Two Ways Barnes & Noble Can Help You Sell Your Self-Published Book

Two Ways Barnes & Noble Can Help You Sell Your Self-Published Book

Barnes & Noble is one of the most powerful booksellers in the country. Even with the popularity of Amazon, many readers still turn to Barnes & Noble for their book purchasing needs. As a self-published author, understanding the options available through Barnes & Noble (and the expectations of their customers) can help improve your book sales. Here are two ways Barnes & Noble can help you sell your self-published book.

1) Barnes & Noble Nook: E-readers are changing the way customers buy and read books, and their popularity is expected to grow as the holidays approach. You can expect many people to receive an e-reader as a holiday gift, which means they will be purchasing e-books. (This is in addition to all the readers who already buy and read e-books.) Since Nook editions are optimally submitted in a special format, be sure to check out the Outskirts Press Nook Format option, which makes it as easy as possible to publish a professionally-formatted Nook edition (yes, you still keep 100% of your rights).

2) Barnes & Noble Look Inside: This feature allows readers to get a sneak peek at the pages inside your book. It is the modern-day equivalent of a reader browsing through a bookstore, picking your book off the shelf, and flipping through the pages. It has been suggested that authors who take advantage of this feature have higher sales rates than those who do not.

By self-publishing with Outskirts Press, you can take advantage of these great options as well as many others.

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Dan Price is a retired school teacher and the father of two sons. He lives in Houston, Texas.

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