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Author Poll: Writer Charles Wilkins wants your help with his cover

Charles Wilkins is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And he wants your help deciding her book cover.

Book Summary

The Magic Circle© (August 2007) presents the accounting structure of a typical government contracting business organization and certain parameters for using such structure. This book will expand that presentation and discuss the methodology behind putting the magic in the circle to provide the reader with practical applications that might be encountered in real-world business situations and opportunities. The purpose of this book is not only to provide the reader with a clear, easy to understand, practical approach to comprehending the cost elements relative to the production of goods and supplies and the performance of services and their relationships in a typical government contract organization, but also to discuss the key drivers that cause the cost elements to exist, and to demonstrate how to convert these cost elements into practical pricing applications to value goods, supplies, and services. Once these elements and relationships are clearly understood, the reader will quickly understand the magic of the magic circle and will be ready to apply this knowledge in many areas of managing the business, including proposal decision making, budgeting, pricing, and more. To aid in the understanding of this overall process, a model will be given of two typical government contract organizations’ cost accounting systems: a manufacturer of products and a services provider. The individual models will present the elements of the magic circle for each of these two types of business.

About the Author

Charles Wilkins is an independent litigation support consultant, and former Executive Director Government Contract Compliance at KPMG LLP. Before his compliance role at KPMG LLP he was a Forensic Services partner at KPMG, a partner at Peterson Consulting Limited Partnership and a Principal at Ernst and Young LLP and he held a senior consulting role at Ernst & Whinney in their government contractor services practice. Prior to his consulting career Mr. Wilkins held positions within the aerospace and defense industry as international corporate auditor, controller and chief financial officer. Mr. Wilkins has more than 45 years of experience involving public contracts from his aerospace and defense industry and litigation support services careers. He has been engaged to provide consultation and his professional opinion in criminal and commercial litigation matters and in arbitration and mediation matters as well. During his professional consulting career, Mr. Wilkins has assisted most of the larger defense contractors in the United States, and other large and small commercial and government contract clients in a wide array of services including litigation and dispute resolution, industry advisory and expression of his professional opinions, and on compliance and profit maximization matters. Mr. Wilkins holds a B.A. from California State University, completed the LaSalle University Extension program in accounting, and the Executive Program in Management from the University of California. He is a Certified Public Accountant in California, and prior to his retirement from KPMG was a licensed CPA in Virginia and the District of Columbia. He is a member of the AICPA, National Contract Management Association, California Society of CPAs, and an Associate Member of the American Bar Association, active in the ABA Public Contract section, and a former member of the Business Law and General Practice sections of the ABA.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Charles.

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TheMagicCircle_Proof1Cover A

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TheMagicCircle_Proof2Cover B


Author Poll: Writer Gabriel F.W. Koch wants your help with his cover

Gabriel F.W. Koch is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And he wants your help deciding his book cover.

Book Summary

The year is 2554 and the world is coming to an end unless an impossible mission-through 600 years of time travel-succeeds.

Maternal instinct knows no boundaries, including the nano-neural-net intravenously installed in Dannia Weston’s mind to repress her identity, allowing her to perform a mission 300 years before her time.

Transported to the year 1954, Dannia becomes a woman with a mid-twentieth century persona, college educated with an aptitude for mechanical invention. Due to her work during the war, she is employed by the U.S. government on a secret project. But what no one knows-including Dannia or those who sent her back to tinker with the mechanical past to reduce future pollution-is what might happen should she become emotionally involved in 1954. The 2254 science team programmed the nano-net to prevent the possibility of pregnancy, but each person reacts to strong emotional stimuli differently, and using birth control not available in 1954 is out of the question. When Dannia falls in love with Peter Hersh and becomes pregnant, her hormones erode a small section of the nano-chained network that stabilizes her new identity, triggering a mild memory rebirth…and threatening her mission and the fate of the world.

About the Author

Gabriel F.W. Koch is the 2004 winner of the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award, as well as an award-winning photographer.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Gabriel.

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CP_VACover A

Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge Cover Option B

CP_VBCover B


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Author Poll: Writer Maureen Doyle wants your help with her book price

Maureen Doyle is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And she wants your help deciding the price of her book.

Book Summary

A riveting historical novel about John Doyle of Wicklow County, Ireland and his journey from a life of destitution to love and freedom in Canada.

Many people are familiar with The Great Potato Famine that took place in Ireland during the mid-1800’s. But few know the intimate and personal hardships and challenges that so many faced in an attempt to flee their homeland.

Inspired by actual events and personal family history, this novel is a love story. Not the usual romantic love story between two people but a love story of a man that is so devoted to his family that he’s willing to take extraordinary risks for them. The reader is taken on a courageous journey from County Wicklow, Ireland to Camden, Ontario, Canada. A sweeping and powerful epic adventure, A Journey in Time begins in nineteenth century Shillelagh, Ireland.

At the onset of the epic disaster of the Great Potato Famine, John makes a promise to his dying father that he will leave Ireland, his destination the shores of Canada, his objective saving his family from starvation and disease.

He must make the wrenching decision to leave his family behind in an Irish workhouse built for the destitute not knowing how he is going to accomplish his goal of finding land in Canada and bringing his family to safe shores.

With profound determination and unswerving devotion to his family, John faces the future alone with grace and courage.

Share with him the loves of his life and the unforgettable individuals that make John’s journey possible in this epic story of love, compassion, courage and determination that brings to life crucial and little-known chapters in Irish and Canadian history.

About the Author

Maureen Doyle is a freelance writer and multimedia artist. She spent over two decades in teacher education and as an officer in the United States Army before turning to write fiction full-time. Journey in Time is based on a true story and discovered family history. She found the courage and determination of so many touching and inspirational. She loves to write and wanted her debut novel to be meaningful sharing with others the hardships and heartaches that so many endured. She lives on Lake Oconee in Georgia with her husband Ron and two labra-doodles, Maverick and Grace Helen.

Please review the cover below and give us your opinion on the 310-page book price that you recommend for Maureen.

Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge the cover.


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Author Poll: Writer Taylor Hardman wants your help with her cover

Taylor Hardman is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And she wants your help deciding her book cover.

Book Summary

Bill Evans feels his life plan is on track. He has his own heating and air conditioning company in the hot California town on the banks of the Colorado River. He has enough work to survive if he keeps expenses down. The repairs and upgrades on an old house he bought at auction are coming along. Then, a box of old letters sends him on a detour.

A beautiful young history teacher offers to help him research the events described in the letters and learn more about the soldier and the young woman who had dreams of their own. Soon there is more than just research involved.

Having your own business is never easy, certainly not in a tight economy, and complications are soon multiplying. Can Evans meet all the challenges and still find time to follow his heart?

About the Author

Taylor Hardman worked as a high school teacher and administrator, teaching a variety of classes including creative writing and consumer math. Summers were spent helping in the family heating and air conditioning business. Interests include travel, reading, writing, and photography, especially pictures of the four Hardman daughters and family pets.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Taylor.

Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge Cover Option A

CP_VACover A

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CP_VBCover B