One Way to Expand Your Book’s Availability

Receive 5 Free Formats When You Publish Today Outskirts Press

How do bestselling self-published authors sell so many books?

Sure, they often use high-quality publishers like Outskirts Press, so their books look great inside and out, but most bestselling authors also have multiple formats of their books available for sale. When you have a paperback version, a hardback, an Amazon Kindle eBook, NOOK eBook, and Apple Books eBook, you provide discerning readers with 5 different formats from which to choose. This translates to more availability worldwide, better search results, more browsers, and more buyers.

And for a very limited time, all 5 formats are FREE when you publish your book with Outskirts Press!

Simply publish your book today with the Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color Publishing Package, and you will receive:

  • A paperback edition
  • A hardback edition (with or without a dust jacket—your choice!)
  • An Amazon Kindle eBook edition
  • A Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook edition
  • An Apple Books eBook edition

Enter promotion code: febfivefree in your shopping cart when you place your order. Make 2022 the year you publish and expand your book’s availability!  

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