New York Times Features Outskirts Press Self-Publishing Author Kathie Brown

This holiday season, we continue to feature authors who have taken advantage of the 2015 Holiday Bundle and the benefits of the New York Times Holiday Edition ad. Co-op ads offer authors effective exposure through a well-known, established publication with millions of motivated book lovers!

The New York Times Holiday Edition features self-publishing author Kathie Brown. When writing a children’s book that focuses on cancer, Brown combines empathy and knowledge to bring a new light to the subject and help children understand and cope with the disease in her book Stuffles B. Snippet Joins the Fight. 

About the Author

Kathie Brown, a military wife, taught 40 years in the primary grades and at the university level. While battling cancer herself, she saw a need for children to better understand the disease. Kathie and her husband Mike reside in Stafford, Virginia. They have two children and six grandchildren. She is also the author of The Diary of Stuffles B. Snippet.

Stuffles B. Snippet Joins the Fight

cover (1)In Brown’s book Stuffles B. Snippet Joins the Fight, children follow Emily’s battle through the eyes of her best friend. Emily’s best friend is her serious-looking brown teddy bear, Stuffles B. Snippet. When Emily is diagnosed with cancer, Stuffles is with her every step of the way—from doctors’ appointments, medical tests, treatments and even a hospital stay—helping her through some tough times. Along the way, they meet new friends who spread cheer throughout the hospital. These include two therapy dogs, Batdog Archie and Goldie, and the special people who care for cancer patients.

Stuffles learns about CAT scans, biopsies and chemotherapy. He writes notes in his red diary to bring smiles and laughter to Emily. But why is this silly bear wearing a ridiculous long blond wig and a green gown? Why does he have some of his stuffing taken out? Find out in Stuffles B. Snippet Joins the Fight, a book that helps children dealing with cancer better understand the disease and its treatment in a fun and comforting way.



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