Resolutions for 2015 That Every Aspiring Author Should Make

Hopefully you haven’t given up on your New Year resolutions already! During this month of resolving to do certain things you haven’t gotten to, or have been wanting to get to, we’ll get you started with resolutions tailored to the ambitious writer.

  1. Business cards. You don’t have to wait to be published to start marketing yourself. Print professional business cards, and use them to self-promote as you progress through your writing.
  2. Make yourself accessible. Make sure there are plenty of ways for people to reach out to you – phone, snail mail, email, social media, etc. This will prove vital, even long before your book is finished.
  3. Find your platform. If you don’t already have a writer “identity” on social media, get going on that. This should be separate from your regular social media pages. It’s a great space for you to poll potential readers, gauge interest in your project and pre-promote it.
  4. Research your market. Resolve to learn all you can about your chosen genre. Now, while you’re still developing your project, is the perfect time to find out what’s big and what’s burgeoning on the book market so your work will be timely when it’s finally done.
  5. Explore other writing formats. Resolve to get out of your writing ruts. If you’re only writing book chapters, break away once in a while to write a blog. Post creatively on Twitter. Write your spouse a juicy love letter. These all round you out as a creative force.
  6. Do advance promotion. Social media is the perfect place to get people excited about your progress. Resolve to post something daily: excerpts, reader polls, opinion on plotlines and insight into your process.
  7. Go NaNo. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), is a writing challenge that takes place throughout the month of November each year. The contest challenges writers to produce 50,000 words in 30 days. Many a novel has come to fruition only because of NaNoWriMo. Sign-ups start in October, so resolve to get on board this year.
  8. Connect with beta readers. Resolve to enlist the help of beta readers to help you polish your book. Beta readers are avid bookworms who review your work and give you valuable feedback from a book buyer’s perspective. You can get help with individual chapters or your entire book.
  9. Go “ghost” hunting. If you’ve come to the conclusion that a book is too big of a project for you, resolve to get help. A ghostwriter can write everything from small edits to entire passages and chapters to a full book from scratch.
  10. Get advice. If you’re unsure of your path, Outskirts Press has a staff of experienced book gurus who can advise you on how to proceed. Even if you’re not done writing, an assistant may be able to offer you advice or services that you didn’t know were available to you – assistance that could get your book to market much sooner and with much greater success.
  11. Learn new things. Resolve to expand your horizons with new hobbies and interests. You learn from everything you try – and that makes for a well-rounded individual and writer.
  12. Find inspiration. Something as simple as a short walk, your favorite rock album or a trip to a museum can be just the spark you need to get creative juices flowing. Resolve to build in little inspirations once a week to ignite that spark.
  13. Back up often. Don’t lose valuable data that could set you back. Resolve to back up important files to a cloud service or external hard drive so you’ll never lose data – and you’ll sleep better at night.
  14. Enter contests. Short story contests, essay contests, poetry contests – they all validate us as writers. Resolve to enter a competition at least several times a year to keep you writing and maybe even win some money!
  15. Get more shut-eye. Yeah, it’s that simple. And get more exercise too. Taking care of your health has a way of bringing you confidence and making you sharper – both traits that will help you achieve your goals and keep your resolutions.
  16. Be yourself. Resolve to make your writing personal to you. Sure, you may love how Poe words things, but you have a unique voice too. Remind yourself before each writing session that you’re special and unique. And then write what comes naturally.
  17. Relax! Building in time for decompression. You’ve earned it!

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“I was overwhelmed with how quickly the process went. The support has been simply amazing! Developing an understanding of the requirements to be a successful author are daunting, but through every step their guidance has kept my focus sharp. They really want to see their authors succeed! My experience with Outskirts Press has been both friendly and efficient. Kudos!”

Eric A. Disney is a Recovery and Personal Growth pastor in Southern California, where he has served for two decades. He is a counseling psychology graduate from California Baptist University in Riverside, California. His ministry offers a broad range of marriage, family, and relationship counseling classes and seminars.

Marriage by Design serves as a healing salve to wounded marriages-as well as a warning to those beginning their matrimonial journey, and couples anywhere in the spectrum-offering hope and encouragement to those who want to revitalize, refine, or completely restore their relationships. Marriage by Design is loaded with practical tools and exercises designed to shed light on unhealthy modes of behavior and their motivations; it also challenges some of the beliefs we carry from childhood that can impact our current relationships. Marriage by Design begins by establishing God’s foundation in marriage and moving through a systematic building process, enabling couples to apply scriptural-based techniques and concepts to their own marriages.

– Eric A. Disney, author of Marriage By Design

Author Spotlight: New Character, Big Twists in David Brookover’s ‘Ghostworld’

Author David Brookover may be relatively new to publishing novels, but he’s far from inexperienced. The 65-year-old former English teacher has released his sixth novel through Outskirts Press since retiring in 2011 and is gearing up for a seventh.

Two of his other novels, Mortal Eclipse and The Ancient Breed, garnered critical acclaim and featured the beloved recurring character Nick Bellamy. Brookover seems to have proven his knack for detective and fantasy works. His latest, the fantasy novel Ghostworld, introduces fans of his Teddi McCoy books (The Fossil and Demon Key) to Joe Luna, a supernatural investigator with supernatural origins himself.

“His mother was a sorceress and his father is a werewolf,” or a “sorwolf,” Brookover explained for Cary’s Comics Craze. The fanboy website profiled Brookover in September. With that pedigree, it makes sense that Luna is the top gun in Florida’s fictional Department of Supernatural Investigations. The very special, special agent witnesses a pair of gruesome homicides at the Ghostworld theme park, setting in motion a fantastic mystery that grows darker as the investigation progresses.

Though Brookover has only been publishing for a relatively short time, he’s been writing for longer than many of his former students have been alive, using the summers off from teaching to churn out ideas, one chapter at a time.

“Ideas start growing up in my mind,” he said. “The problem is weeding out the bad ones. The good ones are right behind the bad ones, whether it be a title or a character.”


David Brookover, a longtime resident of Orlando, now lives in Norwalk, Conn., with his wife, Mary. He taught English for many years, and spent 23 years in advertising as an executive and writer. He retired in 2011 and now devotes himself to writing.

For more information or to contact the author, visit

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Author Spotlight: Young Sci-fi Writer Profiled in OC Register

In the science fiction book The Young Guardians and the Great Darkness, four teenage outcasts encounter forces that expose their mystic inner powers. It’s a fanciful story, but one, perhaps, many of us can relate to.

And none so much as author Grady Brown himself. The Outskirts Press author, 23, of Tustin, California, was recently profiled in the Orange County Register after the release of The Young Guardians and the Great Darkness, the second in his Young Guardians book series, geared toward teens and young adults.

In the books, the four awkward adolescents are inadvertently exposed to the Genesis Spell, a strange radiation that ignites secret powers in them. They use these powers to fight malevolent forces in Southern California to keep the world safe.

Brown, who is autistic and has a photographic memory, has always enjoyed spinning tales for close friends and family and the book series is a natural extension of that. The books deal with mystical supernatural powers but, while most of us aren’t superheros, many teens will be able to relate to the transformation of the main characters.

“Since the young guardians originated as unassuming teenagers that served as social outcasts, I think people can really connect with that,” Brown told the Register. “[It] reminds them of when they were alone, but in the end having the means to make the greatest difference in the world.”

Brown, who is employed at the Tustin Public Library, has started work on the third installment in the series and plans to release that book in three years.

“He’s been very focused on this and he’s wanted to leave his mark on the world, and he felt that with publishing his books he will have left his mark,” Brown’s mother, Martha, said. “And I think his autism helps him in visualizing the story and with getting it written and with his perseverance to stick to it and making sure it got published.”

For more information or to contact the author, visit

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Introducing Sonya, Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant

Successfully marketing a book can be a lot of work. A Personal Marketing Assistant is ideal for authors who want marketing assistance that is personal and specific. The Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant is available to work with authors (regardless of where your book was published) to promote your book in accordance with your plan and goals.

The Personal Marketing Assistant will correspond with you to arrive upon a marketing action plan. You will agree upon the specific tactics that will be taken which may include things like soliciting book reviews, contacting local bookstores, completing the verbiage on an author’s webpage, improving your Amazon tactics, or any number of tasks.

Meet one of the Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistants:

Sonya Gregory-Hayes’ professional background includes over 15 years of marketing, public relations and communications experience with such nationally-respected companies as United Way/Crusade of Mercy, J. Walter Thompson Advertising and Burrell Communications Group.  In 1994 Sonya launched Sonya Hayes Consultants, a comprehensive marketing and PR consulting business.  Between 1994 and 2009 Sonya built a nationwide client roster that encompassed the political arena, as well as the cosmetics, packaged goods, not-for-profit and entertainment industries.

Sonya holds a B.A. degree from Roosevelt University in Chicago and resides in IL with her husband and two teenage daughters.  In her spare time, Sonya is an avid reader and teaches “ole skool” dance as a form of exercise.  She loves jazz, classical and “ole skool” music, is becoming quite the “vegan chef.”  She ran her first 5K race last year and is looking forward to doing it again (if her knee co-operates)!

Testimonial from Brad Bradbury,
We’ve Never Had a King:

Sonya, a very personable lady, immediately generated a feeling of compatibility. Her consideration for this first-time author’s preferences was evident. You can rest assured that she has the ability to establish an immediate rapport with your next client, regardless of his or her demeanor.

Outskirts Press published authors can order the Personal Marketing Assistant option at any time from within their author’s center: CLICK HERE

Not published with Outskirts Press? That’s okay!  Our Personal Marketing Assistant option is available to all authors, regardless of where you published.  CLICK HERE for more details and to order now.


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What Self-Publishing Authors Have To Say About Personal Marketing Assistance

From Kaakyire Akosomo Nyantakyi, author of Practical English Level 365 Vol 1

Outskirts Press assigned Melanie Solomon as my Personal Marketing Assistant when my book, Practical English Level 365 Vo. 1, was published. It’s been just about six months since but I am inclined to show my heart-felt appreciation by officially acknowledging the recognition she so well deserves.

Melanie shows so much concern to ensure that my book gets nothing but excellent promotion prospects. Efficiency with courtesy attached is a rare combination in most of today‘s work places, but Melanie combines both with alacrity. If there is an Award at Outskirts Press, I do not hesitate to nominate Melanie Solomon.

From Ed Benjamin, author of Cash In on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan!

I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Sally Shields as my Personal Marketing Assistant. Sally has helped me market my book, Cash In on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan!: How to make large amounts of money by conducting business with or receiving grants from federal, state, and local governments.

Sally Shields is a phenomenal force of nature and when it comes to advising people on how to market their book, there is no equal. She speaks from experience having learned the lessons she promotes in her counseling sessions from selling her own book, The Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101 Surefire Ways to Manage (and Make Friends with) Your Mother-In-Law! Her book is a perennial best seller on and other venues. (I know this for a fact because I checked her out on Amazon myself.)

Her advice is timely and thought provoking and is targeted toward helping her client maximize sales of his/her book. There is no one whom I would rather have in my corner than Sally Shields.

Would I recommend Sally as a Personal Marketing Assitant? The answer is an unqualified YES!, YES!, YES!

From Birinder Bhullar, author of The Supreme Being

My experience with the entire team of Outskirts Press has been highly exceptional at all stages. The sweetest part of my experience came in the end. Every author publishes to sell a book. This is a stage every author looks forward to. The Personal Marketing Assistance offered by Outskirts leaves the author asking for nothing more. My experience with Maritt Bird and the concern with which she helped me exalted my previous rating of Outskirts from extraordinary to Supreme. Believe me I am not overstating even one bit.

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Self-Publishing Author Testimonial – Jonna-Lynn Mandelbaum


Jonna-Lynn K Mandelbaum earned a doctorate in education from Georgia State University and a master’s in public health from The Johns Hopkins University. She graduated from Philadelphia’s Methodist Hospital School of Nursing and received a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Lebanon Valley College prior to her appointment as a missionary nurse to Mozambique. International health was the dominant focus of her professional career. She developed and implemented educational programs for health professionals around the world. Now retired, she resides in northern New Mexico with her husband and three dachshunds.

Jonna-Lynn Mandelbaum, author of Unpredictable Crossing, recently purchased Custom Shoes offered by Outskirts Press, which are the ultimate conversation starter for any self-publishing author!



The photos posted on the Outskirts Press touting the shoes looked good, but I had reservations about how well the cover of my book would be portrayed and the clarity of the lettering for the title and my name.  Much to my delight the cover design is very clear and the words are quite legible.  They are fun to wear and show people, if they haven’t noticed them first. It was very impressive that the shoes could accommodate my orthotic making them comfortable for me to wear.  While this pair will not be a shoe for me to wear every day, they’ll be very good for special events and other times when you want to have some fun promoting your book.  I ordered a second pair as a gift for someone who is doing a lot to assist me in promoting my books in another part of the country.

I encourage everyone to consider ordering a pair of shoes, if not for yourself then as a gift for someone helping you.

~Jonna-Lynn Mandelbaum



Unpredictable Crossing is set entirely upon a modern-day cruise ship. But at the core of the novel is the December 1972 massacre in the small village of Wiriyamu at the hands of the Portuguese military. Tristeza, then 12, lost her whole family in the bloody rampage. Now a staffer aboard the ship on its way to Lisbon, Tristeza encounters a passenger whose face is seared into her mind: Col. Perreira, the man who ordered the killings.

In a remarkable twist of fate, Amanda Allmond, a former American missionary nurse in Mozambique during the war, is also on board. Chance encounters lead to the unraveling of Col. Perreira’s carefully constructed exterior – and the flooding back of painful memories for both Amanda and Tristeza. As the two women rekindle a long-lost association, they will soon discover three decades’ passing haven’t subdued the violence inside Col. Perreira.

Now, fate has left them no choice to try to expose his long-buried shame. Col. Perreira will stop at nothing – not even murder – to maintain the silence that has followed that brutal day.

Based on the true story of the crime that has been called “Mozambique’s My Lai,” Unpredictable Crossing shines a light on this underreported chapter in world history. But the book’s combination of forceful narrative and crackling dialogue will ensure it’s forgotten no longer. 


Outskirts Press authors can order these Custom shoes at any time easily and conveniently from the marketing options page in the Author’s Center. These custom shoes come in a wide variety of both adult or children’s sizes. A professional designer will take your book cover and design a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes using your book cover. The Outskirts Press logo is placed on the heel of each shoe.

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Introducing Maritt Bird, Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant

Successfully marketing a book can be a lot of work. A Personal Marketing Assistant is ideal for authors who want marketing assistance that is personal and specific. The Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant is available to work with authors to promote your book in accordance with your plan and goals.The Personal Marketing Assistant will correspond with you to arrive upon a marketing action plan. You will agree upon the specific tactics that will be taken which may include things like soliciting book reviews, contacting local bookstores, completing the verbiage on an author’s webpage, improving your Amazon tactics, or any number of tasks.

Meet one of the Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistants:

Maritt Bird is a marketing professional with a background working with developers to market and sell real estate throughout the Colorado Front Range. Maritt has effectively managed and trained sales teams along with analyzing numerous marketing materials, websites, and sales collateral. In 2008, Maritt was responsible for packaging 13 real estate award entries resulting in four national and regional awards. She received her B.S. in Marketing from the University of Colorado and is a member of, St. Andrew Society of Colorado, and the Denver Board of Realtors.

Testimonial from Carl M. Powe, Jr.,
author of Career Planning and Development – In Reverse:

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse the efforts of Maritt Bird in assisting me with marketing my book “Career Planing and Development–In Reverse.” From the initial introductory phone call to the final minutes of the allotted time, Maritt has been a true professional in every sense of the word. I have been very pleased with her knowledge and ability to convey that knowledge to me. Her interpersonal skills far surpass those of most business people I have dealt with. Thanks, Maritt.

The Personal Marketing Assistant is available as an a-la-carte option or as part of the Book Blast package where authors can save 25% on 5 powerful marketing services to blast their book into the stratosphere! Outskirts Press authors can easily and conveniently add the Personal Marketing Assistant option or the Book Blast package at any time from the Marketing Options screen of the author’s center. Outskirts Press has a team of Personal Marketing Assistants ready to help you in your book promotion efforts today!

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