Introducing Self-Publishing Author John Besold’s Book Video Trailer for “SPARQE”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for SPARQE (published by Outskirts Press, December 2020), by John Besold

Special needs kids come with special abilities. Lucky for earth, too bad for Empty Vessel.

The SPARQE tales are stories in which otherwise disabled kids, as members of SPARQE, use their disabilities to become Special Purpose People (SPPs), superhero like characters with a wide variety of gadgets, vehicles and apparatus that they use to accomplish superhero deeds, while avoiding capture by agents of the darkly evil Empty Vessel (EV). EV, who once lost an important promotion to a disabled kid, is a self-acknowledged and self-made sinister scientist. Using the scientific and energy resources of Technoprise, EV has constructed a Bio-Farm where he develops genetic modification technology aimed at eliminating the disabled, creating a “clean gene” society. Through its spokesperson, Mr. Clean Genes, Technoprise markets to the world thusly, … “Are you tired of feeling different or outside the mainstream? Wouldn’t you like to feel just like an ordinary Harry or Sophie with good health, good vision, good abs, and a great attitude? With “gene clean” products and treatments you wake up every morning confident that you can figure out any problem be it work, relationships or whatever needs fixing in your life or the lives of those you love.” EV knows he must find the SPARQE lab and eliminate all the SPPs as he needs to have unimpeded access to the disabled for experiments at his Bio-Farms, and to otherwise rid the world or make invisible the disabled in the ordinary everyday world. So SPARQE fights a two front war. In everyday life the SPPs are out there showing how they make important contributions to the lives of other people. Simultaneously, they are trying to learn of EV’s plot, the secrets behind EV’s science, and the location of the Bio Farm so they can destroy it, topple EV and restore his kindly predecessor Mr. Otterbach as head of Technoprise. The time is 2029, EV has already taken over Technoprise, the SPPs are out in the world under SPARQE’s umbrella and the conflict is engaged.

Born in New York City, John and his wife Debe have four grown sons and eight grandchildren. In 1999 John contracted polymyositis spending over one year recovering his mobility and other daily functions. He saw the resilience and perseverance of those, particularly young people, whose differences became their strengths and inspired SPARQE.

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