Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood by Kelli Sue Landon

We at Outskirts Press fully understand the pride our authors take in self-publishing a book, and we share that deep pride with them. So, it’s with that great pride that we feature another of our self-published authors and her latest work: Kelli Sue Landon’s action/adventure, Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood.

In Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood, Outskirts Press author Kelli Sue Landon shows great insight into all the little moments of insecurity a new student — or even an old one — has in high school. With them she sets a pertinently anxious backdrop for the truly frightening events that follow.

Holly Jensen is a new student at Madison High entering her senior year and she’s never felt so uncomfortable in her life. No one seems to like her. She hopes she’ll be able to break the ice with at least some of her classmates during the upcoming senior class camping trip. In fact, she hears that Mark Ifft, the hottest boy in school, will be there and she sets her sights on him.

The trip starts off fun and Holly and classmate Mindy Janz move from being acquaintances to fast friends. Then the phones at camp stop working, classmates begin to disappear and it’s clear a lot has gone terribly wrong.

There’s a killer among Holly’s classmates. She concocts a plan to trap the killer before even more of her classmates die, and escape — if she lives long enough.


Kelli Sue Landon writes short stories and is the author of the novel Sudden Moves. She lives in Peoria, Illinois, and works for the United States Post Office.

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