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As a published author, one of your goals may be to get your book into a library or independent bookstore. Now’s the time to buckle-down further and introduce your book to libraries, bookstores, media, reviewers, bloggers and readers — and do so at a reduced price!

This is where First Chapter Preview Library Distribution comes in. Through Friday only, Outskirts Press published authors can enjoy priceless exposure this service provides for 10% off the regular price with the promotion code FCP10JULY.

First Chapter Preview Library Distribution promotes your book with a full-color, quarter-page ad along with a free preview of your first chapter so that libraries, bookstores, buyers, readers and reviewers can discover your book.

With this valuable option, your book cover, synopsis, pricing information and ordering details will run for three consecutive months in First Chapter Plus, a monthly catalog where prospective book buyers can download and preview the first chapter of your book. Readers have at their fingertips all the information they need to order copies of your book.

Note that the quarter-page ad (a sample is shown below) includes a full-color image of your book cover, synopsis information, title information and a link to the first chapter of your book. Buyers are more inclined to buy your book when they can preview the first chapter in advance, and when the buying process is simple and convenient.

The best part (in addition to the limited time discount) is that Outskirts Press handles all of the details for you: We create a PDF file of your first chapter, complete the submission for you, and send you the First Chapter Plus catalog via email as soon as your ad appears.

Take advantage of this concierge-level service at any time, but the 10% discount is only available for a limited time. Enter the promotion code: FCP10JULY today!


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Self-Publishing Authors Receive 1st Chapter Exposure to 20,000 Libraries, 3,300 Bookstores

For authors who want to place the first chapter of their books in front of those who matter the most, Outskirts Press now offers a 1st Chapter Preview option that distributes their first chapter to a total of 35,000 libraries, bookstores, media reviewers, bloggers and readers.

March 16, 2011 – Denver, CO – Outskirts Press, the fastest growing self-publishing and book marketing company, announced today the availability of its First Chapter Preview option.  Authors can now introduce their books to opinion leaders in the publishing field by distributing their first chapter, along with a full color quarter page ad, to 20,000 public libraries, 3,300 independent bookstores, more than 300 media reviewers and another 11,000 selected readers.

Outskirts Press’ First Chapter Preview is a new entry point into distribution channels that were not so easily available previously to self-published authors. After studying, polling and surveying librarians and independent bookstore owners to find out what they most wanted to know about new books being released, this new opportunity now distributes book information to 35,000 opt-in subscribers.  Libraries and independent bookstores will carry self-published, print on demand and small publisher’s books once they know that the book has a potential audience and that it conforms to standards.

Buyers and readers are much more apt to purchase a book if they have been able to preview the first chapter in advance.  This is particularly true for first time fiction authors who now have the opportunity to “hook” the reader with a well crafted first chapter.

“The increased exposure to key figures associated with the self publishing industry will help our authors’ books be discovered and will dramatically increase their potential for sales,” said Outskirts Press Director of Author Support Kelly Schuknecht.

Included with the first chapter presentation is a full color, quarter page ad in the catalog which includes a color image of the cover, a book synopsis and all the necessary title, pricing and publisher information for ordering.  This distribution continues for three consecutive months.

ABOUT OUTSKIRTS PRESS: Outskirts Press offers high-quality, full-service self-publishing and book marketing services for writers and professionals who are seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining 100% of their rights, 100% of their profits, and 100% of the creative control.

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