The New York Times Features Outskirts Press Self-Publishing Author Frans Koning!

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The New York Times Holiday Edition features Outskirts Press Self-Published author Frans Koning.

About the Author

Frans Koning grew up on a tulip and dairy farm in Holland. He was born and raised during the 1929 worldwide economic depression.

After WWII, he attended the School of Medicine at Leiden University. In 1962 he joined the Peace Corps and practiced medicine for two years in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Subsequently, he returned to the United States and practiced emergency medicine and family medicine in Washington State, where he still lives.


A Slice of History: Musing on Religion, WW II and Its Aftermath

A View of the World from Three Continents

From a farm in The Netherlands to poverty-stricken Sierra Leone…from the brief peace after the Great War to the horrors of World War II…from Europe to America…this extraordinary book of anecdotal essays ranges through the life of a man who has lived broadly and deeply. Author Frans Koning shares his observations and impressions on topics ranging from what it was like to be a teenager in a Nazi-occupied country, to his experiences in Africa with the Peace Corps, and his move to the United States. He has experienced the effects of brutality and fear and lived to tell about man’s inhumanity to man. With a perspective gained from three continents, he can see how human experience is both diverse and similar…and how patterns in human behavior emerge, from the Waffen SS to ISIS. Immediately engaging, loosely structured, and retaining a piquant flavor of his native land in a Dutchman’s English, A Slice of History is a uniquely personal yet immediately accessible memoir of life during the most turbulent decades of our time.

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Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Mead’s Trek

Tom Gauthier weaves another historically based tale of intrigue and action in his third novel, Mead’s Trek, published by Outskirts Press. In a tale taken from actual WW II events in a little known corner of Southeast Asia, hero Major Amos Mead, USMC, OSS agent, discovers that the U.S. Vice President, under the influence of his personal guru, is working with the Communists to undermine President Roosevelt.

The China/Burma/India theatre of operation in World War II was a confusing array of competing national interests and undefined battle fronts. The French were allied with the Japanese, the Americans worked with the Chinese, and all the while the old colonial imperialists maneuvered for power. Into this confusing mix arrives Major Amos Mead, fresh from his rescue mission of Orion’s Eye and newly infatuated with a woman destined to play an unusual role in his life.

Suddenly given an unexpected assignment with the OSS, Amos is thrust violently back into the war when his transport is shot from the sky, forcing a death filled trek behind enemy lines through Burma to China. During the trek, Mead is aided by groups of native freedom fighters who open his eyes to the intricacies of survival in a chaotic jungle – both a physical jungle and a jungle of intrigue. Focused on accomplishing his mission with new awareness, assumed friends become enemies and assumed enemies become friends as Mead finds himself amidst the deadly cabals of corrupt government officials, who may even include the Vice President of the United States.

“Gauthier weaves a compelling story of intrigue, action and romance,” writes Lis Wiehl, FOX News Legal Analyst and author of Face of Betrayal.

“Edge of your seat action…impressively accurate descriptions of the war,” says Judge Don Sokol, WW II B-17 pilot and decorated veteran of twenty-four missions over Germany, including the last raid on Berlin.

History is made to seem stranger than fiction in Mead’s Trek as readers are introduced to a chapter of history well known to those who were there, but little known to the rest of the world. After Roosevelt’s death, President Truman ignores the boots-on-the-ground reports of Mead and his real-life contemporaries and conspires with China, France and Britain to return Southeast Asia to their colonial yoke of virtual slavery, thus setting up the tragic war in Viet Nam twenty-five years later. Gauthier takes the actual events of the day and shows how a tragic war in Viet Nam could have been avoided if wiser heads had prevailed at the time.

About the author:

Tom Gauthier grew up in Santa Barbara, California, and after high school joined the U. S. Army and served as a combat intelligence analyst, later serving in the Air Force Reserve on a flight crew. These experiences and his time as a private pilot are evident in the action sequences in Mead’s Trek. He holds BS, MS, MBA and PsyD degrees, is retired from a corporate career, and serves on his local Airport Commission, the local Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, and as President of his school district’s Board of Trustees.

Tom is also the author of Code Name: Orion’s Eye and of A Voyage Beyond Reason, winner of a 2009 Writer’s Digest Award for Literary Fiction. He is currently working on the third book in the Major Amos Mead series, Die Liste, taking Mead into the post-war years, and the little known world of the Nazi war-criminals brought to the US in secret by the CIA.

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