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How do bestselling self-published authors sell so many books?

Sure, they often use high-quality publishers like Outskirts Press, so their books look great inside and out, but most bestselling authors also have multiple formats of their books available for sale. When you have a paperback version, a hardback, an Amazon Kindle eBook, NOOK eBook, and Apple Books eBook, you provide discerning readers with 5 different formats from which to choose. This translates to more availability worldwide, better search results, more browsers, and more buyers.

And for a very limited time, all 5 formats are FREE when you publish your book with Outskirts Press!

Simply publish your book today with the Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color Publishing Package, and you will receive:

  • A paperback edition
  • A hardback edition (with or without a dust jacket—your choice!)
  • An Amazon Kindle eBook edition
  • A Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook edition
  • An Apple Books eBook edition

Enter promotion code: febfivefree in your shopping cart when you place your order. Make 2022 the year you publish and expand your book’s availability!  

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One Click, Zero Worries: Worry-Free, All-Inclusive Publishing at the Click of a Mouse

You’ve slaved over your manuscript for months and finally you see a light at the end of the tunnel. It won’t be long before it’s off to the presses … right?

Wait! Have you hired a book editor yet? What about your book formatting — have you chosen a layout? Have you nailed down your cover design? What about your book marketing approach? There are so many tasks necessary to take your work from “manuscript” to “published book” to a successfully selling book … and for many, it’s overwhelming.

With a One-Click Publishing Suite from Outskirts Press, a single click of the mouse instantly pulls together everything needed to polish and format your manuscript, send it to print, get the word out and start selling. Even better, One-Click Publishing is designed to tailor distinct services to authors in a variety of book genres. While every package addresses the publishing and marketing needs of a specific genre, every One-Click self-publishing author can count on receiving dozens of priceless benefits:

  • Professional copy editing
  • Interior formatting
  • Custom cover design
  • ISBN and barcode
  • International Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Bertram wholesale distribution, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and 25,000 other retail locations
  • One-on-one author support
  • 5 hours of Personal Marketing Assistance
  • Instant eligibility for the $1,500 Best Book of the Year Award and Grand Prize
  • Author maintains 100 percent rights and copyright, and enjoys industry-leading profit margins
  • Free author’s copies
  • And many more publishing and marketing services and resources vital to success in a chosen book genre!

These full-service packages come preloaded with everything necessary to make your publishing dreams come true at an exceptional value. All you need to do is click the mouse and voila — you’re on your way to becoming a published author. Available genre-specific One-Click Packages include:

While our Ultimate and Full-Color packages can be enhanced with additional service purchase options for marketing and promotion, One-Click Publishing is truly all-inclusive. They are the only publishing bundles that automatically also include coveted marketing options such as Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media, Google Books Preview, Book Video Trailer, Amazon Author Profile, Amazon Listing Enhancement and much more.

By purchasing a One-Click option, you get peace of mind knowing that you are getting the publishing and marketing options that are essential for the genre you have chosen. Would you like help choosing your best self-publishing option? Connect with Outskirts Press now in whatever manner is easiest for you:

Great Things Follow Just One Small Click

Struggling to balance your writing time with the sometimes overwhelming process of publishing and marketing your own book? You might just appreciate the value of what we at Outskirts Press call “One-Click Publishing.” All of our One-Click Publishing suites share the same core DNA—an understanding that indie authors shouldn’t have to shoulder the entire publishing burden and go it alone, foregoing professional insight just because they’ve chosen to leave the traditional publishing path. And what better partner in walking that path than the self-publishing company ranked #1 by Top Consumer Reviews?

Since Outskirts Press offers separate One-Click Publishing packages for Fiction, Non-Fiction, Spiritual, Christian, Children’s, Cookbook and Memoir book genres, you can always be sure that the services included will be useful and not just throwaway extras.

Consider, for example, our One-Click Publishing service for fiction books. It includes formatting, copyediting for up to 75,000 words, custom cover design, ISBN and barcode, wholesale distribution through outlets like Ingram and Amazon, an author webpage, one-on-one author support, a digital author galley as well as print author copies, tip sheets, 5 hours of consultation with a Personal Marketing Assistant, a press release, e-book editions, and a whole host of other features that would take too much room to list here.

Our One-Click Publishing suites are easy to use, and by virtue of what economists call “Economies of Scale,” they also make products and services more affordable by bundling them together! They also help save you time and energy. Indie authors have a tremendous drain upon both in the form of publishing and marketing minutiae. After all, it’s unusual for any adult person to possess the skill to execute a beautifully designed book cover as well as the experience necessary to purchase an ISBN without hassle and to construct an effective social media marketing strategy.

A carefully-chosen publishing package sets you free to do what you love most—write—without sacrificing something else important, like eating well, or sleeping eight hours, or time with your family. If you find yourself in a tight spot, we hope that you add our One-Click Publishing services to your list of possibilities.

While our services and packages are all great, our people also shine. We’re proud to offer top-rated self-publishing services to some of the world’s most interesting and innovative authors. We’re here to make your job easier—and yes, to make sure you get to do the things you want to do, not just the things you have to do in order to sell your book.

Talk with a Publishing Consultant to get exactly what you need — and get the most out of it! There are three convenient ways to connect:

  1. Call us at 1-888-672-6657 (OP-BOOKS)
  2. Live-chat with us via our website
  3. Go online to schedule an appointment
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Cook Up a Storm with this NEW One-Click Cookbook Publishing Package!

At Outskirts Press, you can always be sure that we’re working hard to make life easier—and now, more delicious—for you, our self-publishing community. This week, we’re proud to announce the launch of a brand-new One-Click Publishing suite for those of you who dabble in the culinary arts and wish to translate your dabblings to the page. We’re talking about cookbooks!

Our ever-expanding constellation of One-Click Publishing suites are designed to lift the burden of detailed decision making from your shoulders and allow you to return to what you love most—writing and cooking—while the expert editors, designers, illustrators, and Personal Marketing Assistants collaborate to produce a book that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them in all of the ways that matter most.

While Outskirts Press offers other packages focusing on our most popular book genres (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Spiritual, Christian, Cookbook and Children’s), our One-Click Publishing suite for Cookbooks is unique! With this suite, you not only acquire a team of publishing professionals who will go to bat for you to achieve your dream book, high-quality color paperback and hardcover editions of your book, professional editing and custom cover design, copyright registration and an ISBN … as well as 40 image placements to really help your recipes shine! And that’s just a few of the highlights; this suite combines everything from pre-production to post-production and marketing services that center on your specific cookbook.

And you get all of this—over a dozen bundled services—with one single click of your mouse or touchpad. Your book will be promoted online with a custom book video trailer and PR publicist campaign, and benefit from expedited service and professional copyediting as well as the insight of a five-hour session with one of our Personal Marketing Assistants.

Last year, Outskirts Press won the coveted #1 spot on Top Consumer Reviews’ list of self-publishing companies for 2016. But it’s not enough for us to forever rest on our laurels; we are committed to expanding our services to meet your ever-evolving needs. With the One-Click Publishing suite for Cookbooks, we are opening the door for you to achieve your kitchen-bound publishing dreams!

For more information, call us at 1-888-672-6657 to speak directly with a Publishing Consultant. Or visit us online at, to chat with a representative via the live chat option.

Are you ready to self-publish your cookbook with a passionate, dedicated team?

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Start Publishing Today … and Have Your Book in Hand by Christmas!

Halloween is nearly upon us, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are close on its heels. Where did the year go?

Perhaps you had plans to roll out a book over the summer and life just got in the way. Now the year is speeding to a close and it feels like 2015 will pass by without you realizing your self-publishing dream. Not so! Incredible as it may seem, it is absolutely possible to still have your new literary work published, printed and in-hand in time for gift-giving!

While publishing with traditional publishing houses can drag on for months, even years, before the book rolls off the press, authors who publish through Outskirts Press can see the finished product in a mere matter of weeks. That means a manuscript you submit to us in October could be nestled into a loved one’s stocking by Christmas.

Outskirts Press recognizes the value in moving your project through the publishing process while your passion for the work is high, so you can start marketing and selling — and get going on your next project. We offer self-publishing authors a variety of products, services and packages to make that process as quick, simple and easy as possible:

  • Writing Services — Even if you still have some finishing touches to do, we can help you finish your book in no time. Use professional ghostwriting services to wrap up a work in progress (or start a new one for next year), or get a copy editor to help clean up your draft before it goes to print.
  • Publishing Services — These services include everything you need to complete the self-publishing process, from Barnes & Noble NOOK book formats, Amazon Kindle and iPad formats.
  • One-Click Publishing — Whether you’ve written a novel, a children’s book or a non-fiction, there’s a One-Click package that includes publishing and marketing options that are specially selected for your chosen genre.
  • Instant Self-Publishing Gift Certificates — If you know an author who is ready to publish, get them started with an early Christmas stocking stuffer: Gift certificates they can use to purchase publishing services.

During September, receive $300 of “Mad Money” with the promotion code MADMONEYSEPT15 when you choose to publish with our industry-leading Diamond publishing service or our full-color Pearl publishing service.

You can apply your $300 of “Mad Money” toward any optional production or marketing option we offer during the pre-production process. Apply it to options such as a Custom Cover, Cover Scribing, Editing, a Kindle Format, or choose from many others.

What are you waiting for? Get your book wrapped up by Christmas with help from Outskirts Press!

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