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We realize navigating all your self-publishing options can be frightening for first-time (or even previously published) authors. Other publishers startle you with spine-tingling fees, frightening customer service, and horrifyingly sparse publishing packages. It’s enough to make you scream for your mummy!

Outskirts Press wants to make sure your self-publishing experience is a treat, so we’re offering an instant 20% savings on our most popular packages—the Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color. Also, a 10% instant savings for our Basic Package Black & White.

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Get a Custom Cover with an Amazon Kindle edition when you buy the Ultimate or Full-Color

Free Custom Cover Lite

Grab your reader’s attention with a beautiful cover! Use your custom cover on your paperback AND Amazon Kindle edition.

Outskirts Press helps you earn readers’ attention with a FREE custom cover lite (a $499 value) AND a FREE Amazon Kindle Edition of your book (an extra $349 value)! We want readers on paper and on pixels to have the opportunity to admire your book’s cover. So, simply order your Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color publishing package and enter promotion code ccoverlite, and you will instantly save more than $650!

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Save 15% Plus Double Author Copies

Save 15% Plus Double Author Copies

Every published author needs an ample supply of paperback copies to market their book effectively when it’s published.

In addition, these copies are used to send to reviewers and submit to book awards, not to mention giveaways for contests and to family and friends.

Authors also need to stay within their budget. The good news is that if you start publishing today with Outskirts Press, you can instantly save 15% on the Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color Publishing Package. Plus, we will double the number of free author copies that come with your package. In addition, we will format, publish, and distribute an Amazon Kindle eBook Edition of your book at no additional charge.

To claim this valuable offer, all you have to do is enter promotion code twoxfifteen in your shopping cart during checkout.

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March into Savings!

Receive $300 when you self-publish

March is all about savings! Outskirts Press wants to pass along savings to you with our Super Savings Promotion. For a limited time, we’re giving you a $300 credit with the purchase of your Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color publishing package!

Use your $300 credit toward additional services or upgrades to your book, including:

  • Professional Copy Editing
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Apple iBooks Publishing
  • A Professional Book Video Trailer

To claim your $300 credit, enter promo code marchcredit at checkout when you purchase the Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color publishing package. You will receive a confirmation email when the credit has been added to your account.

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One Way to Expand Your Book’s Availability

Receive 5 Free Formats When You Publish Today Outskirts Press

How do bestselling self-published authors sell so many books?

Sure, they often use high-quality publishers like Outskirts Press, so their books look great inside and out, but most bestselling authors also have multiple formats of their books available for sale. When you have a paperback version, a hardback, an Amazon Kindle eBook, NOOK eBook, and Apple Books eBook, you provide discerning readers with 5 different formats from which to choose. This translates to more availability worldwide, better search results, more browsers, and more buyers.

And for a very limited time, all 5 formats are FREE when you publish your book with Outskirts Press!

Simply publish your book today with the Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color Publishing Package, and you will receive:

  • A paperback edition
  • A hardback edition (with or without a dust jacket—your choice!)
  • An Amazon Kindle eBook edition
  • A Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook edition
  • An Apple Books eBook edition

Enter promotion code: febfivefree in your shopping cart when you place your order. Make 2022 the year you publish and expand your book’s availability!  

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1 Click + 1 Month = 50% Off Full-Color, Custom Children’s Book

Become a children’s book author in less than 30 days with a pre-written, pre-illustrated story, starring that special boy or girl in your life. Now through Oct. 15, get this one-click service for 50% Off!

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Don’t settle for merely printing your personal book – publish it! Become a published children’s book author with Fully illustrated custom children's book the click of a button. Imagine the look of joy on your child’s face when he or she sees your book online! Imagine the convenience for friends and family members who want to purchase a copy of your book for themselves. The best part is that your personalized story stars children you know and love.

Getting started on your own personalized children’s book is easy. Simply fill in your byline, book title and the names of the “star” youngster and his or her best friend, along with a few important details, such as ethnicity, gender and a pet’s name, We’ll take care of the rest.

Your very personal children’s book makes a great gift! You even have the option of publishing it and selling it online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Look that you get with the addition of the optional “Publish it!” option!

  • Your book will be listed and for sale on Amazon.com
  • Your book will be listed and for sale Barnes & Noble’s website
  • Your book will receive its own unique ISBN
  • Your will earn a $2.00 royalty for every new copy of your book that sells online
  • You can order additional copies of your own book for as little as $7.99 for each.

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Full Color On-Demand Printing is Now Just as Affordable as Black & White for Self-Publishing Authors

Self-publishing authors can now save even more
with new economic full-color printing options through Outskirts Press.

Outskirts Press, the fastest growing self-publishing and book marketing company, has announced the addition of an “economy” full-color printing option in a variety of trim sizes for full-color books. The economy formats offer self-publishing authors substantially lower per-unit printing costs, which in many cases, are nearly as economically priced as their black & white counterparts.

These new options give authors the additional flexibility to offer their books at lower retail prices, which can help increase sales. Alternatively, authors can select to make more money for each sold book. Such are the advantages of pricing flexibility, economic printing options, and self-publishing with Outskirts Press.

Economy full-color printing from Outskirts Press is available in a wide range of trim sizes, from 5×8 inches to 8.5×11 inches, and the advantages become clear with higher page counts. For instance, authors publishing a 25-page 8.5×8.5 full-color paperback book can now save over $3 per copy on the printing cost versus printing with the standard full-color printing options. This lower printing cost allows self-publishing authors to save money on author copies, offer their books at a lower retail price and/or earn a higher royalty for each book sold, all with minimal degradation in print quality.

“Our new economy full-color printing options offer self-publishing authors more choices based on their individual budgets, personal preferences and sales goals,” said Outskirts Press Director of Author Services, Jodee Thayer. “These new economic options give authors a lower-cost option for printing full-color books so they can sell more copies and earn more in royalties.”

View all of the book format options for full-color books at www.outskirtspress.com/p/pearl.

About Outskirts Press, Inc.: Outskirts Press offers full-service, custom self-publishing and book marketing services for authors seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining all their rights and full creative control. Available for authors globally at http://www.outskirtspress.com and located on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, Outskirts Press, Inc. represents the future of book publishing, today.