Merry Christmas, Outskirts Press Authors!

Today, we open those gifts we’ve been eyeing under the tree for weeks, and we watch our loved ones open the gifts we have been putting together for equally as long, if not longer. But the gift-giving season doesn’t end today, or even when the ball drops in Times Square to mark the beginning of a new year. It’s true, there’s something special about Christmas and the other holidays clustered around the 25th of December, but there’s also something special about you and what you do, and you get to carry that with you forever. Your generosity of spirit has helped make Outskirts Press an industry leader, a standout success among the ranks of other possibilities you might have chosen but didn’t, and we want to honor you and that choice.

Today is special because you’re in it, and because you’re in our lives. Yes, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Joyous Kwanzaa, and Reason’s Greetings to those who mark Newtonmas. We truly hope and wish that the holiday season will be rich with happiness and healing after a long year in the trenches. The fact that you have entrusted us with your books, your stories, and your friendship is a constant blessing and a constant challenge to raise the bar, improve our services, and do our very best to transform your vision into reality. Let’s put it this way: We wouldn’t have won a #1 ranking from Top Consumer Reviews without you!

You, our authors, are at the heart of what we do and who we are at Outskirts Press. You are, like the books you write, authors and avatars of a beautiful, colorful, diverse, and exciting future which we can’t wait to inhabit. And we hope that, as we progress through the last days of 2016, that you continue to choose us as your partners in the self-publishing process.


2016 has, in point of fact, been a stellar year for our authors! Whether we’re talking about Amazon bestsellers like Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol’s Letters, To The Men I Have Loved and Elusive Loves; Amores Esquivos or books successfully adapted for film and television like Landria Onkka’s The Rooftop Christmas Tree, whimsical illustrated children’s picture books like Super Mia and the Good Luck Duo – Rescued is the New Black by Marie-Yolaine Williams or works of serious nonfiction like Donald Deignan’s The Shadow of Sacrifice: The True Story of a Pearl Harbor Survivor and his Nephew and Namesake, our authors never cease to amaze us and make us proud to be your publishing company. And that’s just to name a few! Our bookstore is packed with incredible options for the discerning reader.

This Christmas, we hope you’ll take a moment or two to celebrate yourself, your hard work, and the labor of so many other fellow authors who have come together to be published through Outskirts Press. So shake out that tinsel and rip open those presents–and take a moment to join us in pondering all the good things that the Outskirts Press community has accomplished in 2016. We’re proud of you.

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Thank You for Being You, Authors. And Thank You for Being Ours, Too.

thankfulSometimes we resist sentimentality around the holiday season because we feel as if everything worth saying has been said before, but we at Outskirts Press firmly believe that the truth is worth telling, and re-telling, especially at a time of year when the hectic nature of our private lives can distract us from what’s really important: our friends and families. You, as one of our treasured authors, are both friend and family—and we want to make sure you know just how much we appreciate you this Thanksgiving. Your business, your support, and yes, your friendship are the rock solid foundation upon which we have built a company around the idea that your stories are the cornerstone of an energetic, radical, world-changing phenomenon.

In celebration of you and all that you do, we wanted to highlight some of the authors who have published through Outskirts Press in recent years. These authors are, like the books they produce, representatives of a vibrant and diverse community engaged in storytelling, and we are so excited that they—and you—have chosen us to come alongside you throughout the self-publishing process. Here are a few quotes from our Author Representatives on some of their favorite experiences:

“Stuart Crane’s writing is award-worthy,” writes one Representative about the England-based author whose latest work, Farmer David: The Dunster Show has become beloved by all. “The illustrations are amazing!” Crane brings his characters to life and infuses them with all the energy and vitality of his current community in San Diego, as well as the beauty characteristic of his own English countryside roots.

If your taste runs more to inspirational adult literature, Exie Wilde Henson and her book Laurel’s Choices have inspired this testament from her own Representative: “She was, hands-down, one of my favorite authors to work with. She was so sweet and professional and allowed me to guide her through the [self-publishing] process with ease; I wish Exie the absolute best on her current book and her future ventures!”

Speaking of future ventures, this cookbook from Terry Lee Madere—Recipes of a Cajun—inspired lavish praise from his team at Outskirts Press. Says one Representative, “I was hungry just looking at this book!” Madere’s book contains, to paraphrase that same advocate, down-home recipes full of flavor. “Damn the diet,” the review ends—“and full speed ahead!”

For those of you looking for a great picture book to add to your holiday shopping list, you can’t go wrong with B.J. Loyd’s The Wishing Well, which our Author Representatives describe as containing “a message for all ages.” Said one Representative, “I loved working with this author, and I ordered a copy for my grandkids as soon as it was published.”

Or perhaps you’ll be touched and moved as much as we were by the picture book collaboration between Rhoda Leavitt and Sue Alsup, Our Gypsy Neighbors. Says their Representative, “The illustrations are done in watercolors,” making it “one of the prettiest books” we’ve had the pleasure of working on.

Rounding out our holiday picks for the kids’ corner, Barbara Cefalu’s ongoing series—The Adventures of Patty-Cat and Kittle and The Further Adventures of Patty-Cat and Kittle—carry on the lively tradition of Beatrix Potter and other animal-loving children’s authors. Says her Representative, her “kittens will knock your socks off with their engaging antics,” making her series “a must-read for any grandparent to a grandchild.” And holidays are for spending with family, after all!

Meanwhile, branching out into the realm of spiritual books, the legacy of Dr. T. Charles Brantley endures and eclipses many others. Dr. Brantley, with twenty books already published through Outskirts Press and more no doubt on the way, has, according to his Outskirts team, “not only published the most books with Outskirts Press, but his topics are very timely and applicable to real people with real questions.” Even just a sampling of his books should include such gems as Successful Marriages for Successful Men, Further Than Jabez: Come Against Selfishness Within the Body of Christ, Return to the Garden of Eden, and the popular League of Modern-Day Superheroes.

Last but certainly not least, we round out our list with Lenny Pollara’s We Will Never Forget, a work which inspired his Representative to say that he “epitomizes the true American Spirit of Heroism through his poetry,” and if that’s not enough to persuade you to pick up a copy of his pithy volume, perhaps its beautiful cover and the author’s legacy and fidelity to authentic representation of some truly devastating realities of life.

As you might have gathered, our wonderful team of Author Representatives are continually impressed with the authors who choose to publish through us at Outskirts Press, not to mention the quality of the finished products. We hope you’ll take a moment to celebrate our wonderful authors alongside us this Thanksgiving season, and maybe even take a chance on picking up one of their books for the upcoming gift-giving season to come!

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Outskirts Press Bestseller ‘The Rooftop Christmas Tree’ is a Movie!

Has 2016 been a rough year? Many psychologists and clinical researchers report increased levels of stress and anxiety around the holiday season, and for many of our readers this has been a year for the books. And so, it is with great happiness and a fair bit of pride that we introduce you to Landria Onkka, one of Outskirts Press’ award-winning authors, and her book The Rooftop Christmas Tree, a story to reinvest the world with a little joy and magic.

And the good news doesn’t end there! The television rights to this book, originally released back in 2014, were immediately snapped up and the resulting adaptation will air for the first time just after Thanksgiving on the UP Entertainment Worldwide Network (at 7PM and 9PM Eastern Time on November 27th, 9PM on November 29th, and again at 1AM on November 30th). It has quite the star-studded cast and crew! Directed by award-winning Director/Producer David Winning, produced by Oliver De Caigny, and starring Michelle Morgan and Stephen Huszar in its leading roles, this movie is sure to thaw the cold of winter and warm the cockles of your heart as the beautiful story of Onkka’s book takes the silver screen by storm.


The Rooftop Christmas Tree is more than just a holiday story—it’s a human story. Sarah Wright, a small-town attorney in Rosedale, Georgia, has an affinity for animals and a passion for helping the poor. She has found meaning and peace in her life, a peace that is made fragile by the return of her childhood friend John Rivera to Rosedale, now a high-powered corporate attorney. Unable to forgive John for his abrupt departure years earlier, Sarah finds herself at odds with him at every turn, and must deal with romantic feelings she long thought suppressed.

Meanwhile, a former neighbor is making trouble around town—as usual. Mr. Landis, a pugnacious Rosedale institution, hauls a lit Christmas tree out every Christmas … and places it on his roof. Nobody knows why, but he has carried on this tradition for years, landing him in court—and jail—each and every time. When he refuses her help, Sarah finds herself unable to prevent what she knows will be his next infraction, and the judge on the case assigns the case to both young attorneys, forcing them to work together and figure out a way through their complicated history.

bookInspired by real events, author Landria Onkka has produced a work which Christine Watson of Reader Views calls “delightful” and describes as “bring[ing] to life the joy that is associated with the holidays as well as a budding new romance.” This is a book, she writes, which “is best enjoyed while curled up under a blanket with some hot chocolate”—and the television movie adaptation is predicted to produce exactly the same joy and comfort in its readers. Onkka herself reports, after an advance preview that Director David Winning has done “an outstanding job” and that the actors are “first class!”

So make sure to tune in on November 27th, 29th, or 30th for this special holiday treat! For more information about both book and movie, check out Landria Onkka’s personal website at If you’re the sort of person who likes to read the book before you see the movie, you can purchase her book through the Outskirts Press Bookstore, or through the book’s Amazon listing. There’s nothing quite like a good movie to make us forget some of the holiday stress, and give us a boost of hope and energy to tackle whatever 2017 has to offer!

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Support Our Veterans This November 11 by Reading Their Books!

veteransWhile many Americans voice support and provide advocacy for veterans throughout the year, Veteran’s Day—which falls this year on Friday, November 11th—is a time for special attention and consideration. It falls on the same day as Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, celebrated throughout the world by countries involved in the major military hostilities of World War I, but it is not to be confused with Memorial Day, the day in May on which we honor servicemen and women who have been killed in the line of duty. On Veteran’s Day, we celebrate all of those who fought, particularly those who are alive today and face the daily challenges of having served in the American armed forces.

And what better way to honor those who serve or have served than to read and remember their stories? This Veteran’s Day, we thought we’d highlight the work of several Outskirts Press authors who are also veterans, and it is our hope that you will take the opportunity to stop by our Outskirts Press Bookstore, which features not just these works but many, many more of note.

The Female Veteran, by Ty Will

There has been some chatter lately about our women veterans, and there’s no better entry point to the literature of the armed services than you can find in Ty Will’s The Female Veteran, a book which tackles everything from sexual assault in the military to active service on the front lines of the Drug Interdiction Mission. Author Ty Will served in the Army Reserves from 1987 to 1989 and then active duty from 1989 to 1992 before returning to the Reserves until her honorable discharge in 1995—so she really knows what she’s talking about! Fans of the Oscar-nominated documentary The Invisible War and those who are concerned with women’s issues or know a woman enlisted in the armed forces today will love Ty Will’s fearful and courageous book!

An Army of Stories: Tales of a Cold War Veteran, by Roger Mason

Roger Mason, retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant with 21 years of service, has seen a lot. He served as a member of the Noncommissioned Officer and Officer Logistics Programs, the Association of the U.S. Army, the Ordnance Corps Association, and the Society for Technical Communication. After his retirement, he served as a government contractor—and decided to write about his experiences, sometimes even using metered verse and the tools of children’s literature to do so. You won’t see much of those last things here, in An Army of Stories, but you will see the world on Uncle Sam’s dime—a world rich in beauty and heartbreak, loss and peril.

Their War, Their Words: Oral Histories and Memories of World War II Veterans of the Army, Army Air Corps, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, Marine Corps, and Navy, by Norman Carlisle

Norman Carlisle, too, has seen the world … and in Their War, Their Words, he makes the revolutionary choice to lend a voice to the memories of the “Ordinary Joe” serving in the United States’ armed forces, including those forces often neglected when recounting the larger narrative of Veteran’s Day. As he notes in his book description, “World War II left many memories. Some of these can be found in the biographies of Ike, Bradley, Patton, FDR, and Churchill. But what of the stories of others?” As much a document of our servicemen and women’s humility—many of whom would argue they are not heroes, simply doing their jobs and doing them well—as it is a living memorial for those who don’t have the voice to speak for themselves, Their War, Their Words is touched by Carlisle’s own experiences, too. Every member of his family, including his grandmother the civil defense aircraft spotter in 1942, has had a part to play in the story of this country’s armed forces—and this experience shows. This book is not to be missed!

Life of Lieutenant Colonel James A. Seals: 100 Year Old Pearl Harbor Survivor, by Michele Seals McConnell

One hundred years young, Lt. Col. James A. Seals has lived a lifetime in service to America. He served through World War II and survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor, having delayed his return to the USS Pennsylvania in order to dine and dance with the hula girls in Honolulu. Even the summary description of what he and his friends witnessed the following morning as they walked back to their ship will give you the chills! But there’s more: born in a log cabin in Tennessee in 1916, Seals went on to serve on military bases all around the world, and now lives in a much-decorated retirement with his daughter, Dr. Michele Seals McConnell—with whom he co-wrote his memoirs. And boy, do the Seals know how to spin a yarn! There’s nothing more moving than seeing conflict through the eyes of someone who lived it, boots on the ground and all.

We’d like to take a moment this Veteran’s Day to honor our many wonderful authors who have served in the U.S. military. They have dedicated their lives to our country, and given us their stories to remember them by and, hopefully, navigate this often dangerous world more wisely. We hope you’ll join us in thanking them, and in reading these wonderful records of their service.

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Go Big, or Go Home—With 100% of Your Royalties.

picture1When authors decide on the best self-publisher for their book, one critical area, royalties, can be an often overlooked aspect. For many authors, the word “royalties” can cause confusion as to what this actually means.

Simply put, “royalties” paid to authors are a percentage of revenue earned on book sales. Publishers determine their profits as what’s left over once your retailer (yes, retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble take a cut when they sell your book) and production costs are taken into account, and then they determine their royalties by calculating a percentage of those profits to give back to authors.

Some publishers take a hefty percentage of those profits for themselves and give their authors a small amount and other publishers pay varying amounts based on where your book sold from. Neither scenario is truly beneficial to authors.

At Outskirts Press, however, we do things a little differently. We put our authors first, and we know how important it is to earn a fair amount when your book sells. When you publish with Outskirts Press, you get 100% of your book’s royalties. And Outskirts Press pays 100% author royalties regardless of where the book sells.

We follow the formula of…

Profit = Retail price – retailer profit – production cost

We feel so strongly about authors knowing what royalties they will receive that we even have and easy pricing calculator that you can use at any time-even before you start publishing. We invite you to calculate your royalties, your revenue, or earnings by visiting our easy online Pricing Calculator, which makes it easy to set your retail price and to see what your royalties will be.

Of course, the benefits to choosing Outskirts Press don’t end with the royalties, as important as they are. You also retain 100% of your book rights, unlimited wholesale and retail availability, publishing imprint and ISBN flexibility, and complete print-run flexibility—ensuring that you can print exactly however many books as you want, whether you want one or one thousand.

Our flexibility and adaptability to your needs, coupled with our phenomenal services and staff, is just one of many reasons Outskirts Press was rated #1 among self-publishing companies by Top Consumer Reviews for 2016. You can reach out to one of our publishing experts at 1-888-OP-BOOKS or by starting with a down payment on your publishing package. Your professional publishing consultant will work with you to select the best publishing package for your book and will help you with details like your book cover, interior and you guessed it, royalties.

Get started today, people are waiting for your book.

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You’ve Got Questions and Self-Publishing News Has the Answers

Most people believe that writing is a solitary activity: you lock yourself in your office with your computer and your favorite form of caffeine and type away in silence, hoping that what is in your head effectively travels to your fingertips.

And that’s true. Sort of.

Excited woman raising her arms while working on her laptop

These days, writers are fortunate to have so much information readily available through the internet and social media. The problem with that is that it can be hard to sift through what’s truly valuable.

We want to help.

Through this Outskirts Press blog, Self-Publishing News, we like to consistently provide you with:

And, of course, amazing marketing opportunities, like getting your book into the pages of the New York Times just in time for the holidays! Click here for those details.

Advertise your book in the New York Times

Our team of writing professionals is always looking for information that is going to help you through the publishing process. We not only focus on the resources that Outskirts Press offers, we pull in writing and publishing tips from other resources we think might benefit you. When you have questions, Self-Publishing News can help you with the answers and, hopefully, save you time while inspiring you along the way.

Through Self-Publishing News, we virtually take you out of your office and into a community of writers and publishers who want you to succeed.

Thank you for making Self-Publishing News a part of your writing, publishing, and marketing journey.


The value of a self publishing consultant

The ancient adage that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover has been thoroughly debunked in recent years, with software analytics proving a definitive link between a book’s attractiveness and sales figures. News outlets as wide-ranging and respectable as the Sydney Morning Herald and Psychology Today have run articles on the importance of first impressions in another arena—that of both personal and business relationships. “Qualifications count for nothing,” writes Sarah Hall of the Sydney Morning Herald, “if you don’t have social skills to match.”

In a sense, this is good news for the self-publishing author during the hunt for the perfect fit in choosing a book publishing company: You have permission to trust your gut, and the assurance that while first impressions never constitute a complete picture, they certainly tell you a lot about the other’s integrity. And if you’re on the hunt for self-publishing services, whether it’s a custom book cover design, a professional publication with legitimate chances of winning an award (or two), or assistance in putting together a well-orchestrated marketing campaign, your first impression of a self-publishing company will likely come in the form of those we at Outskirts Press call Publishing Consultants.



Tina, Trent, Jamie, and Laura:
Four talented members of our Publishing Consultant team.

Our Publishing Consultants are known for being personable and apt conversationalists, but their job requires something more than just an empty smile and a firm handshake. When it comes to shepherding your book safely through the hazards of the self-publishing process, they must also be able to prove their worth as experts in the field from the first moment of contact. And our Publishing Consultants consistently deliver; just ask any number of authors who publish through Outskirts Press each year, and they can recount for you the value of their consultations in transforming their books from manuscripts into complete packages, replete with eye-popping covers and interior designs. But our Publishing Consultants aren’t just there to generate visual appeal; they are also on hand to provide insight into issues as diverse as copyright (or more specifically, avoiding copyright infringements!), e-book editions, copyediting, and perhaps the most undervalued aspect of all — holding your hand as you pass your passion to the company best-suited to make it the book of your dreams.

By now you tend to know whether you’re just another number in the system or whether you’re receiving quality service. As Arthur Dobrin of Psychology Today puts it, “First impressions matter but substance has the final word.” Our Publishing Consultants aren’t just pretty faces at the front desk or friendly voices over the phone; their job means all the difference between a substandard do-it-yourself self-published volume that languishes in the dust of neglected shelves (or in the virtual cobwebs of the cloud)—and a masterpiece executed to meet your exact specifications that reaches its target audience. Your Publishing Consultant will help you weigh your budget against the options available, and choose from among the dazzling range of services on offer. All the while, they are there to cheerlead and advocate for your goals from start to finish.

Unlike some other self-publishing companies who require a 50% or 100% payment up front,  Outskirts Press let’s you get started on book publishing with your very own Publishing Consultant with just a $35 down payment. You will receive truly professional guidance on choosing the best possible publishing package for your book, along with a Custom Publishing Profile, and matter-of-fact tips sheets (like The 7 Highly Effective Rules for the Perfect Book Title).

No matter which publishing package you choose, all of your publishing questions can be quickly answered, and you will quickly receive personal help getting started. Oh, and the deposit is included in the package price — no extra cost!

But don’t take our word for it.  You’re the one who gets to judge the quality of our ability to make a good first impression. And when you’re ready to take the next step, we’re here to help. You can contact us at for more information about self-publishing or for inspiration in the form of our newsletters, emails, and social media accounts.  There are ways to write us, email us, call us, chat with us, or browse our knowledge base and FAQ. All you have to do is click the “Contact Us” button below to find out more.