10 Reasons to Customize Your Marketing Materials this July

Join Outskirts Press in celebrating our very own “Customized Marketing Month” this July with 10 great reasons to create personally-branded promotional materials to help you market your book with professionalism and success.

1. Every author needs a business card to include in press kits and at author events. What better way to promote your book and yourself at the same time than with professionally designed and personally branded business cards that feature your book’s cover on one side and your contact/sales information on the other?
2. Custom bookmarks are a wonderful promotional item to pass out because people rarely throw them away; they actually keep them, use them, and see them over and over! Take advantage of that marketing opportunity by ensuring that those promotional bookmarks promote your book in a customized and professionally-branded way.
3. Posters serve two unique purposes that other promotional materials cannot. They’re great for book signings and other events where you need some large presentation pieces framed upon your table or hanging from your “space” to draw attention to your book. Additionally, posters are great for framing and hanging on the wall in your home and/or office. Between a framed movie poster and a framed poster of your own book cover, we know which we would recommend for available wall space. Talk about motivational!
4. Postcards are the most effective direct mail piece because they require a lower postage rate, offer a high-quality presentation of your cover, and contain book and ordering information on the reverse side, all presented in a customized promotional way that everybody is already accustomed to receiving in the mail.
5. If you have a professionally designed custom cover (and if you received one with Outskirts Press, we’re already betting that you do), customized promotional materials offer a beautiful way to showcase your book’s artistry in a variety of highly-effective ways.
6. To celebrate “Customized Marketing Month” you can save 10% instantly on 500 customized bookmarks with the promotion code bookmarksave through July 11 if you’ve published with Outskirts Press.
7. Continue celebrating “Customized Marketing Month” with Outskirts Press between July 12-18, and Outskirts Press authors can receive an instant 10% discount on 500 custom business cards with the promotion code: buscards
8. July 19-25 is the week Outskirts Press authors can save 10% instantly on your very own customized postcards (500 count) with promotion code: postcards.
9. The last week of “Customized Marketing Month” (July 26-31) brings an instant 10% discount to Outskirts Press authors who order 25 small posters that feature the front cover of your book. Simply enter promotion code smposters at check-out.
10. Would you rather get everything you need all at once and save even MORE in the process? The Promotional Materials Bundle combines all of the above customized marketing materials into one truly sweet suite of promotional goodness for a bundled discount. And all July long you can save an additional 10% with promotion code: promomater


5 Tools for Building Your Author Platform with Promotional Materials

Book promotion is an essential part of the publishing process. Readers and sellers must be aware of your book before they can make the decision to purchase it. The Promotional Materials Package provides authors with all of the print materials necessary to successfully market a book. Here are five of the most popular print materials and how they can launch your author platform above all of the rest:

1. Business Cards – These are good for handing out at events, brand building opportunities. They are both convenient and traditional with full-color dimensions of 2” x 2.5”.

2. 25 Posters – These 11 x 17 posters are great ways to promote current events.

3. Bookmarks – Though small, bookmarks are rather valuable and very few people throw away bookmarks.

4. Publication Announcements — In this day and age of email, receiving a notice in the mail has a high perceived value.

5. Postcards – These make for a quick and easy mailing that not only promotes your book but also allows you to share a quick hand-written note with family, friends, and acquaintances.

The goal of this package is to help authors market their books, which in turn allows them to profit from their hard work as well as spread the message in their books.

Regardless of where an author’s book is published, this package can help with achieving promotional goals. A solid author platform can encourage readers to purchase your book. The promotional materials available in the Promotional Materials Package can help authors realize their true marketing potential by aiding in the building of that platform.

To learn more about this package and other services offered by Outskirts Press, please visit www.outskirtspress.com.

Are you ready to start building your author platform?

Self Publishing Book Marketing – Promotional Materials

Introducing the Promotional Materials Package, available exclusively for select Outskirts Press authors.

Save 25% on over 2,200 branded marketing pieces

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  • Your cover image is on the front in full cover
  • Your book synopsis and webpage URL is on the back in black/white
  • 2″ x 6″ laminated stock
  • You see and approve a digital proof before printing

500 Business Cards

  • Your cover image is on the front in full cover
  • Your contact information is on the back in black/white
  • 2″ x 3.5″ laminated stock
  • You see and approve a digital proof before printing

500 Postcards

  • Your cover image is on the front in full cover
  • Your book synopsis and webpage URL is on the back in black/white
  • 4″ x 6″ laminated stock
  • You see and approve a digital proof before printing

250 Publication Announcements

  • Your cover image is on the front of the card in full-color
  • A formal announcement regarding the publication of your book is on
    the inside of the card
  • 4.25″ x 6″ (when folded) premium 14pt gloss cover stock
  • Included white envelopes
  • Pre-scored for easy folding
  • You see and approve a digital proof before printing

25 Small Posters

  • 11″ x 17″ full color poster
  • Your cover image is on the front in full-color, full bleed
  • The back is blank

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