The Winds of Malibu: An Unexplainable Memoir by Jeff Lucas

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Author Jeff Lucas is taking his latest book The Winds of Malibu: An Unexplainable Memoir, on tour — a Virtual Book Tour with Outskirts Press. This will allow Jeff to take his book into the far corners of the globe, all from the comfort of his own home! Keep an eye out for Jeff’s book as he will be featured on several blogs over the weeks and months ahead!

Luckily for us, Jeff was kind enough to answer a few questions as the tour was getting started so that we can give you a sneak peek into the mind of the creator of The Winds of Malibu: An Unexplainable Memoir.

OP: Tell us a little bit about The Winds of Malibu: An Unexplainable Memoir. What is it about?

Jeff: The Winds of Malibu focuses on my teenage years in the 1970s in Malibu. In the 1970s there were outrageous movies being made in abundance, and under the circumstances, I turned the style and the feeling of this book into an outrageous 1970s film because that is how it felt to live there growing up. Everything was on the edge for no real reason at all other than all the personalities involved.

OP: Why did you decide to write this story?

Jeff: The Winds of Malibu was automatic writing on one hand and on the other hand it took decades to complete. I knew I had to finish and publish this eventually. It hung on me for over thirty years. I am grateful that I lived long enough to finish it and publish it. The main challenge was I did not want to face that time that closely, and yet I had to.

OP: What types of readers would be interested in this story?

Jeff: People who like to read the realist writers should be interested in my book. Those interested in Louis Ferdinand Celine, John Fante, and Arthur Rimbaud. In other words, the writers who lived it in order to say it. The Winds of Malibu is really an excellent addition, I think, to learning about the feel of life in the 1970s among youth.

OP: What is special about your book?

Jeff: For a childhood memoir I have more genuine diary entries perhaps than any other childhood memoir. I have asked the Guinness Book Of World records to check on that.

OP: What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

Jeff: Like This Boy’s Life and Running With Scissors? I have got better subject matter.

OP: Have you published any other books? Do you plan to publish more?

Jeff: This might be my To Kill A Mockingbird. No other area of my life had the same intensity. I have got some ideas that I have thought about. There was my first four years in Malibu before I was eleven. After 1984 though, I lived a Blue-Collar life and Charles Bukowski already did a better job of writing about that than I could. I have got a screenplay I sketched out in the 1980s about my Blue-Collar world at the ice company. Maybe I will finish it.

OP: How can someone learn more about your book or purchase it?

Jeff: The Winds of Malibu is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Outskirts Press.

OP: Thanks for your time, Jeff! We look forward to learning more about you as you visit other bloggers!

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Jeff Lucas was a catalyst for local actors his age in Malibu in the 1970s. He is included in the Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez autobiography, Along The Way (Free Press), and has published two stories in Rosebud Magazine, titled, “Young Frankenstein” and “Buried In The 1980s.”

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