5 Reasons You Can Be Thankful for Self-Publishing

This time of year, as Thanksgiving approaches, is a time when we traditionally reflect on all the blessings in our lives: the people we love, our good fortunes and our hopes and plans for things to come.

Self-publishing authors have a few extra things to be thankful for. We carve our own paths, create our own destiny and the rewards for this are many. Read on and be thankful for these wonderful blessings that come only to independent authors:

  1. Higher royalties. While traditional publishing houses net you somewhere in the ballpark of 15-20 percent of revenues, as a self-publishing author, depending on how you choose to set up your pricing/sales structure, you can keep much more of your book revenue … which brings us to our second reason to be thankful.
  2. You’re in control. As your own publisher, you’re in control of your book. You set the pricing, you make the creative decisions and you market on your own terms. No “artistic differences” with an editor who doesn’t share your unique vision! The best part of this control is that you – not an editor – retain the rights to your work and what ultimately becomes of it.
  3. Print on demand. The ability to produce as many or as few books as necessary has opened the door for talented authors to realize their publishing dreams, even on a shoestring budget. No more astronomical upfront costs for printing, storage and shipping.
  4. You’ll get published sooner. A self-publishing author can write, design/format and publish a book in the time it takes a traditional publishing house to review a manuscript and mail a rejection letter. While their authors wait for printing to commence, their self-published counterparts are already months into selling.
  5. You’ll get published, period. Of course, there are advantages to the infrastructure set up by most traditional publishers, but all of that is meaningless if they don’t agree to publish your book. Because a traditional publisher is focused on profit, they care less about the merits of your talent and ideas than they do about how much revenue those ideas will generate. Thanks to self-publishing, you can share your special talents with the world – on your own terms!

In addition to these blessings of indie publishing, we can be grateful that there’s never been a better time than now to self-publish. With e-books, social media, online payments and other technology paving the way to wider audience reach, there’s more potential than ever for success. And for that, we are most thankful indeed…

Now is the time to self-publish that book!


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“I got it done! I can’t imagine doing this without your help. At times I felt like you were standing right behind me while I was on my computer. Could almost feel your hand on my shoulder. ‘Thanks’ is such a small word to show how I feel, but it’s all I have at the moment. Now, I am looking at some of the options that may help in getting the book out to the public.”

Judy Scognamillo is currently a member of the Palm Springs Writers Guild. The year she joined, she won two of their monthly writing challenges which gave her the confidence she needed to finish and publish her first novel, The Hope Mother. Much of her novel takes place in her home state of North Dakota and also in San Diego, California where she resided for twenty five years. Judy and her husband, Pete, now live in Rancho Mirage, California.

When Pam’s life ends in a suspicious accident at age twenty-six, she finds herself in a Heaven completely different from what she had ever imagined. It takes time for Pam to accept her death, and when she does, Fara, her assigned guide, informs her that to move forward into her eternal existence, they must first view Pam’s entire earthly life. It is during this viewing that Pam learns she is a Hope Mother, the title given to women who lost an infant on earth before that child was able to take even one breath of air. These children are called Angel Babies, and Pam must fulfill her Hope Mother obligation by locating hers through a search of Heaven’s vast territories. Only then will they be allowed to be reborn to fulfill their earthly journey, and Pam can move on in her afterlife.
The Hope Mother is a unique and uplifting debut novel that offers an alternative view of the afterlife. Anyone who has ever lost someone special-whether it is a child, a relative, a friend, or even a beloved pet-will find comfort and hope in this story.

– Judy Scognamillo, author of The Hope Mother