Go Big, or Go Home—With 100% of Your Royalties.

picture1When authors decide on the best self-publisher for their book, one critical area, royalties, can be an often overlooked aspect. For many authors, the word “royalties” can cause confusion as to what this actually means.

Simply put, “royalties” paid to authors are a percentage of revenue earned on book sales. Publishers determine their profits as what’s left over once your retailer (yes, retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble take a cut when they sell your book) and production costs are taken into account, and then they determine their royalties by calculating a percentage of those profits to give back to authors.

Some publishers take a hefty percentage of those profits for themselves and give their authors a small amount and other publishers pay varying amounts based on where your book sold from. Neither scenario is truly beneficial to authors.

At Outskirts Press, however, we do things a little differently. We put our authors first, and we know how important it is to earn a fair amount when your book sells. When you publish with Outskirts Press, you get 100% of your book’s royalties. And Outskirts Press pays 100% author royalties regardless of where the book sells.

We follow the formula of…

Profit = Retail price – retailer profit – production cost

We feel so strongly about authors knowing what royalties they will receive that we even have and easy pricing calculator that you can use at any time-even before you start publishing. We invite you to calculate your royalties, your revenue, or earnings by visiting our easy online Pricing Calculator, which makes it easy to set your retail price and to see what your royalties will be.

Of course, the benefits to choosing Outskirts Press don’t end with the royalties, as important as they are. You also retain 100% of your book rights, unlimited wholesale and retail availability, publishing imprint and ISBN flexibility, and complete print-run flexibility—ensuring that you can print exactly however many books as you want, whether you want one or one thousand.

Our flexibility and adaptability to your needs, coupled with our phenomenal services and staff, is just one of many reasons Outskirts Press was rated #1 among self-publishing companies by Top Consumer Reviews for 2016. You can reach out to one of our publishing experts at 1-888-OP-BOOKS or by starting with a down payment on your publishing package. Your professional publishing consultant will work with you to select the best publishing package for your book and will help you with details like your book cover, interior and you guessed it, royalties.

Get started today, people are waiting for your book.

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You’ve Got Questions and Self-Publishing News Has the Answers

Most people believe that writing is a solitary activity: you lock yourself in your office with your computer and your favorite form of caffeine and type away in silence, hoping that what is in your head effectively travels to your fingertips.

And that’s true. Sort of.

Excited woman raising her arms while working on her laptop

These days, writers are fortunate to have so much information readily available through the internet and social media. The problem with that is that it can be hard to sift through what’s truly valuable.

We want to help.

Through this Outskirts Press blog, Self-Publishing News, we like to consistently provide you with:

And, of course, amazing marketing opportunities, like getting your book into the pages of the New York Times just in time for the holidays! Click here for those details.

Advertise your book in the New York Times

Our team of writing professionals is always looking for information that is going to help you through the publishing process. We not only focus on the resources that Outskirts Press offers, we pull in writing and publishing tips from other resources we think might benefit you. When you have questions, Self-Publishing News can help you with the answers and, hopefully, save you time while inspiring you along the way.

Through Self-Publishing News, we virtually take you out of your office and into a community of writers and publishers who want you to succeed.

Thank you for making Self-Publishing News a part of your writing, publishing, and marketing journey.


The value of a self publishing consultant

The ancient adage that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover has been thoroughly debunked in recent years, with software analytics proving a definitive link between a book’s attractiveness and sales figures. News outlets as wide-ranging and respectable as the Sydney Morning Herald and Psychology Today have run articles on the importance of first impressions in another arena—that of both personal and business relationships. “Qualifications count for nothing,” writes Sarah Hall of the Sydney Morning Herald, “if you don’t have social skills to match.”

In a sense, this is good news for the self-publishing author during the hunt for the perfect fit in choosing a book publishing company: You have permission to trust your gut, and the assurance that while first impressions never constitute a complete picture, they certainly tell you a lot about the other’s integrity. And if you’re on the hunt for self-publishing services, whether it’s a custom book cover design, a professional publication with legitimate chances of winning an award (or two), or assistance in putting together a well-orchestrated marketing campaign, your first impression of a self-publishing company will likely come in the form of those we at Outskirts Press call Publishing Consultants.



Tina, Trent, Jamie, and Laura:
Four talented members of our Publishing Consultant team.

Our Publishing Consultants are known for being personable and apt conversationalists, but their job requires something more than just an empty smile and a firm handshake. When it comes to shepherding your book safely through the hazards of the self-publishing process, they must also be able to prove their worth as experts in the field from the first moment of contact. And our Publishing Consultants consistently deliver; just ask any number of authors who publish through Outskirts Press each year, and they can recount for you the value of their consultations in transforming their books from manuscripts into complete packages, replete with eye-popping covers and interior designs. But our Publishing Consultants aren’t just there to generate visual appeal; they are also on hand to provide insight into issues as diverse as copyright (or more specifically, avoiding copyright infringements!), e-book editions, copyediting, and perhaps the most undervalued aspect of all — holding your hand as you pass your passion to the company best-suited to make it the book of your dreams.

By now you tend to know whether you’re just another number in the system or whether you’re receiving quality service. As Arthur Dobrin of Psychology Today puts it, “First impressions matter but substance has the final word.” Our Publishing Consultants aren’t just pretty faces at the front desk or friendly voices over the phone; their job means all the difference between a substandard do-it-yourself self-published volume that languishes in the dust of neglected shelves (or in the virtual cobwebs of the cloud)—and a masterpiece executed to meet your exact specifications that reaches its target audience. Your Publishing Consultant will help you weigh your budget against the options available, and choose from among the dazzling range of services on offer. All the while, they are there to cheerlead and advocate for your goals from start to finish.

Unlike some other self-publishing companies who require a 50% or 100% payment up front,  Outskirts Press let’s you get started on book publishing with your very own Publishing Consultant with just a $35 down payment. You will receive truly professional guidance on choosing the best possible publishing package for your book, along with a Custom Publishing Profile, and matter-of-fact tips sheets (like The 7 Highly Effective Rules for the Perfect Book Title).

No matter which publishing package you choose, all of your publishing questions can be quickly answered, and you will quickly receive personal help getting started. Oh, and the deposit is included in the package price — no extra cost!

But don’t take our word for it.  You’re the one who gets to judge the quality of our ability to make a good first impression. And when you’re ready to take the next step, we’re here to help. You can contact us at for more information about self-publishing or for inspiration in the form of our newsletters, emails, and social media accounts.  There are ways to write us, email us, call us, chat with us, or browse our knowledge base and FAQ. All you have to do is click the “Contact Us” button below to find out more.


Save $500 at the New & Improved Outskirts Press!

Everyone likes a good make-over story. We’re all addicted to home improvement shows and look forward to seeing a newly designed home after the construction dust settles. We can’t wait to see a woman walk through a curtain, her hair freshly styled and wearing a dress she never thought she could. Even kids love seeing an old car on the road with a fresh paint job and new interior.

Outskirts Press has decided to join the makeover movement.

Now, if you haven’t yet published with Outskirts Press, you will see a fresh new look when you click on www.outskirtspress.com.

  • A user-friendly site that is easily viewed on tablets and mobile devices
  • New & improved one-click publishing suites that include everything you need
  • New & improved customizable packages that let you to make your book your way

We realized that if we were going to upgrade our look, we needed to upgrade your publishing process as well. While many people get excited about publishing a book, it can be daunting to wear all the hats of a writer, editor, graphic artist, book formatter, distributor, marketing expert, and royalty accountant all at the same time.

Now our One-Click publishing take care of everything for you. These all-inclusive packages include:

  • Original Custom Cover Design (with 2 unique concepts to choose from)
  • Enhanced Interior Book Formatting
  • Professional Cover Text Refinement for your back cover
  • Professional Copyediting
  • Expedited Service
  • Amazon Kindle E-Book Edition
  • Free Author’s Copies
  • Exclusive Marketing Guides designed to kick start your book promotion
  • A Personal Marketing Assistant

…as well as many other features.

You’ll always have a personal publishing professional to help you every step of the way.

We are so excited about the New & Improved Outskirts Press that this week we are inviting all non-fiction writers to experience our brand new One-Click Non-Fiction publishing package for an introductory offer of $500 off the normal price.

This means that while other writers are spinning their wheels trying to do everything by themselves, all you need to do is enter code Save500Aug16 at checkout and have an entire team behind you, working toward the success of your book…while you relax and enjoy your discount.

So what are you waiting for? Millions of people are looking for your book right now.

The Outskirts Press Website Will Be Down Temporarily

Outskirts Press
Our Website will be shut down for a short time on Sunday, July 31st as we prepare for the re-launch of the new Outskirts Press website. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we think that you’ll be happy with our new, improved website that will be up on August 1st.

The new Outskirts Press will offer all-new publishing services, all-new branding, and an even deeper commitment to helping our clients publish the book of their dreams with personal service and quality products. We will continue to help authors develop and publish high-quality books by offering exceptional design, printing, publishing, distribution, and book marketing services.

You can keep apprised of these exciting changes as they occur by following us on one of our social media channels:


Say Hello to the New Outskirts Press…

The second half of 2016 is going to be an exciting time at Outskirts Press.  On August 1st, Outskirts Press is rebranding and relaunching with a whole new look, new packages, and even better client-services support & offerings.

This relaunch includes a major facelift to the “front” of the Outskirts Press website, which will be visible for new clients, as well as current clients who are “logged-out” of their Publishing Center.   Current authors who are “logged-in” to their Publishing Center will continue to see the current website, although some moderate changes to the logo, background colors, and select pages will start to “sprinkle in” throughout July in preparation for the August 1 relaunch.  Don’t worry, these are visual changes only; your production, publishing, or post-publication process won’t change at all.

You can keep apprised of these exciting changes as they occur by following us on one of our social media channels:


Outskirts Press Is Getting an Upgrade!

Outskirts Press

The relaunch of the NEW Outskirts Press website is scheduled for August 1. With the relaunch comes all new publishing packages, branding, and messaging.  Our new suite of publishing service icons will prominently feature a new “O” when the new publishing packages are introduced on the new website.  This “O” will also play a small role in the graphic design of some of our advertising efforts, both online and offline, as we roll out new advertising and marketing campaigns.  Some other upgrades include:

  • Using one consistent trade-marked logo everywhere — the “stacked” version
  • Featuring a rotating header image that features our monthly publishing, marketing, and writing promotions
  • Offering a menu at the top that links to our shopping cart, our contact us page, our author login page, and our bookstore


We will continue to help authors develop and publish high-quality books by offering exceptional design, printing, publishing, distribution, and book marketing services. Stay tuned for updates before we go live on August 1, 2016.

You can keep apprised of these exciting changes as they occur by following us on one of our social media channels: