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Pot Holes And Sign Posts

by Terry Mather

(5 Stars – 1 Customer Review)

Price: $25.95

Terry Mather’s “Pot Holes And Sign Posts.” Have you ever felt that something was missing in your life? We are self-centered from birth, but gradually our perceptions expand as we learn to consider others and the mysteries and truths of this life. As we travel our course, we not only encounter potholes that trip us up, but signposts from God to show the correct path at every divide, giving us a divinely inspired road map. An inspirational biography, this book follows the author’s journey as it chronicles the struggles and triumphs of several generations.

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Celebrate Earth Day (and Protect Mother Earth) by Adding an eBook Format

This year, 2015, marks 45 years since the founding of Earth Day on April 22, 1970. This celebration of Mother Earth and dedication to protecting her and her resources for posterity is the ideal time to focus on things each of us can do to reduce our negative impact on Earth and help stabilize the climate.

For those of us in the publishing business, the annual Earth Day celebration is a reminder of how important e-book publishing is to shrinking our carbon footprint – not to mention sparing a rainforest or two! There are several reasons to incorporate e-books into your book marketing plan:

  • The Green Factor. Publish an e-book, save a tree. A single e-reader can hold up to hundreds of downloadable books. With millions of book buyers switching to downloadable books, imagine the difference that switch can make for the environment.
  • It keeps costs down. Electronic copies are inexpensive to set up, so you can offer an e-book to potential readers at a lower price and still turn a profit.
  • It’s convenient. Anyone with a Nook, Kindle, Android or iPad/iPod/iPhone (or even a home computer equipped with an e-reader app) can download your book instantly, which gives your buyer immediate gratification.
  • It boosts sales. The ease of buying alone increases the opportunities for sales but in addition to that, an e-book version puts you book into virtual bookstores that hardcopies can’t reach. You have instant access to millions of people who browse the Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon’s e-books and other virtual bookstores.

It’s important for self-publishing authors to settle on a marketing plan that reaches out to as many readers as possible, through whatever platform necessary. By making an e-book version a vital part of your publishing and marketing strategy, you can do just that – and keep Mother Earth happy and healthy for future generations.


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