The Advantages of Going Digital in the Modern Age

It can be hard to keep up with the rapid changes—and opportunities—that technology brings into our lives. Less than twenty years ago, families faced the challenging decision as to whether they ought to swap out their digital typewriters for computers running on “Pentium Processors.”

That was a cutting-edge debate in 1996! Fast forward ten years, and it was no longer a question of whether or not to get a computer, but rather which computer—and did you want a desktop or a more portable laptop? Boomboxes became iPods. iPods became smartphones with streaming music and augmented reality games like Pokemon GO. And for a moment in time, corporate giants like Microsoft, Dell, and HP dominated the technological landscape, and the second you turned around, Apple or Sony or Samsung was making the front page of TIME magazine.

One thing has not changed in all of the years since Johannes Gutenberg banged out the first book on his printing press over five hundred years ago: authors need to be—and have usually been—well ahead of the technology curve. And today, the new frontier is not necessarily some innovative piece of hardware that will change the way we read forever but rather a whole host of hardware and software developments that an infinitely diverse readership adapts to its infinitely diverse wants and needs.

Finding a way to keep ahead of that curve in the modern age—an age where readers want to access their books not just on their physical bookshelves but also on their home computers, their dedicated e-readers or tablets, their smartphones, and their car stereos—means that authors must create digital editions of their books that can translate across devices and platforms.

Every major online retailer of these Books, from Amazon to Barnes & Noble to the Apple iBooks store, has its own customized app to make book buying a snap. To muddy the waters still further, libraries are beginning to get into the game by developing additional apps, and PDF versions can often be read through the multipurpose Adobe Reader app. Because these apps are proprietary, authors may have to convert their books to a number of different file formats in order to sell them through all these retailers.

You can imagine that this is a lot of work, work that relies on a certain specialized set of computer skills. Some authors may be adept at file conversion, but for many authors this is simply beyond the pale. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone: we here at Outskirts Press want to put the full power of digital editions into your hands—because simply put, you deserve the best possible exposure! And there’s no better way to reach new readers than to meet them where they live (metaphorically speaking) by providing an eBook in the correct file formats for their preferred reading experiences.

We want to make the whole transition to digital as painless as possible for you, which is why most of our one-click packages include an eBook option. Even if you have already published your book and didn’t choose a one-click package, Outskirts Press offers several ways to add an eBook edition of your book, for the Kindle, the Nook, or the iPad/iPhone.

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Outskirts Press Announces the Winner of the Free Apple iPad 2

In honor of its Facebook Page reaching 10,000 followers, Outskirts Press announces the winner of its Apple iPad Giveaway.

photo of i-PadAugust 20, 2013 – Outskirts Press, America’s fastest growing self-publishing and book marketing company, announced today the results of the random drawing from among its ten thousand Facebook followers at

Congratulations to Herbert Brisbon of Baltimore, Maryland, who will be soon receiving a new Apple iPad 2, just for liking Outskirts Press on Facebook.

“We hope he will have many hours of reading pleasure from his new iPad,” said Outskirts Press Executive Vice President Kelly Schuknecht. “It’s just our special way of saying thank you to all of our enthusiastic followers for liking Outskirts Press on Facebook.”

The Apple iPad 2 comes with WiFi support, high-end gaming capabilities, surfing, camera, video calling, enhanced movie-watching and the best of all, the ability to read great books! Herbert is going to really enjoy this fabulous prize!

social media icons

Exclusive Outskirts Press announcements and giveaways through its social channels are just another way the self-publishing company helps keep its authors and social community united and engaged in the act of writing, reading and publishing. In fact, recently when its Facebook Page reached 4,000 followers Outskirts Press gave away an Amazon Kindle, and when it reached 5,000 Outskirts Press gave away a Barnes & Noble NOOK. The Apple iPad giveaway is in honor of the Outskirts Press Facebook Page reaching 10,000 followers this month!

As electronic reading devices continue to gain popularity with readers, Outskirts Press makes it easier than ever to publish a book on the Kindle, Nook and iPad, regardless of where an author’s book was published.

For more information about these services, visit

About Outskirts Press, Inc.: Outskirts Press offers high-quality, full-service self-publishing and book marketing services for writers and professionals who are seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining 100% of their rights, 100% of their profits, and 100% of the creative control.

5 Ways Marketing an Ebook is Like Marketing a Paperback

Creating a quality Electronic book requires many of the same things as a paperback or hardback: compelling cover art, reader-friendly formatting, and quality content. Not surprisingly, when it comes to marketing, ebooks and paperbacks also share many of the same tactics. When your book is available in multiple formats, you can often duplicate many of the same marketing tactics (just to different audiences) and get more bang for your buck!

To make the most of your marketing and sales efforts, approach each format on its own terms. Here are five ways for marketing your POD paperback (or hardback) and digital ebook edition(s) in an online world:

  1. Have a marketing plan. Book sales don’t “just happen” once you place your book on the market. Book marketing isn’t instinctive. Enlist the help of a book marketing expert to help you identify what strategies will suit you and your book best as you promote your publication for the greatest impact.
  2. Build an online presence. Set up professional social media accounts and blogs that are separate from your private accounts. These professional forums should focus on your writing – both your existing books and ongoing creative works. Contribute to these forums as often as possible (daily is best) and post on other writers’ blogs and social media forums as well (always including a subtle link back to your social media channels). This interaction builds relationships and sets you up as an authority whom readers will recognize and want to follow. If this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry, we can help.
  3. Price appropriately. If you price a book too high, buyers will balk; price it too low and they’ll wonder what’s wrong with your book. You don’t want to undervalue your own work, naturally; however, you don’t want to price yourself out of the market, either. By finding the right balance – the right price – buyers will see that you’re confident in the quality of your product without overpricing it.
  4. Make it easy for people to buy. Readers don’t want to jump through hoops to buy books. One-click purchases and a variety of payment options encourage people to follow through in the buying process without backing out of it midway. Fortunately, online retailers such as Amazon and Apple make the buying process as easy as possible for POD paperbacks, hardbacks, and ebook versions alike.
  5. Dangle a “carrot” once in a while. A well-timed giveaway can do wonders for your book’s visibility. A limited-time-only free download leading up to Christmas could spur post-promo sales at the end of the year and beyond. If timed properly, you can get more out of those freebies than you give.

Many books require specific marketing plans to register the most success, so you may wish to work with an experienced book marketing advisor to help you tailor your marketing efforts to best suit your book and your goals for success. Reserve some time with your own Personal Marketing Assistant by clicking here.


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“My whole experience with Outskirts Press was outstanding. From the time I first submitted my children’s story book for publication, a team of specialists guided me through the entire process of publishing Fritzi Finds a New Home. As a novice writer, I knew almost nothing about the publishing procedures. I had many questions, which they answered quickly and they patiently helped me to overcome my hesitancy and maintain enthusiasm. I am very happy with the book.”

Nellie Branan’s story is based on a real dog who came to their house as a forlorn, bedraggled stray with soulful eyes begging for someone to love him. She and her husband considered Fritzi a special blessing because he gave them unconditional love and loyalty. The pleasure he brought to their lives filled a void that they had not known existed. Nellie is a retired English teacher and her husband, Bud, a retired mechanic. They live in rural Ohio and their lives revolve around home and an extensive family.

Abandoned and afraid, Fritzi searches for a new home. Left alone in the deep woods, Fritzi realizes that no one will be coming to rescue him. He is terrified by a violent thunderstorm and becomes truly lost. He then determines to find his own way out of the woods and to search for a new home. Chased, attacked, and rejected time and again on his long journey, Fritzi is injured and tired and hungry. But he continues on, bravely clinging to the hope of finding a new home where someone will welcome him and he can feel safe.

Nellie Branan, author of Fritzi Finds a New Home

Seven Advantages of Having an E-book Format

Electronic Book imageSelf-publishing authors have more formats and more methods through which to get their books into readers’ hands than ever before. Yet, there’s more competition than ever for a piece of the bookselling pie. So, how do you cut through the clutter and get your book read in the quickest, most convenient way possible?

While many readers still prefer good old-fashioned hardcopies – and you should keep copies of your book on hand at all times for last-minute sales and marketing opportunities – e-books are growing ever more popular among readers and writers alike.

If you’re new to electronic books, consider these seven advantages that an additional e-book format (or multiple ebook formats) may have for you:

  1. Better for the environment. Sell an e-book, save a tree! (By the way, this is the major advantage of print-on-demand paperbacks and hardbacks, too; by printing hardcopies only when needed, you reduce or eliminate the risk of having to dispose of unsold units while respecting the planet).
  2. Easy to update. You can change or correct your ebook at any time and the updated version becomes available quickly and conveniently. Just like print-on-demand books.
  3. Zero inventory. Gone are the days of storing thousands upon thousands of dusty books in your basement or garage. Someone buys your e-book edition only when they want it, with zero hassle for you.
  4. Instant availability. E-books can be downloaded immediately, allowing readers instant gratification when they click to order your book.
  5. Less expensive. Lower production costs means lower upfront costs for you, and the page count has no impact on the retail price, which means you can price that 400 page book at the $9.95 ebook price you want, thus encouraging more sales – and more potential profit.
  6. Easier to share. E-books allow you to provide advance promotional copies to news outlets and reviewers more quickly and at a lower cost to you.
  7. Easier to publish. Writing a book can be difficult. With Outskirts Press, publishing paperbacks and hardbacks and easy. And now with popular e-book formats, publishing that same book across multiple platforms is a snap. You’ve already written the book; make sure it’s available everywhere it can be.

Consider e-books as one of many tools in a book marketing strategy that also includes print-on-demand. You can still choose to sell hardcopies in online and brick-and-mortar bookstores, but it’s nice to know you have attractive alternatives.

The most popular e-book platforms are:

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It was a dream come true. I would like to thank Outskirts Press for simplifying the process and for reminding me often enough that I am in control. I will publish with Outskirts again.”

Iyabo Williams grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. She lives outside San Francisco with her husband, children and grandchildren.

At the age of eight, Aisha Praisso, alongside her great grandmother, became a victim and a rescuer of many during the Nigerian civil war of 1967 between the Hausas in the north and the Ibos in the east. The tales from the war are sporadic and many of the stories are still left untold. Aisha, a survivor and self-proclaimed motor-mouth, would not broach the subject unless her life depended on it. But it did, and her whispers became loudly heard. Born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and raised by her maternal great grandmother, Aisha had a happy life until the Biafran war bulldozed its way into her idyllic home and turned it into a torture chamber. Her innocence was stolen by an Unknown Soldier while her guardian could only stand by and watch. Though Mr. Braithwaite, a family friend and English merchant sea captain, had rescued her and her great-grandmother from the worst by arranging for their escape to Lagos, it was already too late for Aisha; she had been branded for a lifetime of abuse. When things go awry in an abusive relationship, she finds herself in a state of utter hopelessness after being arrested on charges connected to her past boyfriend. It took her fourteen years…to sort through her pain, including the self-inflicted ones and find the courage to tell her story. Fortunately, her luck turns for the better as she begins to let go and start to re-live her life again.
Iyabo Williams, author of Hidden Scars

Why eBook Self-Publishing Is So Important

While many of us still love nothing better than the woodsy smell and satisfying crackle of a brand-new paperback, there’s no question eBooks also have their place.iPad/iPhone Premium Edition

Whether its an iPad or iPod, Kindle Fire, NOOK or smartphone, an eBook reading device provides incomparable portability. Every book you’ve ever loved or wanted to read can be right there at your fingertips in one compact, electronic toy, along with your daily morning news, monthly magazine subscriptions and even RSS feeds. Some devices even mimic the look — if not the aroma — of the printed page.

Barnes & Noble NOOK EditionAnd, slowly but surely, libraries, schools and other institutions are acknowledging eBooks as an important part of a new era in reading, incorporating eReaders as part of their collections. Because eBooks are inexpensive to produce, virtual libraries give actual libraries the ability to acquire free eBooks, such as works of classic literature and reference books, and beef up their collections in a highly cost-effective manner. The technology also means libraries can “lend” eBooks just as they would a hard copy; at the end of the lending period, the book automatically expires — no need to drive back to return it.

For authors, eBooks represent an opportunity to reach out to a whole segment of book enthusiasts who may be untouchable in the paperback- or hardback-only market. Young readers, college students, parents and others who may be woefully short on personal shelf space are turning to eBooks for practical reasons.

Others are tapping into the unparalleled convenience and immediacy of instantly searchable and downloadableAmazon Kindle Edition entertainment. If you’re selling only hard copies, you’re shutting out millions of potential readers who could stumble upon your book in no time with a simple keyword search.

EBook publishing also increases the odds of sales growth by appealing to the “early adopters” who are embracing a technology that is trending up. Marketing an eBook across several electronic formats further increases your sales potential by exposing your book to readers who may be loyal to specific eReader devices and formats.

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4 Reasons to Distribute Your Self-Published Book on the Barnes & Noble NOOK

Outskirts Press, an Inc. 5000 company, and the fastest-growing self-publishing and book marketing firm, today announced the release of the Barnes & Noble NOOK Submission service. This new service will allow all authors, regardless of whether they have published with Outskirts Press or not, to increase their royalty revenue and reader accessibility by making their book available for the growing number of NOOK e-book readers. Here are four reasons you should consider publishing your book on the Barnes & Noble NOOK:

  1. It is Revolutionary. The Barnes & Noble NOOK is an innovative wireless reading device that allows its owner to instantly download books and newspapers. However, only books that have been submitted via the required process and format are available for NOOK readers to purchase and enjoy. The NOOK is changing how consumers buy and read books; you can stay ahead of this trend by offering your book in this popular format.
  2. It Increases Your Exposure. When you offer your book in the NOOK format, it appears on the Barnes & Noble search page, along with any other formats of your book as paperback and hardcover. This extra link increases your exposure, which increase the possibility of a sale. Plus, Barnes & Noble has a huge reader base, so you are gaining access to a large pool of potential buyers.
  3. It is 100% Profit. Unlike Nook submissions through other publishers or portals, this new submission service from Outskirts Press keeps none of the author’s e-book royalties. Barnes & Noble will still take their share, but the rest of your profit will be directly deposited into your checking account by Barnes & Noble, without any royalty split from Outskirts Press.
  4. The Process is Easy. Turning your book into a NOOK edition is as simple as visiting You simply add the NOOK option to your shopping cart and Outskirts Press will handle the rest, getting the necessary information from you and taking care of all the technicalities involved with creating and uploading the .epub format to Barnes & Noble. Your book will be available within four weeks. It is that easy.

“We are excited to offer this long-awaited option to all self-published authors,” said Elise Connors, Manager of Author Support at Outskirts Press. “This, paired with the addition of our Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad editions, really rounds out our suite of electronic publishing services.”

Visit to publish your book on the Barnes & Noble NOOK today.