One of the World’s Greatest Book Fairs Kicks Off Today in Frankfurt

It’s become an enormous annual tradition: The massive Frankfurt Book Fair kicks off today, running through October 18, and welcoming upwards of a quarter-million book industry guests from all around the world. From self-publishing authors to famous authors to agents, talent scouts and publishing giants, anyone and everyone is drawn to this massive, annual international event.

The Frankfurt International Book Fair is by far the largest and most important book fair in the world. While other international book events could exceed Frankfurt’s 250,000-plus attendance, the multi-hall, mile-long fairground in Frankfurt hosts the largest contingent of publishing professionals of any book fair anywhere, bar none.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is a meeting place for the industry’s experts: publishers, booksellers, agents, film producers and, of course, authors just like you. With more than 7,300 exhibitors from 100 countries, upward of 250,000 visitors and more than 10,000 journalists, it is the most important marketplace for books, media, rights and licenses worldwide.

The Frankfurt International Book Fair is held in mid-October annually at the Frankfurt Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. While it’s too late to get in on this year’s event, slated for October 14-18, we can help you get your existing and as-yet-unpublished books ready by next summer — plenty of time to take part in the 2016 Frankfurt International Book Fair!

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Frankfurt Book Fair Registration Deadline: July 27!

Will we see your book at the Frankfurt Book Fair? If you haven’t already registered, the deadline to do so is Friday, July 27.

Since its inception in 1949, Frankfurt has evolved from a small publishing event into the largest publishing event in the world! As a matter of fact, each year, over 250,000 publishing professional and industry insiders attend the Frankfurt International Book Fair, which hosts over 50% more international publishers than BEA.

By arranging exhibition through Outskirts Press, your book will receive valuable, face-out exposure on an exclusive shelf with other Outskirts Press titles.

A representative will be on-hand to personally answer questions about your book. Outskirts Press will provide the necessary copies of the book and all the necessary contact information for both the author and publisher. This way, interested parties can make further contact, during or after the fair. All inquiries Outskirts Press receives about your book will be forwarded directly to you for personal follow-up in a Post-Show wrap-up.

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