Virtual Reality in the Hardcopy World

When new authors first begin to contemplate self-publishing a book, visions of that thick, solid, hardcover volume must surely dance in their heads. Nothing beats the sensation of holding your first book in your hands and cracking the crisp pages for the first time. But it’s important for authors in this modern book publishing climate to remember the vital role ebooks play in the success of the book.

There are a few very compelling reasons you may wish to start with an ebook and then work your way to a hardcopy edition.

  • It’s easier. Designing and formatting for the electronic format is easier than designing and formatting a hardcopy book. So, formatting your ebook is an excellent way to get your feet wet before diving into the hard copy.
  • It’s quicker. Publishers can make an ebook available to consumers in a virtual instant, via electronic upload, compared to physical books, which must be ordered, set for print, produced and distributed before being put up for sale.
  • It’s an easier sell. Ebooks are far less expensive to produce than hardcopy editions, so can be priced lower. If your hard copy is priced at $13.99, the ability to also offer an ebook for $4.99 to millions of Kindle, Nook and iPad users is a priceless advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

If you currently have a hardcopy book for sale, converting it to an ebook format is a simple and cost-effective proposition — and one that could provide a much needed boost in visibility and sales!

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