The Speediest Book Marketing Option for Self-Publishers

Yesterday I talked a little bit about a book marketing option that is revolutionizing the ease with which readers can get their hands on one of your books.

Admittedly, I left out some details on purpose!

It would be too easy to give out everything at once!

So following up from my last post, I will tell you how you, as a self-publisher, can take advantage of the Espresso Book Machine (EBM).

Espresso Book Machine allows instant ordering and printing of your self-published book at numerous locations (currently including universities and libraries across the world). A simple process allows patrons to quickly order your book from a collection of over 7 million books, available in digital format.

The process has been simplified to keep overhead costs low, and improve user experience. This innovation has been awarded the Time Magazine’s reputed “Invention of the Year” award, bringing a personalized ordering and reading experience to your nearest library, and coffee-shops.

KDP Select

As a self-publisher, EBM will provide numerous benefits to improve your book exposure and in effect, the revenue it generates. Some of the benefits of this new marketing option include:
  • Run book marketing on auto-pilot. Once you sign up with the Outskirts Press Espresso Book Machine Edition, you can sit back and let us do the work.
  • Cater to thousands of readers through EBM available at multiple locations around the world. Moreover, you can reach international readers through this platform.
  • Highly affordable and standard service, requiring little or no further marketing investment.
  • Now your books will never run out-of stock!
So does this sound like something that could add some sales and improve exposure to your book, and in turn, you?
What are you waiting for? Order your Espresso Book Machine Edition Today to give your Book an Espresso-kick.

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