Make Your Book Memorable: Take It To the Movies!

Once upon a time, book marketing was a print-and-radio affair. Then television came along, and the publishing world adjusted. Later still, the internet was born, and the publishing world was faced with a new dilemma: how best to use the additional creative methods provided by the internet to build a successful marketing campaign? Always a leap ahead of the curve, self-publishing authors began to look for websites like Youtube and Vimeo as possible platforms to connect with new readers and share book trailers. And they have been wildly successful!

A book trailer is, in summary, a kind of movie trailer for your book. Because videos tap into two fundamentally important human senses–both sight and hearing–at the same time, they have the power to both introduce new readers to your book and inspire them to purchase it. Crafting a book trailer that connects all of the dots in order to inspire this kind of reaction is, of course, quite a challenge. Video editing demands a certain professional creative skillset, complete with a deft hand at image placement, talent with text arrangement, and a nuanced way with transitioning from one frame to the next. And the timing must be precise: the entire trailer must take place over approximately sixty seconds in order to communicate all that it needs to and command a viewer’s attention.

Luckily, Outskirts Press makes it possible to put together a book trailer as a part of its Book Video Trailer option. Music selection, image identification, and text integration will all be taken care of for you, and a draft of your book video trailer delivered straight to your email inbox. As author, you retain the right to review the draft and suggest changes before final modifications are made. You also own any and all rights to the final book video trailer outright and may therefore use it throughout your marketing efforts.

Outskirts Press will make your book video trailer more visible by uploading it to Yahoo! Video, MySpace, Daily Motion, Twitter, Metacafe, and other popular video hosting websites–as well as by optimizing your book trailer for search engine indexing, to ensure that it is easy to find when your readers go looking for more information.

Book marketing is all about human connection, and your book video trailer is no different. The Book Video Trailer option puts all of video’s greatest assets–its immediacy, its ability to convey a lot of information succinctly, and its visceral impact–at your command. Movies have the power to move people, and a book trailer has the power to capture your reader’s attention and then translate that attention into engagement on social media as well as drive sales. Your book video trailer is a backstage pass into who you are as a writer, and an all-access ticket to the theme park of your book’s greater universe! Now that’s the kind of magic we can all believe in!

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