Why eBook Self-Publishing Is So Important

While many of us still love nothing better than the woodsy smell and satisfying crackle of a brand-new paperback, there’s no question eBooks also have their place.iPad/iPhone Premium Edition

Whether its an iPad or iPod, Kindle Fire, NOOK or smartphone, an eBook reading device provides incomparable portability. Every book you’ve ever loved or wanted to read can be right there at your fingertips in one compact, electronic toy, along with your daily morning news, monthly magazine subscriptions and even RSS feeds. Some devices even mimic the look — if not the aroma — of the printed page.

Barnes & Noble NOOK EditionAnd, slowly but surely, libraries, schools and other institutions are acknowledging eBooks as an important part of a new era in reading, incorporating eReaders as part of their collections. Because eBooks are inexpensive to produce, virtual libraries give actual libraries the ability to acquire free eBooks, such as works of classic literature and reference books, and beef up their collections in a highly cost-effective manner. The technology also means libraries can “lend” eBooks just as they would a hard copy; at the end of the lending period, the book automatically expires — no need to drive back to return it.

For authors, eBooks represent an opportunity to reach out to a whole segment of book enthusiasts who may be untouchable in the paperback- or hardback-only market. Young readers, college students, parents and others who may be woefully short on personal shelf space are turning to eBooks for practical reasons.

Others are tapping into the unparalleled convenience and immediacy of instantly searchable and downloadableAmazon Kindle Edition entertainment. If you’re selling only hard copies, you’re shutting out millions of potential readers who could stumble upon your book in no time with a simple keyword search.

EBook publishing also increases the odds of sales growth by appealing to the “early adopters” who are embracing a technology that is trending up. Marketing an eBook across several electronic formats further increases your sales potential by exposing your book to readers who may be loyal to specific eReader devices and formats.

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4 Reasons to Distribute Your Self-Published Book on the Barnes & Noble NOOK

Outskirts Press, an Inc. 5000 company, and the fastest-growing self-publishing and book marketing firm, today announced the release of the Barnes & Noble NOOK Submission service. This new service will allow all authors, regardless of whether they have published with Outskirts Press or not, to increase their royalty revenue and reader accessibility by making their book available for the growing number of NOOK e-book readers. Here are four reasons you should consider publishing your book on the Barnes & Noble NOOK:

  1. It is Revolutionary. The Barnes & Noble NOOK is an innovative wireless reading device that allows its owner to instantly download books and newspapers. However, only books that have been submitted via the required process and format are available for NOOK readers to purchase and enjoy. The NOOK is changing how consumers buy and read books; you can stay ahead of this trend by offering your book in this popular format.
  2. It Increases Your Exposure. When you offer your book in the NOOK format, it appears on the Barnes & Noble search page, along with any other formats of your book as paperback and hardcover. This extra link increases your exposure, which increase the possibility of a sale. Plus, Barnes & Noble has a huge reader base, so you are gaining access to a large pool of potential buyers.
  3. It is 100% Profit. Unlike Nook submissions through other publishers or portals, this new submission service from Outskirts Press keeps none of the author’s e-book royalties. Barnes & Noble will still take their share, but the rest of your profit will be directly deposited into your checking account by Barnes & Noble, without any royalty split from Outskirts Press.
  4. The Process is Easy. Turning your book into a NOOK edition is as simple as visiting http://outskirtspress.com/p/nook. You simply add the NOOK option to your shopping cart and Outskirts Press will handle the rest, getting the necessary information from you and taking care of all the technicalities involved with creating and uploading the .epub format to Barnes & Noble. Your book will be available within four weeks. It is that easy.

“We are excited to offer this long-awaited option to all self-published authors,” said Elise Connors, Manager of Author Support at Outskirts Press. “This, paired with the addition of our Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad editions, really rounds out our suite of electronic publishing services.”

Visit http://outskirtspress.com/p/nook to publish your book on the Barnes & Noble NOOK today.