Refinement. Do you want to spice up your back cover copy and author biography with some marketing muscle and professional zing that makes your writing sing? Submit some basic information and a professional copywriter will compose this cover information for you. Promotion code: FREECTR16

Outskirts Press offers a variety of self-publishing packages that are designed to fit the needs of our highly talented and diverse authors. Not sure where to start? Speak with a Publishing Consultant today. Our Publishing Consultants are available from 8am to 4pm Mountain time at 888.OP.BOOKS. Your consultant can recommend the best publishing package for your book. Don’t delay-get started today!

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How to Instantly Increase Your Fan Base with Electronic Editions of Your Book!

Every published author knows the satisfaction of seeing their hard work transformed into a beautiful new book to hold and share with friends and family. Authors who self-publish through Outskirts Press especially know the joy of holding their professionally designed books in hand. But there’s a huge group of loyal “e-readers” looking for electronic editions-potential fans who won’t have access to your book if it’s only in print form!

Along with the paperback or hardcover edition that is included with the various Outskirts Press publishing packages, authors have the option of releasing an e-book edition of their books-whether it’s for Kindle, Nook, Google and/or iPad.

If your goal is to reach as many readers as possible, consider taking advantage of this easy, affordable option and release your book in multiple formats!

Printed books will always be coveted by diehard booklovers. We love libraries and bookstores and eye-catching covers, and we love filling our shelves at home with our favorite titles. Most books still do best in physical form, but there is a growing number of bibliophiles who love their electronic reading devices…and tend to shop for digital editions of books as well as hard copies. Is YOUR book reaching this important demographic?

Digital editions also make an easy an inexpensive way to provide reviewers with a free copy of your book or to hold a contest where the winner receives your digital edition.

Independent authors should take advantage of this digital technology and deliver their books into the hands of an enormous group of consumers. And Outskirts Press authors have the advantage of a team of publishing professionals to make it happen. After all, more formats of your book mean more exposure, and more exposure translates to more success for you!

Outskirts Press makes it easy for self-publishing authors to maximize online distribution of their books. We offer several formats for digital editions, including Kindle, Nook, Google and iPad. Are you ready to publish your own book? Get started today!

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Want to get your book on iTunes and in front of millions of readers? In May, you can do just that! We are including an iPad/iPhone e-book edition with iTunes distribution to any author that purchases the industry-leading Diamond publishing service or our full-color Pearl publishing service.

That’s valuable exposure for your book and a great deal for you!

Benefits of the Apple iPad/iPhone Edition:

  • Quick and easy way to get your book listed on iTunes!
  • You receive greater exposure for your book. The more outlets where your book is available for sale, the greater the chances that your book will be discovered by potential readers.
  • Standard retail price of $9.99. No fretting over how to price your book on the iBookstore.
  • Guaranteed royalty amount. With standard iBookstore pricing, you’re guaranteed a royalty of $4.00 for each and every book you sell. With the added exposure of the Apple format, that could add up to a lot!
  • No imprint required. No need to publish under your own imprint or mess with ISBNs. This option lets you publish without those requirements.
  • Quick, seamless publishing. The iPad/iPhone Edition goes through Outskirts Press, so you can forget all the hassles of exchanging bank account numbers and other private information. We do everything for you behind the scenes.

How simple can it be? To receive this offer, simply add the popular Diamond package or the full-color Pearl package and enter the promotion code iPadMay16 during check out. It’s that easy!

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“I enjoyed working with Leona. She was supportive and very knowledgeable about the industry. I was lucky to have her in my corner although everyone I dealt with at Outskirts was professional and personable.”

James A. Cutchin grew up in a rural neighborhood in the Florida panhandle. He received his B.S. in social science from Florida State University and completed a hitch in the Army which included a tour of duty in Viet Nam. Upon his discharge from the Army James moved to Hawaii where he spent the next several years as a successful entrepreneur in the resort industry. After thirty-five years he has returned to the panhandle of Florida to retire and continue writing. James has traveled to more than 100 countries and combines his passion for writing, travel and love of history to bring stories to print that beg to be shared by a modern-day audience.

When Private Wotjek joined the Allied fight during World War II, his comrades could not imagine the impact his presence would have in the war. However, soon after his arrival, they realized what a valuable asset Wotjek would prove to be. There was only one small problem: Wotjek was a bear. “Once A Hero” is a historical novel of a Syrian brown bear cub that was orphaned and later, through serendipity, landed in the hands of Polish soldiers escaping the Soviet gulags. The tale is not only endearing, but also based on true events. The bear in the story is today honored and celebrated in several countries for his heroic actions during World War II. The story profiles the bear from birth to adulthood. The journey of a band of Polish soldiers is interwoven in the plot as they travel from their homes in war torn Europe, escape from the Siberian gulags, and travel through the Middle East into Africa. Eventually the paths of the bear and the soldiers cross, and the ten-pound cub is adopted as the troops’ mascot. “Once A Hero” is rich in historically and culturally accurate detail. The characters are well-developed and endearing. Vignettes of colorful escapades are written in a delightfully humorous tone keeping the reader entertained though out.

– James A. Cutchin, author of Once A Hero: The Story of Private Wojtek Bear WWII Soldier

Give a Gift That Keeps on Earning

self publishing newsletter
If the upcoming holidays have already filled you with dread over picking out just the right gifts — or wading through crowds at the mall to get them — don’t fret! You can make the writer, or aspiring writer, in your life very happy (and productive) without ever breaking a sweat.

A gift certificate can be a touching and highly personal tribute to your loved one. It’s one of several reasons why Outskirts Press offers its Instant Self-Publishing Gift Certificates. If you’re stuck for great ideas during this gift-giving season, read on — there are advantages to gift certificates that you may never have considered:

  • They’re inspiring. Writing a book is an arduous task. Every writer has, at one time or another, put off completion of a project, either due to lack of publishing funds, or just plain lack of motivation. Getting a big head-start on the purchase of a publishing package — or whatever self-publishing service they might require — is just the inspiration any author needs to get ‘er done.
  • They’re the gift that keeps on giving. What better gift than one that comes with terrific earning potential for the recipient? Your gift certificate sets in motion the publication of a book that could generate a lifetime of revenue for an author. That’s priceless!
  • They’re thoughtful gifts. Don’t shy away from gift certificates out of fear that they’re impersonal — in fact, the opposite is true. The gift of publishing dollars for someone you know is dreaming of that very thing is the most thoughtful gift you can give.
  • They can be anything your recipient wants them to be. Self-publishing gift certificates will motivate the author in your life. An Instant Self-Publishing Gift Certificate from Outskirts Press can be used toward the purchase of any of the many valuable products and services offered by Outskirts Press, including but not limited to:
    • Writing/Design services — ghostwriting, custom cover design, professional illustrations
    • Publishing package(s) — inclusive, turnkey service bundles such as our popular Diamond and Pearl Publishing Packages
    • Publishing kit — poetry, memoir, personalized children’s book
    • Marketing services — Book Blast, promotional materials, ebook editions, Amazon Listing Optimization, Top 10 Radio Interview & Media Training and more.
  • They’re flexible for the giver. You can choose as few or as many gift certificates from Outskirts Press as you choose, in convenient denominations of $99. But the best part is you don’t have to wrestle fellow shoppers for it.

Once you add the Instant Self-Publishing Gift Certificate(s) to your cart, Outskirts Press will contact you to find out who the special author is and gather any personal messaging you wish to include with the gift notification.

If the writer is already registered and/or published with Outskirts Press, the $99 will be instantly credited to their existing Publishing Center account. If the writer isn’t yet registered, Outskirts Press will create a free Publishing Center account for them and credit the $99 gift to the new account. Once the credit has been applied to the writer’s account, Outskirts Press will notify them via email of the special gift using the messaging you provide.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to wrap up the season’s gifting!

Receive FREE Editing (up to 15,000 words) when you start publishing today!

Any author who wants to publish a high-quality book must have their manuscript edited. Readers cannot take a work seriously if it is plagued with basic errors in typing or use of the English language. The Free Editing promotion offers authors a very attractive incentive to end up with a print-ready manuscript.

This month, enjoy our high-quality, basic copyediting service for FREE for manuscripts up to 15,000 words and a pro-rated discount of $240 can be applied to the service for works of greater length. Enter the promotion code FreeEdit2015 when checking out of your shopping cart while purchasing the popular Diamond package or the full color Pearl publishing package by November 30, 2015.

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Dan Chapman enjoys sharing stories and studies of travels, people, and experiences by blending both with his signature mixture of humorous and thoughtful poetry. Now a retired educator, Dan has fused his fascination of new sights and discoveries with his enjoyment of writing into creative venues called The Traveler Series. Previously, Dan has written for several poetry resources publishing his first volume of poetry, The Book of Daniel, which initiated his writing career.

Using Puerto Vallarta and its regional vicinity as a lovely backdrop, Dan Chapman cleverly uses his unique style of poetry and prose to take his readers on a personal adventure. Utilizing creative prose for informative storytelling and unique blends of humor, poignant thought, and poetry, Dan invites his readers to travel with him on his own spiritual journey to a beautiful and mystical vacation place for a dramatic and personal visionary walk. “Enjoy the trip” as Dan Chapman shares his Messages from Vallarta.

– Dan Chapman, author of Messages From Vallarta

Resolutions for 2015 That Every Aspiring Author Should Make

Hopefully you haven’t given up on your New Year resolutions already! During this month of resolving to do certain things you haven’t gotten to, or have been wanting to get to, we’ll get you started with resolutions tailored to the ambitious writer.

  1. Business cards. You don’t have to wait to be published to start marketing yourself. Print professional business cards, and use them to self-promote as you progress through your writing.
  2. Make yourself accessible. Make sure there are plenty of ways for people to reach out to you – phone, snail mail, email, social media, etc. This will prove vital, even long before your book is finished.
  3. Find your platform. If you don’t already have a writer “identity” on social media, get going on that. This should be separate from your regular social media pages. It’s a great space for you to poll potential readers, gauge interest in your project and pre-promote it.
  4. Research your market. Resolve to learn all you can about your chosen genre. Now, while you’re still developing your project, is the perfect time to find out what’s big and what’s burgeoning on the book market so your work will be timely when it’s finally done.
  5. Explore other writing formats. Resolve to get out of your writing ruts. If you’re only writing book chapters, break away once in a while to write a blog. Post creatively on Twitter. Write your spouse a juicy love letter. These all round you out as a creative force.
  6. Do advance promotion. Social media is the perfect place to get people excited about your progress. Resolve to post something daily: excerpts, reader polls, opinion on plotlines and insight into your process.
  7. Go NaNo. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), is a writing challenge that takes place throughout the month of November each year. The contest challenges writers to produce 50,000 words in 30 days. Many a novel has come to fruition only because of NaNoWriMo. Sign-ups start in October, so resolve to get on board this year.
  8. Connect with beta readers. Resolve to enlist the help of beta readers to help you polish your book. Beta readers are avid bookworms who review your work and give you valuable feedback from a book buyer’s perspective. You can get help with individual chapters or your entire book.
  9. Go “ghost” hunting. If you’ve come to the conclusion that a book is too big of a project for you, resolve to get help. A ghostwriter can write everything from small edits to entire passages and chapters to a full book from scratch.
  10. Get advice. If you’re unsure of your path, Outskirts Press has a staff of experienced book gurus who can advise you on how to proceed. Even if you’re not done writing, an assistant may be able to offer you advice or services that you didn’t know were available to you – assistance that could get your book to market much sooner and with much greater success.
  11. Learn new things. Resolve to expand your horizons with new hobbies and interests. You learn from everything you try – and that makes for a well-rounded individual and writer.
  12. Find inspiration. Something as simple as a short walk, your favorite rock album or a trip to a museum can be just the spark you need to get creative juices flowing. Resolve to build in little inspirations once a week to ignite that spark.
  13. Back up often. Don’t lose valuable data that could set you back. Resolve to back up important files to a cloud service or external hard drive so you’ll never lose data – and you’ll sleep better at night.
  14. Enter contests. Short story contests, essay contests, poetry contests – they all validate us as writers. Resolve to enter a competition at least several times a year to keep you writing and maybe even win some money!
  15. Get more shut-eye. Yeah, it’s that simple. And get more exercise too. Taking care of your health has a way of bringing you confidence and making you sharper – both traits that will help you achieve your goals and keep your resolutions.
  16. Be yourself. Resolve to make your writing personal to you. Sure, you may love how Poe words things, but you have a unique voice too. Remind yourself before each writing session that you’re special and unique. And then write what comes naturally.
  17. Relax! Building in time for decompression. You’ve earned it!

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“I was overwhelmed with how quickly the process went. The support has been simply amazing! Developing an understanding of the requirements to be a successful author are daunting, but through every step their guidance has kept my focus sharp. They really want to see their authors succeed! My experience with Outskirts Press has been both friendly and efficient. Kudos!”

Eric A. Disney is a Recovery and Personal Growth pastor in Southern California, where he has served for two decades. He is a counseling psychology graduate from California Baptist University in Riverside, California. His ministry offers a broad range of marriage, family, and relationship counseling classes and seminars.

Marriage by Design serves as a healing salve to wounded marriages-as well as a warning to those beginning their matrimonial journey, and couples anywhere in the spectrum-offering hope and encouragement to those who want to revitalize, refine, or completely restore their relationships. Marriage by Design is loaded with practical tools and exercises designed to shed light on unhealthy modes of behavior and their motivations; it also challenges some of the beliefs we carry from childhood that can impact our current relationships. Marriage by Design begins by establishing God’s foundation in marriage and moving through a systematic building process, enabling couples to apply scriptural-based techniques and concepts to their own marriages.

– Eric A. Disney, author of Marriage By Design

Author Spotlight: New Character, Big Twists in David Brookover’s ‘Ghostworld’

Author David Brookover may be relatively new to publishing novels, but he’s far from inexperienced. The 65-year-old former English teacher has released his sixth novel through Outskirts Press since retiring in 2011 and is gearing up for a seventh.

Two of his other novels, Mortal Eclipse and The Ancient Breed, garnered critical acclaim and featured the beloved recurring character Nick Bellamy. Brookover seems to have proven his knack for detective and fantasy works. His latest, the fantasy novel Ghostworld, introduces fans of his Teddi McCoy books (The Fossil and Demon Key) to Joe Luna, a supernatural investigator with supernatural origins himself.

“His mother was a sorceress and his father is a werewolf,” or a “sorwolf,” Brookover explained for Cary’s Comics Craze. The fanboy website profiled Brookover in September. With that pedigree, it makes sense that Luna is the top gun in Florida’s fictional Department of Supernatural Investigations. The very special, special agent witnesses a pair of gruesome homicides at the Ghostworld theme park, setting in motion a fantastic mystery that grows darker as the investigation progresses.

Though Brookover has only been publishing for a relatively short time, he’s been writing for longer than many of his former students have been alive, using the summers off from teaching to churn out ideas, one chapter at a time.

“Ideas start growing up in my mind,” he said. “The problem is weeding out the bad ones. The good ones are right behind the bad ones, whether it be a title or a character.”


David Brookover, a longtime resident of Orlando, now lives in Norwalk, Conn., with his wife, Mary. He taught English for many years, and spent 23 years in advertising as an executive and writer. He retired in 2011 and now devotes himself to writing.

For more information or to contact the author, visit

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