A 20% Off Publishing Deal So Good It’s SPOOOOKY

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flashufc (Ultimate or Full Color)

flashbasic (Basic Publishing)

We realize navigating all your self-publishing options can be frightening for first-time (or even previously published) authors. Other publishers startle you with spine-tingling fees, frightening customer service, and horrifyingly sparse publishing packages. It’s enough to make you scream for your mummy!

Outskirts Press wants to make sure your self-publishing experience is a treat, so we’re offering an instant 20% savings on our most popular packages—the Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color. Also, a 10% instant savings for our Basic Package Black & White.

No tricks! Only treats! Just enter promo code flashufc for your instant 20% discount when you purchase the Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color publishing package today or flashbasic, for an instant 10% discount if you purchase the Basic Black & White package.

Don’t delay. This sweet, limited-time offer expires before the stroke of midnight on October 31st!

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