Author Spotlight: Young Sci-fi Writer Profiled in OC Register

In the science fiction book The Young Guardians and the Great Darkness, four teenage outcasts encounter forces that expose their mystic inner powers. It’s a fanciful story, but one, perhaps, many of us can relate to.

And none so much as author Grady Brown himself. The Outskirts Press author, 23, of Tustin, California, was recently profiled in the Orange County Register after the release of The Young Guardians and the Great Darkness, the second in his Young Guardians book series, geared toward teens and young adults.

In the books, the four awkward adolescents are inadvertently exposed to the Genesis Spell, a strange radiation that ignites secret powers in them. They use these powers to fight malevolent forces in Southern California to keep the world safe.

Brown, who is autistic and has a photographic memory, has always enjoyed spinning tales for close friends and family and the book series is a natural extension of that. The books deal with mystical supernatural powers but, while most of us aren’t superheros, many teens will be able to relate to the transformation of the main characters.

“Since the young guardians originated as unassuming teenagers that served as social outcasts, I think people can really connect with that,” Brown told the Register. “[It] reminds them of when they were alone, but in the end having the means to make the greatest difference in the world.”

Brown, who is employed at the Tustin Public Library, has started work on the third installment in the series and plans to release that book in three years.

“He’s been very focused on this and he’s wanted to leave his mark on the world, and he felt that with publishing his books he will have left his mark,” Brown’s mother, Martha, said. “And I think his autism helps him in visualizing the story and with getting it written and with his perseverance to stick to it and making sure it got published.”

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