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“Thanks again for another great experience in the world of book publishing! Each time I have another book published through Outskirts Press, it only gets better. I was particularly impressed with Elaine this time. She was quick to respond to every question I had, and was a real pleasure to work with.”

Martha Gabour Manuel, a Louisiana native, lives in Ventress, thirty-two miles from Baton Rouge. Martha’s strong ties to Louisiana are what inspire her writings. The author of “Murder on False River” and “Political Treason,” Martha started writing books after retiring from the traditional work force. Her love of surprises keeps friends wondering who will be the next to appear in her novels.

Margie grabbed the police chief’s arm as he was taking aim; instinctively he swung around. There was a loud explosion as the gun went off. The illustrious Dr. Marguerite Hinckley’s body plummeted to the floor. Henry dropped to his knees beside her and began crying out, “Oh my God, what have I done?” In shock and disbelief, Mel watched from her vantage point outside the window. An extra surge of adrenaline shot through her body, reminding the relatively new private investigator she had to quickly distance herself from the unimaginable scene just witnessed. Mel had been hired to follow Margie by her husband, Seth, in order to find out if his wife was having an affair. Little did she know that the horror viewed scarcely minutes earlier was only a preview of what was to come, as she is thrown into the middle of what may be the strangest and most bizarre murder investigation she will likely ever know.

– Martha Gabour Manuel, author of Underwriting is Murder

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