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There are gadgets, and then there are gadgets which change the face of publishing. The Espresso Book Machine is not just a pretty gadget that happens to churn out new books as quickly as the average human takes to brew an espresso; it’s a gadget that has the potential to close the last leg of the loop and put full creative (and financial) rights into the hands of those who have historically been excluded from the publishing process.

I’m speaking of you, the self-publishing author.

While the Espresso Book Machine’s many bells and whistles are nice features — like the database of rare or out-of-print books you can resurrect in all their original glory — the real appeal of the EBM is that it literally as well as physically puts a high-quality printed book in your hand in around seven minutes. For the average self-publishing author, the experience of holding and experiencing the weight of all those sleepless nights and odd hours writing is simply unattainable — that is, without a service like the EBM making a limited run financially manageable. Holding a clean and professional copy of your book is a reward in and of itself, and the expediency for which the EBM is renowned makes it easy to share the joy of your book.

That’s the magic of the Espresso Book Machine — and it’s magic you can put to work for your book with our Espresso Book Machine edition & distribution service!

Sound interesting? Perhaps you might hunt one down yourself. Every year, they’re becoming less of a trial to find, and cropping up in new and exciting places. There’s one at work in the University of Arizona’s library, for example, where undergraduates printed out copies of research-related texts, graduates printed out beautiful bound editions of their thesis projects, and professors printed out volumes of their own masterworks-in-progress.

Members of the public, too, have made the EBM a game-changer! According to Canada’s The Windsor Star, the Windsor Public Library’s EBM alone produced “10,699 books” within a three-year span. And best of all, according to the website WorldCrunch, the EBM and its competitors are on track to “save” the print publishing industry! At the Paris Book Fair, the CEO of the EBM’s main shareholder (reinsurance company SCOR) went on the record to say that the Espresso Book Machine and those who use it “will be the invisible hand that will adjust the market” by making it possible to print either 1 copy of a book or 1000 without the gymnastics of traditional publishing arrangements.

Maybe it’s time to pour a shot of espresso into your book marketing strategy-and we know just how to help! To make your book available through the Espresso Book Machine, log into your Publishing Center and select Espresso Book Machine edition & distribution service.

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Triple Treat of Free Options for Authors Self-Publishing with Outskirts Press in May

The May Triple Treat for Diamond and Peal package authors includes a free Book Video Teaser that authors can upload to their YouTube accounts, a free Library of Congress Control Number to give readers access to new books throughout the United States library system, and a free Espresso Book Machine® edition to make their hardcopy book available at Espresso printing machines in universities and libraries across the planet.

Book Video TeaserThe Book Video Teaser is a fast, flashy way to announce the publication of an author’s book on all the most popular Internet video and networking sites. Outskirts Press produces a professional quality, thirty second long video that features the book title, the author byline, the cover, a photo of the author, the retail price — all dramatically displayed to the accompaniment of background music.

The author is provided with an .mp4 Book Video Teaser file that the author can easily use to launch the book’s viral video promotion. Some of the most popular video sharing sites that authors use today to announce their book’s publication are YouTube, Myspace, Metacafe, Daily Motion, Live Video and Viddler.

Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)The Library of Congress Control Number helps facilitate the distribution of a new title through the entire United States’ library system. Outskirts Press will take care of all the administrative paperwork and acquire the number for the author, print it on the book’s copyright page in the standard format and submit the required number of copies of the book to the Library of Congress offices after publication. The Library of Congress is a broad distribution channel available for new books which is frequently overlooked by first time authors.

Espresso Book Machine EditionThe third “treat” in Outskirts Press’ May promotion is an Espresso Book Machine® edition. Billed by Time Magazine as the “invention of the year,” the Espresso Book Machine® is a revolutionary automated book-making machine that provides an immediate and direct-to-consumer distribution channel. A consumer walks up to the machine, selects a title to print and presses a button. Within a few minutes a full color cover, perfect bound edition of the book, indistinguishable from the publisher’s version, is delivered right into the reader’s hands.

These literary ATM machines have been set up in select universities and libraries in this country and abroad and provide convenient and immediate world wide distribution for an author’s work. Espresso Book Machines® are in the New York Public Library, the University of Michigan library, the World Bank InfoShop in Washington, DC, the London Newsstand, UK, and the Melbourne, Australia, Angus and Robertson Bookstore, just to name a few of the current locations.

Authors can take advantage of this May promotion by using the promotion code “3FREE2012” when ordering the Diamond or Pearl publishing packages at or, respectively.

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The Speediest Book Marketing Option for Self-Publishers

Yesterday I talked a little bit about a book marketing option that is revolutionizing the ease with which readers can get their hands on one of your books.

Admittedly, I left out some details on purpose!

It would be too easy to give out everything at once!

So following up from my last post, I will tell you how you, as a self-publisher, can take advantage of the Espresso Book Machine (EBM).

Espresso Book Machine allows instant ordering and printing of your self-published book at numerous locations (currently including universities and libraries across the world). A simple process allows patrons to quickly order your book from a collection of over 7 million books, available in digital format.

The process has been simplified to keep overhead costs low, and improve user experience. This innovation has been awarded the Time Magazine’s reputed “Invention of the Year” award, bringing a personalized ordering and reading experience to your nearest library, and coffee-shops.

KDP Select

As a self-publisher, EBM will provide numerous benefits to improve your book exposure and in effect, the revenue it generates. Some of the benefits of this new marketing option include:
  • Run book marketing on auto-pilot. Once you sign up with the Outskirts Press Espresso Book Machine Edition, you can sit back and let us do the work.
  • Cater to thousands of readers through EBM available at multiple locations around the world. Moreover, you can reach international readers through this platform.
  • Highly affordable and standard service, requiring little or no further marketing investment.
  • Now your books will never run out-of stock!
So does this sound like something that could add some sales and improve exposure to your book, and in turn, you?
What are you waiting for? Order your Espresso Book Machine Edition Today to give your Book an Espresso-kick.

Would You Like a Book to Go With The Coffee?

How long does it take to get a cup of coffee from your local Starbucks?

This is not a trick question.

From standing in the queue to getting your steaming espresso – 2 minutes, tops?

How long does it take to order and print a book?

2 days? An hour?

Think again!

If the newest Time Magazine’s “Invention of the Year” is anything to go by, then you can have your book ordered and printed in less than 1 minute!

If your reaction right now is one of total amazement, you are not alone! I felt the same way when I saw that Outskirts Press were offering access to the Espesso Book Machine (EBM), an option that will make your book available from multiple sales channels within record time.

What is Espresso Book Machine (EBM)?

KDP SelectPut simply, the EBM is an automated book-making machine. The operator selects a title to print, and within a few minutes a book emerges, with a full-color cover, trimmed to an exact size, and indistinguishable from the publisher version.

At present, the EBM is the only unique digital-to-print retail solution on the market. The content of these books is fed to the machine via EspressNet, On Demand Books’ growing digital network, consisting of over seven million titles. The benefits of EBM (if you haven’t already figured them out), include:

  • Made to order books, printed and compiled within minutes.
  • Increased points of sale, available at numerous EBM locations.
  • Increased exposure within the publishing industry.
So thing about it, how would you feel if you walked into a coffee shop, and saw a reader sipping Latte with one hand, and flipping pages of your recently published and printed “hot-of-the-press” book.


What are you waiting for? Order your Espresso Book Machine Edition Today and become a bestseller!

Reach a Wider Audience with the Espresso Book Machine

Have you ever seen an Espresso Book Machine (EBM) in action? It’s quite an amazing sight. Think of it like a vending machine for books. You step in front of the machine, make your selection, and the book prints right there in plain sight. How’s that for “print on demand”?

Here’s a brief video that shows you how it works:

Here are a few quick facts about the Espresso Book Machine:

  • All EBM books are perfect bound with paperback covers.
  • A typical book can be produced in three to four minutes.
  • The trim size variable for Outskirts Press books is between 5″ x 8″ to 8.25″ x 10.5″

There is only one downfall to the Espresso Book Machine: there aren’t enough books available on this platform. As a matter of fact, even though we offer a painless and affordable option that allows almost all of our self-published authors (with the exception of Emerald authors) to take advantage of this extra distribution, there are many authors who haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Right now, many Espresso Book Machines can be found on college campuses. You can find a full list here: Keep in mind, though, the list of locations is constantly expanding.

Outskirts Press authors can purchase EBM distribution by logging into their Publishing Center and clicking to view our suite of available Marketing Solutions.

Are you ready to begin your self-publishing journey?

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The Espresso Book Machine is a self-publishing reality!

The Espresso Book Machine® (the “EBM”), which Time Magazine named an “Invention of the Year,” provides a revolutionary direct-to-consumer distribution model for books.

Put simply, the EBM is an automated book-making machine. The operator selects a title to print, and within a few minutes a book emerges, with a full-color cover, trimmed to an exact size, and indistinguishable from the publisher’s version. As we say, “Hot off the press!”

  • All EBM books are perfect bound with paperback covers.
  • A typical book can be produced in three to four minutes.
  • The trim size variable for Outskirts Press books is between 5.5″ x 8.5 to 8.25″ x 10.5″

Currently, Espresso Book Machines have been set-up in select universities and libraries including:

  • New York Public Library
  • University of Michigan Library
  • World Bank InfoShop, Washington
  • New Orleans Public Library
  • San Francisco Internet Archive
  • University of Michigan Library
  • Manchester Center Northshire Bookstore
  • University of Alberta
  • McMaster University Bookstore
  • London Newsstand UK
  • Library of Alexandria,Egypt
  • Melbourne, Australia Angus & Robertson Bookstore
  • … and more, with new venues and locations being consistently added…

By adding this option to your title, your book will be available to be ordered, printed, and sold at every current and future Espresso Book Machine location.  This is a one-time set-up fee that is good for the duration of your active publication agreement with Outskirts Press. As more Espresso Book Machines are added, your book instantly and automatically becomes available via each of them.

The Espresso Book Machine signifies an impending change to the publishing industry… imagine a future when every Starbucks has a machine and customers order a book at the same time they order a double latte….. will your book be ready?

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