Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week: Legends of Dragondark by B. E. Morrow

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Legends of Dragondark

by B. E. Morrow

(5 Stars – 1 Customer Review)

Price: $18.95

The King of Dragondark, King Spencer, vacates his throne after finding out about a plot to kill him. One hundred fifty years later Zumwald the Mage sits on an outlook looking down on Castle Dragondark. His quest: To restore the honor of Dragondark and his family.

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5 thoughts on “Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week: Legends of Dragondark by B. E. Morrow

    1. if you was in my position you would have charged the same thing. plus i wrote it all out by hand first. then i made the cover myself. Took about three or four years to get it to this point. The author who made master and commander books a few of them was less pages than mine. His novels sold at same price or more.

      B. E. Morrow

      1. if you like the show or read the book Game of Thrones and Like watching The Walking dead. This book is a mix of those elements.

        B.E. Morrow

      2. Jon it seems you have only looked at the web site. The reason that it appears this way to me is because you have not mentioned that it was on the kindle as well.
        b.e. morrow

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